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The Film Director PreparesThe Film Director Prepares
Myrl A. Schreibman
Director/Producer Myrl A. Schreibman takes you through the entire filmmaking process, from script analysis to post production. On the way, he gives advice on: how to work with and get the best performances out of your actors; how to develop and trust your storytelling instinct; how to create storyboards and shot-lists and then break your dependence on them; adapting to various television formats such as sitcom, episodic drama, and reality; how to create a cohesive on-set environment where you get the most out of every person on your creative team, and much more. Softcover, 238 pp. $27.95.

Directing and Producing for TelevisionDirecting and Producing for Television
Ivan Cury
Directing and Producing for Television provides you with the tools you need to direct and produce effectively in a variety of settings. Based on his years of experience in the industry and teaching the subject, Ivan Cury illustrates fundamental principles with engaging anecdotes that teach by example. Ideal for students in television production courses as well as industry professionals, Directing and Producing for Television addresses critical production techniques for various formats including panel programs, demostrations, music, commercials, PSAs, news, documentaries, remote broadcasts and sports. Softcover, 257 pp. $54.95.

The 30-Second StorytellerThe 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials

Thomas Richter
This book focuses on directorial challenges specifically related to creating a TV spot -- the techniques involved, the technologies of choice, and the obstacles that come between you and a successful career. It begins by teaching you how to get your foot in the door -- creating a spec reel, picking a specialty, getting signed with a production company, and successfully bidding for projects. It then covers the production of a commercial from preproduction through the shoot, all the way to finishing in post-production. Not only will The 30-Second Storyteller teaches you how to get work as a commercial director and how to navigate the pitfalls of production, but it will also show you how to get clients to keep coming back to you for more. Softcover, 304 pp. $46.95.

Reinventing Music VideoReinventing Music Video: Next Generation Directors, Their Inspiration and Work
Matt Hanson
Reinventing Music Video explores the new generation of music video directors -- those who stand at the crossroads between the commercial and the experimental; those who offer us a glimpse of the future of filmmaking. Inside is a visual collage of stills, original treatments, and storyboards from the best contemporary videos. Softcover, 176 pp. $47.95.

Directing the DocumentaryDirecting the Documentary
Fourth Edition
Michael Rabiger
Directing the Documentary
is the definitive and comprehensive book on the form, offering timeless principles that will improve your work. Ideal for documentary courses as well as aspiring and current directors, Directing the Documentary covers all phases of preproduction and production. The emphasis is on hands-on work and to that end, dozens of projects, exercises, and idea-provoking questionaires are included. Topics include everything from researching and honing a documentary idea to maintining control through shooting. Softcover, 627 pp. $74.95.

Breaking InBreaking In:
How 20 Film Directors Got Their Start
Nicholas Jarecki foreword Roger Ebert
The author graduated from NYU film school at age nineteen. Trying to find his way around the "industry wall" proved difficult so he set out to find out how others did it. These interviews offer access to some of Hollywood's greatest minds, revealing what sparked their passion and what they did for their first break. The directors interviewed here have all made it to the major leagues -- in their own way. Included are: Neil LaBute, John Dahl, James Toback, John Schlesinger, Peter Farrelly, Barry Sonnenfeld, Tamara Davis, Amy Heckerling among others. $21.00.

 The Filmmaker's Handbook

The Filmmaker's Handbook
Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus
Considered the bible of film production, adopted for use in film courses-- an indispensable source of practical information and sound advice on the techniques and technologies needed to make movies. $26.99.

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