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Arts Administration

Staging Harriet's HouseStaging Harriet's House: Writing and Producing Research-Informed Theatre
Tara Goldstein
Presenting an exciting alternative way to share research, this book describes the production of Harriet's House, a play about transnational adoption in a same-sex family, for the 2010 Toronto Pride Festival. Engages with such topics as the purpose of producing research-informed theatre, writing and workshopping such plays, and the myriad of details involved in brining a play to the stage. Softcover, 190 pp. $39.95.

Indie Theatre Producer's GuideThe NEW Indie Theatre Producer's Guide
Just published!

Edited by Sandra LeFrancois
A guide to producing for new and independent theatre companies. This book is a virtual course in producing. Edited by respected producer, Sandra LeFrancois along with a wealth of theatre industry contributors, this workbook is a must have for anyone getting a show up or anyone wondering what it takes. Contents include fundraising and budgets, contracts, securing space and publicizing your show, resource lists, and much more. Softcover $23.95.

Building Media Relationships
Building Media Relationships
Susan Sommers
Designed as a core introductory text for courses in marketing and the growing field of media and public relations, this book is also for anyone who is responsible for generating media understanding and coverage for any organization. Includes seminar on DVD. Softcover, 239 pp. $59.95.

A Practical Guide to Working in TheatreA Practical Guide to Working in Theatre

Gill Foreman
This guide is perfect for anyone considering working in the theatre industry -- whether it's on stage, behind the scenes, or in the venue itself. Providing invaluable insight into the profession, it covers the scope, skills and entry routes for everyone involved: director, designer, sound and lighting, front of the house, playwright and many more. Softcover, 150 pp. $26.00.

How to Start Your Own Theatre CompanyHow to Start Your Own Theatre Company

Reginald Nelson
Practical and authoritative, this book provides a blueprint for building a sustainable ensemble from the ground up. Author Reginald Nelson, experienced actor and director, sets forth the nitty-gritty details, from defining the mission statement to handling parking and the box office. Drawing on his successes -- and failures -- as co-founder of Chicago's Congo Square Theatre, he guides you through all the necessary steps towards starting your own theatre company. Softcover, 188 pp. $20.95.

A Practical Guide to Working in TheatreA Practical Guide to Working in Theatre

Gill Foreman
This guide is for anyone considering working in the theatre industry - whether it's onstage, behind the scenes, or in the venue itself. Providing invaluable insight into the profession, it covers the scope, skills and entry routes for everyone involved: director, designer, sound and lighting, front of house, playwright and many more. Softcover, 150 pp. $21.95.

Let's Put on a Show!Let's Put on a Show!

Stewart F. Lane
A book and a DVD in single set, Let's Put on a Show! is a one-stop, user-friendly guide for anyone producing a play or musical. Renowned Broadway producer and three-time Tony Award-winner Stewart Lane guides you through the entire process from idea to ovation, with ways to keep everyone involved working together and solutions to those little -- and not so little -- problems that occur in every show. Softcover, $59.95.

Plays ... and How to Produce ThemPlays ... and How to Produce Them

David Carter
This book provides a basic introduction for all individuals and groups wishing to undertake the produciton of a play. It is aimed at the amateur enthusiast and anyone intending to pursue their interest further and undertake professional training. The author, who has over 30 years of experience in drama, takes the reader through the production of a play step by step, from setting up a drama group to the first night and entire run. The book can be read straight through or consulted as a handy reference work. Softcover, 175 pp. $33.95.

Let's Put On A ShowLet's Put On A Show: A Guide To Fun And Fundraising For Your Community Organization

Gail Brown & Colleen Schuerlein
When you need to raise funds for a worthy cause, don't settle for boring bake sales, commonplace coupons, dull dances, or cliched car washes! Using the easy-to-follow guidelines in Let's Put on a Show, you can get everyone involved and make money, all while enjoying the fun and excitement of live performances. You'll get tons of helpful tips and tricks, handy checklists, sample forms, and invaluable advice straight from producers, directors, and show participants who've been there and done that. Fundraising for your organization, school, church, charity, community theater group, or nonprofit will never be the same! Softcover, 191 pp. $21.95.

Booking & Tour Management for the Performing ArtsBooking & Tour Management for the Performing Arts

Third Edition
Rena Shagan
This comprehensive handbook contains the information solo artists and performing groups of all types need to book performances, build tours, and thrive on the road. Complete with a technical glossary, abundant resources, and ready-to-use sample material, Booking & Tour Management for the Performing Arts is a vital asset for performing artists, aspiring managers, and promoters alike. Softcover, 275 pp. $29.95.

Creativity and the CityHow the Creative Economy is Changing the City
Creativity and the City
How the Creative Economy is Changing the City

Simon Franke & Evert Verhagen
This book is intended to provide background and content to the discussion of the "creative city" that is happening right now. The articles deal specifically with policy aspects in relation to creativity and the city, but also voice to heartfelt opinions. The book describes the possibilities and consequences for the spatial development of the city and the urban environment, but also warns that this may lead to the emergence of a new elite. It is thus a source of ideas for everyone who is professionally engaged on the policy aspects of this issue. Hardcover, 232 pp. $45.00.

Arts Administration
Arts Administration
Second Edition
John Pick & Malcolm Anderton
Following on the successful first edition, Arts Administration provides a broad introduction to the role of arts administrator, highlighting many of the pitfalls which can occur, such as conflicting philosophies, financial and legal restraints, and defines the skills which may be employed to overcome them. This book will be particularly useful for students on arts administration and arts management courses, for those engaged in administering the arts and for anyone concerned with the arts in contemporary society. Softcover, 179 pp. $62.00.

Running Theatres: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers Running Theatres: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers
Duncan M. Webb
Running Theatres distills the wisdom and expertise of more than fifty theatre managers, staff, and volunteer leaders into crucial insights and strategies on all aspects of running a regional, historic, campus, or community-based performing arts centre. A comprehensive primer to the entire field. Softcover, 243 pp. $29.95.

Entertainment Industry EconomicsEntertainment Industry Economics
Sixth Edition
Harold L. Vogel
Entertainment Industry Economics is a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide on the economics, financing, production, and marketing of entertainment in the United States and overseas. Investors, business executives, accountants, lawyers, arts administrators, and general readers will find that the book offers an invaluable guide to how entertainment industries operate. Hardcover, 611 pp. $75.95.

Business and Legal Forms for TheaterBusiness and Legal Forms for Theater
Charles Grippo
Business and Legal Forms for Theater
is a complete, easy-to-use resource for professional theaters, community theaters, concert halls, opera houses, university programs, artists who wish to self-produce, and many more. With these 25 hard-to-find forms, performers and groups on a limited budget will be able to prepare their own contracts, negotiate the best possible deal, and minimize their legal risk. Softcover, 171 pp. $46.95.

Creative Arts MarketingCreative Arts Marketing
Liz Hill, Catherine O'Sullivan & Terry O'Sullivan
Based on the highly successful first edition, this revision remains a practical introduction to the whole range of principles and practices used to attract and retains audiences and participants for arts events. It also looks at the broader political, economic and commercial issues that affect all art organizations. In all, this is an invaluable text for both students and arts managers. Softcover, 360 pp. $64.95.

Standing Room Only
Strategies for Marketing the Performing ArtsStanding Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts
Philip Kotler/Joanne Scheff
If you work in the performing arts or are concerned about their future, this book is for you. A complete and up-to-date sourcebook of marketing strategies and techniques for music, dance, opera, and theatre organizations, Standing Room Only is an indispensable tool for performing arts managers, marketers, board members, fund-raisers, educators, donors, corporate sponsors, and consultants. Hardcover 560 pp. $94.95.

The Film Finance Handbook
The Film Finance Handbook
Mike Downey
This three-item set comes with The Film Finance Handbook: Volumes 1 & 2, and a CD-ROM supplement. $115.95.

The Stage Producer's Business and Legal GuideThe Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide
Charles Grippo
The definitive survival kit for anyone presenting live entertainment, this book addresses business and legal issues concerning all manner of performance: Broadway, regional, stock, university, and regional theatre; concert halls, opera houses, and cabarets; and much more. Softcover, 243 pp. $31.95.

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Production ManagementProduction Management
Peter Dean
Production Management takes you through the process of making shows happen from the point of view of the Production Manager. The book includes techniques, information and tips on how to: work with directors and designers, run production meetings, oversee the rehearsal process, manage a production team, and lead the production week and technical rehearsal. Softcover, 192 pp. $41.95.

Canadian Television FinancingCanadian Television Financing: The Buck Starts Here
If you are a producer, a would-be producer, or want to become involved in the television industry, then this book is essential reading. Written by an experienced and respected producer in the Canadian television industry, this book will teach you how to develop marketable ideas and turn them into winning television programs, how to translate an idea for a television program into a credible proposal on paper, how to approach television stations and funding bodies, and much more.

Building the Successful Theatre CompanyBuilding the Successful Theatre Company

Lisa Mulcahy
In this inspiring and insightful book, Lisa Mulcahy take the reader on a guided tour through the unpredictable landscape of bringing people together, finding a space and, finally, making theatre. Using profiles of fourteen of the most diverse and vital theatre companies in the U.S., this indispensible book provides the enterprising performing artist with valuable real-world advice, and sound entrepreneurial strategies. Softcover, 231 pp. $30.95.

Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations
Second Edition
Karen Brooks Hopkins and Carolyn Stopher Friedman
This comprehensive guide will be of great help to anyone posed with the difficult task of fundraising for arts and cultural organizations. Softcover, 259 pp., $60.95.

Seasoned Theatre: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Senior Adult Theatre
Seasoned Theatre: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Senior Adult Theatre
Martha Haarbauer
A practical guide to all aspects of establishing and maintaining a senior adult theatre. Readers will discover information on organizing, recruiting, and working with older actors; choosing appropriate material; making technical descisions; locating a place to work; attracting audiences; and generating funds to support the theatre group. Softcover, 130 pp. $24.95.

Fundraising for Non-profits
P. Burke Keegan
Keegan provides advice to community organizations of developing new techniques and attitudes for fundraising and creating successful partnerships with businesses and other local organizations. Softcover, 215 pp., $25.00.

Concert Tour Production Management

John Vasey
This book deals with the business of production and sets out guidelines to follow in order to literally get the show on the road. Concert Tour Production Management provides the basic information to manage the production for a touring concert from start to finish in the most effective and efficient way possible. Softcover, 164 pp. $31.95.

Management and the Arts
William J. Byrnes
Provides the prospective arts manager with theory and practical applications from all management perspectives: planning, marketing, finance, economics, organizational design, staffing, and group dynamics - as they apply to an arts organization, regardless of whether it is a theatre, museum or dance or opera company. This new edition has been revised to reflect the latest thinking and trends in managing organizations and people. New case studies focus on the challenges facing managers and organizations every day. Entirely new budget and financial worksheets bring this edition completely up-to-date. Softcover, 337 pp. $71.95.

Dollars and Events: How to Succeed in the Special Events Business
Joe Jeff Goldblatt
The first and only book written specifically for aspiring and established special events professionals, this book provides all the information you need to start, grow, and manage a special events related business or career. You'll learn to develop a vision, a mission, and a strategy; manage your finances; find the capital you need; create a marketing plan; and hire and keep employees that will help your business thrive. Hardcover, 300 pp. $74.95.

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