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Media Practice

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The New Media Book
The New Media Book
Dan Harries
Divided into five thematic sections -- Technologies, Production, Texts, Consumption, and Contexts -- this collection of essays provides a comprehensive look at the impact of new media on the contemporary world. Provocative and intelligent, this book covers a wide variety of topics and will be an indispensible resource for students of media and film. Softcover, 262 pp. $41.95.


The Filmmaker's Handbook:
The Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age

by Steven Ascher & Edward Pincas
Considered the "bible" of film production, adopted for use in film courses around the world, this book is a source of practical information and sound advice on the techniques and technologies needed to make movies. Updated and revised for the digital age, it provides techniques for shooting with film or video, editing with computer-based nonlinear systems as well as with traditional methods, and even financing information etc. (1999). Softcover. $26.99.

Animation: From Script to Screen
by Shamus Culhane
By the animator who made the dwarfs in Snow White, this book covers every aspect of film animation, from basic mechanics to giving creativity full play. Culhane includes information on writing, recording, acting, dialogue and even how to manage an animation studio of one's own. Contains more than 130 illustrations and sketches, and graphic exercises for hands-on experience. (1988). Softcover. $21.99.

Videography: The Guide to Making Movies
by Peter Hitchcock
Perfect for all video enthusiasts -- home, student, or professional. This book works independently, or in conjunction with a package of two videos. The course covers all elements of videomaking, and includes instruction, pro-tips, techniques, assignments and exercises. Videotape One covers Camcorder Basics, Basic Video Production, Photography and Lighting, and Audio. Videotape Two covers Advanced Camcorder, Advanced Editing, Documentary, and Shooting an Event. Softcover. $33.00. Book/Video Package. $295.00 (institution price), $99 (home use price).

Film Directing Cinematic Motion: A Workshop for Staging Scenes
by Steven D. Katz
A staging and blocking guide with 24 basic variations covering many dialogue and dramatic situations. Unique to this approach is the practical evaluation of each staging strategy from the production point of view. The book also includes interviews with well-know professionals who comment on the practical aspects of production. (1992). Softcover. $36.95.

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen
by Steven D. Katz
A complete catalogues of visual techniques and their stylistic implications for both the filmmaker and videomaker -- a "textbook" which enables working filmmakers to expand their stylistic knowledge. Contents include: visualization tools, storyboard style, staging dialogue scenes, framing and composition, and camera movements among others. Includes over 750 illustrations, photographs and storyboards. (1991). Softcover. $46.95.

The Complete Film Dictionary, Second Edition
by Ira Konigsberg
The most comprehensive sourcebook on the motion picture -- as art, technology, and industry -- with nearly 4,000 entries on all aspects of filmmaking. The second edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account the tremendous impact of the digital revolution, with more than 500 new entries and forty new illustrations. (1997). Softcover. $26.99.

The Animation Book, New Digital Edition
by Kit Laybourne
Brings you to the cutting edge of animation technology, providing essential information on traditional methods of animation such as cels, stop-motion puppets, clay, pixalation, flip-books, cutouts etc., as well as the hows and whys of emerging computer-based tools and techniques. The heart and soul of the book remains the author's passion for animation as a source of personal expression. (1998). Softcover. $34.95.

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Basics of Video Sound, Second Edition
by Des Lyver
Assuming little prior knowledge, this book covers everything from how to choose a microphone and obtain the best quality recordings to editing the results for the final screening. It features the latest advances in the use of disc and Mini Disc systems and computer-based editing in audio post-production, and information on both studio and location recording. (1999). Softcover. $32.95.

Basics of Video Lighting, Second Edition
by Des Lyver & Graham Swainson
Covers everything from the different types of lights and their control, to basic studio and location settings. Provides information on the latest technology, including the use of location and grip gear and changes in lamp and reflector technology. Individual chapters cover types of luminaire, the lighting grid, single- to three-point lighting, studio and location lighting, and more. (1999). Softcover. $32.95.

Basics of Video Production, Second Edition
by Des Lyver & Graham Swainson
A primer for anyone wishing to learn about video production -- it describes the principles and processes involved in obtaining professional results in educational, training and corporate environments. The book features the latest advances in low cost non-linear editing and digital video, coverage of studio and location work, a full explanation of technical terms, and practical advice on the equipment available and how to use it. (1999). Softcover. $32.95.

Cinematography, Second Edition
by Kris Malkiewicz
Clearly and concisely covers what today's filmmaker needs to know about camera structure and operation, lenses, film stocks, filters, lighting and light measuring, and accessory equipment. In addition it provides up-to-date information on sound recording, editing, video transfer, studio and location shooting, production logistics, and modern techniques of picture manipulation with optical printers. Includes more than 350 illustrations and drawings. (1989). Softcover. $34.00.

The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques
by Joseph V. Mascelli
A classic. Branching out from five central subject areas -- Camera Angles, Continuity, Cutting, Close-ups and Composition -- the author offers filmmakers a detailed and practical course in visual thinking. Included are discussions of cinematic time and space, compositional rules, point-of-view, camera height and angle, master scenes, types of editing, screen direction and much more. (1965). Softcover. $46.50.

Animation 101
by Ernest Pintoff
The author's intention in this book is to present an overview of animation past and present from an insider's point of view, featuring a variety of voices and perspectives. The book covers the birth of American animation by discussing some of the major animation studios and seminal figures of the 20th century from Disney to Bakshi. The book is filled with insights from such artists as Stan Lee, Noel Blanc and Bill Hanna. (1998). Softcover. $24.95.

Directing 101
by Ernest Pintoff
This unique book takes a broad look at the process of directing and encourages students and professionals alike to look outside of the movie industry for inspiration. The book itself is based on the author's teachings at USC and UCLA film schools, and includes chapters on every part of the directing process, from acquiring material and budgeting to filming techniques and pitching. (1999). Softcover. $24.95.

The Film Director's Team: A Practical Guide for Production Managers, Assistant Directors, and All Filmmakers
by Alain Silver & Elizabeth Ward
A must-read guide for all who contemplate working as production managers or assistant directors, as well as for students of film directing and film production. It's wealth of information includes detailed, practical discussions of cost reporting, script breakdown, production boards, scheduling, production reports and much more. (1992). Softcover. $29.50.

The Animator's Workbook:
Step-by-Step Techniques of Drawn Animation

by Tony White
Offers a complete course on the principles and techniques of drawn animation. White covers every aspect of the process, providing technical information on how to capture movement, expression and emotion. He shows how to convincingly animate birds and animals and explores special effects -- wind, water, fire, and solid objects -- that can add realism, drama, and atmosphere to animation. (1988). Softcover. $29.95.

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