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Canadian Plays by Playwright: C

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

The Forbidden Phoenix
Marty Chan
Inspired by Chinese opera, The Forebidden Phoenix's lyricism brings us to a world where Chinese parables are woven with the painful history of the immigrant men who suffered to build Canada's railroad in the 1800s. Playwright Marty Chan and composer Robert Walsh create a musical rife with stylized characters, lending itself to a performance brimming with exciting acrobats, slapstick, and martial arts. Softcover, 70 pp. $16.95.

Harvest and Other PlaysHarvest and Other Plays

Ken Cameron
The past infiltrates the present and real life exists alongside the world of the imagination in this collection of three plays by Calgary-based writer Ken Cameron. In Harvest, Cameron turns a real-life incident involving his parents into a comedy about a rural couple who unwittingly rent out their farm to a marijuana grow-op. Softcover, 211 pp. $23.95.

The Angelina ProjectThe Angelina Project
Frank Canino
The Angelina Project is an elaboration of the true-life event in 1911, where Angelina Napolitano axed her husband to death as he lay sleeping in their bedroom in Sault Ste. Marie. The script moves between Toronto of today, the Sault of 1911, and the mythical world of Clytemnestra to tell the story of four generations of women coming to terms with the violence that has shaped them. M-2, F-6 137 pp. $15.00.

Dave Carley

The Last LiberalThe Last Liberal
Dave Carley
Although he is ostensibly in favour of the public school system, Education Minister, Ron Bloom's ideals are challenged when his son disciplinary problems at school. With an election looming, he must choose between an inadequate school system and his commitment to his family. M-4, F-2. Softcover, 103 pp. $14.95.


Dave Carley
Orchidelirium is a hothouse hybrid of fact and fiction, research and hypothesis, scent and sex. For the Victorian Alice O'Keefe, who established one of America's great collections of orchids, the delirium leads to environmental disaster. For Frances O'Keefe, the hothouse her ancestor built, and which she fiercely protects, will once again fill with the flower of legend and orchidelirium. M-2, F-2. Softcover, 93 pp. $14.95.

After YouAfter You
Dave Carley
Adele is dying -- and Jean is helping her. The cousins have come back to the family cottage on Lake Kawartha so that the stroke-ravaged Adele may die with peace and dignity. The cottage and lake conjure up the ghosts of their former selves, and of the young man who determined the path of their lives. M-1, F-4. 96 pp. $12.95.

Two Ships Passing

Dave Carley
In this, the sequel to Midnight Madness, a decade has passed and Anna and Wesley's lives have changed considerably. Anna has recently been appointed to the bench, Wesley has become a minister, and Anna's son, Jason, is now a university graduate. A play of intelligence, humanity, and humour. M-2, F-1. 88 pp. $15.99

Walking on WaterWalking on Water
Dave Carley
Each of Walking on Water's wonderfully complex characters has secrets to hide and a story to tell. Over the course of two acts and fifty years a fascinating portrait of Ashburnham, a Canadian city in transition, begins to emerge, and the lives of thirteen citizens are brought to an immensely satisfying conclusion in this grand and moving drama. M-9, F-4. 109 pp. $14.95.

The Edible WomanThe Edible Woman
Dave Carley
With wit, affection and dollops of irony, The Edible Woman, adapted from Margaret Atwood's internationally-renowned first novel, traces the journey of Marian, a young woman whos embraces consumer society, only to subsequently find herself identifying with things consumed. M-3, F-3. 96 pp. $14.95.

Writing With Our FeetWriting With Our Feet
Dave Carley
Writing With Our Feet is a dark comedy about agoraphobia and the creative urge. M-3, F-4. 61 pp. $10.95.


Tim Carlson
Tim Carlson's dramatization of how our personal lives are increasingly shaped by what used to be called "public affairs" is compelling -- the usefulness (or uselessness) of martyrdom certainly remains an overwhelmingly contemporary question. When suicide bombers blow themselves up daily as an act of war, is there any practical purpose to a single Vietnamese-Canadian sacrifice in the name of peace? Softcover, 95 pp. $16.95.

Tim Carlson
Omniscience subtly and relentlessly begs the question of how many of our freedoms we have already lost to the institutions engaged in our surveillance "for our own protection" and the uses they make of the power over our lives we have voluntarily abrogated to them through our support of such phenomena as The Patriot Act, anti-terrorism legislation and Operation Enduring Freedom. Softcover, 95 pp. $15.95.

Johnnyville: An Official Secrets Act & Total Body Washout

Drew Carnwath
Johnnyville depicts a post cold-war world of spies and lies, where love is the exception and not the rule, and no one is really what they seem. M-2, F-1. Total Body Washout charts one man's journey to the edge of modern madness -- and back again -- complete with post cards, x-rays, dreams, and large-antlered animals. M-1 83 pp. $13.95.

Dying To Be ThinDying To Be Thin
Linda A Carson
This is a witty and inspirational look behind locked doors into the secret life of a young teenager battling with the eating disorder bulimia. The play unfolds to tell the poignant story story of Amanda, as she sets out to have her "last ever in her whole life binge" but gradually realizes that she needs help. F-1. 48 pp. $10.95.

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Shakespeare's DogShakespeare's Dog
Rick Chafe
With his sights on London and his family in Stratford, young Will is torn between the two loves of his life: the theatre and his wife. Set in a wild world full of unpredictable creatures -- beasts, beggars, witch hunters, and actors -- it's an Elizabethan-era collision of lust, love, and lives. Softcover, 121 pp. $16.95.


Robert Chafe
Lise Lacoeur was used to being shunned. Her gift of seeing flashes of the future has left her as an outcast in her town. But Lise's life of solitude comes to an end when burn victim Winston Evans is admitted to the hospital where she works. Years later, two of their children, outcasts themselves, struggle to find their own place within the community. But Leo, their middle child, has other worries much closer to home. While familial tensions mount and buried secrets are revealed, the Evans family comes to see the monumental effect that even the smallest spark can create. 4m, 4f . 83 pp. $16.95.

Two Plays: Butler's Marsh & Tempting Providence
Robert Chafe
In the first of Chafe's published volumes are the plays Butler's Marsh and Tempting Providence. The first of these is set in Bell Island, a tiny island off the Avalon Peninsula in Eastern Newfoundland. This eerie play for two actors has it's source in local legend and carries Chafe's signature driving-dialogue style. Tempting Providence is a beautiful testament to Myra Grimsley, a young British Nurse who signed on for 2 years in 1921 to serve as the sole health care provider for the Great Northern Peninsula, and the local man for whom she stayed for 68 years more. Butler's Marsh 1M, 1W; Tempting Providence 2M, 2W. Softcover, 144 pp. $18.95.

The OdysseyThe Odyssey
Rick Chafe
A remarkable re-telling of Homer's epic tale of adventure and passion, adapted for the stage by Rick Chafe. M-4, F-5. 102 pp. $15.95.

Three Really Nasty PlaysThree Really Nasty Plays
Ron Chambers
These three really nasty plays tweak our social consciousness while moving us to laughter and tears. Contains: Marg Szkaluba (Pissy's Wife) , Dirt, and Pretty Blue. 192 pp. $12.95.

Playing Bare: a Translation of La Repetition

Dominic Champagne
Witty, prickly, and fresh, Playing Bare is a mordant satire on the relation between theatre and life. An accomplished actress is on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she directs Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. In her deranged effort to expose the emptiness of playing fictional characters, she casts the lead roles with a pair of non-actors whose lives mirror those of the characters they play. Her search for the ultimate theatrical experience -- life becoming art -- takes the action in hilarious and insightful directions. M-3, F-3; or M-4, F-2. 111 pp. $13.95.

A Nanking WinterA Nanking Winter
Marjorie Chan
In Marjorie Chan's gripping narrative past and present intertwine as a Chinese-American writer researches the invasion of Naking, China by the Japanese Imperial army in 1937. A Nanking Winter brings the horror and endurance of a nation's history into stark focus with breathtaking clarity and brutal honesty. 3W 2M. Softcover, 86 pp. $15.95.

China DollChina Doll
Marjorie Chan
In China Doll, Marjorie Chan's first play, Ibsen is a catalyst for a young woman who comes to see her future in terms other than those laid out for her by the patriarchal society in which she lives. As Su-Ling grows into womanhood, she makes choices that lead her toward independence, and which have consequences for everyone in her world. $14.95.

The Forbidden PhoenixThe Forbidden Phoenix
Marty Chan
Inspired by Chinese opera, The Forebidden Phoenix's lyricism brings us to a world where Chinese parables are woven with the painful history of the immigrant men who suffered to build Canada's railroad in the 1800s. Playwright Marty Chan and composer Robert Walsh create a musical rife with stylized characters, lending itself to a performance brimming with exciting acrobats, slapstick, and martial arts. Softcover, 70 pp. $16.95.

Mom, Dad, I'm Living with a White GirlMom, Dad, I'm Living with a White Girl
Marty Chan
A Chinese son must tell his parents he has moved in with his white girlfriend. In a counter-narrative, the play explodes Asian stereotypes in a B-movie spoof called "Wrath of the Yellow Claw". Winner of the 1998/99 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Best New Work. M-2, F-2. 85. pp. $16.95.

The Concise KochelThe Concise Kochel
Normand Chaurette
It's All Hallow's Eve, and the Motherwell sisters, Lili and Cecile, have invited their musicologist patrons, the Brunswick sisters, to attend them on this crucial day. All their lives, Lili and Cecile have practiced on their pianos, to the exclusion of everything else. Their interpretations of Mozart, as the impresario Mendel says, are "too impeccable, too irreproachable," there is "too much politeness, too much purity, not enough passion." They wish to discuss something hidden in their basement -- someone has strayed from their score, someone has improvised, the hands of the clock need to be turned back. F-4. Softcover, 94 pp. $15.95.

Fragments of A Farewell Letter Read By GeologistsFragments of A Farewell Letter Read By Geologists
Normand Chaurette
A dramatized inquiry in which five geologists are interrogated about the death of one of their colleagues in the Mekong Delta, Cambodia. Nominated for a Governor General's Award and winner of the Prix de l'Association quebecoise des critiques de theatre for Best Play Produced in 1988. M-6, F-1. 95 pp. $15.95.


All the Verdis of VeniceAll the Verdis of Venice
Normand Chaurette
In this farce about the most ritualized, contrived, and yet most powerful of all art forms: the opera, Normand Chaurette examines some of the fundamental questions about art and the artistic experience. However in the end, the answers remain as ineffable as the questions. M-4, F-1. 111 pp. $16.95.

The QueensThe Queens
Normand Chaurette
"From the aged Duchess of York, who is 99 years old and will never sit on the throne, to the young Lady Anne who will marry Richard III in order to reign, Chaurette traces the shifting passions and ambitions of six women drawn from Shakespeare's theatre and portrayed here in the timelessness of their quest which, like that of all queens, is both visceral and political... This is a theatre of allusions, metaphysical playwriting of literary richness which has yet to find its equal in Quebec drama." -- Robert Levesque, Le Devoir

Hermeneglide Chiasson
In this poetic theatrical piece, Solange, Thomas, Gabrielle, and Paul represent four different ways of life and four different elements of existence which play out over fourteen tableaux. As they move among the spaces of dreams and of the real world of hospital rooms, bars, galleries and classrooms, the characters confront an overwhelming range of questions, from sex to death, from money to marriage, from the Acadian Expulsion to the Book of Psalms. The human body and soul, heart and mind interact without ever fully managing to reach each other M-4. Softcover, 75 pp. $15.00.

Safe Haven

Mary-Colin Chisholm
A domestic drama set in the fictional community of Kennedy's Cove, Nova Scotia. M-1, F-2. 72 pp. $12.95.

Another Season's Promise
Anne Chislett
M-6, F-4. 81 pp. $10.99

The Tomorrow BoxThe Tomorrow Box
Anne Chislett
Lifestyles collide and old values are challenged in this fresh look at the gap between the generations and the even larger gap between the sexes. M-2, F-3. 106 pp. $10.95.

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Quiet in the Land
Anne Chislett
This play explores the dramatic effects on a small Amish community of a young and brash man to enlist and fight in World War I. M-6, F-4., 2 or 4 children 89 pp. $17.95.

Kim's Convenience Kim's Convenience
Ins Choi
The smash-hit Soulpepper production and winner of Best New Play at Toronto's Fringe Festival, Kim's Convenience is the critically acclaimed and wildly popular debut by celebrated actor and playwright Ins Choi. Wholly original, hysterically funny, and deeply moving, the play tells the story of one Korean family struggling to face the future amidst the bitter memories of their past. Softcover, 94 pp. $14.95.

A Killing SnowA Killing Snow
Paul Ciufo
Huron County, Ontario. A blizzard is raging. Four travelers take refuge in the secluded farmhouse of a retired Latin teacher. As tempers flare it becomes clear that someone has murder on their mind, as ominous phrases appear on the walls. 2M 3F. Softcover, 88 pp. $14.95.

Reverend JonahReverend Jonah
Paul Ciufo
To a conservative church in south-western Ontario comes Jonah Arias, a troubled left-leaning, pill-popping United Church minister. The play, like the Rev. Jonah himself is unafraid to ask the tough questions: Do we have the right to judge one another? Are we prepared to embrace rather than censure our fellow human beings? Thoughtful and powerful, Reverend Jonah challenges us to explore the meaning of community in the very broadest sense. Softcover, 93 pp. $14.95.

Denise Clarke
Cecil and Adele Hyndman are completely devoted to each other and their collection of live birds. They open an avian menagerie in Rural British Columbia, and when a magnificent golden eagle arrives, an erotic attraction between Cecil, Adele and the eagle develops into a bizarre love triangle. Softcover, 101 pp. $18.95.

Sally Clark
It is 1897, and word of gold on the Klondike has spurred a frantic rush of miners to cash in on the riches rumoured to be found there. But by the time the prospectors arrive, all the claims have been staked. Wanted is far more than a period-piece. Resonant with echoes of the contemporary global village in which every one and every thing has a price, it is a portrait of raw desire, greed and lust for acquistion stripped of every veneer of civilization and reduced to a confrontation of the will to power in a world utterly indifferent to what is just. Softcover, 159 pp. $17.95.

Sally Clark
When the feisty and rebelllious Moragh (Moo) MacDowell meets the intriging Harry Parker, she decides nothing will ever separate them . . . and Harry has been running ever since. Moo is an unconventional comedy of love and obsession. M-3, F-5. 132 pp. $11.95.

The Trial of Judith K.The Trial of Judith K.
Sally Clark
Roughly based on The Trial by Kafka, this black comedy changes the lead character to a modern business woman who finds herself accused of an unknown crime. The more she delves into the bureaucratic nightmare the more her ordered, little world unravels and the more she is entangled in the increasingly obscure process. M-4, F-3. 119 pp. $16.95.

Life Without InstructionsLife Without Instructions
Sally Clark
This play chronicles the true-life story of the 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi, her father Orazio, and her mentor and eventual rapist Agostino Tassi. In the end Artemisia defies the manipulations of the men who have taken it upon themselves to orchestrate her life, and she comes into her own as a talented painter. M-5., F-3. 168 pp. $18.95.

Saint Frances of HollywoodSaint Frances of Hollywood

Sally Clark
For Saint Frances of Hollywood, Sally Clark has taken the biographical details of Frances Farmer's life and transformed them into a mesmerizing and quintessential classical tragedy. M-4, F-4. 191 pp. $19.95.

Lost Souls and Missing Persons

Sally Clark
A comic and surreal investigation of the question of self and identity in North American middle-class. Hannah, wife and mother of two teenagers, vacationing with her husband in New York, wakes up in the middle of the night and does not remember who she is, how she got there, and finally, how to speak.
126 pp. $16.95.

Sally Clark
Wasps is a play about the elements of our constructed tribal identities: incest, fashion, fetishism, populist art, amateur psychobabble and a fearful, murderous fascination with the other, hovering behind the cupboards over the sink, in the basements of suburbia, and in the filing cabinets of your local travel agent. M-2, F-4. 128 pp. $16.95.

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Denise Clarke
Cecil and Adele Hyndman are completely devoted to each other and their collection of live birds. They open an avian menagerie in Rural British Columbia, and when a magnificent golden eagle arrives, an erotic attraction between Cecil, Adele and the eagle develops into a bizarre love triangle. Softcover, 101 pp. $18.95.

Whylah Falls: The Play Whylah Falls: The Play
George Elliott Clarke
This highly unconventional play, with songs, meshes the real and the unreal in an engaging tale of everyday life in Whylah Falls. M-4, F-4. 112 pp. $14.95.


George Elliott Clarke
Blue is divided into five parts (Black Eclogues; Red Satires; Gold Sapphics; Blue Elegies; and Ashen Blues) that skillfully rage into a violet bruise of love and mourning. Collected here are Clarke's urgent and necessary poems -- poems that burn and illuminate us with their fury, truth and beauty. 15.7 pp. $19.95.

The Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture StoryThe Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story
Marie Clements & Rita Leistner
The Edward Curtis Project began when Presentation House Theatre commissioned Marie Clements to write a play that would stage the issues raised by Curtis's monumental project to document "the vanishing race of the North American Indian". To parallel the play, Clements asked photojournalist Rita Leistner to create a photographic investigation of Curtis's endeavour. Their collaboration is presented here in a fascinating single volume. Softcover, 159 pp. $24.95.

Copper ThunderbirdCopper Thunderbird
Marie Clements
Copper Thunderbird is a play based on the life of Norval Morrisseau. Captured by the power-lines which Morrisseau boldly defined in his art were the colours he experienced between his Ojibwa cosmology, his life on the street, and his spiritual and philosophical transformations to become the Father of Contemporary Native Art and a Grand Shaman. Softcover, 82 pp. $15.95.

The Unnatural and Accidental WomenThe Unnatural and Accidental Women
Marie Clements

Burning VisionBurning Vision
Marie Clements
Burning Vision unmasks both the great lies of the imperialist power-elite, and the seemingly small rationalizations and accommodations people of all cultures construct to make their personal circumstances yield the greatest benefit to themselves for the least amount of effort or change on their part. M-6, F-4. 122 pp. $16.95.

DraMetis: Three Metis Plays
Marie Clements, Greg Daniels and Margo Kane
Three plays included in this volume: Percy's Edge by Greg Daniels, Age of Iron by Marie Clements and Confessions of an Indian Cowboy by Margo Kane. 309 pp. $19.95.

Cast IronCast Iron
Lisa Codrington
From the sun-drenched cane fields of Barbados to the sub-zero temperatures of Winnipeg, follow Libya Atwell, a Bajan immigrant, as she wields acerbic wit and humour in an attempt to appease the ghosts of her past. Alone in her Winnipeg nursing home, Libya receives an unexpected visitor from Barbados. Past repression resurfaces, until the tragedy that shaped her life spills from her soul. A rich story so vivid with the island, you can see Libya's legs flying through the cane fields, taste the bakes she's cooked up in her grandmother's cast iron and feel the swell of the ripe and sticky breadfruit. Softcover, 40 pp. $16.95.

Song of This PlaceSong of This Place
Joy Coghill
This is the story of an actress who wants to play Emily Carr, only to find that the eccentric, cantankerous artist will not let her. The confrontation, between actress and artist, provides debate and eventual illumination for the characters. M-3, F-4. Softcover, 67 pp. $15.95.


Allen Cole
A riveting drama with music first produced by legendary Nova Scotian company Two Planks and a Passion, this is an epic tale of an orphan who returns home and stands in opposition to his righteous, despotic relatives. 7M 4F. Softcover, 110 pp. $14.95.

The Donnellys
Peter Colley
A gripping and dramatic compression of the tragedy surrounding the Donnelly family of Lucan, Ontario. First produced at the Grand Theatre, London. M-16, F-7 110 pp. $16.00.

Murderer in the Mirror (Mark of Cain)
Peter Colley
A young man and his new wife return to his summer cottage. His identical twin, a dangerous schizophrenic, breaks out of the asylum and arrives at the cottage to terrorize them. M-3, F-2. 69 pp. $13.95.

When The Reaper Calls
Peter Colley
Two young rival academics spend a weekend at a cottage with their wives, one plays a trick on the other to prove a point, but the trick goes murderously wrong. M-2, F-3. 65 pp. $14.95.

You'll Get Used To It! -- The War Show
Peter Colley
A chillingly dramatic and humorously earthy reflection of the complex experience of the war veterans. M-6, F-2. 75 pp. $13.95.

True MummyTrue Mummy
Tom Cone
True Mummy
begins with a near drowning and an unwitting reunion between two former lovers who once crossed a dangerous line together. Running in tandem to this story is the life and death of an Egyptian Princess who is being prepared for mummification. What is sacred today? Is any degree of desecration justified if it is in the persuit of truth and the creation of art? 1M, 3W. Softcover, 91 pp. $14.00.

Jacob's WakeJacob's Wake
Michael Cook
A tragedy of the Blackburn family set on the East coast of Canada during a brutal North Atlantic storm. M-5., F-2. 141 pp. $17.95.

Tiln & Other PlaysTiln & Other Plays
Michael Cook
Three short plays by Michael Cook -- Tiln, Quiller, and Therese's Creed. 111 pp. $16.95.

The Eyes of HeavenThe Eyes of Heaven
Beverley Cooper
Fifteen-year old Eloise and her mother Glen are struggling mightily to deal with the recent death of the man who was both father and husband. Problems escalate when Eloise returns home from a gravel-pit party with a wild story about a big glowing light that chased her through a field. When the story hits the local newspaper, the whole community gets involved ... and life for Eloise and Glen changes forever. m-1, f-3. Softcover, 85 pp. $14.95.

Bella DonnaBella Donna

David Copelin
Excommunicated by her father's successor as Pope, weary of her husband's infidelities, the infamous Lucrezia Borgia finds passion with Giovanni, a young soldier she meets while both are in disguise. As war looms, the inexorable law of unintended consequences reveals a long-buried secret that tests everyone in the play. Sharp, satiric, full of hot-blooded characters, David Copelin's Bella Donna creates a dramatic world where religious faith takes surprising forms, lies fuel history, and gossip might as well be truth. Softcover, 66 pp. $16.95.

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
When fifteen-year-old Anna is told that her mother is dying of cancer, she responds in the only way that she knows how: by ignoring the issue. Friends and family try to help, but Anna becomes increasingly frustrated by their attempts. And, if that weren't enough, the situation is made even worse by a raging case of head lice. Told by Anna with assistance from her best friend, father, aunt, and her dying mother, Scratch is a fresh, funny, and realistic play about the urgency of life an the heartache of loss. 2m, 4f. Softcover, 81 pp. $16.95.

The Trials of Louis RielThe Trial of Louis Riel

John Coulter
Louis Riel, hanged in 1885.; lunatic or hero? This play is based on the actual records of the court that tried him. Read it and see for yourself. 66 pp. $12.95.

Kingfisher DaysKingfisher Days
Susan Coyne
One summer, in an old stone fireplace beside her family cottage, a little girl discovers a letter from a delightfully self-absorbed fairy princess. Thus begins a poignant friendship between the child, the princess and an elderly neighbour, to whom the fairy dictates her letters. From the acclaimed memoir by the same author. Softcover, 59 pp. $17.95.

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Crossing the Line
Colleen Craig
Women caught in the web of South African politics. Ann is a political artist. Paula and her would-be lover Rosie are young white activists. Hannah is an aspiring model and Grace is the black domestic worker who forces each character to cross the line seperating truth from self-delusion. M-1, F-4. 5.8 pp. $11.95.

David S. Craig

Danny, King of the BasementDanny, King of the Basement
David S. Craig
In two years, Danny and his mom have moved more often than kids lose their teeth. When Danny moves into a new basement apartment, the kids he meets seem to have way more problems than just being hungry. But Danny's imaginative play creates a community that allows his friends to cope with their problems and ultimately to help Danny -- because his crisis isn't losing a home, it's gaining one.
M-2, F-2. $15.95.

All For Beaver Hats
David S. Craig
300 years of Canadian history is hilariously told in 45 minutes. A Commedia adventure. Copyscript, $12.95.

Booster McCrane, P.M.
David S. Craig
A comedy in the style of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, but with a Canadian twist. Copyscript. M-10, F-2. 68 pp.$12.95.

Cue For Treason
David S. Craig
Adapted from the novel by Geoffrey Trease. Kit and Peter join a troupe of Elizabethan actors. They uncover a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, and must fight to save her. Copyscript, M-10, F-2. 68 pp. $12.95.

Fires In The Night
David S. Craig
Back when the Canadian North was a place where immigrants worked the railroad and times were hard, a series of school teachers from Southern Ontario were sent to educate children and adults from converted rail cars. This play focuses on Cela and Fred Sloman, a brave couple who raised their family, and taught their neighbours, from a school car for 39 years. Copyscript, $14.95.

Head A Tete
David S. Craig
Two men living in a cold and barren land find shelter beside a wonderful tree which gives them warmth, food and shelter. They discover that they speak different languages, and must work to overcome their differences. Chapbook, $11.95.

Health Class
David S. Craig
Nigel, a passionate but scattered English teacher, and Bruce, a conservative science teacher and hockey coach, have been instructed to create a presentation for adolescent boys on love and intimacy. The foibles and havoc that ensue build a surprising friendship. Copyscript, $11.95.

Napalm The Magnificent
David S. Craig
A three-foot high racing tout called Napalm the Buffoon, who claims to be the older brother of Jesus Christ, carries the audience on a race towards truth, pain, and the true nature of entertainment. The audience may be invited to throw buns, at the producer's discretion. Copyscript, $10.95.

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Colleen Curran
Cake-Walk is a comedy about a cake baking contest in a small town on Canada Day, and the six contestants who vie for the top honours. M-2, F-5. 100 pp. $14.95.


Something DrasticSomething Drastic

Colleen Curran
Lenore's boyfriend of nearly eight years dumps her on Boxing Day and sneaks off to Florida. In hilarious yet touching letters, that he never answers, Lenore makes excuses for him while recounting her adventures -- adventures she couldn't have with him around. 213 pp. $16.95.

Lauchie, Liza & RoryLauchie, Liza & Rory
Sheldon Currie
In Lauchie, Liza and Rory, Liza lives with sensible Lauchie while pining for his reckless identical twin brother, Rory. In a series of scenes from Liza's life, Currie evokes an entire east-coast town and keeps us laughing while subtly illuminating the poignancy in the situation. $12.95.

Doug Curtis
Paul is asked to drive his wife's 93-year old Grandpa Bud all the way from Clagary to his retirement trailer in Mesa, Arizona. Paul hopes to find strange, roadskide diners and sleep out under the stars. Bud wants Denny's and Motel 6. Their 6 day journey exceeds all their expectations, and leads each to discover startling new truths about themselves. Softcover, $13.95.

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