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Canadian Plays by Playwright: W

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

Brian Wade
These five early plays by Brian Wade are not conventional works in any sense of the word. But for the reader who is prepared to enter Wade's challenging "world of the mind", they offer a truly theatrical experience. Includes: Alias, Lifeguard, Underground, Electric Gunfighters and Blitzkrieg. 161 pp. $5.95.

Down From HeavenDown From Heaven
Colleen Wagner
A stunning new play which examines the tenuous balance between civility and savagery, morality and survival, class struggle, art, and love when a pandemic and good crisis challenges dearly held beliefs. 2M 2F. Softcover, 80 pp. $16.95.


The Morning BirdThe Morning Bird
Colleen Wagner
Beth and her husband Jake are expecting a baby. While Beth is having an ultrasound, her very expensive hand-sewn Italian-made coat disappears from the hospital waiting room. Beth is furious--the coat has become a symbol of the couple's destiny together and its loss now takes on inordinate significance. Each character will have to confront the shadow side of themselves before being able to hear the song of the morning bird. Softcover, 86 pp. $14.95.

The MonumentThe Monument
Colleen Wagner
At the conclusion of war, and after following the orders of his superiors, Stetko becomes the scapegoat for crimes that "everyone was doing." The Monument examines the paradox of a soldier today, and the ambiguities of morality and justice. M-1, F-1. 88 pp. $15.95.

My Tongue, My Teeth, Your Voice My Tongue, My Teeth, Your Voice
Death Waits
Best known as a playwright and theatre director, Death Waits is also a writer of songs, stories, and screenplays. My Tongue, My Teeth, Your Voice is a collection of his poetry. $14.95.


And So it Goes
George F. Walker
Gwen and Ned are unable to maintain the facade of their former middle-class lifestyle. They are newly unemployed and their daughter has been recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the midst of their darkest hours, they seek solace in the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut. m2, f2. Softcover, 127 pp. $17.95.

Somewhere ElseSomewhere Else
George F. Walker
George F. Walker's own selection of his earlier plays which matter; which for him have stood the test of time; which represent, as he once said, his "classical veneer." In them he honed his considerable and unique dramatic talent along "that fine line between the serious and the comic," in settings outside of the North American locales of his most recent work. Included are: Beyond Mozambique, Zastrozzi, Theatre of the Film Noir, and Nothing Sacred.
256 pp. $19.95.

East End Plays Part I East End Plays Part II

East End Plays Part 1
George F Walker
Criminals in Love, Better Living, and Escape From Happiness.

East End Plays Part 2
George F. Walker
Beautiful City, Love and Anger, and Tough!.

The Power PlaysThe Power Plays
George F Walker
Completely revised and updated for this edition, these three plays -- Gossip, Filthy Rich, The Art of War -- showcase both the development and the culmination of Walker's engagement with the film noir style.
208 pp. $19.95.


Suburban MotelSuburban Motel
George F. Walker
Six plays, united only by the fact that they each take place in one and the same suburban motel room. Transients, lovers, the haunted and the hunted, the desperate and the dumb, each "strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then are heard of no more. These plays -- Problem Child, Criminal Genius, Risk Everything, Adult Entertainment, Featuring Loretta, and The End of Civilization -- are real, funny, and heartbreaking.

George F. Walker



Something Red & The Jones BoySomething Red & The Jones Boy
Tom Walmsley
As shocking and powerful today as they were when they first rocked the theatre scene in the 1970s, these two classic plays by Tom Walmsley expose the heart of a world located somewhere near the intersection of love and destruction. Softcover, 136 pp. $18.95.

The Last Journey of Captain HarteDianne WarrenThe Last Journey of Captain Harte
Dianne Warren
When Marguerite Walker receives a faraway phone call from the nomadic Captain Harte, an old friend of her husband, her imagination is awakened. As Captain Harte makes his circuitous way home, Marguerite follows his journey and prepares for a different life. M-4, F-3. 95 pp. $12.95.

Goodbye MarianneGoodbye Marianne
Irene Kirstein Watts
Goodbye Marianne is documentary fiction, based on the author's own personal experiences as a child in Nazi Germany and of other Holocaust survivors. M-1, F-2. 48 pp. $9.95.

The Dream of the Burning Boy The Dream of the Burning Boy

David Read West
Since the sudden death of his favourite students, high-school teacher Larry Morrow has been falling asleep at his desk and dreaming. The school's guidance counselor is hanging inspirational posters designed to help everyone "process their emotions." Searing yet surprisingly funny, The Dream of the Burning Boy is about finding the strength to move on... and the courage to live without regret. Softcover, 52 pp. $11.99.

The River Lady and Other Plays
David Widdicombe
The lost, the lonely, the isolated. These are the people that exist on the edges of society. These are the people of David Widdicombe's plays. Included in this collection are: The River Lady, Swamp Baby and Other Tales, and Dinosaur Dreams. 121 pp. $20.95.

The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven BlatzThe Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz
Armin Wiebe
A comic folk-play with a classical music base. A farm wife, a carpenter, a midwife, and a musician all struggle to find fulfillment in their seemingly impossible wantings. 2M 2F. Softcover, 103 pp. $14.95.

Bannock RepublicBannock Republic
Kenneth Williams
Cousins Jacob and Isaac Thunderbird reunite ten years after the mayhem in Kenneth T. Williams last play, Thunderstick. This time a beautiful and vengeful third-party manager will wreak havoc with their lives. This is another knockout comedy from one of Canada's finest playwrights. 2M 2F. Softcover, 92 pp. $14.95.

Kenneth T. Williams
Two estranged cousins, one a freelance writer, one a photojournalist, are teamed up to write a story on parliament hill. They get thrown into jail one one of them vomits on Jean Chretien. Their brief stint in jail sets of a chain of events that sees them journeying deep into the backwoods in search of adventure, escape, and a fantastic story. Thunderstick is a hilarious tale of two Cree men trying to reconcile their deeply painful pasts with their dreams of the future. Softcover, 72 pp. $14.95.

Banana BoysBanana Boys
Leon Aureus & Terry Woo
Banana Boys is a smart, contemporary and wickedly funny play about five young Asian-Canadian men wrestling with issues of race, identity and the death of a friend. It is one story, fragmented into five and reconstructed throughout the course of their lives. Softcover, 93 pp. $17.95.

Tom Wood
"Claptrap fondly satirizes the demi-monde of theatre festivals such as Stratford and Shaw. Authentic and comedically accurate, it's as much a look at what goes on backstage as what we get to see onstage -- and here, what goes on behind the curtains is undeniably the more entertaining of the two." -- Ottawa X Press M-9, F-5. 125 pp. $15.99.

Brindley TownBrindley Town
Lance Woolaver
When Bobby Langford arrives in Digby, NS, looking for work as a cook on a fishing boat, he finds himself renting a room from Walter Letteney, a nervous eccentric and ne'er-do-well who occupies an old warehouse on the waterfront. What follows is a comic, compelling portrait of two men attempting to reconcile the contradictions of community life. M-2 92 pp. $12.95.

Dear Boss: A Fortean Chronicle of Jack the RipperDear Boss: A Fortean Chronicle of Jack the Ripper
Eric Woolfe
A murder mystery and a romantic horror story for three actors and thirty puppets, Dear Boss is an imagined investigation of the Ripper Murders. Charles Fort - a famous researcher of such phenomena as spontaneous combustion, raining fish and frogs, ghosts and flying saucers - picks his way through the madness and mayhem of Whitechapel in the autumn of 1888 to find answers to one of history's most notorious riddles. Softcover, 107 pp. $15.95.

The Eldritch Plays The Eldritch Plays

Eric Woolfe
Mad scientists, werewolves, would-be necromancers, a succubus, and an evil immortal mouse are but a few of the bizarre creatures that you'll encounter in the world of Eric Woolfe. This eccentric playwright uses live actors combined with puppets, simple stylized special effects, humour and horror in his gothic, witty, and theatrical plays. Sideshow of the Damned, The Strange and Eerie Memories of Billy Wuthergloom, and Grendelmaus all bear marks of Woolfe's singular imagination. Softcover, 172 pp. $18.95.

Beside MyselfBeside Myself
Jennifer Wynne
Webber Hally, a recent widow, leaves her home is Saskatchewan to live on a sailboat off the coast of British Columbia. With the help of the ancient myth of Halycon, particle physics, and the ghost of her husband Wade, Hally finds strength she never knew she possessed. M-1, F-1. 71 pp. $12.95.

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