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Fashion in History

The Art of DressThe Art of Dress: Clothes Through History 1500-1914
Jane Ashelford
Jane Ashelford has used the National Trust's stunning costume and textile collections as well as its historic house portraits, family correspondence, diaries and household papers. The result is a fascinating account of the history of dress over the past four centuries. Softcover, 320 pp. $32.95.

When Broadway Was The RunwayWhen Broadway Was The Runway

Marlis Schweitzer
This book explores the central and largely unacknowledged role of Broadway theatre in the birth of modern American fashion and consumer culture. Softcover, 310 pp. $31.95.


The Costume HistoryThe Costume History

Auguste Racinet
A complete history of world costume, from the ancient world to the late 19th century, painstakingly researched and gloriously illustrated. This is a beautiful, indispensible volume at an unbeatable price. The perfect book for anyone with even a passing interest in costume, fashion, or history. Hardcover, 415 pp. $49.99.

The Mode in FursThe Mode in Furs

R. Turner Wilcox
From prehistoric garments to modern high-fashion designs, this unique survey traces the history of furs and fur accessories, illustrated in 680 drawings by the author. Softcover, 250 pp. $23.00.

Fashion in Underwear: From Babylon to Bikini BriefsFashion in Underwear: From Babylon to Bikini Briefs

Elizabeth Ewing
Fashion historian Elizabeth Ewing examines in detail the ways in which underwear reflects social influences, from women's emancipation and the introduction of new materials and methods of manufacture to the sexual motivation that underlies all fashion trends. Generously illustrated with Jean Webber's delicate line drawings, this excellent reference features a full bibliography and index. Softcover, 156 pp. $17.50.

One Hundred Years of MenswearOne Hundred Years of Menswear

Cally Blackman
Divided into 12 section -- with headings such as Player, Rebel, Media Star, and Stylist -- this eye-popping visual essay is a comprehensive document of the revolution in menswear that happened during the 20th century. Stunning picture capture the various iconic looks -- from high fashion and Hollywood to Rock 'n Roll and street culture -- in one invaluable volume. Softcover, $50.00.

World Dress Fashion in DetailWorld Dress Fashion in Detail
Rosemary Crill
From the mountains of Montenegro to the shores of Southeast Asia and beyond, the V&A's renowned world dress collection is highlighted in World Dress Fashion in Detail. The book explores silk embroidery from Indonesia, applied metal braid and cord fastenings from Albania, as well as elaborate patchwork from Tibet, India, Korea and Iran. Softcover, 224 pp. $43.95.

Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail
Lucy Johnston
This book captures the richness of nineteenth-century fashion. It explores the opulence and diversity of clothing in the period through exquisite colour photography, specially commissioned line drawings of the garments and authoritative text. Softcover, 224 pp. $43.95.


Bill Dunn
Look around and uniforms are everywhere. Armies, police forces, and the militias led the way, but today they're used by a new generation of service industries, from security guards to delivery firms. This eye-popping volume traces, in photographs, over 100 years of the rise of the uniform. It examines the different ways in which it is used: as a means of control, of morale building, and of self-expression. Softcover, 267 pp. $41.95.

Very VintageVery Vintage

Iain Bromley & Dorota Wojciechowska
Lavishly illustrated, each section of Very Vintage includes profiles of the most influential designers, image makers and models throughout fashion history, spinning the tales that have spurred on the changing of shapes, the shift of waistlines and the rise and fall of hems. Concentrating on the pioneers of fashion's avant garde, Very Vintage gives an insider view into the story of the fashion industry and the key factors driving its evolution. Softcover, 172 pp. $45.00.

The Mode in CostumeThe Mode in Costume

R. Turner Wilcox
From the togas of ancient Rome to the gorgeous gowns of Dior, this lavishly illustrated, thoroughly researched treasury examines all forms of clothing from 3000 B.C. to 1958. The Mode in Costume is an essential handbook for illustrators, costume designers, and theater students - and compulsory reading for fashionistas. Softcover, 465 pp. $27.00.

The Mode in FootwearThe Mode in Footwear
R. Turner Wilcox
What did Tutankhamen't burial sandals look like? What shoes were the height of fashion in Paris at the turn of the century? The answers are all inside this fascinating book, along with hundreds of meticulously detailed images of every type of fottwear imaginable! The Mode in Footwear is a true find for fashion editors, illustrators, costume designers and shoe lovers of every kind. Softcover, 185 pp. $17.50.

Edward Steichen In High FashionEdward Steichen In High Fashion: The Conde Nast Years 1923-1937

William A. Ewing
Edward Steichen was already a famous painter and photographer on both sides of the Atlantic when, in early 1923, he was offered the position of chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair. Over the next fifteen years Steichen produced a body of work of unequaled brilliance. The Steichen archive at Conde Nast contains over 2000 original prints. Until now no more than a handful of the prints has been printed. Hardcover, 287 pp. $82.50.

Forties FashionForties Fashion
Jonathan Walford
Here is a definitive look at fashion in the 1940s - from French style under the occupation and the "make do and mend" approach to wartime clothing shortages through the development of faux fabrics and rationing to the rise of American fashion houses and the New Look of fashions and styles. Some 250 illustrations reveal the wide range of fashions and and styles that emerged in the 1940s. Hardcover, 208 pp. $50.00.

Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries and Modern Fashion in DetailNineteenth-Century Fashion In Detail

Lucy Johnston
This beautiful companion volume to Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries and Modern Fashion in Detail, this book captures the opulence and variety of 19th-century fashion through an authoritative text, exquisite colour photography and line drawings of the complete garments. From the delicate embroidery on neoclassical gowns, to the elegant tailoring of men's coats, the richness of the period is revealed in breathtaking detail. Hardcover, 224 pp. $43.95.

In VogueIn Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine

Noberto Angeletti & Alberto Oliva
In Vogue is a fascinating look at the more than 100-year history of the world's most prestigious fashion magazine. This compendium is illustrated with hundreds of covers and archival images from past Vogue editions, featuring the work of some of the century's most respected photographers. In Vogue traces the magazine's history from struggling social gazette to globe-dominating fashion collosus. Hardcover, 420 pp. $100.00.

Would You Believe...In 1500, Platform Shoes Were Outlawed?Would You Believe...In 1500, Platform Shoes Were Outlawed?
Richard Platt
Would You Believe...? explores everyday life through the centuries--in brightly illustrated and photographed ways. Softcover, 48 pp. $12.95.

Medieval Costume and FashionMedieval Costume and Fashion
Herbert Norris
Part of a multi-volume history of fashion by noted British fashion historian Herbert Norris, this work not only describes the broad range of clothing worn by all classes of society during the medieval period, but also provides a view of medieval art and culture, history, and the lives and customs of lords and ladies as well as ordinary folk. An invaluable reference for costume enthusiasts, fashion designers, and cultural historians, Medieval Costume and Fashion will appeal as well to anyone interested in how people lived and dressed in the Middle Ages. Softcover, 485 pp. $29.75.

Victorian Women's Fashion PhotosVictorian Women's Fashion Photos
This outside collection displays the remarkable richness and diversity that make victorian costume enduringly popular. A fascinating window into the everyday life of the past, it features scores of images from the 1840s through 1900, in which women of every class model the fashions of the era. Costume designers, fashion buffs, scrap-bookers and crafters will find it an inexpensive and invaluable resource. Softcover, 48 pp. $22.50.

Swinging SixtiesSwinging Sixties

Christopher Breward & David Gilbert
Swinging Sixties takes a fresh look at the brave new world of Sixties fashion in London and beyond. The book includes fashion designers, boutiques, city life, the media, and film - as well as all the influences and fantastic images that made the Sixties swing. Softcover, 125 pp. $49.00.

Costume and Ornament of the Middle AgesCostume and Ornament of the Middle Ages
Henry Shaw
More than a pictorial archive of medieval dress and decoration, this beautiful collection is also valuable for its discerning scholarship. A magnificent compilation of artwork from Henry Shaw's detailed study of court life in the Middle Ages, this splendid book provides a grand display of medieval figures and fashions of the times. Softcover, 73 pp. $20.25.

Costume: 1066 to the PresentCostume: 1066 to the Present
John Peacock
This, the expanded and updated edition of John Peacock's unrivaled collection of drawings ranges over eleven centuries of English historical costume. More than a thousand illustrations, based on surviving garments and contemporary paintings and photographs, demonstrate the astonishing changes in men's and women's clothing over the centuries. Softcover, 140 pp. $28.00.


Fashions of the ThirtiesFashions of the Thirties
Carol Belanger Grafton
This handy CD-ROM and book set reproduces hundreds of illustrations from a rare periodical that offered advertising spots to small clothing stores that had no art staffs of their own. More than 540 cuts depict stylish dresses, suits, evening gowns, lingerie, and hats for women; men's suits, slacks, beachwear, and pajamas; and a variety of play clothes and special occasion outfits for boys, girls, and infants. Softcover with CD, 62 pp. $25.50.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Costume & FashionThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Costume & Fashion
From 1066 to the present day
Jack Cassin-Scott
From the simplicity of eleventh-century dress to the excesses of punk, this invaluable work depicts the ever-changing modes of almost one thousand years. Now in an enlarged edition, this volume adds another 500 years to its previous coverage, to include the very beginning of any significant clothing style to appear after 1000 A.D., and follows through with a new series of fashion plates to show the most popular styles of the last few years. Hardcover, 192 pp. $29.95.

The Complete Fashion SourcebookThe Complete Fashion Sourcebook
John Peacock
Arranged year by year, over 2000 exquisitely detailed illustrations show how fashion changed over time, from the boyish silhouette of the 1920s and the sophisticated outlines of the 1930s, through the utilitarian 1940s and the new femininity of the 1950s, to the radical styles of the 1960s, the vintage and ethic trends of the 1970s, and the structured "power dressing" of the 1980s. The Complete Fashion Sourcebook will be an indispensable part of the library of fashion enthusiasts, historians and collectors, and is sure to provide inspiration to any designer or student working in the performing arts. Softcover, 423 pp. $48.00.

Harold Koda & Andrew Bolton
Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was one of the seminal figures of 20th century fashion. From the very start, her designs reflected the aspirations of women and their changing lives. She made made fashion functional when she introduced her simple but elegant designs into a milieu of ornate, suffocatingly complex clothing. This lavish volume is a visual catalogue of Chanel's monumental output which, when seen together, can be appreciated for what it is: a major component of 20th century culture. Hardcover, 215 pp. $51.95.

Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th CenturyFashion:
A History from the 18th to the 20th Century
Taken from the amazing collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan, the examples of fashion of all cultures are splendidly presented in this oversize book filled with hundreds of colour illustrations. The text is succinct and informative. A beautiful addition to any collection of fashion or costume design.  Hardcover. $59.99

The Study of Dress HistoryThe Study of Dress History
Lou Taylor
Over the past ten years, the study of dress history has finally broken free of the shackles that have held it back. It now benefits from new multidisciplinary approaches and practices, which draw on material culture, art history, ethnography, and cultural studies. This book focuses on the developments of these new methods, in a thoroughly comprehensive manner. Essential reading for all students and academics in the fields of cultural, design, dress, and textile history. Softcover, $33.95.

Picturing French Style
Three Hundred Years of Art and FashionPicturing French Style:
Three Hundred Years of Art and Fashion
Jill Berk Jiminez
Published to co-incide with the inaugural exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art, this beautifully designed book combines glorious reproductions of period paintings with photographs of lovingly preserved garments to clearly illustrate the evolution of style and dress over France's last 300 years. An exhaustive and authoritative resource for costume designers. Softcover, 226 pp. $61.95.

Screen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in HollywoodScreen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in Hollywood
Howard Mandelbaum and Eric Myers
This beautiful book of photographs, scrupulously documents the stunning geometrics and stylized designs of the Art-Deco inspired art direction of Hollywood films of the 1920's and 1930's. A remarkable visual collection. Softcover, 209 pp. $35.95.

Men's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & FashionMen's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & Fashion
Patterns for Men's Costumes
R.I. Davis
This is a detailed guide to understanding and creating men's costumes and fashions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As well as being historically accurate, the patterns have been prepared so that they fit the modern male figure and adapted so that they can be readily constructed using today's fabrics and sewing techniques. Softcover, 206 pp. $78.00.

Medieval Costume and How to Recreate ItMedieval Costume and How to Recreate It
Dorothy Hartley
This clear-cut, accurate, and richly detailed guide is much more than just another history of costume. It takes an effective and fresh approach, classifying the clothes and accessories of the 12th through 15th centuries along social lines. Garments of every type from the wardrobes of peasants and nobility appear in over 200 period illustrations and patterns. Softcover, 142 pp. $16.00.

Fashion and Women's AttitudesFashion and Women's Attitudes in the Nineteenth Century
C. Willett Cunningham
In this light, amusing, and highly readable account, Cunnington not only describes what Englishwomen wore in the nineteenth century but also explains why they clothed themselves as they did. A carefully researched work on a fascinating subject, this volume will appeal to a wide audience, encompassing feminists, sociologists, fashion historians, and costume designers. Softcover, 314 pp. $24.95.

Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century CostumeGallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume
100 Engravings
Caspar Luyken
In 1699, the Dutch artist Caspar Luyken travelled to Nuremberg, where he collaborated on several books with the noted German publisher and art dealer Christoph Weigel. Gallery of Late-Seventeenth-Century Costume reprints the plates from one of those books, Neu-eroffnete Welt-Galleria, originally published in 1703. This important book, with it's elegant, precise engravings, will be invaluable to fashion historians and students of costume design as well as anyone interested in clothing styles of a bygone era. Softcover, 112 pp. $19.50.

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Full-Colour Sourcebook of French Fashion 15th to 19th CenturiesFull-Colour Sourcebook of French Fashion 15th to 19th Centuries
Pauquet Freres
These superb colour plates by Hippolyte Pauquet and his brother Polydore, reproduced directly from a rare and valuable nineteenth-century publication, magnificently depict 500 years of French fashion. This will be an invaluable reference for costume designers and fashion designers. Softcover, 76 pp. $22.95.

English Children's Costume 1775-1920English Children's Costume 1775-1920
Iris Brooke
Late in the eighteenth century, the apparel worn by English children began to look different from that worn by their elders. This engaging book traces those changes, with illustrations depicting styles at five or ten-year intervals, from 1775 to 1920. Each attractive and interesting drawing is accompanied by a concise description. Softcover, 86 pp. $13.50.


Costume in Greek Classic DramaCostume in Greek Classic Drama
Iris Brooke
At the peak of its perfection in the fifth century B.C., the glory of the classical Greek drama was matched by the magnificence of its costumes. Iris Brooke, and international authority on costume history and the author of many lively books on fashion, vividly describes what performers wore in plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripedes. Softcover, 112 pp. $13.50.

Period Costume for the StagePeriod Costume for the Stage
Tina Bicat
This book demonstrates how to use basic costume and modern clothes to recreate the styles of the past. The reader will learn how to research and recreate the look of the past, basic costuming principles, how to make the most of a limited budget, and much more. Softcover, 144 pp. $34.95.


Period Costume for Stage And ScreenPeriod Costume for Stage And Screen
Patterns for Women's Dress, Medieval - 1500

Jean Hunnisett
Jean Hunnisett has a lifetime's experience as a professional costume maker. The accuracy of her patterns are also adapted so they can take advantage of today's fabrics, the modern female figure and today's sewing methods. Hardcover, 186 pp. $70.95.

Ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine CostumeAncient Greek, Roman & Byzantine Costume
Mary G. Houston
This scrupulously researched and abundantly illustrated book includes 315 drawings based on renderings by artists of the period to achieve utmost accuracy and authenticity. Included are examples of Aegean, Doric, Ionic, Greek, and Roman dress; as well as, Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine costume. Softcover, 182 pp. $21.95.

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Illustrated Handbook of Western European Costume
13th to mid-19th CenturyIllustrated Handbook of Western European Costume
13th to mid-19th Century
Iris Brooke
This survey book meticulously depicts and describes more than 200 costumes, including medieval gowns with long tongued sleeves, pocket-like slits, high waists, and crinolines. For men, among other apparel, there are cloaks, tunics, slippers, farthingales, ruffles, trousers, top hats, and knee boots. Illustrated extensively, this volume will be immensely useful to costume historians and designers. Softcover, 280 pp. $22.95.

An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Costume
From the First Century B.C. to C. 1760An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Costume
From the First Century B.C. to C. 1760
James Robinson Planche
Thousands of terms associated with apparel worn in the principal countries of Europe appear in this extensive and convenient reference. The alphabetically arranged items of clothing span nearly 2,000 years of fashion history -- from the onset of the Christian era to the beginning of the range of George III. Includes over 1,300 black & white illustrations. Softcover, 527 pp. $47.95.

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What Clothes Reveal: 
The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America
Linda Baumgarten
This stunning book features eighteenth-and-early-nineteenth-century garments from the premiere collection of Williamsburg. Drawing on contemporary written descWhat Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America
Linda Baumgarten
This stunning book features eighteenth-and-early-nineteenth-century garments from the premiere collection of Williamsburg. Drawing on contemporary written descriptions and on actual costumes of the period, this book analyzes what Americans in the eighteenth century considered fashionable and attractive and how they used clothing to assert status or to identify occupations. Beautifully illustrated in full colour. Hardcover, 256 pp. $91.95.

Church VestmentsChurch Vestments: Their Orgin & Development
Herbert Norris
The evolution of clerical attire is explored hear with rare insight and understanding. Almost 300 illustrations fill this comprehensive text by noted authority Herbert Norris. Softcover, 190 pp., $25.50.

A Well-Fashioned ImageA Well-Fashioned Image: Clothing and Costume in European Art, 1500-1850
Elizabeth Rodini and Elissa B. Weaver
Published in conjunction with a major exhibition at The Smart Museum of Art in Chicago, this splendid volume brings together a diverse array of materials, including costume books, painted portraits, religious imagery, and satirical prints, to investigate the symbolic function of dress in early modern Europe. Softcover, 112 pp. $36.95.

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