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Digital Compositing for Film and VideoDigital Compositing for Film and Video
Steve Wright
High on the reading list of top digital effects facilities such as ILM, and used as a textbook in colleges and training institutes as well, Digital Compositing for Film and Video addresses real-world problems of digital compositing with an elegant blend of theory and practical production methods. Softcover, 490 pp. $65.95.

Film EditingFilm Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know

Gael Chandler
Composing shots with your camera is one thing; making dynamic and coherent cuts is another thing altogether. This excellent book is your 'must have' cheat sheet for making the cuts editors use to create memorable movies. Fantastic for filmmakers, students, moviegoers, or anyone who wants to discover how cuts affect the viewer and the movie's story. Softcover, 193 pp. $37.95.

Avid EditingAvid Editing

Fourth Edition
Sam Kauffman
Master the Avid and at the same time improve your overall editing technique and workflow. Through step-by-step instruction for hundreds of editing tasks and concepts with the Avid software, this book addresses general editing techniques, principles, and pitfalls, while also guiding you through the ins and outs of the Avid editing systems. Although the focus is on Media Composer, coverage spans all Avid systems including Avid Xpress Pro HD, Xpress Pro, and Xpress DV. Softcover, 378 pp. $59.95.

Grammar of the EditGrammar of the Edit

Second Edition
Roy Thompson & Christopher J. Bowen
This book takes you from the basic vocabulary of editing, to knowing when to cut (and why), to transitions, and finally to good working practices. Designed as an user-friendly reference, each topic is covered succinctly and is accompanied by clear photographs and diagrams that illustrate the key concepts presented in the book. Simple, elegant, and easy to use, Grammar of the Edit is a staple of any filmmaker's library. Softcover, 212 pp. $23.95.

Colour Correction for VideoColor Correction for Video

Second Edition
Steve Hullfish & Jaime Fowler
Colour has the power to propel your story along and deliver critical emotional cues to the viewer. This book teaches you how harness the power of colour correction -- no matter what NLE or plug-in you use -- and add impact to your film or video. Detailed tutorials and clear explanations demystify the vagaries of colour correction throughout this indispensible book. Softcover, 279 pp. $59.95.

Fix it in Post: Solutions for Postproduction ProblemsFix it in Post: Solutions for Postproduction Problems

Jack James
Fix it in Post provides an array of concise solutions to the wide variety of problems encountered in the post process. With an application-agnostic approach, it gives proven, step-by-step methods to solving the most frequent postproduction problems. Also included is access to a free companion website, featuring application-specific resolutions to the problems presented, with fixes for working in Apple's Final Cut Studio suite, Avid's Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as other applications. Softcover, 236 pp. $47.95.

The Technique of Film EditingThe Technique of Film Editing
Second Edition
Karel Reisz & Gavin Miller
This perennial classic is more than a conventional textbook. It bases its arguments on practical examples -- excerpts from famous films analyzed by, or with the help of, the makers. It avoids hard-and-fast rules but states the problems as they arrive in practice and proceeds from there. The Technique of Film Editing is an absolute must-read for filmmakers, no matter what your post-production platform or workflow. Softcover, 345 pp. $59.95.

Video ShooterVideo Shooter

Second Edition
Barry Braverman
As apprenticeships in the industry have largely disappeared, aspiring shooters and film students have had to seek alternative sources for training and guidance. In Video Shooter, you will find a master teacher offering perceptive lessons with a healthy dose of inspiration; these pages are as close to a living and breathing mentor as you can get in a printed form. Softcover, 286 pp. $53.95.

Introduction to Media ProductionIntroduction to Media Production
Fourth Edition
Robert B. Musburger & Gorham Kindem
This book provides aspiring media producers with a comprehensive guide to production, helping you to understand the entire process of media creativity, beginning with the conception of an idea and audience considerations, through the preproduction, production, and postproduction processes, and finally to distribution. Softcover, 509 pp. $59.95.

The Technique of Film and Video EditingThe Technique of Film and Video Editing

Fourth Edition
Ken Dancyger
The Technique of Film & Video Editing contains the best training for aspiring directors and editors, providing a detailed, precise look at the artistic and aesthetic principles and practices of editing for both picture and sound. A comprehensive history of editing is accomplished through analyses of photographs from dozens of classic and contemporary films and videos. This book puts into context the storytelling choices an editor will have to make against a background of theory, history and practice. Softcover, 484 pp. $48.95.

Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera TrackingMatchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking

Tim Dobbert
Written by the matchmove supervisor at a leading effects studio, this book is much more than a technical primer. It helps you think like a pro so that you find the right solutions for your matchmoves, no matter how tricky. You'll also find coverage of tasks that commonly go hand-in-hand with matchmoves. Softcover, 273 pp. $69.95.

Fine Cuts: The Art of European Film Editing Fine Cuts: The Art of European Film Editing
Roger Crittendon
Roger Crittenden reveals the experiences of many of the greatest living European film editors through his warm and perceptive interviews which offer a unique insight into the art of editing -- direct from masters of the craft. Softcover, 400 pp. $48.95.


First Cut: Conversations with Film EditorsFirst Cut: Conversations with Film Editors
Gabriella Oldham
First Cut allows readers to learn what film editing really is, and to learn from the source. Gabriella Oldham's interviews with 23 award-winning film editors give a complete picture of the complex art and craft of editing a film. Filled with animated anecdotes and detailed examples, this is the first book to provide a comprehensive treatment of both documentary and feature film editing. Softcover, 415 pp. $28.95.

On Film EditingOn Film Editing
Edward Dmytryk
Editing is fundamental to the art of filmmaking. Edward Dmytryk's classic treatise On Film Editing is full of practical advice and creative ideas to help stimulate the minds of any burgeoning filmmaker. Directors and editors, in particular, will benefit from Dmytryk's lifetime worth of experience, distilled, as it is here, into one lucidly written book. The principles of film editing are explained in clear and concise language, using examples from well-known works. Softcover, 148 pp. $52.95.

Cut By Cut: Editing Your Film or VideoCut By Cut: Editing Your Film or Video
Gael Chandler
This authoritative guide is a complete examination of both the techniques and principles of film and video editing. No matter what platform you use to edit, or what skill level you are at, this book will help you to become a better editor. With 50 information-packed tables and forms, over 100 original illustrations and photos, and an up-to-date glossary and resource guide, Cut By Cut is indispensable. Softcover, 375 pp. $49.95.

British Film EditorsBritish Film Editors
Roy Perkins & Martin Stollery
The contributions of film editors have long been overlooked or simply not understood. In British Film Editors, the craftmen and craftswomen convey, in their own words, the nature of their elusive art. By focusing exclusively on film editing, this book offers an alternative history of cinema, both highly readable and thoroughly fascinating. Softcover, 248 pp. $41.95.

The Eye is QuickerThe Eye is Quicker: Film Editing -- Making a Film Better
Richard D. Pepperman
The principles, methods, and strategies vital to the creative art of film editing are de-mystified in this illuminating and practical "how-to" guide. Richard D. Pepperman's vibrant approach, supplemented by a multitude of carefully chosen illustrations, will be of much interest to editors, directors, screenwriters, as welle as anyone who wants to better understand the elusive craft of film editing. Softcover, 249 pp. $41.95.

Film Editing: The Art of the ExpressiveFilm Editing: The Art of the Expressive
Valerie Orpen
Those curious about the expressive power of film editing will find much of interest in this fascinating book. Scorsese's Raging Bull, Hitchcock's Rear Window, and Godard's A Bout de Souffle are each closely scrutinized with an aim towards explaining how each film raises editing from the level of mere technique to that of art. A lucid and informative introduction to the subject. Softcover, 138 pp. $29.95.

The ConversationsThe Conversations
Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film
Michael Ondaatje

"The Conversations should be required reading for every aspiring writer -- and anyone else involved in learning to shape a work of art." Devin Crawley, Quill and Quire.

The Conversations is filled with stories about how some of the most important movies of the last thirty years were made and about the people who brought them to the screen. It traces the artistic growth of Murch, as well as his friends and contemporaries -- including directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Fred Zinneman and Anthony Minghella -- from the creation of the independent, anti-Hollywood Zoetrope by a handful of brilliant, bearded young men to the recent triumph of Apocalypse Now Redux. Among the films Murch has worked on are American Graffiti, The Conversation, the re-release of A Touch of Evil, Julia, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather (all three), The Talented Mr. Ripley, and The English Patient. Michael Ondaatje is the award-winning author of numerous books, including In the Skin of the Lion, The English Patient, and Anil's Ghost.

"Ondaatje has always written like a filmmaker -- by composing scenes, then later knitting them together in the editing stage. For Ondaatje, editing can be as creative as the first impulse to get something down on paper or film. And Murch, too, makes it clear he can have just as much input to the finished film as the director, if not more; he's dealing with imagery patterns, and attempts to express the deep structures of a created work. Both are kindred spirits who share their delight in the artistic process, and the fact that tearing a work of art apart frequently makes it better." Quill & Quire.

In the Blink of an EyeIn the Blink of an Eye: Second Edition
Walter Murch
A vivid, multifaceted, thought provoking essay on film editing. Murch treats the reader to a marvelous ride through the aesthetics and practical concerns of cutting film. Softcover, $22.50.

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Cut To The ChaseCut To The Chase: 45 Years of Editing America's Favourite Movies
Sam O'Steen
Sam O'Steen has worked on some of the best and most innovative of our times, including The Graduate, Chinatown and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? World-renowned for his talent and smarts, and highly respected by his colleagues, O'Steen tells it all in this book, from his humble beginnings to the best (and worst) experiences with directors, cast members, and in the editing room. A highly entertaining read for anyone interested in the movies, and chock-full of valuable insight for the wanna-be editor. Softcover, 249 pp., $36.95.

Editing and Post ProductionEditing and Postproduction Screencraft
Declan McGrath
Fourth in the popular Screencraft series, Editing & Post-Production examines, through example, the craft of cutting and how films are created in the cutting room. Fifteen internationally-acclaimed editors discuss their work in film, revealing fascinating anecdotes and tricks of the trade, as well as the impact recent video technology has had on their profession. From the technical aspects of selecting takes, viewing the rushes, setting up the cutting room and creating efficient systems to the relationships involved with the script itself, the composer, the producer and the director, this beautifully designed book is an intriguing insight into the role of the editor and the post-production team. It will inspire professionals, students, and movie buffs alike. Large-format softcover, $60.95.

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