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Canadian Plays by Playwright: A

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

L'Affaire TartuffeL'Affaire Tartuffe
Marianne Ackerman
Traditional views on language politics are challenged in this incisive bilingual, trans-historical play by Marianne Ackerman. M-7, F-3. 111 pp. $14.95.


Woman by a Window & CelesteWoman by a Window & Celeste
Marianne Ackerman
Woman by a Window -- where 3 actresses play out the conflicting components of a woman's psyche (F-3.) -- and Celeste -- about memories as they exist in a house after the people have gone (M-2, F-2) -- comprise this small collection of plays by Marianne Ackerman. 109 pp. $14.95.

The Refugee HotelThe Refugee Hotel
Carmen Aguirre
Set in a run-down hotel in 1974, only months after the start of the infamous Pinochet regime, eight Chilean refugees struggle, at times haplessly, at times profouondly, to decide if fleeing their homeland means they have abandoned their friends and responsibilities or not. Softcover, 126 pp. $17.95.

The TriggerThe Trigger
Carmen Aguirre
Based on her own experience as a rape victim, Carmen Aguirre's play The Trigger is a testament to the resilience and triumph of the human spirit and its ability to transcend even the most horrible and terrifying circumstances. Softcover, 63 pp. $16.95.

Scraping the Surface: Three Plays by Lyle Victor AlbertScraping the Surface: Three Plays by Lyle Victor Albert
Lyle Victor Albert
A funny and insightful collection of plays including Cut!, Scraping the Surface, and Objects in Mirror are Stranger Than They Appear . 78 pp. $12.95.

Lucky StrikeLucky Strike
Hrant Alianak
On the run and holed up in a North African warehouse, three B-movie renegades are trapped in a twilight zone of film noir. Hrant Alianak probes the situation with obsessive fascination, creating a stunning piece of theatre from the trio's trail of passion and violence. M-2, F-1. 110 pp. $8.95.

The Walls of AfricaThe Walls of Africa
Hrant Alianak
Graceful, tender, and erotic, The Walls of Africa takes place in 195.0s London and examines the relationship between two lonely souls who share a love for Tolstoy and Africa. M-1, F-2. 72 pp. $12.95.

The BluesThe Blues
Hrant Alianak
A philosophical bartender, a broken-hearted hooker, an idealistic novelist, and a gal from the Sally Ann -- four characters play out their desperation and dreams in a dingy New York bar circa 195.1. M-2, F-2. 95 pp. $12.95.

The Verdict of FateThe Verdict of Fate
Marion Andre
This collection of fiction by Polish-born, Canadian writer Marion Andre features two short stories -- The Unique Case of Professor Talentire, The American Boots -- and one play -- Skinny Dip of an Aging Professor. 163 pp. $10.95.

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'da Kink in my hair'da Kink in my hair
Trey Anthony
Set in a West Indian hair salon in Toronto, 'da Kink in my hair gives voice to a group of women who tell us their unforgettable, moving and often hilarious stories. Mixing laughter and tears -- and told in words, music and dance -- the stories explore the hardship, struggles and joys of black women's lives. F-8. Softcover, 60 pp. $15.95.

In Gabriel's KitchenIn Gabriel's Kitchen
Salvatore Antonio
In Gabriel's Kitchen follows the Montesano family as they attempt to navigate throught the storm of grief and denial, following the suicide of its youngest member; the vibrant Gabriel. The surviving son, Marco, dutifully returns to the childhood home he left after his brother's death, to spend Christmas with his mother and father. Softcover, 108 pp. $19.95.

The Leisure SocietyThe Leisure Society
Francois Archambault
Bringing a child into this frightening world fueled by instant gratification; wanting to have some time and space for themselves so they can continue to grow and develop; or dedicating time to deepen the bonds between their friends -- all seem like colossal tasks to Peter and Mary. Even worse, they seem like acts of resistance against a system that requires everyone to be active, productive, and consuming. In this dark and thoroughly contemporary comedy, it may too late for such unthinkable acts of defiance. M-2, F-2. Softcover, 95 pp. $15.95.

Fifteen SecondsFifteen Seconds
Francois Archambault
Brimming with dark and brittle humour, Fifteen Seconds is a play about the exploits of a young female advertising copy writer, her pro-sports-fan ex-boyfriend, a Gen-X welfare-bum loser and his brother handicapped by cerebral palsy. M-3, F-1. 96 pp. $15.95.

You Fancy YourselfYou Fancy Yourself
Maja Ardal
You Fancy Yourself is the story of a young girl with a vivid imagination and a stunning ability to enrich the lives of everyone she encounters. When Elsa and her family move from Iceland to Scotland, she is filled with uncontrollable joy over the new adventure she is about to begin. With her infectious energy and love for the dramatic, Elsa stands out both in her community and within her classroom, but this exuberance also targets her as an outcast. Only through the faith of a new friend and the strength of her imagination does Elsa find the courage to look inside herself and find pride in who she is and where she came from. Through her vivid characters Maja Ardal depicts Scotland in the 50s as a place of hope and harsh discrimination for immigrants. 1 F. $16.95.

Midnight SunMidnight Sun
Maja Ardal
Midnight Sun is situated in Strandvik, a small community in the north of Iceland in 1942, in the days leading up to Midsummer Eve, the time when the sun does not set. Set during the occupation of Iceland in the Second World War, this play is about love and country and release. 98 pp. $13.95.

Blue DragonsBlue Dragons
Gordon Armstrong
Simon tries to come to grips with the death of his ex-lover Bram in this beautifully layered, poetic play about relationships, the quality of living and the nature of love in a world of cynicism, fear and AIDS. M-3 79 pp. $12.95.

The Piano TunerThe Piano Tuner
Robert Astle
The Piano Tuner is an abstract relationship between a blind man named Bob, and the piano he is set to tune. But the piano is more than out of tune - it is filled with sounds, objects and stories which Bob must confront if he wants to bring the instrument out of disrepair. This one-man show navigates the tragedy of Bob's life, but also works toward his redemption. Softcover, 60 pp. $14.95.

Heart of a DogHeart of a Dog
Robert Astle
Polygraph, half-man, half-dog, is the protagonist in this one act, one man play chronicling a dog's-eye-view of slammed doors, cold winters, futile paperwork, and abuses of power. M-1 62 pp. $14.95.

The Hats of Mr. ZenobeThe Hats of Mr. Zenobe
Robert Astle
In this play for a solo performer, Mr. Zenobe uses a remarkable succession of hats to tell his heart-wrenching story of exile, conscription, internment, and dispossession. Based on the true-life biography of exiled Armenian Vahan Polandian. M-1 59 pp. $12.95.

Damien Atkins
A world-renowned and much-respected anthropologist, Vivian is most comfortable in her world of quiet solitude, balking at even the smallest of interactions with the outside world. Her life is abruptly changed, however, when her ex-husband shows up and asks Vivian to reassume custody of their thirteen-year-old autistic daughter, Lucy, while he settles in with his new wife. Overwhelmed by the particulars of Lucy's care and unable at first to connect with her daughter, Vivian soon realizes that she and Lucy are more alike than she ever could have expected -- a revelation that has powerful and disturbing consequences. m2, f3. Softcover, 84 pp. $16.95.

Good MotherGood Mother
Damien Atkins
What would you do if your mom suddenly wasn’t your mom anymore? The Driver family struggles to cope with an accident that robs them of a mother, leaving them to care for her as she fights to regain her memory. Touching and powerful, Good Mother examines the ties that hold a family together and the crises that draw them apart. A compelling new drama by one of Canada’s most promising young playwrights. M-3, F-5 141 pp. $18.95.


The PenelopiadThe Penelopiad
Margaret Atwood
As portrayed in Homer's Odyssey, Penelope - wife of Odysseus and cousin of the beautiful Helen of Troy - has become a symbol of wifely duty and devotion, enduring twenty years of waiting when her husband goes to fight in the Trojan War. When Odysseus finally comes home, he kills her suitors and then, in an act that served as little more than a footnote in Homer's original story, ruthlessly hangs Penelope's twelve maids. Now, Penelope and her chorus of wronged maids tell their side of the story in a new stage version by Margaret Atwood, adapted from her own wry, witty and wise novel. Softcover, 82 pp. $16.00.

Banana BoysBanana Boys

Leon Aureus & Terry Woo
Banana Boys is a smart, contemporary and wickedly funny play about five young Asian-Canadian men wrestling with issues of race, identity and the death of a friend. It is one story, fragmented into five and reconstructed throughout the course of their lives. Softcover, 93 pp. $17.95.

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