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Playwriting Master ClassPlaywriting Master Class
Michael Wright
8 playwrights share their process and inspiration in this most valuable of books on the art and craft of playwrighting. Softcover, 312 pp. $22.95.


The Dramatists Guild Resource Directory 2011The Dramatists Guild Resource Directory 2011

Dramatists Guild
The official annual reference of the Dramatists Guild of America for playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists. Softcover, 198 pp. $22.95.


The Secret Life of Plays

Steve Waters
Acclaimed playwright Steve Waters offers a much needed forray into the art of playwrighting with a witty, insightful and fascinating look into what makes plays live and breath. Softcover, 210 pp. $32.95.

How Plays Work

David Edgar
Written for playwrights and playgoers alike, David Edgar's analysis starts with the building blocks of whole plays -- plot, character-creation, genre and structure -- and moves on to scenes and devices. He shows how plays share a common architecture without which the uniqueness of their authors' vision would be invisible. In all, this is a masterclass in the art of playwrighting. Softcover, 220 pp. $27.95.

Strange Bedfellows Strange Bedfellows

Howard Richler
Investigating the "private lives of words", Howard Richler exposes the often louche baggage that many words have accumulated throughout the centuries. Discover how "exuberant" used to mean "luxuriantly fertile" and derives originally from "overflowing udders." Learn how words such as "avocado" and "porcelain" have past associations with some of the nether regions of the body that have been conveniently forgotten by the lovers of fruit and fine china. With over two hundred select words to uncover, readers will be surprised and delighted by the unexpected liaisons in Strange Bedfellows. Softcover, 161 pp. $19.95.

The Play that Changed my LifeThe Play that Changed my Life

Ben Hodges
What was the play that changed your life? What was the play that inspired you; that showed you something entirely new; that was so thrilling or surprising, breathtaking or poignant, that you were never the same? Nineteen gifted playwrights respond in this revealing and personal book about their experiences with the transformative power of theatre. Softcover, 173 pp. $22.95.

The Greek PlaywrightThe Greek Playwright

Clem Martini
At the same time an examination into the craft of playwrighting and an exploration of the techniques, works, and context of the ancient Greek dramatists, The Greek Playwright is an informative and entertaining study of what it means to tell stories on the stage. Softcover, 135 pp. $19.95.

The Elements of PlaywritingThe Elements of Playwriting

Louis E. Catron
For focusing on the concept of "stageworthiness", this book shows you how to avoid common playwriting pitfalls, such as treating a play as literature or being overinfluenced by cinematic writing. Examples from classical and modern plays are included throughout, as are exercises for sharpening and developing your skills. A valuable guide for both the novice and advanced playwright. Softcover, $19.95.

The Power of One: The Solo Play for Playwrights, Actors, and DirectorsThe Power of One: The Solo Play for Playwrights, Actors, and Directors

Louis E. Catron
Louis Catron offers an outstanding guide for playwrights, actors, and directors who are interested in working in this form. He demonstrates techniques of writing, acting, and directing that encourage the reader to create a personal theatrical experience, whether a full-length play or one as short as a one-act. Softcover, 230 pp. $22.95.

So You Want To Be A Playwright?So You Want To Be A Playwright?

Tim Fountain
Directly adedressing the reader as a fellow writer, Tim Fountain guides you, the aspiring playwright, over the many hurdles that must be cleared - from finding a story that only you know, through the detailed construction of the play, act by act, scene by scene, draft by draft, and on to the many strategies that can help to get it onto the stage. Softcover, 131 pp. $24.95.

Practical PraywritingPractical Praywriting

Leroy Clark
Practical Playwriting: A Guide for the Stage leads the reader through the process of creating a stage-worthy script. Looking at the practical realities of today's theatre, Leroy Clark -- a renowned teacher, writer, and director -- provides sound advice to help develop character, plot, and dialogue. Softcover, 275 pp. $21.95.

Writing Musical TheaterWriting Musical Theatre
Allen Cohen & Steven J. Rosenhaus
This complete guide to writing the modern musical explains the entire process of creating a show, from finding and working out the initial idea, through the writing of both songs and libretto, to the ways in which writers can market a finished show and get it produced. Written in an engaging and accessible style, it is an essential resource for serious professionals and anyone else looking to understand how a musical is written. As veterans of numerous professional productions, Cohen and Rosenhaus provide readers with an inside look at the exciting world of Broadway musical theatre. Hardcover, 290 pp. $43.95.

Words at PlayWords at Play: Creative Writing and Dramaturgy
Felicia Hardison Londre
In this encompassing and accessible introduction to dramaturgy, Felicia Hardison Londre promotes the dramaturgical essay as both an art form and a method for improving creative writing skills. Words at Play includes Londre's essays on plays produced at several regional professional theatre companies interspersed with instructive examples for writing more clearly, economically, and compellingly. A groundbreaking compilation of dramaturgical essays combined with practical writing tips, Words at Play is a valuable tool for aspiring dramaturgs, critics, and directors that will appeal to theatregoers as well. Softcover, 249 pp. $40.50.

To Be a PlaywrightTo Be a Playwright
Janet Neipris
Published playwright and renowned educator Janet Neipris has written a lively and informative guide to the art of playwriting. Consisting of a carefully considered series of essays, this book is packed with practical insights and personal wisdom which together will prove invaluable to both novice and veteran playwrights. Essential reading not only for writers, but for all people who love good theatre. Softcover, 241 pp. $23.95.

Playwriting: The Structure of ActionPlaywriting: The Structure of Action
Sam Smiley
Revised for a new generation of playwrights and screenwriters, this classic guide provides the principles of effective dramatic writing. Playwrights and screenwriters will discover these essential principles and acquire the tools to put them to use. No writer, director, critic, or teacher concerned with dramatic writing should be without this intelligent and inspiring guide. Softcover, 324 pp. $27.95.

Playwriting: A Practical GuidePlaywriting: A Practical Guide
Noel Greig
This collection of practical exercises can be used in a wide variety of contexts: as a step-by-step guide for the individual playwright, as a handy resource for a teacher or workshop leader, or as a stimulus for a group-devised play. All the exercises can be adapted for the specific context. This is the ideal handbook for anyone who engages with playwriting and who is concerned with bringing a story to life. Softcover, 204 pp. $35.50.

The Crafty Art of PlaymakingThe Crafty Art of Playmaking
Alan Ayckbourn
With over 60 plays written and performed, Alan Ayckbourn's expertise in writing and directing plays is unsurpassed. For the first time, here in The Crafty Art of Playmaking, he shares all his tricks of the trade. From helpful hints on writing to tips on directing, the book provides a complete primer for the tyro and a refresher for the more experienced. Softcover, 173 pp. $22.00.

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Birth of a BookwormBirth of a Bookworm
Michel Tremblay
Michel Tremblay takes the reader on a tour of the books that have had a formative influence on the birth and early development of his creative imagination. This unique book takes us into the mind of an author reacting to the magic of stories, and discovering his own need to tell them anew, with the fresh, contemporary sensibility of his own time, place and circumstance. Softcover, 192 pp. $18.95.

Solving Your Script
Solving Your Script: Tools and Techniques for the Playwright
Jeffrey Sweet
In this book by the author of The Dramatist's Toolkit, Jeffrey Sweet shares all of the secrets that have helped him to write his extraordinary award-winning plays and screenplays. Based on the program that he teaches at New York's Actors Studio, this helpful guide is a must for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to write for stage, film, and television. Softcover, 226 pp., $23.95.

Teaching Young Playwrights

Gerald Chapman
A book for teachers of writing, regardless of their theatrical experience. Informative and accessible, it aims to get rid of many of the fears teachers and students feel whenthey are faced with the prospect of revealing themselves as completely as playwrighting demands. $20.95.

Playwrights in RehearsalPlaywrights in Rehearsal
Susan Letzler Cole
Playwrights in Rehearsal vividly depicts both the pleasures and the tensions of playwrights working in the company of actors, dramaturgs, and directors. In this revealing book we see eight playwrights responding to the questions and dealing with the anxieties of their collaborations. As we watch and listen, and these writers watch and listen, plays come to life. $41.95.

Writing Your First Play
Second Edition
Roger A Hall
Writing Your First Play provides the beginning playwright with the tools and motivation to tell a story through dramatic form. Based in a series of exercises which gradually grow more complex, the books helps the reader to understand the basic elements of drama, conflict, and action. The exercises help the reader to become increasingly sophisticated in the use of dramatic formats, turning simple ideas into a viable play. $33.50.

David Mamet in ConversationDavid Mamet in Conversation
Edited by Leslie Kane
When asked what epitaph he'd write for himself, David Mamet replied "I told you that you were going to miss me." "David Mamet In Conversation" is a collection of interviews between Mamet and other writers and reporters on topics ranging from epitaphs to myth to public image to politics to Hugh Hefner. Mamet's intelligence and good humour make the book delightfully entertaining -- and it accomplishes the most difficult of tasks: it makes you want to read the rest of his work. Softcover, $27.95

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