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Digital Editing

Digital Moviemaking 3.0Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Scott Billups
If you want another beginner's book about "how to make a movie," don't waste your time here. This totally revised and updated 3rd edition is geared to professionally minded film and videomakers who are stone-cold serious about their careers. Digital industry pioneer Scott Billups not only "talks the talk," but is out there on the cutting edge doing it first. Take his no-nonsense skinny and start producing results. Softcover, 216 pp. $28.95.

The Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro WorkflowThe Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro Workflow

Dale Angell
The Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro Workflow is the comprehensive roadmap to affordable postproduction workflow using Final Cut Pro, Cinema Tools, and Pro Tools. Illuminating workflow and the interrelationship of these software applications, it also focuses on cost-saving and efficiency, aiding low-budget, independent movie-makers as well as students trying to take their skills to the professional level. Author Dale Angell offers a practical guide to complete film postproduction workflow, describing low-cost workflow that can be used for 35mm film, high definition digital video, or DV/Red camera. Softcover, 244 pp. $39.95.

Digital Compositing for Film and VideoDigital Compositing for Film and Video

Second Edition
Steve Wright
Written by Steven Wright, a senior compositor and technical director with over 60 feature films and 70 television commercials to his production credits. It encapsulates years of production experience into an easy to read and highly informative book. Combining theory with practical production exercises, this book provides a phenomenal learning experience. Included is a DVD-ROM. Softcover, 451 pp. $70.50.

Digital Intermediates for Film and VideoDigital Intermediates for Film and Video
Jack James
This, the first comprehensive book on the cutting edge technology of the Digital Intermediate process, explains the fundamental concepts of the DI workflow as well as the repercussions DI will have on various professions within the industry. Author Jack James addresses the theory behind DI, as well as providing step-by-step explanation of the practice of DI. The addition of easy-reference tables makes this book ideal as a desktop reference for the practicing professional. Softcover, 560 pp. $63.95.

AVID EditingAVID Editing: A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users
Third Edition
Sam Kauffmann
In this third edition of his classic instructional guide, Sam Kauffmann demystifies all aspects of Avid Express Pro, Avid Express Pro HD, Avid Express DV, and Avid Media Composer. Suitable for beginning editors or experienced editors new to the Avid, the book provides step-by-step instructions for hundreds of editing tasks in jargon-free terms. However, more than just a software manual, this book explains important editing concepts, principles, and problems. Softcover, 421 pp. $63.95.

Nonlinear: A Field Guide To Digital Video & Film EditingNonlinear: A Field Guide To Digital Video & Film Editing
Michael Rubin
Now in its fourth edition, this up-to-date manual provides cross-platform instruction for nonlinear editing. Topics include: online and offline editing, post-production process, digital video compression and MPEG, telecine and 3:2 pulldown, DVD authoring and much, much more. A thorough and practical guide, Nonlinear is an indispensible read for the student as well as the professional. Softcover, 413 pp. $63.95.

Behind the SeenBehind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Final Cut Pro
Walter Murch
When Walter Murch elected to edit Anthony Minghella's film Cold Mountain using Apple's Final Cut Pro -- ostensibly a "consumer grade" editing program, as of yet unproven on a project of such scope and complexity -- many recognized a watershed event in cinema history. The options that this opens up to contemporary filmmakers are myriad. This is the story, both technical and anechdotal, of this significant step in the art of motion picture production. Softcover, 348 pp. $57.99.

Understanding Digital Cinema: A Professional HandbookUnderstanding Digital Cinema: A Professional Handbook
Charles S. Swartz
This textbook is a comprehensive resource on all aspects of finishing, distributing, and displaying film digitally. For technical professionals as well as non-technical decision makers, the book is a detailed exploration of every component of the process, from mastering to theatre management. Hardcover, $98.95.

DVD Authoring with DVD Studio Pro 2DVD Authoring with DVD Studio Pro 2
Jeff Warmouth
This instructional guide is an introduction to Apple DVD Studio Pro and the workflow involved in the creation of DVDs. Inside you'll find information covering the entire process of DVD production, including project planning, media encoding, menu design, testing, burning, and preparing discs for replication. This is a must-have reference for anyone who needs to produce high quality discs for distribution. Softcover, 464 pp. $67.95.

A Beginner's Guide to Digital VideoA Beginner's Guide to Digital Video
Peter Wells
This book lifts the lid on DV technology and its potential. It demystifies the jargon and cuts through technical hype, keeping its sights firmly fixed on the actual task of making a movie. Digital video production is addressed in a linear manner, taking the reader from initial concept to final production: from shooting, through editing, to finding an audience. Softcover, 144 pp. $29.95.

Teaching Digital Video ProductionTeaching Digital Video Production
Pete Fraser & Barney Oram
This practical guide provides a detailed introduction to teaching your students digital video production and establishes the basis for a high standard of coursework for Film or Media Studies. The guide demonstrates the importance of effective pre-production, gives advice on recent developments in digital video production and how practical work can be used to engage with key aspects of the media or film studies curriculum, with accessible reference to recent educational research. Softcover, 82 pp. $37.95.

Digital Video Editing with Final Cut ExpressDigital Video Editing with Final Cut Express
Charles Roberts
Suitable for those new to nonlinear editing as well as experienced editors new to Final Cut Express, this book is an introduction to Apple's editing software package and the digital format in general. Readers will learn in great detail the various editing tools that Final Cut Express has to offer as well as time-honored storytelling techniques that will help you become a better movie editor. Softcover, 448 pp. $44.95.

Editing with Final Cut Pro 4Editing with Final Cut Pro 4: An Intermediate Guide to Setup and Editing Workflow
Charles Roberts
This book will help you take your skills to the next level. If you're new to Final Cut Pro, you'll quickly master the software. If you're upgrading to version 4, you'll learn how to implement the new features into a solid workflow. Read this book and learn timeless editing concepts that make you a better editor, no matter what software you use in the future. Softcover, 467 pp. $59.95.

Digital Editing with Final Cut Pro 4Digital Editing with Final Cut Pro 4
Bruce Mamer & Jason Wallace
Digital Editing with Final Cut Pro 4
is a comprehensive guide to the art and technique of non-linear editing, complete with an intergrated DVD tutorial designed to help you start editing immediately. Whether you want to edit the most expensive commercial projects or simply tinker with home video footage, the systematic approach of this book supplies a wide range of insights on how to create professional work. Softcover, 331 pp. $44.95.

The Essential Digital Video HandbookThe Essential Digital Video Handbook
Pete May
If you've ever wanted to master the art of videography, then this is the ideal book for you. The Essential Digital Video Handbook will walk you through every step of the process, from buying the right equipment, to editing your footage. Author Pete May's sound advice and no-nonsense approach will help you achieve results that will impress your audience whether they're gathered in the family room or the corporate boardroom. Softcover, 191 pp. $44.00.

The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 4The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 4

Rick Young
In this highly visual instructional book, Rick Young shares his professional insight to ensure you get the most out of the professional tools Final Cut Pro 4 offers. With this book you can start cutting immediately, whatever you edit, whatever the format. Whether you are a professional editor new to non-linear editing, or a beginner with no editing experience, this is an ideal introduction to Final Cut Pro 4. Softcover, 221 pp. $29.95.

QuickTime for FilmmakersQuickTime for Filmmakers
Richard K. Ferncase
Distribution remains one of the most difficult aspects of filmmaking. "QuickTime" provides the most versatile and user-friendly architecture for creative packaging, distribution, and presentation. In addition, QuickTime for Filmmakers teaches QuickTime's other powerful features, such as editing and converting video, adding and editing soundtracks and using text in QT movies, compressing media, and preparing movies for http and RTSP streaming. Softcover, 328 pp. $59.95.

Video Color Correction for Nonlinear EditorsVideo Color Correction for Nonlinear Editors
A Step-by-Step Guide

Stuart Blake Jones
No matter what system or plug-ins you use, this practical guide will take you through the color correction process step by step, assuming no prior knowledge. Written by a master colorist, this book explains when certain types of color correction should be used and provides tips for acheiving specific visual effects. Softcover, 196 pp. $67.95.

Editing Digital VideoEditing Digital Video: The Complete Creative and Technical Guide
Robert B. Goodman and Patrick McGrath
Written by a pair of award-winning professionals, Editing Digital Video will put you on the fast-track towards cutting your videos like a seasoned editor. Within no time, you will be using timelines, jump-cuts, keys, mattes, titles, and bins like a pro. This practical and easy-to-use guide includes a CD-Rom with practice footage. Softcover, 361 pp. $63.95.

Digital Non-Linear Desktop EditingDigital Non-Linear Desktop Editing
Sonja Schenk
Although new digital technologies have advanced the editing process, many filmmakers and editors still find the prospect of going digital overwhelming. With the insights and practical techniques provided in this book, however, the transition will be smooth and efficient. Included is a CD-ROM with demos of many of the programs discussed in the book. Large-format softcover with CD-ROM, $74.95.

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Nonlinear EditingNonlinear Editing: Storytelling, Aesthetics & Craft
Bryce Button
Chock-full of provocative ideas, insights, resources, tools, and exercises, this book will serve as your virtual mentor inspiring you to making better decisions in the edit bay, and in your career. The companion CD-ROM offers a treasure trove of valuable software, image files, tools, utilities, fonts, filters, and sounds. Large-format softcover with CD-ROM, $77.95.

Video DemystifiedVideo Demystified: A Handbook For The Digital Engineer
Third Edition
by Keith Jack
This excellent textbook includes hundreds of black and white diagrams, accompanying the easy-to read text. Topics range from an introduction to analog vs. digital to an overview of NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats, to digital television. Perfect for beginners. Includes 2 CD-ROMs with design tools a fully searchable e-Book version of the text Softcover, $115.95.

Video EditingVideo Editing: A Post-Production Primer
Fourth Edition
by Steven E. Browne
The 4th edition of this popular book covers the new DTV formats and challenges, and offers exploration and explanation of industry processes. An indispensable reference book. Softcover, $57.95.

Video Editing and Post ProductionVideo Editing and Post Production: A Professional Guide
Fourth Edition
Gary H Anderson
Videotape Editing and Post-Production emphasizes the basic information that professionals need to acquire a practical, working knowledge of editing equipment and the post-production process. $60.95.

The AVID HandbookThe Avid Handbook: Techniques for the Avid Media Composer and Avid Xpress
Third Edition
Steve Bayes
The Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress and Avid Symphony are the most widely used nonlinear editing systems by professionals in the film and video industries. Based on his experience teaching countless seminars around the world on the Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony and Avid Xpress, Steve Bayes has written the most comprehensive manual for nonlinear digital editing on these Avid editing systems. This handbook is now revised throughout to reflect recent upgrades to these systems. The third editon covers Symphony 2.1, Media Composer 9.1 and Avid Xpress 3.1 as well as earlier versions. $65.95.

Editing Digital FilmEditing Digital Film: Integrating Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Media 100
Jamie Fowler
At long last, film and video editors are using the same systems to edit their projects, and Editing Digital Film is the guide to show them how to do it. This concise reference provides video and film editors familiar with the Avid, Media 100, and Final Cut Pro systems with crucial information they will need to edit on all three of these systems. In addition to showing film editors and directors working on DV projects how to edit for this new format, this text also clarifies the NLE process to those familiar with traditional film editing. $49.99.

Digital Nonlinear EditingDigital Nonlinear Editing: Editing Film and Video on the Desktop
Second Edition
Thomas A Ohanian
Nonlinear editing is the key topic in digital film and video today, and Digital Nonlinear Editing is the professional "bible" of the new era in post-production. The book details the procedural, creative, and technical fundamentals of editing moving images within a computer-based, interactive environment. Readers will understand not only what nonlinear editing is and how it works, but also how such systems can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as cost and time savings. $98.95.

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