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Hair, Hats & Makeup

The Secrets of Noh MasksThe Secrets of Noh Masks
Michishige Udaka
The Secrets of Noh Masks presents 32 masks, a representative sample of the more than two hundred produced to date by the author. Every one has passed the ultimate test -- use in actual performances -- and may still be seen on stage today. Those who know little of this ancient dramatic form might assume Noh masks to be lacking in expression, but nothing could be further from the truth. A perusal of these remarkable images reveals a realm of flesh-and-blood humanity as subtle and striking in the twenty-first century as it was over six hundred years ago. Hardcover, 159 pp. $45.95.

Wig Making and StylingWig Making and Styling: A Complete Guide for Theatre & Film

Martha Ruskai & Allison Lowery
A beautifully constructed costume is one thing, but an impeccably designed wig can really be the final detail that helps an actor bring a character to life. No longer will you need to comb through old references on hairstyles of different time periods, Wig Making and Styling contains everything you need to be create your very own costume wigs. Inside, you'll learn about styling tools, hair types, wig making and measuring, colouring, cutting, and even creating beards and toupees. Softcover, 220 pp. $57.95.

The Mode in Hats and HeaddressThe Mode in Hats and Headdress

R. Turner Wilcox
A year after R. Turner Wilcox received rave reviews for her ultimate fashion reference, The Mode in Costume, she decided to zero in on one chic category to give it the close-up it deserved. The result is this extraordinary handbook that covers the worldwide evolution of almost five thousand years of hats, hairstyles, and headdress for both sexes. With hundreds of illustrations and fascinating text, this comprehensive survey extends from 3000 B.C. to mid-twentieth century. Softcover, 348 pp. $19.50.

Max Factor: The Man Who Changed The Faces of The WorldMax Factor: The Man Who Changed The Faces of The World

Fred E. Basten
The father of modern make-up, Max Factor, quite literally changed the faces of the world and created a cosmetics empire that launched the multibillion-dollar beauty industry. This is his extraordinary story. Hardcover, 172 pp. $27.95.

Asian Faces: Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian WomenAsian Faces: Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian Women

Taylor Chang-Babaian
Finally, a beauty book written specifically for Asian women and their beauty concerns! Celebrity makeup expert Taylor Chang-Babaian shares her highly sought after beauty tips and techniques that help you create the look you want from the dramatic to the demure. In Asian Faces you will learn how to create the illusion of flawless skin, apply eye shadow with techniques especially for Asian eyelids, choose the right makeup products for your skin tone, and use daytime and evening makeup. Softcover, 163 pp. $31.00.

Makeup: The Art of BeautyMakeup: The Art of Beauty

Linda Mason
In her book, Linda Mason shares her expertise as a top international makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry and presents techniques and how-to tips on everything from basic, fresh-faced styles to high-glamour Hollywood makeup, to unconventional and cutting-edge looks. A section on career development includes solid guidance on getting started, putting together a portfolio, and working as a freelance makeup artist. Softcover, 176 pp. $18.95.

African MasksAfrican Masks

Iris Hahner
African Masks surveys 248 of the finest examples of masks from the Barbier-Mueller Collection, of which 100 are reproduced in stunning colour illustrations. Leading scholars of African art describe the masks' historical and religious functions, and their symbolic significance. Softcover, 287 pp. $24.95.

Fashions in MakeupFrom Ancient to Modern Times Fashions in Makeup
From Ancient to Modern Times

Richard Corson
Richard Corson's Fashions in Makeup has been a standard work of reference for over thirty years and is a fascinating survey of the history of cosmetic adornment through the ages, from Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Now brought up to date in this new edition by fashion writer James Sherwood, this richly illustrated book is an essential work of reference that will be welcomed by make-up artists and beauty consultants, costume designers, actors, illustrators, social historians and all those interested in the use and application of cosmetics. Hardcover, 640 pp. $175.50.

Women's Hats, Headdresses and HairstylesWomen's Hats, Headdresses and Hairstyles
Georgine De Courtais
More than 400 of the author's own drawings -- rendered from ancient sources -- trace the evolving styles of hats, headdresses, and hairstyles. Finely detailed images depict turbans; horned, heart-shaped, and butterfly headdresses preferred by fifteenth-century English ladies; seventeenth-century hoods and veils; elaborate hats and hairstyles of the Georgian period; early Victorian-era bonnets; net and lace caps and small hats of the late nineteenth century; and the emancipated look in both hairstyles and hat styles of the early twentieth century. Softcover, 187 pp. $22.50.

Two-Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make-Up ArtistTwo-Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make-Up Artist
Timothy Alan
In this, his first book, make-up artist Timothy Alan reveals the trade secrets that he uses everyday to get daytime television's loveliest leading ladies ready for their close-ups. Hardcover, 149 pp. $33.95.

Hair & FashionHair & Fashion
Caroline Cox & Lee Widdows
Hair is fashion and fashion is hair -- this fascinating, symbiotic relationship is investigated in detail in this beautifully illustrated book. Hair & Fashion considers both the historical development of this relationship and its contemporary significance, focusing on key moments such as the 1920s bob, the long-haired hippie look of the 1960s and the recent Hoxton Fin. Hardcover, 128 pp. $72.50.

Creative Face: Make Your Own Makeup Creative Face: Make Your Own Makeup
Maxine Nelson
Create your own makeup at home! Mix customized shades of eye-shadows, lipsticks, blushers, party makeup and more. It's easier than you think! The projects use natural ingredients, which are safe for most skin types, and the book includes a handy resource section, so that you'll always be able to find the necessary ingredients. Softcover, 95 pp. $21.95.

Decorate YourselfDecorate Yourself
Tom Andrich
It is easy to change your face with face paint, or to put a temporary tattoo on your body. This book cleary illustrates the basics of make-up artistry and includes instructions for creating dozens of designs. Go wild, glamorous, or funky with face and body painting! Softcover, 96 pp. $14.95.

Big HairBig Hair
James Innes-Smith
The greatest of the bouffants, afros, rakes, beehives, and Flock-of-Seagulls have been plucked from their spots in hairdressers' winndows and published in this picture book which honours the age of Big Hair. Hardcover, 118 pp. $14.95.

Make UpMake Up
Alain Rustenholz
From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe; from biblical times to the vibrant and vivid styles of kabuki, gypsies and troubadours; from the red lips of France to the powder of Java. Make Up captures the essence and orgins of body adornment, and is beautifully illustrated with ephemera, drawings, paintings, and fantastic photographs. Hardcover, 192 pp. $39.95.

Headwraps: A Global JourneyHeadwraps: A Global Journey
Georgia Scott
Headwraps: A Global Journey, recreates the travels of New York Times writer, Georgia Scott, as she set off on an adventure across five continents with the singular, determined purpose of documenting the world's headwraps. This book is a stunning collection of images and anecdotes of a remarkable journey to chronicle our mysterious and fascinating efforts to cover our heads. Hardcover, 209 pp. $54.00.

Hats: A History of Fashion in HeadwearHats: A History of Fashion in Headwear
Hilda Amphett
This remarkable book presents an illustrated view of 2,000 years of head coverings. Over 800 drawings by the author -- adapted from rare paintings, sculptures, and illustrations -- accurately depict headgear in various aspects, including gender, class, and nationality. Enagaging and literate, Hats is an invaluable reference for designers, art students, and costume historians. Softcover, 237 pp. $31.95.

Kevyn AucoinKevyn Aucoin
A Beautiful Life
Kerry Diamond
There has never been a more influencial and beloved make-up artist that Kevyn Aucoin. His remarkable skills, irresistible charm, and superstar clientele made him a celebrity in his own right. Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life chronicles the renowned make-up artist's entire life: from his childhood in a Louisiana orphanage right up to his untimely death at the age of 40. Contributions from his friends and family illuminate this touching portrait. Softcover, 234 pp. $45.00.

Make Up: The Art of BeautyMake Up: The Art of Beauty
Linda Mason
Internationally renowned make-up artist, Linda Mason, discloses her amazing beauty secrets in this ultimate personal and professional make-up reference. Illustrated cover-to-cover with sparkling colour photographs, Make Up is absolutely essential reading for all make-up artists, both beginners and advanced. Hardcover, 176 pp. $39.95.

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Japan Unveiled: Understanding Japanese Body CultureJapan Unveiled: Understanding Japanese Body Culture
Dominique Buisson
Luminous colour photographs and an euridte text are combined in this stunning examination of Japanese body culture. Sample chapters include: The Sacred Body, The Social Body, The Performing Body, The Body in Death, and several others. Hardcover, 215 pp. $70.00.

Making MasksMaking Masks
Renee Schwarz
The 13 unique masks described inside are made from easy-to-find materials, are simple to make and are loads of fun to decorate. Whether it's for a Halloween party, a school play or just for dress-up, a little imagination is all that it takes to conceal your face and reveal someone new in your place! Hardcover, 40 pp. $14.95.

Decorated Skin: A World Survey of Body Art
by Karl Groning
Decorated Skin presents some of the finest examples of body art past and present, taken from all over the world. Ranging from Australia and Papa New Guinea to Africa, Asia and the Americas. With over 400 photos of body painting, scarification, piercing and tattoos. 256 pages Large-format Softcover, $52.99.

Dressed for ThrillsDressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes & Masquerade
Phyllis Galembo
In this delightful photo-essay, photographer Phyllis Galembo chronicles more than 100 years of American Halloween costumes and masquerade. Supplementing the photos are 3 intriging essays by Mark Alice Durant, Valerie Steele, and the photographer herself. Hardcover, 127 pp., $39.95.

One Thousand Beards: 
A Cultural History of Facial HairOne Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair
Allan Peterkin
A witty, comprehensive history of facial hair, documenting its continuous rise and fall as a trend. With illustrations of styles, information on care and upkeep, and hundreds of pictures of famous men (and women) with facial hair, One Thousand Beards provides an insightful, lighthearted, and well-groomed look at the cultural influence of facial hair. Softcover, 227 pp. $19.95.

The Technique of the Professional Make-Up Artist
Vincent J R Kehoe
A classic in its field since its original publication, The Technique of the Professional Make-Up Artist is now revised, updated and paperback for a new generation of professionals. This encyclopedic resource covers all of the current studio make-up methods and lab techniques, with text and art contributions from some of the leading experts in the industry. $90.95.

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