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Canadian Plays by Playwright: F

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

La Casa Azul: Inspired by the writings of Frida KahloLa Casa Azul: Inspired by the writings of Frida Kahlo
Sophie Faucher
In the electric calm of a blue-painted room, a dying woman reassembles the images of an extraordinary life. The woman is the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The life is one of struggle -- with her lover, with her country and, most of all, with her art. La Casa Azul is translated from the French by Neil Bartlett and is the close collaborative work of Sophie Faucher and Robert Lepage. 6W, 3M (flexible). Softcover, 49 pp. $19.99.

Joe BeefJoe Beef
David Fennario
Joe Beef has become a tough political satire that throws a mean left uppercut at the privileged classes.
M-5, F-5. $16.95.


Banana BootsBanana Boots
David Fennario
A one-man-show / memoir about Fennario's tour of his famous bilingual play, Balconville, on a cultural mission to Belfast. 61 pp. $15.95.


Nothing To LoseNothing To Lose

David Fennario
In a tavern in the Point Saint Charles district of Montreal, three friends gather on their lunch hour to reminisce. An old friend turned radical playwright shows up at the bar. When one of the men challenges his abusive foreman, they take the advice of the playwright and launch a sit down strike.
M-8. 136 pp. $17.95.

Can You See Me Yet?Can You See Me Yet?
Timothy Findley
In 1938, in a world about to go mad with war, and Ontario insane asylum seems to offer sanctuary to the characters in Can You See Me Yet? But as the protagonist, Cassandra Wakelin, begins to confuse her fellow inmates with members of her own ill-fated family, the question arises: Can anyone find sanctuary . . . anywhere? M-4, F-7 166 pp. $18.95.

The Stillborn LoverThe Stillborn Lover
Timothy Findley
After Harry Raymond is implicated in the murder of a Russian youth, he and his family must face revelations that will force them to question their loyalties and much of what they know about each other, their friends, and their country. M-4, F-3. 15.0 pp. $14.95.


Elizabeth RexElizabeth Rex
A play by Timothy Findley

On July 20, 2000, TheatreBooks was proud to present a playscript launch with Timothy Findley of his long-awaited, much-anticipated play, Elizabeth Rex. Timothy was joined by leading Toronto actress Allegra Fulton.

In this daring and original play, Timothy Findley brings together none other than William Shakespeare and the formidable Virgin Queen Elizabeth I. What makes a man a man and a woman a woman? Late at night on the eve of her former lover's execution, this is the very question Queen Elizabeth wrestles with as she descends to the stable lodgings of Shakespeare's players. Softcover, $14.95.

Pictures from the playscript launch.

In memoriam: Timothy Findley

The Trials of Ezra PoundThe Trials of Ezra Pound
Timothy Findley
A stark portrayal of Ezra Pound at the end of his public life. Based on the preliminary hearings of the trials held in Washington, D.C., from 1945.-46, Timothy Findley reveals what the original scripts do not: Pound's emotionally charged interpretation of the events and his self-destruction. M-15., F-4. 115 pp. $14.95.

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Annabel Fitzsimmons, Alison Lawrence & Mary Francis Moore
Bittergirl charts the break-ups of three women -- one single and dating, one co-habiting, and one married with a child. Following the women as they experience, heartbreak, hilarity, tequila, mounties, love, honour, car-keying, and fairy-tales gone wrong, this theatrical phenomenon had three sold-out runs in Toronto, toured to London, England, and played off-Broadway in NYC. This new, full-length version of the script has even more bittergirl wit and hard-won wisdom. Softcover, 67 pp. $14.95.

Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblat
Sibs is an impressionistic, exploration, fast and often very furious, of the complex relationship between brothers and sisters. M-1, F-1. 75 pp. $14.95.


Rick: The Rick Hansen Story Rick: The Rick Hansen Story
Dennis Foon
The story of Rick Hansen, who at 15 suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. His accident forced him to adapt his positivity to deal with his new life. Refusing to be disadvantaged, Rick conquers the challenges presented to him with a smale and changes the definition of what it means to be disabled. 3M 1F. Softcover, 66 pp. $16.95.


Dennis Foon
Tessa, Damon, and Keegan share the same band class and the same passoin...their pets. When Tessa loses her beloved dog Joey, the even challenges and transforms not only the three children, but the adults in their lives as well. Softcover, $14.95.


Dennis Foon
War offers no moral solutions, no sugar-coated remedies or finger-wagging predictions in its stark portrayal of four boys coming of age in a society where violence and force are rewarded and where to "be a man" entails adopting the ironfisted code of the street. M-4 5.9 pp. $13.95.

The Country in Her ThroatThe Country in Her Throat
Simon Fortin
By no means a biographical play, The Country in Her Throat nevertheless uses the career of Canada's first operatic superstar, Emma Albani, as a way of exploring other themes. The country in Emma's throat is both the idealized country of art, and also the very real country that she has left behind and to which she can never return. M-1, F-4. 77 pp. $12.95.

Triple PlayTriple Play: Three Plays by Norm Foster
Norm Foster
In this collection of plays, Norm Foster brings together three diverse stories. Jenny's House of Joy, a comedy about the worlds oldest profession, tracks the journey of Jenny and some other gals of ill repute. Outlaw follows the story of a young Canadian homesteader who finds himself accussed of murder in 1871, and finally Bedtime Stories follows several character in their comic struggle to find the meaning of love. Softcover, 220 pp. $22.95.

One-Actmanship: Two Plays by Norm FosterOne-Actmanship: Two Plays by Norm Foster
Norm Foster
My Narrator - Imagine what would happen if that little voice inside your head -- the one that tells you how to behave and what choices to make -- suddenly to on a life of its own? For Lacy and Miles, love is what happens, and with hilarious results. The Death of Me - When John bargains with the Angel of Death for a second chance at life, he quickly discovers that fixing the mistakes of your past is difficult, and that perhaps his destiny is not yet etched in stone. Softcover, 84 pp. $16.95.

Opening Night

Norm Foster
During the opening night of a new play, the action is all in the audience and backstage. A funny, gentle look at human relationships. M-5., F-3. 86 pp. $15.00.

The Affections of May
Norm Foster
After being deserted by her husband, a woman suddenly finds herself the centre of attention in a small resort town.
M-4, F-1. $15.95.

Motor Trade
Norm Foster
Phil Moss' wife has just left him, he is being audited by Revenue Canada, and his partner, Dan, wants out of the car business. And it's not even noon yet.
M-2, F-2. $12.95.

Wrong For Each OtherWrong For Each Other
Norm Foster
A chance meeting in a restaurant, after four years apart, sends a couple flashing back through the highs and lows of their courtship and marriage. It is an hilarious and often heart-breaking look at the rollercoaster ride of a relationship. M-1, F-1. 112 pp. $12.00.

Ethan ClaymoreEthan Claymore
Norm Foster
The play takes place the week before Christmas, as struggling egg farmer / artist, Ethan Claymore meets a woman who could turn his life around, and receives a visit from his estranged, and recently-deceased, older brother. M-5., F-1. 96 pp. $13.95.


The FoursomeThe Foursome
Norm Foster
Four old college chums, home for their fifteen year reunion, hook up for a round of golf and share their successes and failures. A warm, funny play which takes place entirely on the eighteen tees of a golf course. M-4 128 pp. $14.95.

Small TimeSmall Time

Norm Foster
Trying to hold his marriage together, a musician takes a "steady job" as the lounge act at a restaurant. But he rapidly discovers that his new-found job security includes entanglement with the mob, molls, and murder.
M-3, F-2. 96 pp. $12.95.

Drinking Alone
Norm Foster
Joe Todd hires Renee Duchene to pose as his fiancee so that he can impress his father in this romantic comedy set in the midst of a dysfunctional family reunion. M-2, F-3. 100 pp. $12.95.

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun
Norm Foster
Robert is 35., but has the mind of an 8-year-old, and he lives at home with his mother, a 70-year-old woman battling cancer and heart disease. M-3, F-2. 89 pp. $15.00.

The Long Weekend
Norm Foster
The truth and lies of a friendship come to the surface during a weekend visit between two couples. There are plenty of surprises along the way in this comedy of manners. M-2, F-2. 94 pp. $12.95.

Norm Foster
A furniture store owner is found in the arms of a local minister's wife. The situation become complicated when he is mistaken for the minister and attempts to flee the scene. M-3, F-1. 129 pp. $12.00.

Maggie's Getting Married
Norm Foster
A touching romantic comedy that follows the pitfalls the Duncan family encounters on the eve of their daughter's wedding. M-3, F-3. 81 pp. $16.95.

Office HoursOffice Hours
Norm Foster
Six separate stories unfold in six separate offices on one Friday afternoon. The stories are all related though, in this biting look at how people get by in the modern world. M-3, F-2. 88 pp. $13.95.


Here on the Flight Path

Norm Foster
John Cummings is a lonely and divorced back-porch philosopher. Over three and a half years, three very different women occupy the apartment next door. As John reflects on his relationships with neighbours Fay, Angel, & Gwen, he shares his unique views on everything from poets to sex. M-1, F-3. 79 pp. $16.95.

The Melville BoysThe Melville Boys
Norm Foster
Owen and Lee Melville arrive at their lakeside cabin, toting beer and bonhommie and anticipating nothing more than a weekend of fishing. However, their well-laid plans are thrown out of whack by the arrival of two sisters, Loretta and Mary. The women stay the night and are the catalysts for a very funny, tender and unsentimental look at what happens when four lives in transition touch common ground. M-2, F-2. 87 pp. $14.95.

Ned Durango Comes to Big Oak
Norm Foster
An aging television cowboy star comes to the aid of an economically troubled small town in this funny, sometimes moving play. M-3, F-2. 83 pp. $15.95

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Public Lies and Other PlaysPublic Lies and Other Plays
Robert Fothergill
The collection contains four of Robert Fothergill's plays from the past twenty years, imncluding Detaining Mr.Trotsky, Public Lies, Borderline, and The Dershowitz Protocol. Softcover, 218 pp. $26.95.


Cold Meat PartyCold Meat Party
Brad Fraser
Cold Meat Party concerns a group of former friends; a gay pop star, a feminist filmmaker, and a homophobic politician, and their attendant partners, who meet in a Manchester B&B for the funeral and reading of the will of their recently deceased college friend. They gather to remember past friendships and the happy days of success but also to face the uncertain and chaotic present. What ensues is a hilarious and heartbreaking weekend which, in the end, is more painful than they ever imagined. Softcover, 106 pp. $17.95.

The Wolf PlaysThe Wolf Plays
Brad Fraser
"Brash, arrogant, cynical, funny, cruel, Fraser's characters, like their controversial author, take no prisoners -- but they leave a vivid memory of highly-charged theatricality and fierce innocence. " Paul Thompson. $14.95

Poor Super ManPoor Super Man
Brad Fraser
Subtitled "a play with captions," Poor Super Man is Fraser at his genre-stretching best. Part comic, part romance, part coming-out story, part tragedy, wholly engaging and believable, Poor Super Man is a theatrical feast. " Softcover, $13.95.

Poor Super Man explodes on to the stage like a bold comic strip, complete with snappy captions and hard, bright, witty dialogue ... and a pervasive sense of half-light moral and sexual ambiguity." -- The Edmonton Journal

Love and Human RemainsLove and Human Remains

Brad Fraser
David McMillan is a former actor, current waiter on the verge of turning thirty. Together with his book-reviewing roommate, Candy, and his best friend, Bernie, David encounters a number of seductive strangers in their search for love and sex. However, the games turn ugly when it appears one of their number might be a serial killer. A compelling study of young adults groping for meaning in a senseless world. Softcover, 103 pp. $18.95.

Martin YesterdayMartin Yesterday
Brad Fraser
"At thirty-something, Matt suddenly finds himself looking for more than reckless flings with younger partners. He wants maturity and commitment -- someone to know through and through. Martin Yesterday, a middle-aged city councillor, appears to be the end to Matt's pursuit. Martin, however, is not always forthcoming about his private affairs, and holds some very dark secrets. " Softcover, $13.95

Snake in the FridgeSnake In The Fridge
A city saga about a shared house, and a boa constrictor who happens to get loose. Softcover, $14.95.


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Carole Frechette: Two PlaysCarole Frechette: Two Plays
John Murrell
In John and Beatrice, high above the city, Beatrice sits on the 33rd floor of an office tower waiting for the right man to respond to her ad. When John appears, the games begin. But if he wins, what then? A play about the difficulty of connection and the meaning of love. In Helen's Necklace, Helen wanders through a Middle Eastern city looking for a lost pearl necklace. In language as shimmering as the strand of pearls itself -- its value isn't what we initially think --Frechette brings Helen into contact with a series of people, from a friendly taxi driver to a distraught mother and an angrily imprisioned man. Helen's world is irrevocably changed by her search for a trincket. Softcover, 89 pp. $17.95.

Glory Days: A Play and History of the '46 Stelco Strike Glory Days: A Play and History of the '46 Stelco Strike
Bill Freeman
Glory Days describes Stelco in the 1930s and early '40s as a workplace rank with discrimination and favouritism. The workers lived under a form of tyranny where the boss was king and their needs and wishes were simply disregarded. This is the story of the muscle, bone and heart that goes into making steel. Softcover, 150 pp. $18.95.

David E. Freeman
This play explores the plight of cerebral palsy victims trapped in a Zolaesque sweatshop that masquerades as a rehabilitation centre. A comedy in one act. M-9, F-2. 49 pp. $11.99

David French

Miss JulieMiss Julie
August Strindberg
David French's adaptation of August Strindberg's disturbing drama of the affair between the daughter of a count and the count's man-servant has an eerie, contemporary feel about it. French has sharpened the dynamics of the original conflict of desire, anger, jealousy, dominance, submission and deceit while remaining true to the historical background. His riveting version of Miss Julie brings to the foreground the conflicts of identity and faith that lead to the rending of social norms and conventions. As with his adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull, French pays homage to another master dramatist whose work illuminates the depths and conflicts of the human condition. Softcover, 96 pp. $15.95.

David French
Newfoundland is about to join confederation. The Mercer family is reunited for the occasion -- and sparks fly as some mourn the passing of an independent Newfoundland. M-6, F-2., boys-2 174 pp. $18.95.

Silver DaggerSilver Dagger

David French
Soon after his third novel is published, Steve Marsh's wife receives a series of phone calls and letters that threaten to destroy their marriage. Adultery, blackmail, murder, a figure lurking in the rain; all these classic elements of Marsh's fiction soon become a part of his life. M-2, F-4. 134 pp. $17.95.

That SummerThat Summer
David French
The newest play from perhaps English Canada's most celebrated playwright is cinematic in its feel and pacing. The narrator Margaret has returned to the Ontario summer cottage country where she and her sister spent many summers. She looks back to the heartbreak that transpired in a single day "That Summer." $16.95.

Soldier's HeartSoldier's Heart
David French
Soldier's Heart is the fifth of David French's acclaimed plays about the Mercer family, which include: Salt-Water Moon; 1949; Leaving Home; and Of the Fields, Lately. 96 pp. $15.95.


Leaving Home

David French
A realistic drama of the late fifties, in which a Newfoundland family attempts to make a new life in Toronto. On the eve of their youngest son's wedding, they see their family break up. M-4, F-3. 105 pp. $12.95.

David French
A series of disasters befall a theatre company trying to open a new Canandian play in this "backstage" comedy. An hysterical playwright, vicious critics, a drunken leading man, a faulty bathroom door and the imminent arrival of a New York producer all add to the mayhem. M-6, F-3. 175 pp. $18.95.

Salt-Water MoonOf the Fields, Lately
David French
Ben Mercer comes home to Toronto in 1961 for his aunt's funeral, only to learn of his father's recent heart-attack. The complexities of family loves, loyalties and hurts are revealed as Ben learns that "you can't go home again." M-3, F-1. 112 pp. $12.95.

Salt-Water Moon
David French
On a moonlit night in 1926, Jacob Mercer returns home to Coley's Point to try and win back the heart of a 17-year-old Mary Snow. A love story full of humour, poetry, and all the magic starry Newfoundland evening. M-1, F-1. 83 pp. $15.95.

The ShunningThe Shunning
Patrick Friesen
Peter is trying to live a good life, a faithful life. When he begins to question the doctrine of his Mennonite church and his faith in general, he is ostracized from the community. A decree by the church forces his wife to abandon him, if not in person, then in spirit. The strain of domestic and community pressures forces Peter deeper into isolation, but he still refuses to stop questioning. 3m, 1f. Softcover, 69 pp. $14.95.

Dark Song
Robin Fulford
A woman is sexually assaulted by a man she trusts. The play explores her fear, showing how it affects her relationship to the world and to her lover. Ultimately she exorcises her horror by revealing her attacker. M-2, F-1. 25 pp. $10.95.

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