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Encyclopedias / Companions / Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionary of DanceOxford Dictionary of Dance
Debra Craine & Judith Mackroll
The boundaries of dance have been radically redrawn over the last twenty years. This wide-ranging dictionary covers the explosion of new dance languages and choreography, and the growing appreciation of dance forms from around the world, as well as classical ballet, modern dance, companies, productions, dancers, and technical terms. Softcover, 527 pp. $22.50.

Ballet and Modern DanceBallet and Modern Dance
Second Edition
Susan Au
Susan Au's text covers the great performers and performances of the past, as well as exploring, in detail, the dance world of today. A wonderful resource for anyone interested in dance. Softcover, 224 pp. $22.99.

Encyclopedia of Dance in CanadaEncyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada
This is the first comprehensive French/English language dance book produced in Canada reflecting through 300 entries, over 150 years of Canadian dance.Included are entries on dancers (with photos), choreographers, significant Canadian choreographies with original programme notes, histories of companies, compositions. This is the ideal resource for the study of dance in Canada. Edited by Susan Macpherson HC pp. $44.95; SC pp. $29.95.

The Cambridge Companion to BalletThe Cambridge Companion to Ballet

Marion Kant
This Companion traces the evolution of ballet as a theatrical art form from the fifteenth to the end of the twentieth century. An international team of writers discuss important and interesting aspects of a much-loved art form that has many admirers but few historical reference books. The reader will find new and unexpected aspects of ballet, its history and aesthetics, the origin of plot and narrative, the choice of costume and the transformation of an old art in a modern world. Softcover, 350 pp. $28.95.

Ballet 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the BalletBallet 101: A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving the Ballet

Robert Greskovic
Among this book's many delights are a full history of ballet, covering its routes in the courts of Europe, its key players and rivalries, and how they influenced contemporary performances. Author Robert Greskovic also gives the lowdown on technique, including descriptions and names of those amazing positions. Finally, a complete analysis of sixteen popular ballets, as well as a sixty-page videography of exceptional ballet videos and a quick-reference glossary, make this an invaluable resource for ballet lovers. Softcover, 634 pp. $24.95.

The Faber Pocket Guide to BalletThe Faber Pocket Guide to Ballet
Deborah Bull & Luke Jennings
This essential, easy-to-use classical ballet guide -- spanning nearly two centuries of classical dance -- includes entries for more than eighty works from ballet companies aroud the world. Features include: plot summaries, an analysis of each ballet's principle themes, useful background and historical information, and a unique, behind-the-scenes, performer's-eye view. Softcover, 251 pp. $18.50.

101 Stories of the Great Ballets

George Balanchine, written with Francis Mason.
A choice selection of 101 popular ballets as chosen by the world's foremost choreographer and ballet master. 541 pp. $23.95.

A Dictionary of Ballet Terms
Leo Kersley, co-authored with Janet Sinclair, drawings by Peter Revitt.
A resource for both the novice and professional with explanations of steps and movements clearly illustrated by line drawings. 120 pp. $21.95.

Ballet 101
Robert Greskovic
Introduction by Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Includes an international history of ballet; a look at dancers, their training and physiology; lists of recommended reading and video material; and a complete analysisof 16 important and popular ballets. 634 pp. $24.95.


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