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Canadian Plays by Playwright: R

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

Two PlaysTwo Plays
James Reaney
This unique collection brings together Reaney's first play, One-man Masque (1958), as well as his latest, Gentle Rain Food Co-op (1997). Softcover, 68 pp. $16.95.

The Donnellys
James Reaney
Based on the actual Irish family who immigrated to Biddulph Township near London, Ontario, in 1844, The Donnellys is a story of a secret society and a massacre that shocked the Canadian public. Published in this volume are all three installments of The Donnellys trilogy: Sticks and Stones, The St. Nicholas Hotel, and Handcuffs. 362 pp. $18.95.

Colours in the DarkColours in the Dark
James Reaney
Set in a magical place, a series of images, poems and memories evoke the terrors and delights of childhood. M-3, F-3., children, chorus 130 pp. $17.95.


Listen to the WindListen to the Wind
James Reaney
In a Perth County farmhouse during the thirties, a boy and his friends decide to spend the summer putting on plays, including an adaptation of a Victorian novel. Two stories unfold, intertwine and illuminate each other. M-5., F-5., extras 142 pp. $17.95.


James C.H. Reaney
Cervais McTavish sees the poltergeists who assail him in his house in the woods not as outside forces of evil but as emanations from his own disclaimed past. M-6, F-5. 119 pp. $3.95.


Bordertown CafeBordertown Cafe
Kelly Rebar
In Bordertown Cafe, young Jimmy faces a dilemma: embrace the powerfully encoded Western hero of American popular myth, embodied by his father, or engage the task of building a different identity, embodied by his mother and her family. M-2, F-2. Softcover, 126 pp. $16.95.

Michael Redhill
Goodness is a morality play for the modern age, a Russian doll of concentric tales that dance with notions of responsibility and memory, that pose difficult questions like "Why do good people rush to do evil?" and "What would you have done?" And as its six characters circle this tangled story about the grey shades of good and evil, they are forced to consider the power of story -- over those who live it, those who tell it and those who hear it. M-3, F-3 S. Softcover, 107 pp. $16.95.

Building JerusalemBuilding Jerusalem
Michael Redhill
Nominated for a 2001 Governor General's Award for Literature, this play, which premiered in December 2000, is set in Toronto on New Year's Eve 1899. Representing the various strata of Toronto society of the day, the characters devise and perform "parlor games" and songs as the new century approaches with it's inevitable surprises. $14.95.

One Good MarriageOne Good Marriage
Sean Reycraft
Steph and Stewart are celebrating their first anniversary; however, rather that being a time of happiness, the occasion brings terrible sorrow. Blackly hilarious and deeply moving, this vivid two-hander moves from pathos to humour and back again as a tragic story is revealed, and the need for community is expressed. M-1, F-1. Softcover, 71 pp. $12.95.

Flying on Her OwnFlying on Her Own
Charlie Rhindress
A musical about the life of Canadian singer-songwriter, Rita MacNeil. Softcover, 73 pp. $16.95.


Jacob Richmond
Penny and Ezra Lamb are home-schooled on a hippie colony until the police discover it also happens to be the largest marijuana grow-op in Saskatchewan. Legoland is how their pot-smoking elders always described the outside world, and the Lamb siblings are dying to get there. The Lambs end up running away from school on a bus tour of the Wal-Marts and McDonald's of the continent, financing their trip by selling the Paxil and Ritalin they've been prescribed. Softcover, 71 pp. $16.95.

The Anglophone is Coming to DinnerThe Anglophone is Coming to Dinner
George Rideout
With a backdrop of the Lone Star and the Fleur-de-Lys flags, Jim Bob Baker introduces himself and his troupw, The Lubbock Little Theatre, who have come all the way from Texas to perform for a Canadian audience. Colliding worlds of culture and language are served up Texas style in this social satire of a Quebecois family playing host to a bewildered, Ontario-born English professor. Softcover, 77 pp. $16.95.

Sexy LaundrySexy Laundry
Michele Riml
After twenty-five years of marriage, the emergence of love handles and receding hairlines, Alice and Henry have hit a physical plateau. With a Sex for Dummies guidebook in hand, Alice convinces Henry into a weekend of alone time in the hopes of seducing him and unearthing her inner vixen. Henry, however, wants to keep things the way they are -- comfortable and easy. Exploring every fantasy, from leather to lace, Alice and Henry portray every couple's desire to grow together but maintain individuality. Softcover, 56 pp. $16.95.

Two RoomsTwo Rooms
Mansel Robinson
A white Canadian cop is married to a young Muslim doctor, who happens to be a suspect in a terrorism investigation. She has a lot to confess. So does he. Murder, betrayal, politics.... a love story. 1M 1F. Softcover, 50 pp. $14.95.

Bite the HandBite the Hand
Mansel Robinson
When Peter and Steve--a theatre critic and a playwright--go on a road trip from Saskatchewan to Sudbury, you just know that they're going to hit some bumps along the way... Softcover, 80 pp. $14.95.


The Heart As It LivedThe Heart As It Lived
Mansel Robinson
82 pp. $13.95.


Rock 'n Rail Ghost Trains and Splitting SlagRock 'n Rail Ghost Trains and Splitting Slag
Mansel Robinson
A rare combination and tour de force, Mansel Robinson's Rock 'n Rail: Ghost Trains and Splitting Slag is a double-whammy of poetry and theatre. The plays are in the voices of the workingman: to the tradition of Billy Bishop Goes to War, add poetry, politics and pathos. 115 pp. $15.95.

Street WheatStreet Wheat
Mansel Robinson
Street Wheat is a drama of drought and despair, of agribusiness and agripolitics. And it is a drama of farmers against the system, against nature . . . and sometimes against each other. M-5., F-2. 110 pp. $12.95.


Collateral Damage
Mansel Robinson

The GapThe Gap
Ian Ross
Evan and Dawn are getting to know each other; as a young Native man, Evan is unsure how to approach dating a "middle-class" white woman. The "gap" he perceives, real or otherwise, between his culture, his politics, and his lifestyle, and Dawn's, continues to widen, preventing them both from moving forward. The two young lovers struggle not so much to keep the balance as to find it. M-4, F-2. 109 pp. $14.95.

Joe from Winnipeg
Ian Ross
Phenomenally successful since they first aired on CBC Radio, this series of commentaries reflect a compassionate and curious Everyman. Joe delves into some of the most pressing social issues, sharing his ponderings on the federal budget, Christmas cake, the stock market, verb-nouns, Native land claims, art, the Manitoba Flood, even the 'Lympics. 119 pp. $14.95.

The Book of Joe
Ian Ross
In this second collection of Joe from Winnipeg stories, Ross delves into such pressing social issues as moose on the road, immunization, peekaboo, dogs wearing nail polish, odometer checks and, naturally, the new millenium. 111 pp. $12.95.

Ian Ross
It's getting tense on the Partridge Crop Reserve. The Chief is in Las Vegas (again), the band is in receivership, and the Reserve is unilaterally declaring self-government. As if things weren't bad enough already, the welfare cheques don't arrive and the people of this fictional First Nation are forced to take control of their lives. M-4, F-2. 96 pp. $14.95.

And Up They FlewAnd Up They Flew
Martha Ross
At an English country house in 1936, a group of eccentric characters spend a weekend together. As the weekend progesses, events spiral out of control. Lyrical, luminous, funny and wonderfully theatrical, And Up They Flew is a serious comedy about the tensions of the 20th century.
M-3, F-4. Softcover, 84 pp. $14.95.

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Hellfire PassHellfire Pass
Vittorio Rossi
It is 1956, and Silvio Rosato, a decorated World War II veteran, shows up at the house of his father, Eduardo Rosato, who had abandoned him and his mother in Italy in 1920 to start a new life and family for himself in Chicago. Silvio's Italian-American half-siblings, Eddie and Ida, are fascinated by this stranger who has suddenly appeared in their lives. Handsome, assured and accomplished, there is something not quite right, something sinister about this visitor, with his air of familiarity and the distant, impenetrable look in his eyes. This mystery begins Hellfire Pass, part one of Rossi's autobiographical A Carpenter's Trilogy, A Chronicle in Three Plays. Softcover, 128 pp. $16.95.

Paradise by the River
Paradise by the River
Vittorio Rossi
After Canada officially declares war with Italy, Romano, a recent immigrant, is arrested without charge in his own home. Torn from the arms of his terrified and pregnant wife Maria, Romano is held against his will with hundreds of men of Italian descent at a prisoner of war camp in Petawawa, Ontario. M-8, F-2. 138 pp. $17.95.

The Golden ThugThe Golden Thug
Ed Roy
The Golden Thug takes place in April 1986 at Jack's Hotel, a seedy one-star hotel in the heart of Paris. Unbeknownst to the concierge, her husband and their adopted son, their newest occupant is none other than the world-famous literary genius, Jean Genet. When Genet's only copy of the completed draft is stolen, it sets him on an investigative journey to solve the mystery of his missing manuscript and the artifice of his own mythologized past. Softcover, 105 pp. $18.95.

Boom, Baby, Boom! & Other Plays
Banuta Rubess

Smoke DamageSmoke Damage
Banuta Rubess
96 pp. $14.95.



David Rubinoff
Stuck charts the roller-coaster odyssey of Jack, a twenty something would-be actor in search of sex, drugs, and cash. Written in gritty, rhythmic language, Stuck is inspired by the Beat tradition but is infused with a 90's sensibility. M-1 63 pp. $12.95.

In the Cards
Caroline Russell-King
In this gentle romantic-comedy, a reluctant psychic's powers give her no end of trouble with her fated romance. M-1, F-2. 86 pp. $9.75.

The Other PlaysThe Other Plays
George Ryga
George Ryga's perennially popular The Ecstasy of Rita Joe often overshadows the rest of his substantial dramatic oeuvre. This collection seeks to rectify this oversight by bringing together 16 of his lesser known plays. The Other Plays is a timely introduction to the work of one of Canada's pioneering playwrights. Softcover, 409 pp. $29.95.

Seven Hours To SundownSeven Hours To Sundown
George Ryga
Seven Hours to Sundown examines the nature of power in a small community. M-4, F-3. 110 pp. $16.95.




The Ecstasy of Rita JoeThe Ecstasy of Rita Joe
George Ryga
A lyrical documentary of a young Indian girl who comes to the city only to die on Skid Row, a victim of white man's violent and paternalistic attitudes towards Native people. M-15., F-3., singer 126 pp. $16.95.


In the Shadow of the VultureIn the Shadow of the Vulture
George Ryga
Set in the desert on either side of the Mexico-U.S. border, this harrowing story was inspired by an actual event: the abandonment to starvation and death of a "shipment" of Mexican immigrant workers. In the Shadow of the Vulture is not afraid to explore the depths of human despair, hope, and rage. 283 pp. $13.95.

Ploughmen of the GlacierPloughmen of the Glacier
George Ryga
Conversations between an aged prospector and a retired newpaperman bring about an examination of the myth of men who made the West. M-3 79 pp. $15.95.

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