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Screenwriting for Television

How to Write for TelevisionHow to Write for Television
Revised and Updated Edition
Madeline DiMaggio
In this guide for every student of the small screen and every scriptwriter dreaming of breaking into the business, writer-producer Madeline DiMaggio hands you the tools of the trade. With dozens of examples from today's hit shows, as well as perennial classics, DiMaggio walks readers through the scriptwriting process, from learning how to watch TV like a writer, to developing your script, pitching it, and eventually sealing the deal. Softcover, 323 pp. $18.99.

Gardner's Guide to TV Sitcom Writing: The Writer's Road Map

Marilyn Webber
This book is for beginners, but it's also for seasoned writers looking for a new medium. This Writer's Road Map reveals everything you need to know to turn your humorous ideas into a saleable TV sitcom pilot or sample spec script for an existing show. Readers will learn what makes an idea saleable, how to develop a story or series idea, and how to pitch it to network execs. Softcover, 208 pp. $33.95.

Small Screen, Big PictureSmall Screen, Big Picture

Chad Gervich
This inside the business guide fives you the knowledge and toll you need to infiltrate Hollywood and land a job as a TV writer. Softcover, 430 pp. $18.95.


The TV Writer's WorkbookThe TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach to Television Scripts

Ellen Sandler
In this unique guide, television writer and producer Ellen Sandler shares the trade secrets she learned while writing for hit shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and Coach. She offers concrete advice on everything from finding a story to getting hired on a current series. Softcover, 286 pp. $19.95.

Crafty TV WritingCrafty TV Writing

Alex Epstein
Alex Epstein provides essential knowledge about the entire process of television writing, both for beginners and for professionals who want to go to the next level. Crafty TV Writing describes the best ways to generate a hook, write an episode, create characters the audience will never tire of, contsruct entertaining dialogue, and use humour. Fresh, funny, and informed, Crafty TV Writing is the essential guide to writing for and flourishing in the world of television. Softcover, 325 pp. $20.00.

The Eight Characters of ComedyThe Eight Characters of Comedy: A Guide to Sitcom Acting and Writing

Scott Sedita
This is a 'how-to' guide for actors and writers who want to break into the world of situation comedy. Renowned acting coach Scott Sedita will teach you how to break down a comedy script, identify different types of jokes and deliver them with comedic precision. You will learn about sitcom history, specific sitcom auditioning techniques and how to market yourself in this competitive industry. Softcover, 243 pp. $25.95.

Television Writing From the Inside OutTelevision Writing From the Inside Out
Your Channel to Success

Larry Brody
Television Writing From the Inside Out presents all that Larry Brody has learned about writing, selling, and surviving in the television industry. The best-kept secret in show business has been that it is a business. Anyone who reads this book will be armed with Brody's knowledge and have a significant edge as they set out to conquer this fascinating field. Softcover, 336 pp. $25.95.

Writing SitcomsWriting Sitcoms
John Byrne & Marcus Powell
In this book, successful sitcom wirters John Byrne and Marcus Powell break down the complicated process of developing an idea into a winning sitcom. With chapters devoted to concept, characters and plot through to proposals, commissioning and production, Writing Sitcoms covers every aspect needed for success. Softcover, 171 pp. $24.95.

Successful Television WritingSuccessful Television Writing
Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin
If you're looking for the perfect book about writing for television, look no further than Successful Television Writing. Inside you'll find practical and honest advice, from working professionals, about how to establish and maintain a career as a television writer. Whether you're writing for comedy or for drama, this book will guide you through the entire process -- from outline to re-writes and everything in between. Softcover, 209 pp. $24.95.

Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV ProductionTeaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production
Mark Readman
With everything from a glossary of fundamental term and concepts, right up to detailed formatting information, this practical guide provides everything that you need to introduce scriptwriting to your students, and establishes the basis for a high standard of coursework for Film and Media Studies. Softcover, 77 pp. $37.95.

Television & Screen WritingTelevision and Screen Writing: From Concept to Contract
Fourth Edition
Richard A Blum
Now in its fourth edition, Television and Screen Writing: From Concept to Contract is a classic resource for students and professionals in screenwriting and television writing. This book will teach you how to become a creative and marketable writer in every professional arena ñ including major studios, production companies, networks, cable and pay TV, animation, and interactive programs. Specific techniques and script samples for writing high-quality and producible ìspecî scripts for theatrical motion pictures, the sitcom series, one-hour dramatic series, longform television, soaps, talk show, variety, animation, interactive and new media are provided. Television and Screen Writing: From Concept to Contract, Fourth Edition also offers a fully detailed examination of the current marketplace, and distinct strategies for marketing your scripts, from registering and copyrighting the script to signing with an agent. $49.95.

Writing Television ComedyWriting Television Comedy
Jerry Rannow
A humorous and eye-opening insider's view of the process of conceiving, writing, and marketing a winning TV sitcom. Includes lists of agents, contacts and organizations. $23.95.

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