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I, Maya Plisetkaya
I, Maya Plisetkaya
Maya Plisetskaya
The great Soviet dancer artfully reveals the odyssey of her life at The Bolshoi and around the world. She illuminates her world with honest descriptions of encounters with personalities ranging from Shostakovich and Nureyev to Sinatra and Kennedy. Hardcover, $57.95.


Jerome Robbins
Jerome Robbins: That Broadway Man
Christine Conrad

This is a personal view from a longtime friend, narrated in Robbins' own words culled from interviews over sixty years. A wonderful homage to the great "Broadway man." Accompanied by an extensive number of photos. Softcover, $15.99.

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers
50 Contemporary Choreographers
Martha Bremser
A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of today's most prominent choreographers. An invaluable reference source for al students and critics, dancers and general readers. $33.95.

Alvin Ailey: A Life in Dance
Jennifer Dunning
A moving story of a man who wove his life and culture into his dance, based on his personal journals and hundreds of interviews with those who knew him, including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Judith Jamison, Lena Horne, Katherine Dunham, Sidney Poitier and Dustin Hoffman. 468 pages. $26.50.

Chasing The Tale of Contemporary Dance
Carol Anderson
In this documentary, girl reporter covers the 9-day 1998 Canada Dance Festival, seeing everything, talking to everybody and writing it all down. This book is a valuable record of the state of the art at that moment. 125 pages. $19.99.


Chasing The Tale of Contemporary Dance, Pt. 2 - 19.99

Class Act: The Jazz Life of Choreographer Cholly Atkins
Cholly Atkins
Tells of Cholly Atkins boyhood and coming of age, his entry into the dance world of New York City, his performance triumphs and personal tragedies, and the career that won him gold records and a Tony for choreographing Black and Blue on Broadway. This is both an engaging biography and a rich cultural history. 260 pages. $41.95.

Dance Masters: Interviews with Legends of Dance
Janet Lynn Roseman
Interviews with: Edward Villella; Merce Cunningham; Mark Morris; Catherine Turocy; Alonzo King; Danny Grossman and Michael Smuin 183 pages. $32.95.

Days on Earth: The Dance of Doris Humphrey
Marcia B Siegel
Traces the career and artistic development of one of the founders of American modern dance. 333 pages. $32.95.

Done Into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America
Ann Daly
An exploration of Isadora Duncan's place in the socio-cultural context of her time, with relation to her association with feminism and her racial notion of "Americanness." 267 pages. $33.95.

Ecstasy and the Demon: Feminism and Nationalism in the Dances of Mary Wigman
Susan A. Manning
Manning explores Wigman's art and career against the backdrop of history and the broader cultural contexts of feminism and nationalism. This is an important addition to the genre of dance history. 353 pages. $32.95.

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Goddess: Martha Graham's Dancers Remember
Robert Tracy
A beautiful book of oral history about one of this century's greatest dancers and choreographers. Includes pieces by Merce Cunningham, Margot Fonteyn, Peggy Lyman, Rudolf Nureyev and many others. 338 pages. $53.95.

Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choreographer
Aline Gelinas
A collection of essays which pay tribute to Perreault's significant body of work 120 pages. $19.95.

Judy Jarvis Dance Artist
Carol Anderson

Karen Kain
Marcia Kaye
A simple telling of this prima ballerina's life story, illustrated with many photos. 48 pages. $12.95.

Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina
Maria Tallchief
Married to ballet choreographer George Balanchine, Maria Tallchief was the first prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet. This autobiography describes the life of Tallchief, an Osage Indian, and her rise to the top of American classical ballet. 351 pages. $28.95.

Merce Cunningham: Dancing in Space & Time
Richard Kostelanetz
A collection of writings by and about the choreographer, "including three classic essays by Cunningham as well as articles and reviews by Cage". 243 pages. $26.50.

Miss O: My Life in Dance
Betty Oliphant
Foreword by Mikhail Baryshnikov An honest memoir by the founder of Canada's National Ballet School. 271 pages. $26.95.

Moment of Light
Gordon Reeve
An intimate portrait of this world-renowned Canadian ballerina. $39.95.

My Life
Isadora Duncan
255 pages. $21.99.

Nijinsky, Pavlova, Duncan: 3 Lives In Dance
Paul Magriel, Editor
"Long out of print, the three beautiful columes contained here offer the modern reader a rare opportunity to see Vaslav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova and Isadora Duncan through the eyes of their contemporaries and admirers, and to share the excitement they were causing at the height of their careers." 85 pages. $25.50.

No Intermissions: The Life of Agnes de Mille
Carol Easton
The first comprehensive biography of the astonishing woman who almost singlehandedly pioneered the "American style" of dance, and who would be the first woman ever to direct a Broadway musical. 548 pages. $12.99

Prodigal Son: Dancing for Balanchine in a World of Pain and Magic
Edward Villella
An intimate and honest autobiography which traces Villella's life as a protege of George Balanchine. 317 pages. $28.95.

Secret Muses: The Life of Frederick Ashton
Julie Kavanagh
The detailed career biography of Ashton, Britain's greatest choreographer. 675 pages. Softcover, $24.99.

Shadowplay: The Life of Antony Tudor
Donna Perimutter
The story of one of the most uniquely creative choreographers of this century -- one who, without the solid base of a company like NYCB or the Royal Ballet, has remained still someone mysterious. 420 pages. $9.95.

The Dancer and the Dance
Merce Cunningham
Revised and updated, these conversations with this most unique of choreographic artists reveals and explains much about the man and his work, as well as his collaborations with Cage and Rauschenberg. 238 pages. $32.95.

The Dancer Who Flew: Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev
Linda Maybarduk
In this beautifully designed and produced book, a good friend presents the story of Rudolf Nureyev from her special perspective. Tracing the amazing journey, she leads the reader to understand the depth of his accomplishments, his inspirational effect on other dancers around the world, and, uniquely, the extent of his warmth and humanity as a friend. 180 pages. $28.99.

The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky
Vaslav Nijinsky
Joan Acocella, Ed. "These diaries, written in six weeks before Nijinsky's thirtieth birthday, give us the end of his brief life as a dancer, the beginning of his thirty years as amadman. They are instructive, unbearable, necessary texts, the shadow of a legend and the lineaments of an entranced shamanism which has become inseparable from our notion of genius, even of art." - Richard Howard. Softcover, $24.95

Toronto Dance Theatre: 1968-1998
Katherine Cornell
Co-authoured with Nadine Saxton. The story of the Toronto Dance Theatre, a journey of artistic triumphs, financial crises, and the struggle for creative freedom. 191 pages. $26.95.

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