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Fashion Designers at the OperaFashion Designers at the Opera
Helena Matheopoulos
A collection of profiles and interviews with leading fashioon designers, including Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, Emanuel Ungaro, and more, about their work designing for the opera. Hundreds of colour illustrations include original designers' sketches, photographs of the finished costumes, and images of the actual productions. Hardcover, 192 pp. $69.00.

Folk and Festival CostumeFolk and Festival Costume

R. Turner Wilcox
A treasurey of ethnic dress, this book ranges from the Amish of Pennsylvania to the Zulu of South Africa. Six hundred drawings by the author include images of men, women, and children and show details of characteristic deccorative motifs and accesories. Softcover, 250 pp. $20.25.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of World CostumeIllustrated Encyclopedia of World Costume
Doreen Yarwood
The nearly 2500 drawings in this volume present a comprehensive history of cothings and accessories from every world culture. Designs, materials, accessories, and manufacturing techniques are all descripbed and placed in historical perspective. Softcover, 500 pp. $40.95.

Costume Design 101Costume Design 101

Richard LaMotte
This book takes readers, step by step, through the process of becoming a professional Costume Designer for film and television. Starting with how to get into the business, conduct interviews, make costume presentations to producers and directors, break down scripts for requirements and budgets, hire and run costume departments, engage in manufacture, work with rental companies, and run on-set production, this book demystefies the entire process. Softcover, 201 pp. $31.95.

Children's Costume: The Complete Historical SourcebookChildren's Costume: The Complete Historical Sourcebook

John Peacock
Here, in over 1,000 specially drawn illustrations, is the most comprehensive survey of children's costume ever published. John Peacock charts the development of every kind of clothing for boys and girls from Antiquity to the present. An indispensable reference work for designers, historians and collectors. Hardcover, $50.00.

Historic English Costumes and How to Make Them

Talbot Hughes
Arranged chronologically and by British reigns, this splendid compilation includes over 300 illustrations of period fashions for men and women and 94 photos of historic garments. More than a history of British style, it is also a dressmaker's delight, with scaled-down patterns for 67 authentic costumes - and a perfect reference for fashion designers, stylists, and historians. Softcover, 361 pp. $17.50.

Pattern Cutting for Men's CostumePattern Cutting for Men's Costume
Elizabeth Friendship
This is a practical guide featuring patterns for the most important garments worn by men between the 16th and 19th centuries. Easy-to-follow instructions explain how to cut patterns for 'average' and individual measurements -- with expert advice on how to adapt patterns to fit men of all shapes and sizes. Softcover, 220 pp. $38.95.

Basic Sewing for Costume ConstructionBasic Sewing for Costume Construction

Rebecca Cunningham
Backed by decades of classroom use by the author, Basic Sewing for Costume Construction is an easy-to-follow guide to fundamental sewing skills. Its clearly laid-out projects cover hand stitching, hand-sewn fasteners, and seams, all while teaching a simplified approach to pattern making. Students learn to translate their body measurements into patterns for garments of their own design. They follow the steps from developing a pattern, to preparing a fitting muslin, to creating a finished garment. Each project builds on the previous one to develop a full understanding of the costume construction process. $27.95.

The Magic Garment: Principles of Costume DesignThe Magic Garment: Principles of Costume Design
Second Edition
Rebecca Cunningham
This text provides a systemic overview of the process of costume design for the stage and screen. It exposes the student to a broad range of theatrical literature and explains how to analyze texts from the costume designer's perspective. New chapters on designing costumes for film and television and preparing for a costume design career make the second edition even more versatile and practical for every would-be and new-to-the-job costume designer. Softcover, 422 pp. $59.95.

Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume DesignDressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design

Deborah Nadoolman Landis
Visually stunning costume design is the subject of this lavishly produced and exhaustively researched homage to Hollywood’s first 100 years. The book features more than 500 high quality photographs from every decade in Hollywood history along with scores of original sketches – many in colour. The author has been a member of the Hollywood Costume Designers Guild for 30 years and is the current President. She has a Ph.D. in the history of costume design from the Royal College of Art. Hardcover. $120.00. Coming in November.

The Handbook of Stage CostumeThe Handbook of Stage Costume

Tina Bicat
The Handbook of Stage Costume is a comprehensive guide to designing, making, finding and using costumes for the stage. It takes the reader through the process of turning initial ideas and sketches into finished and wearable costumes. This straightforward and accessible book aims to give the reader the skill and confidence to dress a variety of theatre productions from a full-scale musical to an abstract, improvised performance. Softcover, 144 pp. $42.95.

The Tudor TailorThe Tudor Tailor

Ninya Mikhaila & Jane Malcolm-Davies
The Tudor Tailor is an essential sourcebook for accurately reconstructing clothing from the 16th century, concentrating on the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (1509 to 1603). This book is based on the authors' experience of producing clothes for costumed interpreters employed by JMD&Co at Hampton Court Palace between 1992 and 2004. Authors Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies are acknowledged experts in costumed interpretation. The Tudor Tailor brings the history of 16th-century clothing to life. Softcover, 160 pp. $45.95.

The Story of CostumeThe Story of Costume

John Peacock
This beautifully illustrated, full-color history of costume has been created by bestselling author John Peacock especially for children. With over 325 drawings and clearly written descriptions on every page, it will delight children and be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers and librarians. Softcover, 48 pp. $26.00.

Make Your Own Dress PatternsMake Your Own Dress Patterns

Adele P. Margolis
Adele Margolis' profusely illustrated primer allows you to create your own fashionable patterns and personalized commercial patterns. You'll learn how to design everything from skirts, dresses, and blouses to sportswear, jackets, and children's clothing. Simple step-by-step directions and more than 1000 illustrations show how to successfully complete apparel for work, home, and play that reflects your personal style and taste. Softcover, 472 pp. $29.95.

Costuming for Film: The Art and the Craft Costuming for Film: The Art and the Craft

Holly Cole & Kristin Burke
This is an illustrated guide to everything one needs to know to get started and work successfully in film costuming. It covers such essential artistic matters as telling a story through costumes, visual harmony and contrast, creating focus through colour, and expressing emotion through line and shape and texture. It also covers such essential practical matters as looking for work, the roles played by various members of the costume/wardrobe department, union membership and regulations, the on-set and off-set duties of all costume department members, costume craftwork, script breakdown, writing and following budgets, organizing and running a wardrobe department, designing for specific actors, fittings, dealing with deadlines, and much more. Softcover, 576 pp. $67.50.

Glue & Go: Costumes for KidsGlue & Go: Costumes for Kids
Holly Cleeland
Make outrageous costumes that won't look like any others! You won't believe how easy it is to turn any child into a colourful work of art. It's fun to create these costumes and many more using everyday supplies like glue, cardboard, and plastic cups. Just pick a project and get started on an imaginative adventure the whole family can enjoy together. Softcover, 96 pp. $12.95.

Dressing a GalaxyDressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars

Trisha Biggar
From the subtle robes of the Jedi to the opulence of royalty, the dark cloaks of the Sith to the luminous elegance of the Galactic Senate, and the harsh clothing of moisture farmers to the rigorous gear of the military, the costumes of the Star Wars universe are truly iconic. Featuring more than 300 full-colour photographs, this exquisite book takes us on a journey through the intricate process of crafting the costumes from sketch to screen. Hardcover, 215 pp. $70.00.

Costume: 1066 to the PresentCostume: 1066 to the Present

John Peacock
This, the expanded and updated edition of John Peacock's unrivaled collection of drawings ranges over eleven centuries of English historical costume. More than a thousand illustrations, based on surviving garments and contemporary paintings and photographs, demonstrate the astonishing changes in men's and women's clothing over the centuries. Softcover, 140 pp. $28.00.

Patterns for Costume AccessoriesPatterns for Costume Accessories
Arnold S. Levine & Robin J. McGee
This unique book is a collection of over 80 patterns and illustrations for period and contemporary accessories. The hats and headwear chapter includes 23 patterns from baseball caps to mob caps. There are also 20 variations of neckwear. Also included are patterns for various hand-held accessories such as reticules and gauntlets. Softcover, 176 pp. $43.95.

Costumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made EasyCostumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy
Barb Rogers
Featuring over 100 designs with photos and diagrams this guide to costume design will teach the reader how to make jackets, pants, hats, headpieces, masks, collars, cuffs, capes, wings, armor, and much more. Softcover, 205 pp. $26.95.

Fashioning Film StarsFashioning Film Stars: Dress, Culture, Identity
Rachel Moseley
Fashioning Film Stars brings together work by established and emerging scholars in the field of film costume and star studies, to address the significance of the relationships between fashion, dress and star image. Softcover, 188 pp. $34.95.


The Art of the TailorThe Art of the Tailor
Robert Doyle
For The Art of the Tailor, Robert Doyle draws upon his years of teaching and practical experience with both historical and contemporary clothes, to offer this careful explanation of the tailor's and cutter's processes. By retracing the historic orgins of garments and the manner in which they were made in historic centuries, he explains how, in this present century, these techniques have been adapted, developed and refined. Illustrated throughout with detailed patterns, this veritable encyclopedia is the ultimate one-stop overview of the tailored garment; a must-have for any costume workshop. Hardcover, 518 pp. $78.00.

Waisted Efforts: An Illustrated Guide to Corset Making
Robert Doyle
Corsets have always been considered the "problem garment" for performers simply because it has been poorly fitted. Consequently, whomever has cause to wear this curious garment has developed an aversion to it. Robert Doyle's wonderful book seeks to forever rectify this problem by adapting the corset's classic design for the 20th century body. Costume designers will fall in love with this clear and sensible guide to creating any corset styled garment. Softcover, 235 pp. $56.95.

Medieval Arms and Armor: A Pictorial ArchiveMedieval Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive
J.H. Hefner-Alterneck
Adapted primarily from decorative ornamentation on burial monuments and manuscripts, hundreds of finely executed images depict authentic shields, swords, crossbows, helmets, and highly ornate suits of body armor for knights and their steeds. Newly translated descriptive notes, extracted from the original German text, identify the subjects. Softcover, 100 pp. $24.95.

Historic CostumeHistoric Costume: From the Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century
Tom Tierney
This all-inclusive CD-ROM and book set, based on historical sources and meticulously rendered by a noted fashion illustrator, spans hundreds of years of clothing history. The images are supported by an extensive text providing background information on each period and notes about details of the outfits. Of immense use to costume and fashion designers, this collection of authentically detailed apparel will captivate anyone interested in fashion history. Softcover, 64 pp. $28.95.

Costume Design in the MoviesCostume Design in the Movies
Elizabeth Leese
This handsome book, the first comprehensive reference work on costume design in films, is a remarkable tribute to the men and women who "dress" a film. Substantially revised and updated, it not only presents a splendid record of costume designers' contributions to cinema but also those of some of the world's great couturiers. Softcover, 169 pp. $23.95.

Screencraft: Costume DesignScreencraft: Costume Design
Deborah Nadoolman Landis
An inside look at the art of designing costumes for film through intimate interviews with 14 of the world's best costume designers. Featuring chapters with Milena Canonero, Eiko Ishioka, Ann Roth, James Acheson, Bob Ringwood, and several others, this lavishly illustrated book will be an inspiration to costume designers working both in film and the theatre. Softcover, 175 pp. $62.95.

Character Costume Figure DrawingCharacter Costume Figure Drawing
Tan Huaixiang
Character Costume Figure Drawing is specifically geared for costume designers looking to develop drawing skills to improve their costume renderings. Comprehensive visual images carefully illustrate, step-by-step, how to successfully render dynamic characters with personality and life. Softcover, 294 pp. $59.95.

Period Costume for Stage & ScreenPeriod Costume for Stage & Screen
Jean Hunnisett
This book is a comprehensive guide to creating period dress. It consists of a series of books detailing the construction of garments, undergarments and outer garments. As well as being period accurate, the patterns have been prepared so that they can be readily made up using today's fabrics and sewing methods as well as the period methods, and fit the modern figure. Hardcover, 163 pp. $85.95.

The Costume Technician's HandbookThe Costume Technician's Handbook
Third Edition
Rosemary Ingram and Liz Covey
The classic book on costuming is back and better than ever! Regarding technical developments in the field, Ingham and Covey have made the necessary additions and revisions to bring their authoritative text completely up-to-date. Whether you're a professional costume technician or a student of costume design, settle for nothing less than the best -- The Costume Technician's Handbook. Softcover, 528 pp. $68.95.

Making Stage CostumesMaking Stage Costumes: A Practical Guide
Tina Bicat
Making Stage Costumes is for anyone who finds that, despite a lack of experience and a meagre budget, they want and need to invent and create stage costumes. Written in a practical style that draws on the author's own enthusiasm and experience, it shows you how to make your ideas come to life on the stage. Softcover, 159 pp. $40.50.

Men's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & FashionMen's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & Fashion
Patterns for Men's Costumes
R.I. Davis
This is a detailed guide to understanding and creating men's costumes and fashions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As well as being historically accurate, the patterns have been prepared so that they fit the modern male figure and adapted so that they can be readily constructed using today's fabrics and sewing techniques. Softcover, 206 pp. $99.95.

Medieval Costume and How to Recreate ItMedieval Costume and How to Recreate It
Dorothy Hartley
This clear-cut, accurate, and richly detailed guide is much more than just another history of costume. It takes an effective and fresh approach, classifying the clothes and accessories of the 12th through 15th centuries along social lines. Garments of every type from the wardrobes of peasants and nobility appear in over 200 period illustrations and patterns. Softcover, 142 pp. $19.95.

Edith HeadEdith Head: The Life and Times of Hollywood's Celebrated Costume Designer
David Chierchetti
Widely considered the most important figure in the history of Hollywood costume design, Edith Head defined cinema fashion during her over-50-years in the film industry. This unprecedented biography offers a priviledged glimpse into the personality and emotions behind the famously impenetrable "schoolmarm" facade, as well as a comprehensive account of her creative process. Softcover, 251 pp. $24.95.

Fashion and Women's AttitudesFashion and Women's Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century
C. Willett Cunningham
In this light, amusing, and highly readable account, Cunnington not only describes what Englishwomen wore in the nineteenth century but also explains why they clothed themselves as they did. A carefully researched work on a fascinating subject, this volume will appeal to a wide audience, encompassing feminists, sociologists, fashion historians, and costume designers. Softcover, 314 pp. $24.95.

Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century CostumeGallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume
100 Engravings
Caspar Luyken
In 1699, the Dutch artist Caspar Luyken travelled to Nuremberg, where he collaborated on several books with the noted German publisher and art dealer Christoph Weigel. Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume reprints the plates from one of those books, Neu-eroffnete Welt-Galleria, originally published in 1703. This important book, with it's elegant, precise engravings, will be invaluable to fashion historians and students of costume design as well as anyone interested in clothing styles of a bygone era. Softcover, 112 pp. $19.50.

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Full-Colour Sourcebook of French Fashion 15th to 19th CenturiesFull-Colour Sourcebook of French Fashion 15th to 19th Centuries
Pauquet Freres
These superb colour plates by Hippolyte Pauquet and his brother Polydore, reproduced directly from a rare and valuable nineteenth-century publication, magnificently depict 500 years of French fashion. This will be an invaluable reference for costume designers and fashion designers. Softcover, 76 pp. $33.95.

English Children's Costume 1775-1920English Children's Costume 1775-1920
Iris Brooke
Late in the eighteenth century, the apparel worn by English children began to look different from that worn by their elders. This engaging book traces those changes, with illustrations depicting styles at five or ten-year intervals, from 1775 to 1920. Each attractive and interesting drawing is accompanied by a concise description. Softcover, 86 pp. $13.50.


Costume in Greek Classic DramaCostume in Greek Classic Drama
Iris Brooke
At the peak of its perfection in the fifth century B.C., the glory of the classical Greek drama was matched by the magnificence of its costumes. Iris Brooke, and international authority on costume history and the author of many lively books on fashion, vividly describes what performers wore in plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripedes. Softcover, 112 pp. $16.50.

Period Costume for the StagePeriod Costume for the Stage
Tina Bicat
This book demonstrates how to use basic costume and modern clothes to recreate the styles of the past. The reader will learn how to research and recreate the look of the past, basic costuming principles, how to make the most of a limited budget, and much more. Softcover, 144 pp. $39.95.


Period Costume for Stage And ScreenPeriod Costume for Stage And Screen
Patterns for Women's Dress, Medieval - 1500

Jean Hunnisett
Jean Hunnisett has a lifetime's experience as a professional costume maker. The accuracy of her patterns are also adapted so they can take advantage of today's fabrics, the modern female figure and today's sewing methods. Hardcover, 186 pp. $82.00.


Ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine CostumeAncient Greek, Roman & Byzantine Costume
Mary G. Houston
This scrupulously researched and abundantly illustrated book includes 315 drawings based on renderings by artists of the period to achieve utmost accuracy and authenticity. Included are examples of Aegean, Doric, Ionic, Greek, and Roman dress; as well as, Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine costume. Softcover, 182 pp. $21.95.


Ellwand's personal line of fashionable clothing -- designed for fairies. Delicate, organic, and impeccably taylored, this collection has to be seen to be believed. Hardcover, 110 pp., $49.00.

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Illustrated Handbook of Western European Costume
13th to mid-19th CenturyIllustrated Handbook of Western European Costume
13th to mid-19th Century
Iris Brooke
This survey book meticulously depicts and describes more than 200 costumes, including medieval gowns with long tongued sleeves, pocket-like slits, high waists, and crinolines. For men, among other apparel, there are cloaks, tunics, slippers, farthingales, ruffles, trousers, top hats, and knee boots. Illustrated extensively, this volume will be immensely useful to costume historians and designers. Softcover, 280 pp. $33.95.

Screen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in HollywoodScreen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in Hollywood
Howard Mandelbaum and Eric Myers
This beautiful book of photographs, scrupulously documents the stunning geometrics and stylized designs of the Art-Deco inspired art direction of Hollywood films of the 1920's and 1930's. A remarkable visual collection. Softcover, 209 pp. $49.95.

An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Costume
From the First Century B.C. to C. 1760An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Costume
From the First Century B.C. to C. 1760
James Robinson Planche
Thousands of terms associated with apparel worn in the principal countries of Europe appear in this extensive and convenient reference. The alphabetically arranged items of clothing span nearly 2,000 years of fashion history -- from the onset of the Christian era to the beginning of the range of George III. Includes over 1,300 black & white illustrations. Softcover, 527 pp. $57.95.

European Costume and Fashion
European Costume and Fashion
1490 - 1790
Francis M. Kelly/Randolph Schwabe
This authoritative and exhaustive guide carefully traces the evolution of wearing apparel in Western Europe -- from the late Tudor period (1490) through part of the reign of George III (1790). Relying on period paintings and prints to illustrate various elements of clothing, the authors have meticulously dated every costume and detail. Softcover, 299 pp. $28.95.

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