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Actors & Acting

A to C by author

Acting as an art, and as a profession, has long since fascinated many. Over the years, techniques, methods and styles have been formulated by the likes of Stanislavski, Strasberg, and Mamet, each with their own particular view on acting. Many of these legendary theatre artists have created accessible, helpful books that not only help demystify the craft, but also offer insight into their particular process. This section has a wealth of titles, ranging from technical handbooks, to intimate memoirs. An enthralling subject, these titles are sure to enlighten.

Improvisation in Rehearsal Improvisation in Rehearsal
John Abbott
Packed with useful exercises and improvisation scenarios, and examples from a wide variety of plays, Improvisation in Rehearsal reveals how improvisation enriches and enlivens the creation of characters, back-stories, relationships, shared histories and emotional lives. The book also demonstrates how improvisation can be used as a powerful tool in the foundation of a strong company, and when searching for the hidden depths and dynamics in a scene. Softcover,204 pp. $27.95.

Different Every Night: Freeing the ActorDifferent Every Night: Freeing the Actor

Mike Alfreds
This book is a culmination of a lifetime's work in the theatre. In it, Mike Alfreds dares to do what very few directors other than Stanislavsky have done: he takes us into the rehearsal room and describes an immensely detailed methodology for the actor to bring the text to life, and, crucially, to keep it alive right up to the final performance. Indeed, he demonstrates that by investing in the truth of every moment, the actor can ensure that a performance will be 'different every night.' Softcover, 362 pp. $37.95

Promoting Your Acting CareerPromoting Your Acting Career: A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening the Right Doors
Glenn Altermann
This is the definitive insider's guide to opening doors in the world of theatre, film, and television. Newly revised and expanded, Promoting Your Acting Career is filled with invaluable advise for both beginning actors and seasoned professionals. Softcover, 245 pp. $24.95.

Acting and Singing with Archetypes Acting and Singing with Archetypes
Janet B. Rodgers & Frankie Armstrong
The Mother, the Lover, the Trickster, the Spiritual and Temporal Leader, the Devil -- these are just some of the universal essences, known as archetypes, that lie deep within the human spirit; these are forces that we all recognize and embody in some capacity. This groundbreaking book uses archetypes as the basis of an unprecedented method of study for actors and singers. Includes a full-length audio CD. Softcover, 182 pp. $18.99.

Exit Pursued by a Badger Exit Pursued by a Badger
Nick Ashbury
Nick Ashbury was in the ensemble from the Royal Shakespeare Company who, over the course of two and a half years, performed eight history plays by Shakespeare in repertory: a sequence of productions both critically acclaimed and watched by over 250,000 people. This book is Ashbury's engaging account of the camaraderie of actors, the terror of forgetting lines, technical difficulties, money problems, finding strange things in the bath, thirty-three broadsword fights and, of course, the ever-present threat of being assaulted by demented badgers after a performance. Softover, 192 pp. $25.50.

Training of the American ActorTraining of the American Actor

Arthur Bartow
Training of the American Actor offers a detailed technical overview of such theatre artists and educators as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Uta Hagen, and Jerzy Grotowski. Also discussed are a variety of theatre theories and practices, such as The Viewpoints, Practical Aesthetics, Interdisciplinary Training, and Neo-Classical Training. Softcover, 281 pp. $24.95

The Art of the ActorThe Art of the Actor
Jean Benedetti
The Art of the Actor is a groundbreaking text in the history of acting, comprising extensive writings by the principal theorists and practitioners, introduced and placed into context by Jean Benedetti. Designed as a working manual for students at all levels, The Art of the Actor reveals with unprecedented clarity the key ideas that shaped performance from the Greeks to the present day. This book will be an indispensable tool for all students of the theatre. Softcover, 245 pp. $33.95.

Stage FrightStage Fright
Mick Berry & Michael $. Edelstein
Interviews with forty highly accomplished public figures shed light on America's #1 fear. Jason Alexander, Mose Allison, Maya Angelou, David Brenner, Peter Coyote, Olympia Dukakis, Melissa Etheridge, Richard Lewis, and many more, speak candidly about their trials with stage fright and reveal the various paths they followed in overcoming it. Softcover, $16.95.

The Actor, Image and ActionThe Actor, Image and Action: Acting and cognitive neuroscience
Rhonda Blair
In The Actor, Image and Action, Rhonda Blair combines recent devlopments in scientic thinking with a brilliant reassessment of both the practice and theory of acting to look at how imagination, emotion, memory, physicality and reason are inseparable in the brain's structure and function, and their importance to an actor's engagement with a role. In doing so she provides the latest step in Stanislavski's attempts to 'reach the unconscious by conscious means.' Softcover, 138 pp. $49.95.

Blumenfeld's Dictionary of Acting and Show BusinessBlumenfeld's Dictionary of Acting and Show Business

Robert Blumenfeld
Countless terms and technical jargon are defined in this remarkable book. Author Robert Blumenfeld combines his expertise from years of experience in show business with meticulous research to present a work that is comprehensive and user-friendly. This complete reference book on the art, craft, and business of entertaining is a must-have for every fan, teacher, student, amateur, and professional. Softcover, 377 pp. $19.95.

Tools and Techniques for Character InterpretationTools and Techniques for Character Interpretation

Robert Blumenfeld
A must for theatre and film artists, this guide to creating and analyzing fictional characters lays out in clear, concise language the practical uses of the major schools of psychology for actors, directors, and writers. Blumenfeld details the theories and character typologies of the major psychological thinkers, such as Freud, Klein, and Jung, providing acting exercises based on these theories and illustrating their practical applications to the creative process by means of numerous examples drawn from theatrical and cinematic literature. Softcover, 325 pp. $24.95.

Acting: The First Six Lessons Acting: The First Six Lessons
Richard Boleslavsky
First published in 1933, Acting: The First Six Lessons remains a key text for anyone studying acting today. These dramatic dialogues between teacher and idealistic student explore the field of acting according to one of the original teachers of Stanislavsky's System in America. This new edition of an essential text is edited by Rhonda Blair and supplemented for the very first time with documents from the American Laboratory Theatre. Softcover, 206 pp. $28.95.

Book on ActingBook on Acting - Improvisation Technique
Stephen Book
Book on Acting begins with immediate training in how to improvise. Book's fundamental principle of improvisation is "acting is doing, and there's always more to do." The actor learns what to do to keep himself in a spontaneous improvisational state. Also included is a unique process for breaking down scripted scenes into improvisational choices. Softcover, 629 pp. $29.95.

Actors Talk: Profiles and Stories from the Acting Trade	Actors Talk: Profiles and Stories from the Acting Trade
Dennis Brown
In Actors Talk, Dennis Brown profiles 11 remarkable actors whose careers on stage and screen span nearly a century. Regardless of whether Brown is travelling about America with film legend Peck, sharing a Chicago hotel suite with difficult Danny Kaye or visiting iconoclastic Sterling Hayden at his Sausalito loft during a "near fast," the results are never anything less than revealing. Hardcover, 278 pp. $25.00.

You Can Act! A Complete Guide for ActorsYou Can Act! A Complete Guide for Actors
D.W. Brown
This is a humorous and inspiring manual for professional actors -- a guide to every detail necessary to act in any role. For the first time, you can find a wealth of practical tips, diagnostics and reference material an actor needs, whether it's playing comedy, exploiting the nuances of film or performing a specialized character with insanity or a gunshot wound. Softcover, 338 pp. $29.95.

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Actions: The Actor's ThesaurusActions: The Actor's Thesaurus
Marina Caldarone & Maggie Lloyd-Williams
Actions The Actors' Thesaurus
This is an essential companion for actors in rehearsal -- a thesaurus of action words to revitalise and help create stronger performances. One of the most popular books in our collection, when actors discover it, they say time after time," why did it take so long to come upo with this great book?" Softcover, 158 pp. $22.95.

Being an ActorBeing an Actor
Simon Callow
Part autobiography, part analysis, part manifesto, this astonishingly honest book exposes all the pressures, rewards and insecurity of being an actor. Softcover, 238 pp. $22.95.


Acting Skills for LifeActing Skills for Life

Ron Cameron
The intention of Acting Skills for Life is to integrate personal growth and the process of creative drama with the more formal skills required for stage production. This is a very practical book, full of suggestions for drama exercises and improvisations, developed over Cameron's fifteen years of teaching drama, and includes practical information for teachers working with students on stage productions. Softcover, 484 pp. $29.99.

Zygmunt Molik's Voice and Body WorkZygmunt Molik's Voice and Body Work: The Legacy of Jerzy Grotowski

Guiliano Campo & Zygmont Molik
Zygmunt Molik is one of the last living members of Jerzy Grotowski's original acting company and was a leading trainer at the Teatr Laboratorium. Softcover, 190 pp. $39.95.

Michael ChekhovMichael Chekhov
Franc Chamberlain
Michael Chekhov
is the first book to combine a biographical introduction to Chekhov's life, a clear explanation of his key writings, an analysis of his work as a director, and a practical guide to Chekhov's unique actor-training exercises. Softcover, 152 pp. $39.95.

On Theatre and the Art of ActingMichael Chekhov: On Theatre and the Art of Acting
Five-hour CD Master Class

Michael Chekhov
This five-hour CD master class features renowned acting teacher Michael Chekhov covering topics such as characterization, shortcuts to role preparation, how to awaken artistic feelings and emotions, overcoming inhibitions and building self-confidence, psycho-physical excercises, and development of the ensemble spirit. Audio CD. $54.95

To The Actor: On The Technique of Acting

Michael Chekhov
A revised and expanded edition of the classic text originally published in 1953, showing Chekhov's simple and practical method for actors who want to train their imagination and body to fulfill their potential. Softcover, $43.95.

You Got the PartYou Got the Part! A Casting Director Guides Actors to Successful Auditions for Film and TV
Marsha Chesley

You Got the Part!
is a must-have resource for anyone auditioning for roles in film and television. It is a comprehensive guide showing how to land an audition, how to prepare for and perform at that audition, and how to follow up afterward. Written by an award-winning casting director with twenty-eight years in the industry, this book takes the reader behind the scenes at actual casting sessions. Practical information is mixed with insiders' tips supported by anecdotes and stories from actors and casting directors. You Got the Part! is amusing and informative, and an essential tool for both the novice and the experienced actor. Softcover, $17.95

The Complete Professional AuditionThe Complete Professional Audition: A Commonsense Guide to Auditioning for Musicals and Plays
Darren Cohen & Michael Perilstein
This one-of-a-kind guidebook gives young actors the edge in both musical theatre and straight play auditions, beginning with that daunting first step: finding the perfect music or monologue. Here is inside information on who does the casting and what they're looking for, and seasoned advice on how to showcase your unique talent in a two-minute audition, how to cope with nerves and trust yourself under pressure, and how to be prepared and professional from the room. This no-nonsense guide is a young actor's ticket to a full-time career. Softcover, 182 pp. $20.95.

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