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Ballroom, Social, Folk & Tap

Tap Dancing America: A Cultural HistoryTap Dancing America: A Cultural History
Constance Valis Hill
From an author who is both an accomplished dancer and a respected scholar, comes this vibrant, colourful, high-stepping story of tap -- the first comprehensive, fully documented history of a uniquely American art form. Written with all the verve and grace of tap itself, drawing on eyewitness accounts of early performances as well as interviews with today's greatest tappers, and richly illustrated with more than ninety images, Tap Dancing America fills a major gap in American dance history. Hardcover, 441 pp. $47.95.

The Meaning of TangoThe Meaning of Tango

Christine Denniston
From the backstreets of Buenos Aires to Parisian high society, The Meaning of Tango is the extraordinary story of the dance that captivated the world - a tale of politics and passion, immigration and romance. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a dancer or just an armchair fan, this wonderful book is the perfect partner to enjoying the world's favourite dance. Softcover, 206 pp. $21.95.

Gotta BallroomGotta Ballroom

Christine Zone et al
Gotta Ballroom is your guide to waltz, tango, foxtrot and Viennese waltz. Including a 64 minute DVD, this one-of-a-kind package breaks down both leader and follower roles to show basic footwork, body positioning, timing, styling, and transitions. Softcover, 214 pp. $29.95.

Tango: The Art History of LoveTango: The Art History of Love

Robert Farris Thompson
In this generously illustrated book, world-renowned Yale art historian Robert Farris Thompson traces tango's evolution in the nineteenth century under European, Andalusian-Gaucho, and African influences through its representations by Hollywood and dramatizations in dance halls throughout the world. He shows us tango not only as brilliant choreography but also as text, music, art, and philosophy in life. Passionately argued and unparalleled in its research, its synthesis, and its depth of understanding, Tango: The Art History of Love is a monumental achievement. Softcover, 360 pp. $21.00.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ballroom DancingThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Ballroom Dancing

Second Edition
Jeff Allen
In this 'Complete Idiot's Guide', you get: expert coverage of the three basic styles of ballroom dancing -- Smooth, Latin, and Rhythm; simple strategies for mastering the basics of timing and rhythm; toe-tapping tips on the techniques the experts use; passionate pointers on how to deepen your relationships through dance. Softcover, 276 pp. $31.00.

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The Tap Dancing KitThe Tap Dancing Kit
Tula Dyer
If you've ever wanted to learn how to tap dance, but weren't sure where to begin, then The Tap Dancing Kit is the perfect place for you to start. This unique package includes: an instruction booklet, a cd of tap dance music, and heel and toe taps. Look out Fred Astaire! Softcover, $17.95.

The Ballroom Dance PackThe Ballroom Dance Pack
Walter Laird
With this all-in-one dance pack, you will learn how to master the six most popular ballroom dances -- the Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Quickstep, Tango, and Waltz -- in your own home and at your own pace. Removable dance step cards and sequential photography will give you visual guidance, and the included CD will ensure that you learn each dance at the correct tempo. Hardcover, $35.00.

Keti Sharif
This easy-to-follow guide will help you tap into the natural rhythms of your body, and learn to love it as you celebrate the beauty of the dance. Aside from being fun, bellydancing is also a pleasurable workout for women of any age or fitness level. Bellydance is an informative celebration of the energising properties of this enchanting craft and a fascinating exploration of the culture from which it arises. Softcover, 132 pp. $20.95.

Belly Dancing BasicsBelly Dancing Basics
Laura A. Cooper
This copiously illustrated "how-to" book will teach you how to stay fit and express yourself through belly dancing. From basic techniques and costume ideas, to picking appropriate music and performing advanced dance moves, this book will soon have you performing sensuous belly dances to relax and release tension, and to entertain yourself and others. Softcover, 143 pp. $22.95.

Tap Dancing: Rhythm in their FeetTap Dancing: Rhythm in their Feet
Heather Rees
This practical guide to tap-dancing offers insight into its history and and development. Covering principles of rhythm, timing, tempo, techniques, style and choreography, Tap Dancing provides a clear breakdown of the art of "foot-percussion". Softcover, 160 pp. $32.98.

Social Dance Instruction: Steps to Success
2nd Edition
Judy Patterson Wright
Offers both educational and entertaining exercises for teaching students to dance, including lesson plan materials, sketches, and many useful tips. Focuses on Swing, Fox-Trot, Waltz, Polka, and American and Latin versions of Cha-Cha. 151 pp. $28.95.

Thoinot Arbeau
Classic treatise on 16th century dances and dance music. 266 pp. $19.95.

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