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Educational / Books for children

See also: Drama in Education.

Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching
Rory Foster
There are many different methods of teaching classical ballet, all of which are effective tools for presenting the art and technique. However, knowing how to use these tools successfully requires more than being a devotee of the technique -- it also requires mastering various skills. In Ballet Pedagogy, Rory Foster shares his extensive knowledge of how to teach rather than focusing exclusively on what to teach. Designed as both a manual for beginning teachers and a reference for experienced instructors, this book is appropriate for followers of any single methodology as well as those who have adopted a more eclectic approach to technique. Softcover, 150 pp. $35.00.

Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical BalletAdvanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet

John White
Designed for teachers, company directors, and advanced dancers, this instructive guide explores the importance of disciplined dancing, choreography, acting, conditioning, and performance. Staying true to the Russian Academy of Ballet pedagogy he has taught for forty years, White's writing style is as straightforward as his unyielding insistence on excellence. Softcover, 184 pp. $34.50.

Dance Composition
Dance Composition - An Interrelated Arts Approach with music CD
Janice Pomer
Dance Composition will help students and teachers in secondary school and college programs create artistic work that inspires and empowers both performers and viewers.
The book and accompanying CD feature 28 improvisational exercises that provide persepctive on the shared characteristics among the arts leading to inspiration and motivation for dance making from a multi-disciplinary perspective.The book is divided into three section: Dance and the Visual Arts; Dance and Music; Dance and the Dramatic and Literary Arts with culminating exercises ending each section.
Totally user friendly, the book also offers a General Arts Glossary, a Music Glossary and a Music Finder. The accompanying CD contains original compositions that enrich the dance exercises and movement exploration. 175 pp with CD. $50.95.

Janice Pomer Perpetual Motion: Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts
Janice Pomer
Perpetual Motion helps you get both female and male students excited about dance, build essential skills, and improve educational outcomes -- even if you’ve never taught movement exercises before. It introduces more than 100 movement exercises organized around six themes: rules, recipes, props, poetry and prose, objects and images, and integrated arts.

Everything you need is here to inspire students to step out of their movement comfort zones and develop their own potential. Each chapter identifies a theme, specific learning skills, recommended exercises, and a strategy for stimulating class discussion about the exercises. Plus, teachers have the convenience of being able to select exercises from 12 categories of learning skills.

You can adapt these versatile exercises with ease and success to challenge beginners as well as skilled dance students. Within each exercise you’ll find variations you can use to increase the difficulty, add variety, and create more than 90 entirely new exercises.

The book includes other features to make the movements easy to teach:

  • A 15-minute warm-up routine builds teachers’ confidence.
  • A glossary of movement terms ensures clear communication when integrating projects.
  • A handy “finder” chart lets you quickly identify exercises that meet the learning skills you want.

Perpetual Motion will enable any teacher to successfully integrate creative movement exercises into general classroom, physical education, dramatic arts, and language arts classes. There is no better reference for overcoming students’ fears about dance and helping them develop vital learning skills that will pay off in any educational setting. 170 pp. $32.95.

The Nutcracker BackstageThe Nutcracker Backstage: The Story and the Magic
Angela Whitehill & William Noble
This captivating inside look at The Nutcracker ballet will delight you with its retelling of the story and behind-the-scenes portrayal, lavishly illustrated with thrilling performance and backstage photographs from ballet companies across the country. Hardcover, 120 pp. $19.95.

Stories from the BalletStories from the Ballet
Margaret Greaves & Lisa Kopper
This beautifully illustrated collection of stories from the ballet -- including, Swan Lake, Petrushka, The Nut Cracker, and several others -- is a perfect gift for any child. Softcover, 69 pp. $18.95.

Dancing in Your SchoolDancing in Your School: A Guide for Preschool and Elementary School Teachers
Anne Dunkin
More than 70 dance activities in this handbook give educators the tools to use dance in their classrooms, gyms, and playgrounds. Combining theory with practice, introductions to the history of dance education and to dance terminology provide the foundation for the lesson plans and activities tailored for physical education, kinesthetic learning, and arts education. Each lesson plan and activity can be customized to fit into any curriculum. Includes extensive, helpful appendices on equipment and dance-education networking resources. A specialized list is categorized into age-appropriate dance activities, sample lesson plans and group dances. Softcover, 180 pp. $31.95.

Teaching Dance as Art in EducationTeaching Dance as Art in Education

Brenda Pugh McCutchen
Teaching Dance as Art in Education is a comprehensive introductory textbook that helps dance education majors and dance specialists understand and incorporate the aesthetic foundations of educational dance in grades K-12. Content is delineated through four cornerstones of dance as art in education: Dancing and Performing, Creating and Composing, Knowing history, culture and context, and Analyzing and Critiquing. Hardcover, 543 pp. $64.95.

Teaching Dance StudiesTeaching Dance Studies
Judith Chazin-Bennahum
Teaching Dance Studies introduces key issues in dance pedagogy. This volume of fourteen essays covers many areas of dance education, including choreography, improvisation, movement analysis, music for dance, dance on film, kinesiology and injury prevention, Labanotation, and dance theory, history, and criticism. Softcover, 252 pp. $37.95.

Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design presents a conceptual model of dance education that embraces dance as an art form and disseminates it through learning experiences in dancing, dance making, and dance appreciation. Through this book, dance educators will broaden their understanding of the dance content that is appropriate for their students and their educational setting. Hardcover, 421 pp. $70.95.

Experiencing Dance Experiencing Dance: From Student to Dance Artist

Helene Scheff & Marty Sprague
From anatomy and exercises to expression and choreography, Experiencing Dance is a comprehensive look at the art of dance. Novice as well as experienced dancers will find a wealth of useful material in this instructional and inspirational book. Softcover, 218 pp. $33.95.

Inclusive Creative Movement and DanceInclusive Creative Movement and Dance

Karen A. Kaufmann
This book instructs and empowers teachers to use dance in inclusive classrooms, to celebrate and value differences, and to help all students discover the uniquely personal art form of dance. Included are five sample units for creative movement and dance appropriate for grades K to 12. Softcover, 155 pp. $38.95.

Teaching Children DanceTeaching Children Dance
Second Edition
Theresa Purcell Cone & Stephen J. Cone
Teaching Children Dance -
Second Edition contains a practical framework and approach for presenting creative dance lessons to children in kindergarten to fifth grade. It combines essential dance content appropriate for an elementary-level program with detailed descriptions of strategies. Featuring 20 dance learning experiences, the book has been updated and expanded to reflect educators' renewed commitment to making dance an integral part of children's education. Softcover, 173 pp. $36.95.

The Parent's Book of BalletThe Parent's Book of Ballet
Angela Whitehill
Co-authored by William Noble.
Answers critical questions about the care and development of the young dancer. Softcover, 184 pp. $29.95.

The Body Can SpeakThe Body Can Speak
Annelise Mertz
Within this collection of essays on creative movement education with emphasis on dance and drama, a balance is struck between aesthetic appreciation for creative movement and practical pedagogical methods and approaches. The Body Can Speak provides performing arts teachers with a wealth of invaluable ideas, which is certain to stimulate any learning environment. Softcover, 148 pp. $29.95.

The Art of Dance In Education
The Art of Dance In Education
Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard
This updated edition of Smith-Autard's popular 1994 book traces new developments in English dance curriculum, and also takes into account new research and movements in dance teaching. It also offers practical advice on constructing a syllabus for use in schools, and gives many additional resource sources. An excellent field-guide for teachers to use. Softcover, $31.95.

Bone, Breath & Gesture
Don Hanlon Johnson
A collection of writings on the principles and techniques bythe pioneers of bodywork and body awareness disciplines which make up a historical record of somatics from Ida Rolf to Elizabeth Behnke. 389 pp. $33.95.

Building Dances
Susan McGreevy-Nichols, written with Helene Scheff
This book provides all the tools and blueprints necessary to create and facilitate dances. A how-to book that will helf introduce, develop and assess the basics of choreography for grades K-12. 200 pp. $44.95.

Dance in the Primary PE
Maureen Douglas
122 pp.$34.95.

First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children, 3rd edition
Mary Joyce
Theories and a full series of lesson plans to be used with children between the ages of 5 and 10. 218 pp. $71.95.

Partnering Dance and Education: Intelligent moves for changing times
Judith Lynne Hanna
A compelling arguement for making dance central to every student's education. Hanna examines current trends and issues in dance education to show how dance can be successfully justified and taught in today's changing educational environment. 254 pp. $51.50.

Essential Guide to Dance
Linda Rickett-Young
An illustrated textbook, filled with tasks and activities to cover all aspects of current dance courses. Topics include: the dancer in training; the constituent features of dances; interpreting dance; the dancer in performance; and evaluating dance. 218 pages. $41.95.

Ballerina: A Step-by-step Guide to BalletBallerina: A Step-by-step Guide to Ballet

Jane Hackett
From first position to pirouettes, from makeup to mime, this book is a practical introduction to the world of ballet for all budding ballerinas. Stunning step-by-step photography shot at the English National Ballet School, and clear, concise text illustrate and explain basic steps, with advanced versions to inspire young dancers. The accompanying DVD shows many of the steps in action, and also features two complete dances. Hardcover, 79 pp. $19.99.

The Yoga Adventure for ChildrenThe Yoga Adventure for Children

Helen Purperhart
The Yoga Adventure for Children is a ready-to-use resource for elementary school teachers and yoga instructors who wish to create children's classes or add sessions between classes, during a gym class or after school. This book contains 82 excercises and games that stimulate suppleness and strength. Accompanied by clear illustrations, they are organized into sections, which include Warm-Up, Breathing, Visualization, Postures, Concentration, Meditation, and Wake-Up excercises. Softcover, 130 pp. $18.50.

The NutcrackerThe Nutcracker

Karen Kain
As sparkling as the holiday season itself, this new presentation of The Nutcracker introduces children to the dream-world tale of magic and sugar plums. Based on the James Kudelka/National Ballet of Canada production, this picture-book version is told by Canada's renowned prima ballerina, Karen Kain, with illustrations by Rajka Kupesic. Hardcover, $24.99.

Becoming a BallerinaBecoming a Ballerina
Nancy Ellison & Susan Jaffe
Becoming a Ballerina
is for every child who dreams of becoming a dancer. Featuring renowned photographer Nancy Ellison's whimsical images, follow young Alexandra as she leaps, falls, stretches, poses, and daydreams of performing on stage. Hardcover, 95 pp. $29.95.

The Parent's Book of BalletThe Parent's Book of Ballet
Angela Whitehill
Co-authored by William Noble.
Answers critical questions about the care and development of the young dancer. Softcover, 184 pp. $29.95.


Ballet SchoolBallet School
Naia Bray-Moffat
Ballet School is a magical introduction to the world of classical ballet, providing young readers with a chance to discover what it is like to become a real ballet dancer. Following the experiences of young ballet students, aspiring dancers will not only learn the essential ballet positions and exercises, but they will also be inspired by the beautiful photographs to follow their own dreams of dance. Hardcover 48 pp. $19.95

Dance! An Eyewitness Book
Andree Grau
A superb illustrated history of dance for young people. 60 pp. $19.99.

Movement Stories for Young Children
Pamela Gerke, co-authored with Helen Landalf.
Story-based movement activities for young children that foster physical development, self-esteem, and concepts of body and space. 83 pp. $27.95.

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