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Canadian Plays by Playwright: P

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

Morris Panych
Gordon was always an odd little child, given his penchant for setting the neighbours’ sheds on fire with their pets locked inside, and his fascination with the funeral rituals at the church across the way. As the steel mill shuts down and everyone in town moves away, Gordon’s father urges him to attend an institution of higher learning. Gordon’s vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds, as do his natural gifts for sociopathic rhetoric, fatuous rationalization and reductive logic. Upon graduation, Gordon sets out to build an innovative business with his former cellmate Carl. This ambition is not without its bloody-handed transactions and awkward issues about where to file the evidence. Softcover, 128 pages.$17.95.

The TrespassersThe Trespassers

Morris Panych
Fifteen-year-old Lowell is no average teenager, and his grandfather, Hardy, is no conventional role model. Whether urging the boy to pilfer peaches from an orchard, arranging for his sexual initiation, or teaching him the importance of gambling, Hardy is the despair of Lowell's born-again mother, Cash. Buth how far into forbidden territory has Lowell actually ventured. m3, f2. Softcover, 95 pp. $16.99.

Still Laughing: Three Adaptations by Morris PanychStill Laughing: Three Adaptations by Morris Panych

Morris Panych
The universal mark of good satire is still to make audiences laugh at the worst traits in human nature. Here, in his own words, is how Morris Panych updated these three great comedy classics from a century ago: The Government Inspector, Hotel Peccadillo, and The Amorous Adventures of Anatol. Softcover, 319 pp. $29.95.

The DishwashersThe Dishwashers

Morris Panych
Of all our comtemporary urban myths none is more absurd than the fiction of the "classless society," and Morris Panych's latest comedy penetrates ruthlessly to the shock and horror of the residue of hardened pesto soiling its heart.

Haplessly determined to have his own miserable authority vindicated, chief dishwasher Dressler presides over the steam-choked basement of an upscale restaurant, a place of seamless drudgery so utterly remote from the light of day that its wage-slaves have no contact with anyone outside. Spouting an indiscriminate cornucopia of working-class ethic, an interminable babble of pride of craft, Marxist rhetoric and the virtues of individual entrepreneurship as celebrated by Ayn Rand, Dressler tyrannizes his co-workers relentlessly.

Unfortunately, both the "old hand" Moss and the "new guy" Emmett fail utterly to see things his way stubbornly and inexplicably pursue both their rejection of and aspiration to join "the folks upstairs." Softcover, 127 pp. $16.95.

The Ends Of The EarthThe Ends Of The Earth
Morris Panych
Frank, having dedicated his life to the unremarkable, and Walker, paranoid since being struck by lightning at age three, attempt to flee from each other and end up following each other instead. They find themselves in a run-down hotel operated by a deaf and misdirected Willy and blind Alice, who has a murderous dislike for visitors. Winner of the 1994 Governor General's Award for Drama. Softcover, 140 pp. $17.95.

Seven Stories7 Stories
Morris Panych
In this fast-paced, sophisticated and hilarious play, a man contemplating suicide on a seventh-story building ledge confronts the stories of the people who live inside the building. These "seven stories" lead to a charming and suprising ending.
7 Stories was the winner of six Jessie Awards in 1990, including awards for Outstanding Original Play; Production of a Play; Set Design; Lighting Design; Soundscape; and best supporting actress. Softcover, 101 pp. $16.95.

Morris Panych
This brilliant black comedy is structured around what happens when an extremely self-centred and shallow person finds himself, through his own errors and inattentiveness, in a life and death situation with profound and far reaching consequences. A play of twisted circumstance, mistaken identity and surprising turns, it is deliciously absurd, incredibly funny adn poignantly tender.
M-1, F-1. 77 pp. $15.95.

Girl in the Goldfish BowlGirl in the Goldfish Bowl
Morris Panych
The death of 10-year-old Iris's goldfish signals, for her, the end of her childhood. Now there only remains a few more days of life in a universe that is inherently ordered, where the spirit of the dead goldfish can, of course, be re-incarnated in a lost and amnesiac drifter given to rhetorical questions of seemingly deep philosophical import. Winner of five 2003 Dora Awards. M-2, F-3. Softcover, 127 pp. $16.95.

Other Schools of ThoughtOther Schools of Thought
Morris Panych
Other Schools of Thought is a collection of three unique plays that allow adult audiences to reflect on their past, and young audiences to reflect on their future.
With stark sets and minimalist presentational styles, they leave no room for condescension--for neither the patronization of the young by their elders, nor the dismissal of "adult concerns" by the young. In their treatment of sexuality, substance abuse, AIDS and indentity crises, these plays open up the common ground between young adults and old children, mapping the personal uncertainties unleashed by everyone's contemplation of life's "big questions." Softcover, 125 pp. $17.95.

Lawrence & HollomanLawrence & Holloman
Morris Panych
This is a universe in which Camus meets Dali, where Goya meets Disney, where gunshots and bathtub drownings, disillusion and dismemberment become the Seventh Seal of the Grey Flannel set.
M-2. 127 pp. $16.95.


Morris Panych
Doyle has a very funny problem: he hears too much -- he can hear the most intimate details of the lives of everyone living in his apartment building. He blames his condition on a physical abnormality, but we're not sure. Paralysing Doyle with a cacophony of detail and minutiae, Earshot is a Rear Window for the ears. M-1 64 pp. $15.95.

Head: The MusicalHead: The Musical
Debbie Patterson
The story of Anne Boleyn has haunted women for centuries; as the second wife of King Henry VIII she was executed after failing to produce a male heir. Debbie Patterson's new take on this story becomes an examination of sex, death and faith. Head follows Anne through the loss of her husband's affection to her date with the Swordsman of Calais. Softcover, 110 pp. $14.95.

Metastasis and Other PlaysMetastasis and Other Plays
Gordon Pengilly
In this collection of award-winning plays, Gordon Pengilly highlights the core of human tragedy, paranoia, and violence. With a mix of dark humour and palpable desperation, Pengilly creates striking characters who, while essentially good, are unable to cope with their circumstances and commit reckless acts as a result. Included are Seeing in the Dark, Drumheller or Dangerous Times, and Metastasis. Softcover, 200 pp. $19.95.

Therac 25Therac 25
Adam Pettle
Alan and Moira are young, and they are falling in love . . . in the corridors of the Princess Margaret Hospital, where they are both undergoing cancer treatment. Humorous and moving, Therac 25. is a love story unlike any other -- a play you won't easily forget. M-1, F-1. 46 pp. $12.95.


Zadie's ShoesZadie's Shoes
Adam Pettle
Benjamin is a complsive gambler who's just lost the money for his girlfriend's trip to an alternative cancer clinic in Mexico. He has 72 hours to find the cash, and his options are running out. A hilarious and touching journey that contemplates the nature of luck, and the power of faith. M-4, F-3. 111 pp. $14.95.

Coups and CalypsosCoups and Calypsos
M. Nourbese Philip
A military coup sweeps across the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Elvira, a doctor, and Rohan, an English professor, now separated after a stormy marriage, are confined to a beach house together during a curfew. Their relationship has foundered on issues of race, identity and politics. The radio informs the beach house of the dangers of the insurrection outside. Can Elvira and Rohan survive their own emotional war? 140 pp. $16.95.

The Emergency MonologuesThe Emergency Monologues
Morgan Jones Phillips
These tales chronicle the bizarre, ridiculous, and irksome side of being a paramedic in an unidentified urban city. Morgan Jones Phillips, who himself works as a paramedic, performed The Emergency Monologues at the 2008 SummerWorks theatre festival, where it won the NOW Audience Choice Award. Softcover, $22.50.

Easy: Lenny Lazmon and The Great Western AscensionEasy: Lenny Lazmon and The Great Western Ascension
Anton Piatigorsky
Two exiled travellers head west on an abandoned desert road, searching for the promised land. Encountering a lonely old rancher and his strangely scarred wife, they glimpse the dreams and dangers of their quest. A mystical journey exploring the mythology of western expansion, Jewish history and ancient religious traditions. M-2, F-2. 80 pp. $13.95.

Two Plays: The Offering & The Kabbalistic PsychoanalysisTwo Plays: The Offering & The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis
Anton Piatigorsky
The Offering unfolds in a trio of episodes, following four generations of a single family as it struggles towards an ambiguous triumph. M-3 The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis chronicles the psychoanalysis of Adam Tzaddik as he and his doctor uncover the root of Adam's denials and desires. M-2 133 pp. $15.95.

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Beatdown: Three Plays by Joseph Jomo PierreBeatdown: Three Plays by Joseph Jomo Pierre
Joseph Jomo Pierre
Three plays from a startling new voice in Canadian theatre, Joseph Jomo Pierre. His world is one of fatherless children, where boys turn to drugs and guns while girls turn to motherhood at the blink of an eye, where the colour of your skin dictates the course your life will take, where your brothers are as likely to pull you down, as help you back up. Softcover, 88 pp. $17.95.

John and the Missus
Gordon Pinsent
The copper mine is played out and the town is dying. Like his father before him, John is a miner and he will not abandon the town, but his wife is tired of the struggle. A truthful, moving story of a family and a Newfoundland town in transition. M-11, F-4. 115 pp. $15.95.

Alex Poch-Goldin

Jim & Shorty Jim & Shorty
Alex Poch-Goldin
It's morning in the city. Shorty rolls cigarettes on a bench while Jim looks for change in phone boxes. Big Tom is already drunk. As these men on the fringes of society draw us into their world, they trade stories about donuts and smokes, shelters and welfare. Filled with abundant humour and sharp insight, life on the street is given a human face as three lonely men fumble to make a connection. Softcover, 75 pp. $14.95.


Alex Poch-Goldin
Meyer has had a stroke and lost the use of one hand so the entire world must suffer with him, including his pro-Palestinian son, his Serbian caregiver, and his absent, lesbian daughter. Alex Poch-Goldin's moving, funny, and brilliant play explores conflict in the family against a backdrop of global conflict. With peace as the ultimate destination, there's a long journey to get there. M-3, F-2. Softcover, 80 pp. $14.95.

This HotelThis Hotel
Alex Poch-Goldin
After Lester finds his wife in the arms of another man, he checks into This Hotel - where a shape-shifting bellhop escorts him on a whirlwind tour of long corridors and provocative rooms inhabited by the tenants of Lester's subconscious. Hilarious, clever and sexy. M-3, F-2. 70 pp. $12.95.

Sharon Pollock: Collected Works Volume 1Sharon Pollock: Collected Works Volume 1
Sharon Pollock
Sharon Pollock has had a long and illustrious career in the theatre. Her plays have been produced nationally and internationally and she is the author of a large and varied canon. This collection includes the following plays: Walsh, The Komagata Maru Incident, Wreck of the National Line, Sweet Land of Liberty, Generations, One Tiger to a Hill, and Blood Relations. Softcover, 394 pp. $39.00.

Sharon Pollock Collected WorksSharon Pollock Collected Works
Volume Two

Sharon Pollack
Whiskey Six Cadenza (1983), Doc (1984), Prairie Dragons (1987), Getting it Straight (1988), "It's all make-believe isn't it?" -- Marilyn Monroe (1991), Constance (1992), Saucy Jack (1993), Fair Liberty's Call (1993). Softcover, 420 pp. $39.00.

Blood Relations and Other PlaysBlood Relations and Other Plays
Sharon Pollock
Pollock's groundbreaking play, Blood Relations - the story of Lizzie Borden and whether she actually killed her parents, has been a favourite of classrooms, community theatres, and the professional stage for two decades. This new edition includes 3 more of Pollock's best-loved pieces, One Tiger To A Hill, Generations, and Whiskey 6 Cadenza. 336 pp. $19.95.

Fair Liberty's CallFair Liberty's Call
Sharon Pollock
1785. A Loyalist family that has fled from Boston to New Brunswick is joined by two other veterans and a stranger whom they assume is a former Loyalist soldier. Once the stranger reveals himself to be a Rebel, he holds the group at gunpoint and gives them until dawn to choose one person for execution. M-5., F-3. 74 pp. $16.95.

Sharon Pollock
Sitting Bull is exiled in Canada following the massacre at Little Big Horn. A study of the disillusionment of a man who believes in his government's integrity but finds himself betrayed. M-11, F-1. 129 pp. $17.95.


Shadows on Oak IslandShadows on Oak Island
Garnet Hirst & Deborah Preeper
Haunted by the loss of their son, an affluent Toronto couple, Rene and Jackson, retreat to the island to save their crumbling marriage. Shadows on Oak Island is a gripping, psychological thriller exploring the themes of guilt, betrayal and obsession. M-2, F-1. Softcover, 91 pp. $11.99.

Marc Prescott
A symbolically nameless couple chart their 50-year relationship by recreating their first encounter on every anniversary. Madame has carefully written the script of their original encounter and they believe they can recreate the intoxicating feeling of falling in love by saying the same lines year after year but always fall short of this goal and are doomed for disappointment. They yearn to be seduced by the exact words, but time and circumstance have changed the meaning of these words. Softcover, 78 pp. $14.95.

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