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Theatre Design

World Scenography: 1975 -1990 World Scenography: 1975 -1990
McKinnon & Fielding
This is the first volume in a new series of books looking at significant stage design throughout the world since 1975. The object is to present designs that made a difference, designs that mattered, designs of influence. The current editors plan to do two more volumes documenting 1990-2005 and 2005-2015. they then hope that others will pick up the torch and prepare subsequent volumes each decade thereafter. Hardcover, 430 pp. $86.00.

Autocad for the Theatre Autocad for the Theatre
Pierre Dussol
This fully illustrated book is organized around a practical step-by-step project: the technical drawings for the set of a play titled "A Matter of Murder and Peerage in the Scottish Manor." By using Autocad to develop this project, you will learn computer-based techniques for 2D drafting as well as 3D modelling. By the end, you will have aquired skills suitable for a professional portfolio. Softcover, 350 pp. $54.95.

Fundamentals of Theatrical DesignFundamentals of Theatrical Design

Karen Brewster & Melissa Shafer
With clear and concise examples and hands-on exercises, this book illustrates the way in which the three major areas of theatrical design - scenery, costumes, and lighting are intrinsically linked. From beginning designers just starting out to experienced directors looking to gain exposure and advance their careers, anyone wiht an interest in theatrical design is sure to appreciate this book's unique approach. Softcover, 290 pp. $32.95.

Drama and DesireDrama and Desire: Art and Theatre from the French Revolution to the First World War

Guy Cogeval & Beatrice Avanzi
Not only did such masters as Jacques-Louis David, Paul Delaroche, Eugene Delacroix, and Gustav Courbet design costumes and sets for the theatre, working alongside playwrights and directors, but they also began to infuse their paintings with the artifice of the world of theatre. Published to coincide with the AGO exhibition of the same name, Drama and Desire investigates the symbiotic exchange between the imagery of the stage and that of painting. Hardcover, 407 pp. $93.00.

Making the SceneMaking the Scene: A History of Stage Design and Technology in Europe and the USA

Oscar G. Brockett, Margaret Mitchell & Linda Hardberger
Making the Scene offers an unprecedented survey of the evolving context, theory, and practice of scene design from ancient Greek times to the present, coauthored by the world's best-known authority on the subject and enhanced by three hundred full-colour illustrations. A stunning combination of compelling scholarship and exhaustive visual documentation. Hardcover, 365 pp. $106.95.

The Cambridge Introduction to ScenographyThe Cambridge Introduction to Scenography

Joslin McKinney & Philip Butterworth
Scenography -- the manipulation and orchestration of the performance environment -- is an increasingly popular and key area in performance studies. This book introduces the reader to the purpose, identity and scope of scenography and its theories and concepts. Settings and structures, light, projected images, sound, costumes and props are considered in relation to performing bodies, text, space and the role of the audience. Softcover, 237 pp. $30.95.

Rediscovering Mordecai Gorelik: Scene Design and the American TheatreRediscovering Mordecai Gorelik: Scene Design and the American Theatre

Anne Fletcher
This illuminating account explores the life and work of the pioneering scene designer whose career spanned decades in American theatre. Anne Fletcher's book draws intriguing parallels and contrasts between Gorelik's productions and the theatrical movements of the twentieth century, exposing the indelible mark he left on the theatre world. Softcover, 258 p. $52.50.

Risking the VoidRisking the Void: The Scenography of Cameron Porteous

Sean Breaugh & Patricia Flood
Not simply a scenographer, Cameron Porteous is a first-rate visual artist. With an aesthetic steeped in the codes of modernism -- less is more, form follows function, and God is in the details -- he has created a world-class body of work for the Canadian stage. This splendid volume brings together a remarkable array of visual material -- photographs, sketches, painting, and models -- to pay tribute to his stunning artistry. Softcover, 92 pp. $29.95.

Design and ScenographyDesign and Scenography
Natalie Rewa
This anthology explores the crucial collaboration that happens between directors and designers in the theatre. By focusing on a variety of artists and creative approaches, these essays seek to demystify the process of visualizing a script for the stage. Special consideration is given to the decidedly Canadian preoccupation with cultural and regional diversity that is so central to Canadian national identity. Softcover, 162 pp. $30.00.

Julie Taymor: Playing With FireJulie Taymor: Playing With Fire
Third Edition
Eileen Blumenthal & Julie Taymor
Julie Taymor is one of the most imaginative and provocative directors and designers working in the performing arts. Throughout her award-winning body of work she has created some of the most arresting images ever seen on the stage and screen. What better way to pay tribute to her career than with this highly visual biography, illustrated, cover-to-cover, with eye-popping images. This new edition of this classic volume has been updated to include all new sections on her Oscar-winning film Frida, the movie-musical Across the Universe, and the opera Grendel. Hardcover, 274 pp. Special price $34.95.

Ralph Koltai: Designer for the StageRalph Koltai: Designer for the Stage

Ralph Koltai
Ralph Koltai is renowned as a designer internationally. He has created over 200 productions, vividly demonstrating his unique ability to respond to the demands of the individual commisssion while maintaining a clear and individual personal voice. This book contains a wide array of concept sketches, and photographs of some of Koltai's most striking work from the past half-century. Softcover, 136 pp. $65.95.

The Wooster Group Work BookThe Wooster Group Work Book

This is an extraordinary book which chronicles the working practices of one of the world's leading performance companies. Rehearsal methods, source materials, as well as the creative thinking and reflections of director Elizabeth LeCompte and her main artistic collaborators are included as the book focuses on five performance pieces which are considered classics of the contemporary stage. Combining journal extracts, actors' notes, stage designs, stage managers' logs with stunning photos, this is an indispensable resource for students and anyone interested in contemporary performance. Large format, softcover. $39.50.

Mechanical Design for the StageMechanical Design for the Stage
Alan Hendrickson
Mechanical Design for the Stage is a reference book that provides the basic engineering formulas needed to predicts the force, torque, speed, and power required by a given move; gives you a design process to follow which will direct your work from general concepts to specific detail as a design evolves. The book's emphasis is on following standard engineering design and construction practices, and developing machines that are functional, efficient, easily maintained, and safe to use. Softcover, 426 pp. $55.95.

Drawing & Rendering for TheatreDrawing & Rendering for Theatre
Clare Rowe
As a theatrical designer, it is vital for you to be able to develop your drawing skills to create renderings that can effectively communicate your visual idea. Drawing & Rendering for Theatre starts with the fundamentals of drawing, moves to the types of media used, and finishes with specific excercises in each section that will make you more proficient. By the end of this book, you will be versatile enough to be able to create renderings in all areas of theatrical design! Softcover, 271 pp. $58.95.

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov: Installation & TheaterIlya & Emilia Kabakov: Installation & Theater

Isabel Siben
The nine projects presented in this book demonstrate the wide spectrum of Russian conceptualist artist Ilya Kabakov's theater world. As is usual with Kabakov, each project is preceded by a textual concept. Sketches, drawings, watercolors, plans and models display the creative process, while photographs document the stage installations that have taken place. Hardcover, 213 pp. $84.00.

Scenic Design and Lighting TechniquesScenic Design and Lighting Techniques

A Basic Guide for Theatre
Chuck Gloman & Rob Napoli
Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre will show you how to transform a dark, bare stage into an effective, theatrical setting for your production--even if you have never done it before! Written by two seasoned professionals with over twenty years of experience, this book uses clear direction and a humorous style to take you through all of the steps safely, accurately, and effectively. Softcover, 398 pp. $48.95.

The Performing Set The Broadway Designs of William and Jean EckartThe Performing Set: The Broadway Designs of William and Jean Eckart

Andrew B. Harris
The large-scale Broadway musical is one of America's great contributions to the world of theatre. Bill and Jean Eckhart were stage designers and producers at the peak of the musical, and their designs revolutionized Broadway productions. This lavishly illustrated book, with more than 500 full-colour illustrations is a fitting tribute to both the great American theatre and the couple who helped make it great. Hardcover, 238 pp. $53.95.

Sculpting Space in the TheaterSculpting Space in the Theater

Babak Ebrahimian
Sculpting Space in the Theater reveals the philosophy and process of the most influential set, costume and lighting designers working in theater today. The designers profiled in this book, all of whom have established a visible signature and particular design process, have had a remarkable impact in the field of theatre design worldwide. Interviews, illustrated with photographs and working sketches, reveal the vision behind designs, and personal anecdotes reveal lessons learned, providing a practical insight into how designers approach their work, and achieve the effects they want. Softcover, 176 pp. $41.95.

Robert WilsonRobert Wilson

Miguel Morley & Carmen Pardo
Trained in architecture and painting, but ultimately finding success as a stage director and designer, Robert Wilson is one of the twentieth century's most outstanding theatre innovators. This abundantly illustrated and luxuriously bound book is both a biographical summation of his career thus far, as well a scholarly analysis of his position in the history of experimental theatre. Hardcover, 239 pp. $72.00.

The Performing SetThe Performing Set: The Broadway Designs of William and Jean Eckart
Andrew B. Harris
The large-scale Broadway musical is one of America's great contributions to the world of theatre. Bill and Jean Eckhart were stage designers and producers at the peak of the musical, and their designs revolutionized Broadway productions. This lavishly illustrated book, with more than 500 full-colour illustrations is a fitting tribute to both the great American theatre and the couple who helped make it great. Softcover, 238 pp. $53.95.

On Broadway! Theatre Posters On Broadway! Theatre Posters
The Library of Congress
On Broadway! celebrates the larger-than-life, distinctly American musical, a hybrid that is part high art and part circus, with reproductions of thirty concisely synopsized posters from the archives of the Library of Congress. Greeting/Postcards, $13.95.

Designing Modern AmericaDesigning Modern America
Christopher Innes
Innes tells the engrossing story of Urban & Bel Geddes, showing how these two men with a background in theatre lent dramatic flair to everything they designed and how this theatricality gave the distinctive modernity they created such wide appeal. If the American lifestyle has been much imitated around the world over the past fifty years,says Innes, it is due in large measure to the designs of Urban and Bel Geddes. Together they were responsible for creating what has been called the "Golden Age" of American culture. llustrated with more than 130 photographs, this book tells the engrossing story of these seminal figures in twentieth century American culture. Hardcover, 336 pp. $49.95.

The Papered Wall: The History, Patterns and Techniques of WallpaperThe Papered Wall: The History, Patterns and Techniques of Wallpaper
Lesley Hoskins
This unique book is the only international history of wallpaper. Written by experts from five countries, The Papered Wall begins with the individually printed sheets that formed the first wallpapers in the 15th century, and ends with a discussion of today's most sophisticated digital and laser printed designs. This second edition has been brought completely up-to-date with a new and fully illustrated chapter on recent trends and a thorough reworking of its invaluable reference section, including suppliers of historic patterns and collections open to the public. Softcover, 272 pp. $53.00.

Theatrical Design and ProductionTheatrical Design and Production
Fifth Edition
J. Michael Gillette
This is a comprehensive, informative, and practical survey of the technical and design aspects of theatre production. Design is presented as both an art closely integrated with the director's, actor's, and playwright's vision, and a craft that provides practical solutions for the manipulation of stage space. This newly revised edition features updated chapters on digital sound, costume design and costume construction. Hardcover, 625 pp. $104.95.

Script Analysis for Actors, Directors, and DesignersScript Analysis for Actors, Directors, and Designers
Third Edition
James Thomas
Based on the premise that plays should be objects of study in and of themselves, this book teaches an established system of classifications that examines the written part of a play. Students will immediately be able to incorporate the concepts and procedures they learn into their practical creative work. Actors, directors, and designers will benefit from clear and comprehensive examples, end-of-chapter questions, and summaries meant to stimulate their creative process as they engage in production work. Softcover, 336 pp. $46.50.

Computer Visualization for the TheatreComputer Visualization for the Theatre: 3D Modelling for Designers
Gavin Carver and Christine White
Covering the main aspects of computer visualization and set design, this book provides techniques for 3D modelling alongside creative ideas and concepts for working in 3D space. Up-to-date information, practical exercises and inspirational advice are all integrated in this comprehensive book, making it a vital read for amateurs, and a handy reference for professionals. Softcover, 227 pp. $56.95.

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BrunelleschiBrunelleschi: Studies of his Technology and Inventions
Frank D. Prager & Gustina Scaglia
Production designers for stage and screen will benefit greatly from this detailed examination of the work of Italian Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi. Complemented by 28 photographs and 18 line drawings, this comprehensive narrative describes Brunelleschi's many remarkable achievements, including masonry techniques, construction concepts, machines he devised and built, and other inventions. Softcover, 152 pp. $21.95.

Scenography in Canada: Selected Designers
Scenography in Canada: Selected Designers

Natalie Rewa
The work of seven Canadian theatrical designers -- Susan Benson, Astrid Janson, Mary Kerr, Michael Levine, Ken MacDonald, Jim Plaxton, and Teresa Przybylski -- is richly illuminated in an expertly written text and with dozens of full-colour photographs in this pioneering new study by Natalie Rewa. Softcover, 249 pp. $60.00.

Scenic Art and Construction
Scenic Art and Construction: A Practical Guide
Emma Troubridge and Tim Blaikie
Scenic Art and Construction describes the construction, painting, and finishing of most of the scenic elements used in professional theatre today. Written in a practical style, it shows you how to bring a stage design to a three-dimensional reality, setting up your own workshop or paint studio, how to interpret a design and more. Softcover, 192 pp. $41.95.

Scenic Art For The Theatre
Susan Crabtree and Peter Beudert.
A visual and written guide to the tools and techniques used in modern scene painting. Written in easy-to-understand language, the tools and techniques section, complete with hints and how-to's, make this book a handy reference for anyone studying or working in this field. Softcover, 300 pp. $65.95.

Structural Design for the StageStructural Design for the Stage
Alys Holden
Ben Sammler
This book provides the theatre technician with a foundation in structural design allowing an intuitive understanding of why sets "stand up". It introduces the basics of statics and the study of the strength of materials as they apply to typical scenery, with a minimum of theory and many examples. The material is presented such that only a basic knowledge of algebra, geometry and trigonometry is required. This useful text is also invaluable to professionals as a permanent handbook complete with carefully selected reference tables, which are applicable to most theatrical situations. $90.95.

Playing with FirePlaying With Fire
Eileen Blumenthal and Julie Taymor

The theatre world, around the world, knows the name Julie Taymor. This sumptuously illustrated and designed book traces her early studies as an apprentice in France studying mime, at Oberlin College where she worked with experimentalist Herbert Blau, to her encounter with Indonesia and its rich culture where she honed her directorial skills and immersed herself in dance drama and puppetry.It is a stunning visual record of photos, sketches and drawings with ample commentary by Ms. Taymor of twenty of her outstanding productions including The Lion King and Titus Andronicus. HC $75.00.

Designer Drafting for the Entertainment WorldDesigner Drafting for the Entertainment World
Patricia Woodbridge
Designer Drafting for the Entertainment World provides essential information for designers, covering traditional hand drafting techniques as well as computer-based drawing programs. This new text begins with the basic tools and comprehensive coverage of the principles of scenic drafting and goes on to cover professional applications for the stage, motion pictures, television, trade shows, and amusement park scenery. It also includes a chapter on virtual scenery and lighting. $82.95.

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