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Craig Morrison
Theaters is a generously illustrated and carefully researched history of this beloved cultural building type. This first comprehensive study of American theaters takes the reader on a visual journey from the early playhouses to modern movie houses as theaters developed in colonial America, on the western frontier, and in cities from coast to coast. Included with this edition is a CD-ROM containing high-quality TIFF files of all the illustrations, as well as a direct link to the Library of Congress's online catalogue and image files. This one-of-a-kind book is must-have resource for architects, historians, and theatre fans alike. Hardcover, 398 pp. $110.00.

Great EscapesGreat Escapes: New Designs for Home Theatres by Theo Kalomirakis
Steven Newcastle
Using styles that range from ultra-traditional to cutting edge contemporary, Theo Kalomirkis is the foremost designer of home theatres. This gorgeous book is a catalogue of his masterworks and a testament to his unique talents. His visionary approach in the domain of home entertainment is sure to inspire homeowners, architects, designers and movie buffs alike. Hardcover, 204 pp. $75.00.

Places of PerformancePlaces of Performance: The Semiotics of Theatre Architecture
Marvin Carlson
This well illustrated volume uses models from architectural and urban semiotics to show how a theatre building and its location within a city reflect that society's attitudes and concerns. Softcover, 212 pp. $43.95.

The Open CircleThe Open Circle: Peter Brook's Theatre Environments
Andrew Todd and Jean-Guy Lecat
The eminently qualified authors have had the full participation of Peter Brook and many of his creative collaborators in producing what is destined to be one of the most widely read and most respected books on the creation of theatre in the last fifty years. It is a book for anyone who has seen a Brook production, read a book by Brook, or has had a memorable experience in a theatre anywhere.
The reader is given a detailed account of the collaboration which established Brook's Centre International de Creations Theatrales and the discovery of the long abandoned music hall theatre Les Bouffes du Nord in the not so chic 10th Arr. north of the Gare du Nord in Paris. Following is a discussion of theatrical space and volume and how Brook's creative work has been achieved and presented at the bouffes and in many other theatres around the world. Brook shares his ideas and inspirations to take the reader on a thrilling ride in theatre space. 262 pp colour photos, drawings. $60.00.

Palaces of the NightPalaces of the Night
John Lindsay
The author is an inveterate and highly knowledgable "vintage movie" fan. He also has a passion for the buildings which became homes for those watching the flickering images. This is a beautiful record of the great architectural achievements in Canada created to show the movies way back then, many of which are seeing new life today. SC $29.99.


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Last modified July 18, 2012.
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