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Cinematography & Videography

HDV Filmmaking
HDV Filmmaking

Chad Fahs
As one of the first books on the subject of HDV, this useful reference will take you through the entire spectrum of HDV production and post-production, from choosing a high-definition video format and an HDV camcorder, to acquiring and editing HDV, to working with advanced HDV effects and delivering your finished product. Softcover, 470 pp. $66.95.

Practical Cinematography
Practical Cinematography

Paul Wheeler
Filmmaking is an art, but, like so many art forms, there are basic underlying tools and techniques and a body of theoretical knowledge that must be understood and mastered before artistic expression can flourish. Practical Cinematography is a book that can be dipped into for quick reference, or read cover to cover to gain an overview of the process. Paul Wheeler has created an invaluable resource for any aspiring Director of Photography. Softcover, 205 pp. $46.95.

American Cinematographer Manual
American Cinematographer Manual
9th Edition
Stephen H. Burum
Overflowing with technical data and creative advise -- yet small enough to fit in a jacket pocket -- this is the bible, the perennial classic that no cinematographer or camera assistant can afford to be without. Now in its ninth edition, the American Cinematographer Manual is the final word on cameras, film stocks, lenses, formats, lighting, special effects, the latest in digital imaging, and so much more. Hardcover, 887 pp. $149.95.

Teaching Digital Video Production
Teaching Digital Video Production
Pete Fraser & Barney Oram
This practical guide provides a detailed introduction to teaching your students digital video production and establishes the basis for a high standard of coursework for Film or Media Studies. The guide demonstrates the importance of effective pre-production, gives advice on recent developments in digital video production and how practical work can be used to engage with key aspects of the media or film studies curriculum, with accessible reference to recent educational research. Softcover, 82 pp. $37.95.

High Definition and 24P Cinematography
High Definition and 24P Cinematography
Paul Wheeler
This authoritative new reference demystifies the technologies of high definition and 24P cinematography. While a thorough and logical description of the five scanning formats and recording formats, editing options and the potentials of delivery is given, the financial implications of these choices are also discussed. Directors of photography, producers, directors, and camera crews will find this to be the definitive book on its subject. Softcover, 209 pp. $52.95.

Color Correction for Digital Video
Using Desktop Tools to Perfect Your Image
Color Correction for Digital Video
Using Desktop Tools to Perfect Your Image
Steve Hullfish/Jaime Fowler
Beginning with a clear, concise description of colour and perception theory, this book shows you how to analyze colour correction problems and solve them. You will also learn how to use colour to improve your storytelling, deliver critical emotional cues, and add impact to your video. The companion CD-ROM includes graphics files for the tutorial projects, software tools, plugins, and interviews with renowned experts. Softcover 202 pp. $77.95.

A Practical Guide to The Professional System

This user-friendly text is for anyone who wants to learn more about Sony DVCAM, to determine what equipment to use, how various models compare, and how to use each of them. The hands-on approach will benefit all readers, from professionals to students to news crews. Softcover, $41.95.


The Visual Story
The Visual Story
Bruce A Block
The Visual Story offers students and professionals in cinematography, production design, directing and screenwriting a clear view of the relationship between the story/script structure and the visual structure of a film or video. An understanding the visual components will serve as the guide in the selection of locations, set dressing, props, wardrobe, lenses, camera positions, lighting, actor staging, and editorial choices. $49.99.

Video Production Handbook
Video Production Handbook

Third Edition
Gerald Millerson
This practical sourcebook has been specially prepared to give you an at-a-glance guide to quality video program-making on a modest budget. Emphasis throughout is on excellence with economy; whether you are working alone or with a small multi-camera group. The well-tried techniques detailed here will steer you through the hazards of production, helping you to avoid those frustrating, time-wasting problems, and to create an effective video program. $57.95.

Digital Cinematography
Digital Cinematography

Paul Wheeler
High end digital cinematography can truly challenge the film camera in many of the technical, artistic and emotional aspects of what we think of as 'cinematography'. This book is a guide for practising and aspiring cinematographers and DOPs to digital cinematography essentials - from how to use the cameras to the rapidly emerging world of High Definition cinematography and 24p technology. $57.99.

Digital FilmmakingDigital Filmmaking:
The Changing Art
and Craft of Making Motion Pictures
Second Edition
Thomas A Ohanian and Michael E Phillips
Digital Filmmaking has been called the bible for professional filmmakers in the digital age. It details all of the procedural, creative, and technical aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production within a digital filmmaking environment. It examines the new digital methods and techniques that are redefining the filmmaking process, and how the evolution into digital filmmaking can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as cost and time savings. $95.95.

Techniques and Aesthetics

Serena Ferrara
The Steadicam has freed-up the camera operator to follow a film's movement, wherever it is happening. Serena Ferrara explains the principles by which the Steadicam is operated and the impact it has on filmmaking, including the effects it can produce on screen, on a film's narrative, on its audience, and on the director's creativity. $65.95.

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The Camera Assistant's Manual
The Camera Assistant's Manual
Third Edition
David E Elkins
The Camera Assistant's Manual, Third Edition is a nuts and bolts guide offering beginning camera assistants and film students information on all aspects of this unique position within the film industry--from cinematography basics to interviewing for the job. It provides complete descriptions of all aspects of the First and Second Assistant Cameraman positions, as well as complete sections on tips for the First and Second Assistant. This new edition also features an expanded camera section, which lists and illustrates the new cameras, as well as specialized camera and lens accessories. A chapter outlining the positions within the camera department will help beginners make informed decisions and understand the various responsibilities and duties department members perform. Numerous examples of the types of problems the camera assistant may encounter help readers develop problem-solving skills. Heavily illustrated and loaded with useful checklists, tables, and sample forms, The Camera Assistant's Manual, Third Edition is a must for every camera assistant's ditty bag or tool kit. $65.95.

Basic Betacam Camerawork
Basic Betacam Camerawork
Third Edition
Peter Ward
Basic Betacam Camerawork offers a complete introduction to both the analogue and digital beta camera formats: Betacam, Digital Beta, Betacam SX and DV & DVCAM. Step-by-step instructions are given covering everything from pre-recording checklists, to technical camera specifications, instruction on exposure and lighting, composition, editing and sound and techniques for different programme styles. $49.99.

The Complete Film Production Handbook
The Complete Film Production Handbook
Second Edition
Eve Light Honthaner
The Complete Film Production Handbook is a comprehensive step-by-step guide covering the essentials of the business, from checklists and sample pre-production and post production schedules to contracts and company policies relating to insurance, talent management, and even customs and immigration details. The book contains all of the many necessary forms including SAG, DGA, and WGA forms, together with standard production forms, deal memos, and release forms which are found both in the book and on companion CD. $90.95.

Producing & Directing the Short Film and Video
Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video
Second Edition
Peter Rea
David K Irving
Considered by many to be the definitive book on the subject, Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video, Second Edition clearly illustrates all of the steps involved in preproduction, production, postproduction, and distribution. Its unique two-fold approach looks at filmmaking from the perspectives of both producer and director, and explains how their separate energies must combine to create a successful short film or videoñall the way from script to final product. This guide offers extensive examples from two award-winning short narrative films (Lunch Date and Truman) and one short documentary (Mirror Mirror), and includes insightful quotes from the filmmakers themselves describing the problems they encountered and how they solved them.

This edition expands on the director's role in pre-visualizing a project, aided by the addition of more than 50 new photos and illustrations. Issues such as storyboarding, lighting, and composition are addressed in detail. Other additions and enhancements include a discussion of the evolving role of digital technology on all aspects of production from script to screen.

Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video, Second Edition is accompanied by a companion website (www.focalpress.com/companions) containing useful forms and information on grants and financing sources, distributors, film and video festivals, film schools, internet sources for short works, and professional associations. $74.95.

Grammar of the Shot
Grammar of the Shot

Roy Thompson
Grammar of the Shot is a manual for those who are about to embark on a career in shooting pictures. It is aimed at the novice, concentrating purely on the principles of shooting - still the best way to tell a visual story. $44.95.

Hands On Manual for Cinematographers
Hands-on Manual for Cinematographers
Second Edition
David Samuelson
The Hands On Manual for Cinematographers contains a wealth of information, theory, diagrams and tables on all aspects of cinematography. Widely recognised as the "Cinematographer's Bible" the book is organised in a unique manner for easy reference on location, and remains an essential component of the cameraman's box. $90.95.

Professional Cameraman's Handbook
The Fourth Edition
Sylvia E Carlson
Verne Carlson
This 1993 edition of an all-time best-seller is completely revised and updated and details the components and step-by-step use of over forty of the most widely used film cameras. Significant new topics include time code and time code slates, video assist, and the Steadicam film stabilizing system. Among a few of the new camera systems are the Aaton 16mm; Arriflex 535, 35-3, 35-BL3 and -BL4, and 16BL; Fries 35R3; and the all new Panavision Panaflex 35mm and 16mm. The book teaches basic film camera procedures and troubleshooting techniques. It also looks at all the components, accessories (including lenses), and support systems. $87.95.

The Art of Digital Video
Art of Digital Video
Third Edition
John Watkinson

Art of Digital Video is an acclaimed industry 'bible'. It is used as a standard professional reference work and written by the leading expert in the field, international consultant, John Watkinson. As the worlds of film, digital imaging and computing converge constant re-skilling within these industries is vital; John Watkinson's third edition of Art of Digital Video addresses this need. $127.95

Digital Compositing for Film and Video
Steve Wright
Digital Compositing for Film and Video
is a hands-on, practical how-to guide addressing the problems and difficult choices faced by the professional compositor in real-life situations. It presents techniques, tricks, and solutions for dealing with badly shot elements, coloration artifacts, and mismatched lighting that bedevil actual compositors working on real shots. Readers are offered in-depth practical methods for matte extraction, despill procedures, compositing operations, and color correction - the "meat and potatoes" of all digital effects. To be published in August of 2001. $79.99.

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