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Producing/The Business

Kathryn McFarlane
Starting with pre-production, through production, and until the end of post-production, the one resource that you will never put down in the Fonebook. A veritable encyclopedia of the Toronto film industry, this directory will put you in contact with the people and the companies necessary to make your film, TV series, music video, commericial, or industrial/corprate spot. Now only $10.00, there is simply no excuse not to own this essential book! Coil-bound, 238 pp. $10.00.

Reality Check: The Business and Art of Producing Reality TVReality Check: The Business and Art of Producing Reality TV

Michael Essany
Loaded with practical advice on the art and business of reality TV producing and featuring insights from top producers in the field, Reality Check gives comprehensive advice on how to realize your reality TV ideas. Softcover, 260 pp. $20.95.

Show RunnerShow Runner

Steve Clements
The "Show Runner" is the television producer who commands a show's moment-to-moment, day-to-day details. This lively, informmative book covers all aspects of show-running variety and talk shows for television. It also defines the roles played by the many producers whose credits we see on the screen and their interactions with the show runner. Softcover, 177 pp. $23.95.

Hollywood Creative DirectoryHollywood Creative Directory
62nd Edition Spring 2008

Hollywood Reporter
The 62nd Edition of the Hollywood Creative Directory is your complete reference to: studios and networks, film and TV executives, production companies, projects in development, independent producers, TV shows and staff, as well as production tracking. Softcover, 471 pp. $73.95.

Hollywood Representation DirectoryHollywood Representation Directory, 34th Edition
Winter 2008
Hollywood Reporter

Includes contact information for: talent and literary agents, personal managers, entertainment attorneys, business affairs departments, publicity commpanies, and casting directors. Softcover, 424 pp. $77.95.

The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing ConceptsThe Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts

Carole Lee Dean
You can find the money to make your film! Let Carole Lee Dean show you the inside track to funds from corporations and individuals. Learn winning financing techniques to raise your budget and get the checks written. Here is the ultimate reference guide for creating the perfect pitch, inspiring your winning application, finding and connecting with funding organizations, making a successful "ask," and landing the money to make your film. Softcover, 251 pp. $35.95.

Hollywood Creative Directory: Hollywood Music Industry DirectoryThe Phone Book to Hollywood: Hollywood Creative Directory
59th Edition 2007

Sharon Bordas & L.M. Siegel
This 59th edition contains contact information for studios and networks, film and TV executives, production companies, independent producers, TV shows and staff, projects in development, production tracking and selected credits. It now also includes mobile content producers. Softcover, 496 pp. $89.95.

Hollywood Creative Directory: Hollywood Music Industry DirectoryHollywood Creative Directory: Hollywood Music Industry Directory
4th Edition 2007

Matt Hayes & L.M. Siegel
This 4th edition contains info on record companies, A & R executives, agents and managers, music publishers, soundtrack executives, music supervisors, film & TV composers and recording studios. Softcover, 360 pp. $89.95.

Film Production ManagementFilm Production Management

Third Edition
Bastien Cleve
Film Production Management is a practical guide to what it takes to get a screenplay produced in Hollywood and onto the big screen or television. This book contains chapters on contracts, insurance, and special tips for low-budget films. This new edition has been updated to include new information on shooting permits, immigration and temporary work permits, digital FX, completion bonds, festivals, and film schools. Updated forms have also been included, such as new versions of deal memos, budgeting sheets, and script breakdown sheets. Softcover, 225 pp. $43.95.

Directing and Producing for TelevisionDirecting and Producing for Television

Ivan Cury
Directing and Producing for Television provides you with the tools you need to direct and produce effectively in a variety of settings. Based on his years of experience in the industry and teaching the subject, Ivan Cury illustrates fundamental principles with engaging anecdotes that teach by example. Ideal for students in television production courses as well as industry professionals, Directing and Producing for Television addresses critical production techniques for various formats including panel programs, demostrations, music, commercials, PSAs, news, documentaries, remote broadcasts and sports. Softcover, 257 pp. $54.95.

Film Production ManagementFilm Production Management 101
Second Edition
Deborah S. Patz
In this greatly expanded second edition of "Surviving Production", Deborah Patz taps into her eighteen years of experience to advise you from preproduction through production, wrap, postproduction, and even audit. She shares secrets and systems and tells it like it is. Softcover, 460 pp., $51.95.

Television IndustriesTelevision Industries

Douglas Gomery & Luke Hockley
Television Industries provides a comprehensive introduction to the inner workings of the television industry, focusing on the key features of the contemporary television landscape: television as a business, the technologies of television, the infrastructures of the industry, programme development and production practices, scheduling, budgeting and selling advertising air time, television's policy and regulatory frameworks, and the culture of television. Softcover, 130 pp. $36.99.

The 30-Second StorytellerThe 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials

Thomas Richter
This book focuses on directorial challenges specifically related to creating a TV spot -- the techniques involved, the technologies of choice, and the obstacles that come between you and a successful career. It begins by teaching you how to get your foot in the door -- creating a spec reel, picking a specialty, getting signed with a production company, and successfully bidding for projects. It then covers the production of a commercial from preproduction through the shoot, all the way to finishing in post-production. Not only will The 30-Second Storyteller teaches you how to get work as a commercial director and how to navigate the pitfalls of production, but it will also show you how to get clients to keep coming back to you for more. Softcover, 304 pp. $46.95.

So You Want to Be a ProducerSo You Want to Be a Producer
Lawrence Turman
Examining all the nuts and bolts of production, such as raising money and securing permissions, finding a story and developing a script, choosing a director, hiring actors, and marketing your project, So You Want to Be a Producer is a must-have resource packed with insider information and first-hand advice from top Hollywood producers, writers, and directors, offering invaluable help for beginners and professionals alike. Softcover, 273 pp. $21.00.

The Entertainment Sourcebook 2005The Entertainment Sourcebook 2005
Published by ATAC (The Association of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople), this is the essential one-volume resource directory for all members of the art departments in both the film and theatre industries. Coil-bound, 654 pp. $52.50.

Producing for HollywoodProducing for Hollywood
Second Edition
Paul Mason & Don Gold
Budding filmmakers, television producers, directors, writers, and students get a crash course on the independent production scene in this riveting account of the business and its key players. Two veteran, award-winning producers provide a unique overview of the producer's journey, all the while teaching aspiring filmmakers the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. Softcover, 275 pp. $29.95.

Entertainment Industry EconomicsEntertainment Industry Economics
Sixth Edition
Harold L. Vogel
Entertainment Industry Economics is a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide on the economics, financing, production, and marketing of entertainment in the United States and overseas. Investors, business executives, accountants, lawyers, arts administrators, and general readers will find that the book offers an invaluable guide to how entertainment industries operate. Hardcover, 611 pp. $75.95.

Media Law for Producers
Media Law for Producers
Fourth Edition
Phillip H. Miller
This comprehensive handbook explains, in lay terms, the myriad of legal issues that producers face on a regular basis: production contracts, permits, permissions and clearances, releases, insurance, libel and privacy concerns, working with guilds, royalties and residuals, as well as protecting the finished production through copyright and trademark registration. A must for producers. Softcover, 399 pp. $59.95.

Canadian Television FinancingCanadian Television Financing:
The Buck Starts Here

If you are a producer, a would-be producer, or want to become involved in the television industry, then this book is essential reading. Written by an experienced and respected producer in the Canadian television industry, this book will teach you how to develop marketable ideas and turn them into winning television programs, how to translate an idea for a television program into a credible proposal on paper, how to approach television stations and funding bodies, and much more.

Dealmaking in the Film & Television IndustryDealmaking in the Film & Television Industry
Mark Litwak
With this book -- the popular, award-winning "self-defense" book for everyone working in the film industry -- the filmmaker can expect to save themselves thousands of dollars in legal fees, from negotiations to final contracts, as they navigate the shark-infested waters of the entertainment business. This second edition is expanded and updated. Softcover, 407 pp. $46.95.

Multiskilling For Television ProductionMultiskilling For Television Production
Peter Ward, Alan Bermingham and Chris Wherry
Written by television trainers who run their own courses on Multiskilling, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to the broad range of skills and technical knowledge required in this industry. Topics covered include: Television engineering, Production methods, Safety, Lighting, Sound, Multicamera camerawork, Video recording formats, Video editing, Audio-post production and much more. Large-format softcover, $98.95.

Filmmaking & FinancingFilmmakers and Financing:
Business Plans for Independents
Third Edition
Louise Levison
The third edition of Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents contains completely revised and updated financial and industry data. This book teaches readers how to create a business plan to present to a potential investor. With its easy-to-follow format and its step-by-step approach, this unique guide bridges the gap between the filmmaker and business, whether you are looking to create a plan for one film or multiple films.

The third edition includes a new chapter on the growing use of the internet as an outlet for film. $49.95.

Corporate Media ProductionCorporate Media Production
Ray DiZazzo
Corporate Media Production thoroughly examines all aspects of this exciting creative field, from the initial script to the final stages of postproduction. The book also clarifies the roles of the writer, producer, director and client while focusing on the dynamic relationship shared by these key players. This in-depth book captures all the technical and creative elements used in the creation of media in the corporate world. $74.95.

Producing & Directing the Short Film and VideoProducing and Directing the Short Film and Video
Second Edition
Peter Rea
David K Irving
Considered by many to be the definitive book on the subject, Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video, Second Edition clearly illustrates all of the steps involved in preproduction, production, postproduction, and distribution. Its unique two-fold approach looks at filmmaking from the perspectives of both producer and director, and explains how their separate energies must combine to create a successful short film or videoñall the way from script to final product. This guide offers extensive examples from two award-winning short narrative films (Lunch Date and Truman) and one short documentary (Mirror Mirror), and includes insightful quotes from the filmmakers themselves describing the problems they encountered and how they solved them.

This edition expands on the director's role in pre-visualizing a project, aided by the addition of more than 50 new photos and illustrations. Issues such as storyboarding, lighting, and composition are addressed in detail. Other additions and enhancements include a discussion of the evolving role of digital technology on all aspects of production from script to screen.

Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video, Second Edition is accompanied by a companion website (www.focalpress.com/companions) containing useful forms and information on grants and financing sources, distributors, film and video festivals, film schools, internet sources for short works, and professional associations. $74.95.

Film & Video BudgetsFilm & Video Budgets
Third Edition
Deke Simon
Michael Wiese
This classic best selling book has been updated to include new budgets for digital video feature films, a "no budget" feature, and the all-important digital video transfer to 35mm for theatrical release. $44.95

All the budget forms featured in the book are provided as fee downloads from an accompanying website, which can be accessed via www.mwp.com.

Shooting to KillShooting to Kill:
How an Independant Producer Blasts Through Barriers to Make Movies that Matter
Christine Vachon
Hailed by the New York Times as the "godmother to the politically committed film," Christine Vachon has made her name with such bold, controversial and commercially successful films as Boys Don't Cry, Kids, Safe, I Shot Andy Warhol and Velvet Goldmine. Over the last decade, she has become a driving force behind the most daring and strikingly independant filmmakers and helped put them on the map. In this savagely witty and straight-shooting guide, Vachon reveals the guts of the filmmaking process and offers shrewd practical insights and troubleshooting tips on handling everything from hysterical actors and disgruntled teamsters to obtuse marketing executives. $18.50.

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