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Anatomy, Injuries, Health & Therapy

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Conditioning With Imagery For DancersConditioning With Imagery For Dancers
Donna Krasnow & Jordana Deveau
This book includes detailed descriptions of the purpose, form, and thrythm of more than eighty excercises, fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs. An invaluable resource for dancers, dance educators, and anyone who moves for art. Softcover, 155 pp. $39.95.

Physics and the Art of Dance Physics and the Art of Dance
2nd Edition
Kenneth Laws
An opportunity to understand what happens when human bodies move in the remarkable ways we call dance. Softcover, 263 pp. $39.95.

Conditioning for DancersConditioning for Dancers

Tom Welsh
Dancers must learn to negotiate an amazing range of physical demands to achieve peak performance and avoid injury. This book empowers conscientious dancer-athletes to take an active role in directing their own training and development. Dancers who are serious about avoiding injury, improving fitness, and increasing physical capability will find this comprehensive yet concise reference invaluable. Softcover, 208 pp. $30.50.

Preventing Dance InjuriesPreventing Dance Injuries

Second Edition
Ruth Solomon & John Solomon
In this second edition, this classic publication has significant new material to guide dance medicine specialists, dance educators, and dancers themselves to screen for common dance injuries; diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate injuries; prevent injuries through biomechanically efficient training; and promote psychological well-being. Up to date, expanded, and comprehensive, this book is an invaluable reference that will help dancers avoid injury and increase their chances for reaching their full potential. Softcover, 243 pp. $45.95.

Dance and Dancers' InjuriesDance and Dancers' Injuries
Chris Caldwell
Dancing is an art form, as well as a sport. To reach the top, dancers have to go through punishing training regimes, pushing their to the limit. This inevitably leads to injuries that need specialist treatment. Dance and Dancers' Injuries is an informative and easy to read book, fully illustrated with line drawings and photographs. Full of useful, practical advice, Dance and Dancers' Injuries will prove invaluable reading for anyone involved in the dance world. Softcover, 120 pp. $33.95.

Finding BalanceFinding Balance
Second Edition
Gigi Berardi
This guide to dancer's fitness, training, and health offers an overview of the issues that performing artists must consider should they wish to maintain lifelong fitness. This second edition has been expanded to include: new injury treatment information, updated science and physiology findings, new diet guidelines, and 100 additional photographs. Softcover, 274 pp. $55.50.

Conditioning for DanceConditioning for Dance: Training for Peak Performance in All Dance Forms
Eric Franklin
Inside Conditioning for Dance you'll find 170 illustrations paired with 160 dance-specific exercises to help you maximize body-mind conditioning. This book will help you improve your technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body's core while improving your coordination, balance, alignment, and flexibility. Softcover, 239 pp. $26.95.

Dance: Mind & BodyDance: Mind & Body
Sandra Cerny Minton
Make the transition from simple body movement to kinetic works of art. Dance Mind & Body features 128 exploration exercises designed to help you improve your focus, observe and explore movement systematically, and refine your techniques with better dances. Softcover, 185 pp. $35.95.

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Ballet Teachers
Rachel-Anne Rist
Co-authored with Eivind Thomasen An introductory textbook that looks at anatomy and kinesiology from a dancer's point of view. 101 pages. $26.95.

Dance Kinesiology
Sally Fitt
2nd Edition. $132.95.

Diet for Dancers: Dancing at Your Peak
Robin D. Chelmar
Co-authored with Sally Fitt. A reference guide on how to attain and maintain the ideal slender body through diet, nutrition and exercise. Eating disorders, fads and frauds are also addressed in this text. 164 pages. $29.95.

Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger
Priscilla Clarkson
Co-authored with Andrea Watkins. A book for dancers of all ages and skills to improve performance and lessen the danger of injury. 281 pages. $37.95.

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery
Eric Franklin
Images and exercises set to improve posture and alignment, all of which can be used in a variety of contexts. $32.95.

The Anatomy Coloring Book
Wynn Kapit
Co-authored with Lawrence M. Elson Anatomically accurate drawings help all "students" of the body understand the internal structure and related functions. $25.95.

The Anatomy Colouring Workbook
Edward Alcamo

The Dancers' Body Book
Allegra Kent
Legendary ballerina Allegra Kent discloses health and weight-watching tips and relaxation secrets from some of the world's greatest ballet dancers. Also offered is a regimen of two forms of balanced diet and an exercise schedule which can be tailored to the individual. 220 pages. $17.95.

The Muscle Book
W. Paul Blakey
A detailed guide to the body's various muscles and the way to care for and maintain them. 48 pages. $13.95.

The New York City Ballet Workout
Peter Martins
"Fifty stretches and exercises anyone can do for a strong, graceful and sculpted body." (subtitle) A revolutionary fitness program developed by Martins, Ballet Master in Chief, and the New York City Ballet company. 200 pages. $24.95.

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