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Acting for Television

Acting in the Million Dollar Minute: The SequelActing in the Million Dollar Minute: The Sequel
The Art of Acting in Television Commercials

Tom Logan
Tom Logan, author of How to Act & Eat at the Same Time, here narrows his lens to focus specifically on acting in commercials. The advice he offers -- compiled from thousands of comments from hundreds of casting directors, directors, and producers, and pared down into one concise book -- gives the actor a complete sense of what industry professionals on the other side of the camera expect from a commercial actor during auditions. Softcover, 244 pp. $14.95.

Scott Sedita's Guide to Making It in HollywoodScott Sedita's Guide to Making It in Hollywood

Scott Sedita
Tapping into his 25 years of experience in the business, renowned acting coach, author and TV personality Scott Sedita breaks down the Three Steps to Success -- Talent, Confidence, Perseverence -- and shows how these elements work together to build a successful acting career. Softcover, 255 pp. $23.95.

The Actor's Survival Guide: How to make your way in Hollywood Jon S. RobbinsThe Actor's Survival Guide: How to make your way in Hollywood
Jon S. Robbins
As a handbook, the Actor's Survival Guide provides a compilation of the most current professional resource information: maps, charts, appendices, documents, and glossaries. Topical information is organized to anticipate the reader's questions. As a guidebook, it provides an insider's experiences of living and working within the Hollywood film and television industry that few college programs teach and that would take a Hollywood newcomer years to learn on his or her own. This advice should be helpful to all aspiring actors with Hollywood on their minds. Softcover, 200 pp. $23.95.

Acting is EverythingActing is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles
Judy Kerr
In this 11th Gold Classic Edition, Judy Kerr will guide you toward fulfilling your dreams, giving you important information about developing the actor inside you. Softcover, 644 pp. $35.95.

Action! Professional Acting for Film and Television Action! Professional Acting for Film and Television
Robert Benedetti
Multiple award-winning producer and leading teacher of acting Robert Benedetti offers a no-nonsense, detailed, and clearly structured approach to the fundamentals of acting for the camera. Benedetti uses the same approach he has employed in writing and teaching for nearly forty years -- defining underlying principles, presenting them in a logically sequential program of development, and providing experiential exercises to help future, as well as experienced, actors shine in film and television. Softcover, 210 pp. $23.95.

How To Rehearse When There Is No RehearsalHow To Rehearse When There Is No Rehearsal
Alice Spivak
This book on the subject of how to act, based on Ms. Spivak's forty years of acting, coaching, and teaching classes, provides a step-by-step system for quickly analyzing and creating a character. Her innovative approach can be applied even in the short time an actor has to prepare for auditions and, as is so often the case today, for many film and television performances. Softcover, 280 pp. $19.95.

Film and Television ActingFilm and Television Acting
Ian Bernard
A practical, problem-solving approach to acting for film and television. This book analyzes the differences between theatre, film and television acting and provides the theatre-trained student with solid techniques for creating a natural, believable performance for film and television. Thoroughly revised and updated, it uses all new examples and exercises and includes new interviews with well-known actors to help illustrate how they apply their training and technique. Softcover, 157 pp. $38.95.

Acting for the CameraActing for the Camera: Revised edition
Tony Barr
A book for all actors on how to adapt their craft to the needs of the camera and how to make it in TV or film acting, with scores of insights, techniques, and practical advice from pros in the field. $18.95.


The Art of Film ActingThe Art of Film Acting
Jeremiah Comey
This guide for actors and directors, written by teaching veteran Comey, discusses both the purely technical aspect of film acting (hitting your mark, working with stand-ins, cold-reading, etc.), and the more intangible aspects of good acting in general. A valuable, concise, cut-to-the-core guide book. Softcover, $30.50.

99 Film Scenes for Actors
Angela Nicholas
Actors will find emotionally-charged scenes from big studio megahits and small gems from acclaimed independent films. $9.99.

Secrets of Screen Acting, 2nd ed.
Patrick Turner
Using anecdotes and specially commissioned drawings, this book illustrates points, concisely defining the differences between stage and screen, and between film and television. Includes a wealth of exercises that help the beginner and expert alike to improve. $24.95.

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