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Manuals, Dictionaries & Guides

Great TV & Film Detectives
Great TV & Film Detectives

Maxim Jakubowski
Celebrating some of the world's best-known and most beloved detectives -- hardworking professional investigators, reformed thieves, and rich dilettantes among them -- Great TV & Film Detectives promises to rouse all fans of crime thrillers on-screen or on the page. Hardcover, 509 pp. $39.95.

Hey! It's That Guy!
Hey! It's That Guy!
The Fametracker.com Guide to Character Actors

Tara Ariano & Adam Sternbergh
Who is that guy? You know the one: the actor who always shows up in movies as the rumpled police detective, or the stern but ineffectual high school principal, or the wiseguy mobster. What is that guy's name? And where have you seen that woman before. You'll find them all in this exhaustive and entertaining guide to character actors whose faces you recognize but whose names you can never quite recall. Softcover, 255 pp. $19.95.

BFI Film & Television Handbook 20046
BFI Film & Television Handbook 2004
Eddie Dyja
Inside the BFI Film & Television Handbook 2004 you'll find exhaustive statistics about the film, video, and television industries, as well as a detailed production directory for the UK. This is the definitive industry sourcebook for the UK. Softcover, 445 pp. $59.95.

The Television News Handbook
The Television News Handbook
Vin Ray
This is the definitive insider's guide for anyone working in or aspiring to work in broadcast journalism. This edition includes advise from top broadcasters and executives on what makes a good broadcast journalist, tips on how to get a job in broadcast news, suggestions on what to study at school, and much more. In all, this is a masterclass on the art and craft of storytelling in TV news. Softcover, 415 pp. $26.95.

The Complete Directory of Prime Time TV Shows
The Complete Directory of Prime Time TV Shows
Tim Brooks
Co-authored with Earle Marsh.Softcover, 1363 pp. $37.95.




The Penguin TV Companion
The Penguin TV Companion
Second Edition
Jeff Evans
Fully updated, wholly revised and greatly expanded for its second edition, the bestselling Penguin TV Companion is the best one-volume television reference book available. Covering more than 2000 programs, from soaps and sitcoms to dramas and documentaries, this wonderful companion tells you everything you could ever wish to know about the shows, stars, and history of television. Softcover, 817 pp. $36.00.

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