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The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary GuideThe Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide
Anthony Q. Artis
This book is for people who are done talking about the films they want to make and are ready to shut up and shoot! It's an ultra-user-friendly reference guide to basic documentary production, from from the technical specifics of camerawork, lighting, and sound, to the practical intangibles of hustling up a crew, conducting interviews, and stealth shooting. While it's documentary specific, most of the advice and techniques apply equally to event video or narrative projects. In full colour and heavily illustrated with 500 pictures, this book doesn't tell you, it shows you. Softcover, 269 pp. $35.95.

Making Documentary Films and Videos Making Documentary Films and Videos

Second Edition
Barry Hampe
This new edition of Making Documentary Films and Videos fully updates the popular guidebook that has given readers around the world the knowledge and confidence to produce their first documentary film. It traces two main approaches -- recording behavior and re-creating past events -- and shows you how to be successful at each. Softcover, 438 pp. $23.00.

Documentary in the Digital AgeDocumentary in the Digital Age

Maxine Baker
If you want to learn from leading lights in today's revolution in documentary filmmaking, Maxine Baker has written the guide you need to own. You will discover many different and innovative approaches to documentary form and style arising from the use of new digital technology. A tribute to the mavericks of creativity, inside you will find interviews and advice from ground-breaking documentary makers from the UK, USA, and Europe, as well as extensive listings of useful worldwide contacts and organizations. Any and every fan of the documentary will experience anew the passion and wonder of the factual film. Softcover, $40.95.

The Documentary MakersThe Documentary Makers: Interviews with 15 of the Best in the Business
David A. Goldsmith
A series of "in-their-own-words" interviews with 15 directors whose work has, in some way, extended the boundary of the documentary. Their opinions vary: some will work only on film, while others have embraced the latest in digital video technology; some question, even abhor, the use of commentary, others wouldn't dream of doing without it; some work by the rules of cinema verite, while others employ stylization and dramatization. These 15 conversations constitute only a tiny proportion of those working in the field, but they represent the state of the documentary around the world. Hardcover, 176 pp. $57.95.

Directing the DocumentaryDirecting the Documentary
Fourth Edition
Michael Rabiger
Directing the Documentary
is the definitive and comprehensive book on the form, offering timeless principles that will improve your work. Ideal for documentary courses as well as aspiring and current directors, Directing the Documentary covers all phases of preproduction and production. The emphasis is on hands-on work and to that end, dozens of projects, exercises, and idea-provoking questionaires are included. Topics include everything from researching and honing a documentary idea to maintining control through shooting. Softcover, 627 pp. $74.95.

Autobiographical Documentary in AmericaAutobiographical Documentary in America
Jim Lane
In this unique perspective on documentary filmmaking, Jim Lane looks at the ways in which autobiographical documentaries -- Roger & Me, Sherman's March, and Silverlake Life, to name a few -- raise weighty questions about American cultural life. Softcover, 246 pp. $44.95.

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