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Apollo's Angels: A History of BalletApollo's Angels: A History of Ballet
Jennifer Homans
Ballet is a unique art form. Without written texts or standardized notation, it's principles are passed down through generations from teacher to student. As such, it's style has been shaped by the Renaissance and Classicism, the Enlightenment and Romanticism, Bolshevism, Modernism, and the Cold War. Apollo's Angels is a groundbreaking work -- the first cultural history of ballet ever written, lavishly illustrated and beautifully told. Hardcover, 643 pp. $40.00.

Ballets Russes Style
Mary E. Davis
A handbook to the extravagantly amazing world of the Ballets Russes. With previously unpublished images and memorabilia, Ballets Russes Style reveals for the first time the full extent of the ensembles influence on haute couture. Softcover, 256 pp. $34.95.

Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical BalletAdvanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet

John White
Designed for teachers, company directors, and advanced dancers, this instructive guide explores the importance of disciplined dancing, choreography, acting, conditioning, and performance. Staying true to the Russian Academy of Ballet pedagogy he has taught for forty years, White's writing style is as straightforward as his unyielding insistence on excellence. Softcover, 184 pp. $34.50.

Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching
Rory Foster
There are many different methods of teaching classical ballet, all of which are effective tools for presenting the art and technique. However, knowing how to use these tools successfully requires more than being a devotee of the technique -- it also requires mastering various skills. In Ballet Pedagogy, Rory Foster shares his extensive knowledge of how to teach rather than focusing exclusively on what to teach. Designed as both a manual for beginning teachers and a reference for experienced instructors, this book is appropriate for followers of any single methodology as well as those who have adopted a more eclectic approach to technique. Softcover, 150 pp. $35.00.

On Technique
Dean Speer
In this fascinating book, Dean Speer has collected the reflections of seventeen of the world's most respected ballet masters, principals, and artistic directors, all of whom are asked to comment on dance technique as well as various other aspects of the art form. Their ideas provide an unparalleled glimpse into the hearts and minds of world-class artists at the top of their game. Hardcover, 205 pp. $37.50.

Behind the Scenes at Boston BalletBehind the Scenes at Boston Ballet

Christine Temin
In this unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the life of a company, former Boston Globe dance critic Christine Temin and photographer Wally Gilbert present a compelling portrait of Boston Ballet. Their evocative prose and penetrating photography turn the spotlight on all the elements -- from toe shoes and costumes to rehearsals and revenue -- that come together (or fall apart) in a season. Hardcover, 188 pp. $47.50.

Ballerina: A Step-by-step Guide to BalletBallerina: A Step-by-step Guide to Ballet

Jane Hackett
From first position to pirouettes, from makeup to mime, this book is a practical introduction to the world of ballet for all budding ballerinas. Stunning step-by-step photography shot at the English National Ballet School, and clear, concise text illustrate and explain basic steps, with advanced versions to inspire young dancers. The accompanying DVD shows many of the steps in action, and also features two complete dances. Hardcover, 79 pp. $19.99.

Betty Oliphant: The Artistry of TeachingBetty Oliphant: The Artistry of Teaching

Nadia Potts & Rhona Ryman
Betty Oliphant, one of the world's great teachers, spent five years recording her unique approach to ballet training in collaboration with Nadia Potts. Descriptions of the classes are accompanied by Rhonda Ryman's DanceForms figures, which serve to clearly illustrate the excercises. Peppered throughout are Oliphant's views, observations and insights about teaching, along with a collection of intriguing images. Coil bound, 267 pp. $60.00.

Classes in Classical Ballet: A Book for Teachers and DancersClasses in Classical Ballet: A Book for Teachers and Dancers

Asaf Messerer
This new edition of the great Asaf Messerer's groundbreaking manual of classical ballet brings the master dancer, choreographer, and teacher's classes and methods to a new generation of ballet teachers, students, and devoted fans. Originated at the famed Bolshoi school, where Messerer taught the classe de perfection, six classes are presented here with careful notation. A photo gallery of Bolshoi artists in performance, an illustrated biographical sketch of Messerer's career, and a complete list of his credits round out the book. Softcover, 494 pp. $24.95.

The Ballet BookThe Ballet Book
Darcey Bussell
Join Darcy Bussell, principal ballerina with London's Royal Ballet, and Royal Ballet School teacher Patricia Linton in this fully illustrated guide to the magical world of ballet. Included are step-by-step instructions on getting started, basic positions, pas de deux, classical poses, arabesques, pirouettes, jumps, and performances. Softcover, 64 pp. $8.99.

Pas de Deux: The Art of PartneringPas de Deux: The Art of Partnering
Anton Dolin
The finest, most elegant partnering in ballet is rarely noticed: its very essence is to concentrate attention on the ballerina -- who soars gracefully through the air, serenely landing with ease -- so that the audience accepts the illusion of weightlessness and spirituality. This book explores an essential part of the classical ballet, unappreciated by all but the most knowledgeable ballet-goers and often neglected in ballet teaching. This classic of ballet literature is an essential guide for dancers and teachers. Softcover, 61 pp. $7.50.

The Ballet CompanionThe Ballet Companion

Eliza Gaynor Minden
The Ballet Companion is a fresh, comprehensive, and thoroughly up-to-date reference book for the dancer. This elegant volume brims with everything today's dance student needs including: practical advise for getting started, explanations of ballet fundamentals and major training systems, guidelines for safe, healthy dancing through a sensible diet, injury prevention, and cross-training, and much more. Hardcover, 331 pp. $41.00.

On PointeOn Pointe: Basic Pointe Work: Beginner - Low Intermediate
Maria Thalia & Janice Barringer
Dancing on pointe is part of the art of academic classical ballet. It is the ultimate in technical attainment for the female ballet dancer. However, if a dancer is trained improperly, deformed toes, painful bunion joints, and nagging backaches can result. This excellent manual demystifies the process of dancing on pointe, with detailed instruction and honest advice for dancers, teachers, and parents. Softcover, 132 pp. $29.95.

Ballet for BeginnersBallet for Beginners
Marie-Laure Medova
A fully illustrated guide for young ballerinas. Includes all basic positions and movements, as well as terms and a description of the life of a dancer. Softcover, 112 pp. $11.95.

Ballet Beyond TraditionBallet Beyond Tradition
Anna Paskevska
For nearly a century, the training of ballet and modern dancers has followed two different paths. Ballet Beyond Tradition seeks to reconcile this age old conflict and bring a new awareness to ballet teachers of the importance of a holistic training regimen that draws on the best that modern dance and movement-studies have to offer. Softcover, 187 pp. $27.95.

The Cecchetti Method of Classical BalletThe Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet: Theory and Technique
Cyril W. Beaumont & Stanislas Idzikowski
This dance classic presents a complete beginning course in classical ballet. The text is accompanied by 109 line drawings, showing positions and movements of the body in detail and offering ballet lovers a perfect guide to the basics of classical ballet. Softcover, $16.50.

Ballet: From the First Plie to MasteryBallet: From the First Plie to Mastery - An Eight Year Course
Anna Paskevska
This step-by-step guide was designed as a complement to a beginning student's - or beginning teacher's - ballet training. Clear photographys show exactly how to execute each movement, and the book also includes a glossary, bibliography and discography. Softcover, $25.95.

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100 Lessons in Classical Ballet
Vera S Kostrovitskaya
The indispensable textbook of the Leningrad school of dancing. 400 pages. $18.95.

Ballet Basics
Sandra Noll Hammond
4th edition. Provides basic instruction for ballet technique and conditioning and gives both a history of ballet and a guide for evaluating and appreciating balled performance. 195 pages. $49.95

Ballet for Beginners
Marie-Laure Medova
A fully illustrated guide for young ballerinas. Includes all basic positions and movements, as well as terms and a description of the life of a dancer. 112 pages. $11.95.

Basic Principles of Classical Ballet: Russian Ballet Technique
Agrippina Vaganova
A fundamental theory book, complete with diagrams and explanations of all the principles of ballet. $12.95.

Classical Ballet Technique
Gretchen Ward Warren
"... an invaluable guide for students, teachers and ballet lovers. It not only covers the broad spectrum of ballet vocabulary, but also gives sound advice to aspiring dancers. ...a major achievement." Merrill Ashley, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet 395 pages. $49.95.

Classical Dance, Volume Two
Grazioso Cecchetti
The second volume of Cecchetti's ascetic and scientific teaching principles explores allegro exercises, pointe work and turns, exercises in turns, enchainements, variations, the progrms and a glossary of dance terms. Accompanied by the author's original sketches. Volume One is out of print. 143 pages. $34.95.

Inside Ballet Technique
Valerie Grieg
An introduction to natural anatomical laws that govern human movement and body mechanics in relation to acquiring ballet technique. 126 pages. $25.95.

Ryman's Dictionary of Classical Ballet Terms
Rhonda Ryman
A dictionary tailored for busy professionals, this book is an easy to use guide for day-to-day work in the dance studio. 211 pages. $24.95.

Step-by-Step Ballet Class
Royal Academy
From the basic positions of the feet to exercises for the most advanced grades, this book is the essential guide for everyone interested in learning ballet. Instructions are complimented by over 225 illustrations. 144 pages. $34.99

Technical Manual & Dictionary of Classical Ballet
Gail Grant
3rd revised edition. Fully describes and defines over 1100 ballet steps, movements, poses and concepts. An invaluable aid to students and teachers. 139 pages. $7.50.

The Art of Teaching Ballet
Gretchen Ward Warren
An entertaining and enlightening mix of personal anecdotes and detailed techniques, capturing the philosophies, training methods and classroom presence of ten ballet masters. 386 pages. $36.95.

The Language of Ballet: A Dictionary
Thalia Mara
Reprint 01/96. Concise, easy-to-understand definitions of common ballet terms, including phonetic pronunciation for all foreign words. 100 line drawings show clearly how movements are to be executed. Written for dancers age 7 and up. 120 pages. $18.95.

The Pointe Book: Revised Edition
Janice Barringer
Co-authored with Sarah Schlesinger. A discussion of the various proven methods of teaching the basics of pointe, as well as providing information of maintenance, fitting and preparation. Included as well is information on the foot's anatomy, of the pointe shoe and pointe-related injuries and remedies. 186 pages. $21.95.

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