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See also: Canadian Anthologies.

TheatreBooks stocks plays in English from around the world and, of course, all plays published in Canada. We stock and sell plays from Dramatists Play Service and Dramatic Publishing Co., and the leading play publishers in Great Britain. We carry books on all aspects of theatre production, as well as opera and dance. If you don't find the title or playwright you are looking for, please stop by the store and ask, or contact us at action@theatrebooks.com, by phone at 416.922.7175, toll-free at 1.800.361.3414 or by fax at 416.922.0739.

New South African Plays New South African Plays
Charles J. Fourie
A powerful anthology of new and controversial plays dealing with the new entrepreneurs, racial conflict, power and corruption, the legacy of the past and female identity. The collection provides insights into the complexities of South African society today. Softcover, 253 pp. $29.95.

Decade: Two Towers. Ten Years. Twenty Plays Decade: Two Towers. Ten Years. Twenty Plays

Adamson et al.
Ten years on, twenty international writers respond to the events of September the 11th, with pieces by John Logan, Lynn Nottage, Christopher Shinn, Simon Schama and many more. An immersive theatrical production from Headlong. Softcover, 241 pp. $23.99.

Plays from the Arab WorldPlays from the Arab World

Various playwirghts
Withdrawal by Mohammad Al Attar (Syria); 603 by Imad Farajin (Palestine); Damage by Kamal Khalladi (Morocco); The House by Arze Khodr (Lebanon); Egyptian Products by Laila Soliman (Egypt). Softcover, 226 pp. $37.95.

Women, Power and Politics: Then Women, Power and Politics: Then
Exploring the reasons for gender inequality in the UK, the Tricycle Theatre, London commisioned nine leading playwrights to write about the complexities of women and political power. The four plays published here look back to "then"; the moments in history when women possessed - or acchieved - power, and what they did with it. The plays are The Milliner and the Weaver by Marie Jones, The Lioness by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Handbagged by Moira Buffini, and Bloody Wimmin by Lucy Kirkwood. Softcover, 116 pp. $24.95.

Regional Best 2012Regional Best 2012

William Roetzheim
A collection of dramatic and passionate plays that got their premier at regional theatres across America. Includes The Hum by Robert Tsonos, The Three Belles of Eden by Joseph M. Appel, Italy by Steven Schutzman, Gorked! by Donald Drake, and We Live in Financial Times by Julia Barclay. Softcover, 352 pp. $15.95.

Popular Plays by Women in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century Popular Plays by Women in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century

Tanya Caldwell
Includes The Emperor of the Moon by Aphra Behn; The Gamester by Susanna Centlivre; The Rehearsal by Catherine Clive; and The Runaway by Hanna Cowley. Softcover, 300 pp. $32.95.

Off Off Broadway Festival Plays Off Off Broadway Festival Plays

35th Series
Various authors
Included in this volume are the winning plays: White Embers by Saviana Stanescu, Skin Deep by Mary Lynn Dobson, Pigskin by Gabriel Jason Dean, Dance Lessons by Josh Koenigsberg, The Mud is Thicker in Mississippi by Dennis A Allen II, and The Bear (A Tragedy) by E.J.C. Calvert. softcover, 116 pp. $11.99.

Accidents HappenAccidents Happen
Various authors
Seven short plays from the founders of The Porch Room prove that no matter what you plan for -- accidents happen. These plays can be performed together as a full-length show or on their own as one acts. Various casting / simple sets. Softcover, 113 pp. $11.99.

The Best American Short Plays 2008-2009The Best American Short Plays 2008-2009
Barbara Parisi
Includes one act plays by Neil LaBute, David Ives, Eric Lane, Amy Herzog, Murray Schisgal, and many more. Hardcover, 273 pp. $36.50.


The Methuen Drama Book of Royal Court Plays 2000-2010The Methuen Drama Book of Royal Court Plays 2000-2010

Edited by Ruth Little
This anthology presents five landmark plays from the new millennium produced by the Royal Court Theatre, London. Spanning a decade of cataclysmic events, these ground-breaking plays provide a powerful and urgent exploration of some of the most important issues of our time and represent a high-water mark in contemporary British playwriting. Included are 9 by David Eldridge, Fallout by Roy Williams, Motortown by Simon Stephens, and My Child by Mike Bartlett. Softcover, 452 pp. $34.00.

The 24 Hour Plays Anthology	The 24 Hour Plays Anthology
Mark Armstrong & Sarah Bisman
In 1995, a group of writers, directors and actors gathered on Manhattan's Lower East Side for what was supposed to be a one-time-only event: write, direct, produce and perform new plays within the span of 24 hours. Now, more than 300 plays later, the concept is still going strong. Collected here are 24 of the best scripts from this exciting program. Softcover, 215 pp. $21.95.

The Methuen Drama Book of Twenty-First Century British Plays The Methuen Drama Book of Twenty-First Century British Plays
Aleks Sierz
This anthology brings together five of the best new British plays from the first decade of the twenty-first century. Included are Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall, Elmina's Kitchen by Kwame Kwei-Armah, Realism by Anthony Neilson, Gone Too Far by Bola Agbaje, and Pornography by Simon Stephens. A perfect reminder of the relevance, vitality and innovation of British theatre, this book represents some of the most exciting plays to emerge in recent years. Softcover, 442 pp. $29.00.

The Methuen Book of Naturalist PlaysThe Methuen Book of Naturalist Plays
Edited by Chris Megson
This is a collection of landmark dramatic works from the modern period that will prove invaluable to students and general readers alike. Included are: A Doll's House, Miss Julie, The Weavers, Mrs. Warren's Profession, Three Sisters, and Strife. Softcover, 454 pp. $34.00.

New Welsh Drama IIINew Welsh Drama
A collection of three exciting plays reflecting the range and quality of new work which is currently emerging on the theatre scene in Wales. Includes Safar by Afshan Malik, Gulp by Roger Williams, and My Piece of Happiness by Lewis Davies. Softcover, 336 pp. $11.95.


New Welsh Drama II
Jeff Teare
Includes Little Sister by Sian Evans, Giant Steps by Othniel Smith, and Killing Kangaroos by Roger Williams. Softcover, 416 pp. $6.95.

New Welsh Drama III
Edited by Chris Morgan
Two plays: Inside Out by Lesley Ross, and Sex and Power at the Beau Rivage by Lewis Davies. Softcover, 199 pp. $13.95.

The Best American Short Plays 2002 - 2003The Best American Short Plays 2002 - 2003
Glenn Young
The ten plays that make up this edition range from serious to comedic and deal with such themes as sacrifice, identity, aging, and adaptation to society and change. Included are The Beauty Inside by Catherine Filoux, Brown by Cherie Vogelstein, and everybody else by Scott Organ, Queenie by Murray Schisgal, Reunions by Billy Aronson, Captain Abalone by Adam Kraar, The Changing of the Guard by Amy Staats, Hermaphrodite by Annie G., Sada by Bruce Levy, and 5:15 Greyhound by Le Wilhelm. Softcover, 226 pp. $32.95.

The Taxi Project The Taxi Project

PEN Canada
Based on the lives and writings of four members of PEN Canada's writers-in-exile program, The TAXI Project provides a glimpse into what it means to be forced to leave your homeland to start your life anew. Softcover, 62 pp. $14.95.

New Europe: Plays from the ContinentNew Europe: Plays from the Continent

Bonnie Marranca & Malgorzata Semil
This collection of seven plays explores issues of terrorism, immigration, youth, globalization, families, and post-communist culture in the years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and expansion of the European Union. The contents include norway, today (Switzerland), The Death of the Squirrel-Man (Poland), Hotel Europa (Macedonia), Tales of Ordinary Madness (Czech Republic), Push Up 1-3 (Germany), Hamlyn (Spain) and Sa ka la (Norway). Softcover, 399 pp. $24.50.

Playwrights Before the Fall: Eastern European Drama in Times of RevolutionPlaywrights Before the Fall: Eastern European Drama in Times of Revolution
Edited by Daniel Gerould
In this unique anthology, playwrights from Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Romania examine the moral and psychological dimensions of the transformations taking place in society during the years of transition from totalitarianism to democracy. Written before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the five plays reveal the absurdities of an inflexible system based on belief in abstract ideology that sacrifices the individual to dogma. Softcover, 439 pp. $24.50.

Human Festival 2009: The Complete PlaysHumana Festival 2009: The Complete Plays
Adrien-Alice Hansel & Marc Masterson
Includes On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning by Alex Dremann, Absalom by Zoe Kazan, Roanoke by Michael Lew, Wild Blessings: A Celebration of Wendell Berry adapted by Marc Masterson and Adrien-Alice Hansel, Under Construction by Charles L. Mee, Slasher by Allison Moore, 3:59am: a drag race for two actors by Marco Ramirez, Ameriville by UNIVERSES, The Hard Weather Boating Party by Naomi Wallace, and Brink! Softcover, 444 pp. $24.50.

Japanese PlaysJapanese Plays

Edited by A.L. Sadler
In this groundbreaking collection, A.L. Sadler translates the mysteries of Noh, Kyogen, and Kabuki. The beauty and power of Japanese theatre is strongly conveyed with his wonderful selection. Softcover, 296 pp. $20.95.


Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 34th EditionOff Off Broadway Festival Plays, 34th Edition
One of Manhattan's most established play festivals, the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival fosters work of early career writers, giving them exposure through publication and representation. From the initial submission pool of over 700 plays, 40 were chosen to be performed over a period of one week. Of those plays, here are the six winners selected for publication. Softcover, 112 pp. $12.99.

Steve Yockey
The very broken characters that inhabit this collection of shorts wander through a dimly lit, over stimulated and paranoia-fueled world that exists just underneath the dominant popular culture. From the darkly comic to the starkly distressing, these uneasy little plays are tightly wound, structurally adventurous glimpses into some of the most simultaneously intimate and harrowing moments of everyday life. Softcover, 112 pp. $12.99.

Plays from the Boom Box Galaxy: Theatre from the Hip Hop GenerationPlays from the Boom Box Galaxy: Theatre from the Hip Hop Generation

Kim Euell & Robert Alexander
Theatre from the hip-hop generation, with contributions by: Aya de Leon, Jake-ann Jones, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Zell Miller III, Will Power, Psalmayene 24, Carl Hancock Rux, Tommy Shepherd & Dan Wolf, and Cristal Chanelle Truscott. Softcover, 401 pp. $25.95.


Various playwrights
Seven is based on interviews with seven women leaders of the Vital Voices Global Partnership network who have triumphed over huge obstacles to create major changes in human rights in their home countries. Collaborated on by seven award-winning female playwrights, including Anna Deveare Smith, these stories fascinatingly reveal the comonality of those with the courage to rise up. 7W. Softcover, $11.99.

The Best American Short Plays 2007-2008The Best American Short Plays 2007-2008

Barbara Parisi
This edition of the highly esteemed and long-enduring Best American Short Plays contains fresh-voiced, cutting-edge works by twenty playwrights, both established and among the most promising of the new millennium. Each of these plays reflects the enormous diversity of contemporary American theatre. Softcover, 377 pp. $16.95.

Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women

Alexis Greene & Shirley Lauro
This is a collection of seven brilliant, critically acclaimed plays -- each a dazzling dramatic work by a leading contemporary female playwright. Together they tackle some of the toughest issues of the day -- from war and reproductive rights to the crisis in our prisons, courts, and public schools -- and are by turns provocative, moving, and inspiring. Softcover, 378 pp. $23.95.

Six Elizabethan & Jacobean Tragedies Six Elizabethan & Jacobean Tragedies

Brian Gibbons
This volume contains New Mermaid editions of six major Elizabethan and Jacobean plays, chosen to represent the tragic drama of the English Renaissance from 1590 to 1630. Included are The Spanish Tragedy, Doctor Faustus, Sejanus his Fall, Women Beware Women, The White Devil, and 'Tis Pity She's a Whore. Softcover, 734 pp. $21.95.

The Tiger in Winter: Six Contemporary Irish Plays

Edited by John Fairleigh
These six young writers won recognition for plays presented during the years of the Celtic Tiger, but the have no truck with the good-news stories. Focusing on the Irish male, they suggest that the burden of poverty may have lifted, but festering on is the emotional repression inherited from an authoritarian church and state. The hurt within individual lives is clearly explored, but the pathways to emotional liberation can be traced in the subtexts. Softcover, 350 pp. $20.95.

Six: Ensemble Plays for Young ActorsSix: Ensemble Plays for Young Actors
Paul Roseby
This is an anthology of work written for actors aged 11-25. From the mythical to the modern, contemporary urban living is confronted in plays varying in style from the starkly realistic to the lyrical, streetwise and surrealistic. Ideal for youth theatre groups, schools and amateur dramatic companies, this anthology contains a diverse selection of plays suited to large casts and ensemble performance. Softcover, $21.95.

Plays From the Sixties Plays From the Sixties

Arnold Wexler et al
Bold, challenging and iconoclastic, these plays are landmarks of postwar British theatre. Included here are Arnold Wesker's Roots, John Arden's Sarjeant Musgrave's Dance, Joe Orton's Loot, Edward Bond's Early Morning, and Peter Barnes' The Ruling Class. Softcover, 529 pp. $21.95.

A Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic PlaysA Woman Killed with Kindness and Other Domestic Plays
Edited by Martin Wiggins
Oxford English Drama offers plays from the sixteenth to early twentieth centuries in selections that make available both rarely printed and canonical works. The texts are freshly edited using modern spelling. In this volume comes several Domestic gems: Arden of Faversham, A Woman Killed with Kindness, The Witch of Edmonton, and The English Traveller, all annotated and edited by Martin Wiggins. Softcover, 344 pp. $17.95.

Out Plays: Landmark Gay and Lesbian Plays of the Twentieth CenturyOut Plays: Landmark Gay and Lesbian Plays of the Twentieth Century

Edited by Ben Hodges
Twentieth-century theatre has been a powerful force in bringing gay and lesbian characters and themes out of the closet and into the spotlight. These dramatic selections share themes of oppression and suppression, countered by love, fear, anger, and humour - universally human, not just gay or lesbian. Softcover, 577 pp. $26.50.

Renaissance Comedy: The Italian Masters Volume IRenaissance Comedy: The Italian Masters Volume I
Donald Beecher
The first volume in an excellent series of newly anthologized works by the Renaissance comedy masters. Includes such selections as "The Pretenders," "Cortigiana," "The Ragged Brothers," "Alessandro," and "The Sister." Softcover, 460 pp. $35.00.

The Fire This Time The Fire This Time: African American Plays for the 21st Century

Edited by Robert Alexander & Harry J. Elam
This brand new collection of hot new plays by African American writers include: A Preface to the Alien Garden, Rhyme Deferred, Civil Sex, The Dark Kalamazoo, Crumbs from the Table of Joy, Insurrection: Holding History, In the Blood, Slanguage, and King Hedley II. Softcover, 595 pp. $20.95.

Singular Female VoicesSingular Female Voices

Anna Reynolds, Moira Buffini, Catherine Johnson & Stewart Permutt
This book contains three remarkable short plays for one female actor--all featuring mothers on the edge. The plays are Jordan, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, and Unsuspecting Susan. Softcover, 90 pp. $22.95.

Laugh Lines: Short Comic Plays Laugh Lines: Short Comic Plays

Eric Lane & Nina Shengold
This anthology features thirty-six comedic short plays by major American playwrights and emerging new voices. From the surrealistic wit of Steve Martin's "The Zig-Zag Woman" to the biting political satire of Steve Dietz's "The Spot", to Christopher Durang's loopy "Wanda's Visit" to Shel Silverstein's twisted "The Best Daddy", there's something in here to make everyone laugh. Softcover, 514 pp. $22.00.

Voices From FranceVoices From France

Various authors
An anthology of five contemporary French plays in translation from the France/Banff Translation Exchange. Night Zoo by Michel Azama, Baby Stain by Koffi Kwahule, Last Morning by Jose Pliya, Mathilde by Veronique Olmi, The Lighthouse by Timothee de Fombelle. Softcover, 321 pp. $26.95.

The Kennedy Centre American College Theater FestivalThe Kennedy Centre American College Theater Festival Presents Award-winning plays from the Michael Kanin Playwriting Program

Gary Garrison
The Kennedy Centre American College Theatre Festival Presents spotlights the best full-length, one-act, and ten-minute plays written by the newest generation of American playwrights. Plucked from thousands of entries, the plays in this anthology have all been recognized for their excellence by the prestigious Michael Kanin National Playwriting Program. Softcover, 316 pp. $22.95.

9 Contemporary Jewish Plays9 Contemporary Jewish Plays

Ellen Schiff & Michael Posnick
This refreshing anthology brings together nine outstanding plays from the New Play Commissions in Jewish Theatre, which was established by the National Foundation for Jewish Culture in 1994. Included are new works by Donald Margulies, Nora Glickman, Elise Thoron, Ari Roth, Corey Fischer, Jeffrey Sweet, Motti Lerner, Marilyn Clayton Felt, and Jennifer Maisel. Softcover, 567 pp. $31.95.

The Best Plays Theater YearbookThe Best Plays Theater Yearbook

Jeffrey Eric Jenkins
Under editor Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, this indispensible compendium brings together essays, statistics, photographs, and a wide array of facts and figures for the 2003-2004 theatre season -- Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, and resident theatres around the country. In all, The Best Plays Theater Yearbook gives the fullest possible overview of the year in American theatre. Hardcover, 526 pp. $72.50.

Humana Festival 2004: The Complete Plays Humana Festival 2004: The Complete Plays
Tanya Palmer & Adrien-Alice Hansel
Plays that stand the test of time. Plays that are of the moment. Plays that are universal. Plays that spring from a strong sense of place. Plays that look outward to the world. Plays that celebrate an inward poetic journey. Plays of language. Plays of ideas. Plays by young artists. Plays by women. Here is a vibrant testament to the vitality of the contemporary American playwright. Softcover, 435 pp. $27.95.

The Duchess of Malfi: Seven Masterpieces of Jacobean Drama The Duchess of Malfi: Seven Masterpieces of Jacobean Drama
Frank Kermode
The lyrical bloodthirsty tragedies and witty urban comedies in this original collection were first performed during the reign of King James I (1603-25). Though nearly four centuries old, they display surprisingly modern sensibilities regarding sex, violence, morality, and honor. Brilliantly introduced and annotated by Frank Kermode, these seven Jacobean masterpieces are the finest and most representative plays of a time when drama was the most vital and important mirror of British society. Softcover, 647 pp. $25.95.

New American Short Plays 2005New American Short Plays 2005
Craig Lucas
The first in an annual series, this anthology contains twenty imaginative, challenging, and provocative new plays by some of America's most talented playwrights. Softcover, 298 pp. $29.95.


Scots Plays of the SeventiesScots Plays of the Seventies: An Anthology
Bill Findlay
The six plays gathered together in this anthology are seminal works in the unprecedented flowering of Scottish drama that occured in the 1970s. Included are Willie Rough by Bill Bryden, The Jesuit by Donald Campbell, The Burning by Stewart Conn, The Hardman by Tom McGrath, The Rising by Hector MacMillan, and The Bevellers by Roddy McMillan. Softcover, 372 pp. $26.95.

Graeae: Plays 1Graeae: Plays 1
Various authors
The plays in this unique collection boldly explore fascinating theatrical landscapes while raising awarness and understanding of disability. Graeae tours nationally and internationally, and is the only professional theatre company of physically and sensory disabled people in Europe. Softcover, 352 pp. $32.00.

The Best Plays Theater Yearbook 2002-2003The Best Plays Theater Yearbook 2002-2003
Jeffrey Eric Jenkins
For this 84th edition, essays written by noted theatre critics and writers celebrate the season and the 10 Best Plays of 2002-2003. In addition, this volume also offers a compendium of facts and figures on the theatre season on Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway and in resident theatres around the country. Best Plays is made complete by dozens of photographs, making it the most comprehensive overview of the year in American theatre. Hardcover, 500 pp. $78.50.

A Terrible TruthA Terrible Truth: Anthology of Holocaust Drama
Irene N. Watts
Theatre at its best, embraces, enlightens, entertains and makes us question how we live and die. Each of the plays in this volume enhances our compassion and our understanding of the terrible truth that we call the Holocaust. Included are Good by C.P. Taylor, None is Too Many by Jason Sherman, Playing for Time by Arthur Miller, Still the Night by Theresa Tova, and The Trials of John Demjanjuk by Jonathan Garfinkel. Softcover, 384 pp. $45.00.

Awake & SingingAwake & Singing, New Edition: Six Great American Jewish Plays
Ellen Schiff
Included in this collection are Counsellor-at-Law by Elmer Rice, Awake and Sing! by Clifford Odets, Morning Star by Sylvia Regan, The Tenth Man by Paddy Chayefsky, Conversations with My Father by Herb Gardner and Broken Glass by Arthur Miller. Editor Ellen Schiff has selected a sextet of seminal works that illuminate the pre-eminent and enduring dilemma of identity associated with Jewish life in America: how to acculturate without losing one's Jewish identity. Softcover, 587 pp. $26.95.

Take Ten II: More Ten-Minute PlaysTake Ten II: More Ten-Minute Plays
Eric Lane & Nina Shengold
In this follow-up to their groundbreaking collection Take Ten, editors Eric Lane and Nina Shengold have put together a veritable bonfire of talent. Take Ten II is a remarkably diverse anthology of 35 short plays by such major American playwrights as Christopher Durang, Warren Leight, Romulus Linney, and Donald Margulies, alongside a host of exciting new voices. Softcover, 417 pp. $21.00.

Scripts and SketchesScripts and Sketches: New Short Plays for Reading and Performance
John O'Connor
Hardcover, 176 pp. $41.95.


Forbidden ActsForbidden Acts: Pioneering Gay & Lesbian Plays of the Twentieth Century
Ben Hodges
This timely anthology of gay and lesbian plays spans the entire 20th century. From The God of Vengence to As Is, this collection brings together a broad range of theatrical genres: drama, tragedy, romance, comedy, and farce. Each selection remains vibrant and relevant today as a testament of art's ability to persevere in the face of oppression. Softcover, 741 pp. $35.95.

A Map of the SensesA Map of the Senses
Rory Runnells, ed.
Celebrates 20 years of playwriting in Manitoba. $24.95.

Restoration ComedyRestoration Comedy
Trevor R. Griffiths & Simon Trussler
Three of the most popular comedies from the Restoration, all dealing with the place of women in society: The Country Wife by William Wycherley; The Rover by Aphra Ben and The Way of the World by William Congreve. Softcover, 361 pp. $14.95.

Three Revenge TragediesThree Revenge Tragedies
Gamini Salgado
Following the end of Queen Elizabeth's reign in the early seventeenth century, the new court of King James was beset by political instability and moral corruption. This atmosphere provided fertile ground for the dramatists of the age, whose plays explore the ways in which social decadence and the abuse of power resentment and lead inexorably to violence and bloody retribution. This collection brings together three archtypal plays of the era: The Revenger's Tragedy, The White Devil, and The Changeling. Softcover, 364 pp. $22.50.

The Routledge Anthology of Renaissance DramaThe Routledge Anthology of Renaissance Drama
Simon Barker and Hilary Hinds
Ten non-Shakespearean Renaissance plays and a masque have been brought together for the first time in what is a major text for students of English drama of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Each play is prefaced by an introductory headnote discussing the thematic focus of the play and its textual history, and is cross-referenced to other plays of the period that relate thematically and generically. Softcover, 457 pp. $41.95.

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