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Media Literacy

Allisa Quart
Urgent and at times startling, Branded tracks the ways that American business is reducing teens to their lowest common denominator with the constant bombardment of name brand products. This book brings one of the most disturbing and least talked about results of contemporary business and culture to the fore, and ensures that we will never look at today's youth the same way again. Hardcover, 239 pp. $37.95.

Contemporary Cultural Theory
Contemporary Cultural Theory
Andrew Milner & Jeff Browitt
This lucid and concise overview brings a much-needed sense of historical and theoretical scale to the growth of cultural studies. For this third edition, extensive revisions have been made to include new material on the new historicism, queer theory, black and Latino cultural studies, cultural policy and posthumanism, and on the work of such thinkers as Zizek, Bourdieu, Deleuze, and Guattari. Softcover, 280 pp. $34.95.

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
John Hartley
This book provides a topical and authoritative guide to Communication, Cultural and Media Studies. This third edition brings together, in an accessible form, up-to-date, multi-disciplinary explanations and assessments of the key concepts and important ideas that you will encounter in your studies. Softcover, 262 pp. $26.95.

The Audience Studies Reader
The Audience Studies Reader
Will Brooker & Deborah Jermyn
The Audience Studies Reader
brings together key writings exploring questions of reception, interpretation and interactivity, reprinting forgotten pieces and combining key essays with new research. This book will suggest new ways of looking at the relationship between media texts and those who receive, consume and interpret them. Softcover, 347 pp. $40.95.

Hamlet on the Holodeck
Hamlet on the Holodeck
Janet H. Murray
Taking up where Marshall McLuhan left off, Murray offers profound and provocative answers. She discusses the unique properties and pleasures of digital environments and connects them with the traditional satsfactions of narrative. Softcover, 324 pp. $36.95.

Media Democracy
How the Media Colonize Politics
Media Democracy
How the Media Colonize Politics
Thomas Meyer & Lew Hinchman
In his controversial new book, Thomas Meyer argues that the media are transforming traditional party democracy into "media democracy." Furthermore, he claims that it is the media that should be transformed in ways that would serve democracy, enabling citizens to deepen their understanding of political realities. Softcover, 166 pp. $41.95.

The Media Student's Book
The Media Student's Book
Gill Branston
Co-authored with Roy Stafford. 2nd edition.
Individual chapters include : Languages of Media; Narratives; Production Techniques; Genres; Representations; Ideologies and Discourses; Globalization; and Audiences. This book has been specially designed for classroom use and features key terms in margins, a glossary, follow-up activities and suggestions for further reading and clear examples from a rich range of media forms. Softcover, 394 pp. $46.95.

Understanding New Media
Understanding New Media
Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin
This lucid account argues that, contrary to the modernist myth of the new, new visual media achieve their cultural significance by paying homage to, rivaling, and refashioning such early media as painting, photography, film, and television. The authors term this process "remediation", and highlight it as a condition of new media. Softcover, 295 pp. $32.95.

The New Media Book
The New Media Book
Dan Harries
Divided into five thematic sections -- Technologies, Production, Texts, Consumption, and Contexts -- this collection of essays provides a comprehensive look at the impact of new media on the contemporary world. Provocative and intelligent, this book covers a wide variety of topics and will be an indispensible resource for students of media and film. Softcover, 262 pp. $41.95.

Media and Society in the Twentieth Century: A Historical Introduction

Media and Society in the Twentieth Century: A Historical Introduction
Lyn Gorman & David McLean
Focusing mainly on the development of newspapers, film, radio, television, and the Internet in the United States and Western Europe, Media and Society in the Twentieth Century fills a critical need for students and scholars by offering a historical introduction to the mass media in our time. Softcover, 284 pp. $44.95.

Researching Children's Popular Culture

Researching Children's Popular Culture
The Cultural Spaces of Childhood

Claudia Mitchell and Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
Despite the overwhelming cultural output aimed at child consumers and the lasting impact of our early cultural experience, children's popular culture is largely overlooked as a subject of serious study. This intelligent anthology examines a number of issues, and looks at a wide variety of texts -- from films and television shows, to toys and video games. Researching Children's Popular Culture argues for the importance of studying children's culture, and offers a number of valuable insights. Softcover, 227 pp. $36.95.

Understanding Media Semiotics
Understanding Media Semiotics
Marcel Danesi
Media semiotics is a valuable method of focusing on the hidden meanings within media texts. This book offers students an in-depth guide to help them investigate and understand the media using semiotic theory. It assumes little previous knowledge of the field, avoiding jargon and explaining the issues step-by-step. Softcover, 253 pp. $35.95.

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In Front of the Children: Screen Entertainment and Young Audiences
Edited by Cary Bazalgette & David Buckingham
This anthology breaks away from the usual agenda of moral panic and cultural pessimism which has dominated discussion of film, television, computer games, merchandising and comics of both sides of the Atlantic. The contributors to this book look at what children themselves choose to watch, and at the production and marketing choices made on children's behalf. Contains 13 essays in all, from such authors as Maire Messenger Davies and Jack Zipes. Softcover. $32.95.

Defining Vision: How Broadcasters lured the Government into inciting a Revolution in Television
by Joel Brinkley
Brinkley takes us inside the creation of HDTV -- digital, high-definition television -- into a titanic competition between some of the world's most important high-tech corporations battling for a prize worth billions of dollars. Softcover. $25.00.

After the Death of Childhood:
Growing Up in the Age of Electronic Media

by David Buckingham
A lucid and accessible overview of recent changes both in childhood and in the media environment. Buckingham points to the challenges posed by the proliferation of new technologies, the privatization of the media, and the polarization between the media-rich and the media-poor. He argues that children can no longer be protected or excluded from the adult world of violence, commercialism and politics, and that new strategies are needed in order to protect their rights. (2000). Softcover. $42.95.

The Making of Citizens: Young People, News and Politics
by David Buckingham
The author traces the dynamic complexities of young people's interpretations of news, and their judgements about the ways in which key social and political issues are represented. Rather than bemoaning young people's ignorance, Buckingham argues that we need to rethink what counts as political understanding in contemporary societies, suggesting that new forms of factual reporting will more effectively engage young people's perceptions of themselves as citizens. (2000). Softcover. $37.99.

Moving Images:
Understanding Children's Emotional Responses to Television

by David Buckingham
Concerns about the effects of TV on children are a recurrent focus of public controversy. Yet amid all the anxiety, children's voices are rarely heard. In this book, Buckingham investigates children's own perspectives o what they find frightening, moving and upsetting. He looks at how they learn to cope with their feelings, and how their parents help or hinder them in doing so. Softcover. $35.95.

Studying Media: Problems of Theory and Method
by John Corner
This collection brings together a selection of the author's writings, produced across two decades of intensive development. Debates about methods for the analysis of media language, the rise of reception studies, and the problems of cultural evaluation are among the issues addressed. The volume begins with a broad introduction to the formation of the field, the phases through which it has developed and the challenges which face it. Softcover. $46.95.

The Place of Media Power: Pilgrims and Witnesses of the Media Age

by Nick Couldry
Focuses on an area neglected in previous studies of the media: the meetings between "ordinary people" and the media. Couldry's study explores what happens when people who normally consume the media witness media processes in action, or even become the object of media attention themselves. The final section of the book looks at the social impacts of the Internet and the development of digital television. Softcover. $39.99 (2000).

De-Westernizing Media Studies
Edited by James Curran & Myung-Jin Park
In a series of case studies from Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia, the contributors explore relationships between media, power and society. They also confront the limitations of conventional media and globalization theory in understanding these relationships. Softcover. $39.99.

Social Policy, the Media and Misrepresentation
Edited by Bob Franklin
Do media report social problems or help to create them? And why is new Labour so concerned to influence media reports of social policy? The book contains a radical collection of chapters that examine various aspects of news media reporting of social policy and the influences of such coverage on the processes of policy making and implementation. (1999). Softcover. $44.99.

Free-for-All: The Struggle for Dominance on the Digital Frontier
by Matthew Fraser
Microsoft, Bell Atlantic, Hughes Electronics, Time Warner, TCI, and, in Canada, the Rogers and Shaw cable empires are all marshalling vast amounts of capital and new technology in a bid to outguess the competition on the direction of the new marketplace. Even the governments on both sides of the border are struggling for a place in the new digital universe. This far-reaching book reveals who the market leaders are likely to be, and what technologies will dominate the field. Hardcover. $32.95.

Media Ethics
Edited by Matthew Kieran
The contributors explore issues of impartiality and objectivity, the ethics of political journalism, the regulation of privacy and media intrusion, and the justification of censorship. They discuss the relationship between journalism and public relations, war reporting and military propaganda, media portrayals of sex and violence, photojournalism and the tabloid press. (1998). Softcover. $31.99.

Made Possible By...
The Death of Public Broadcasting in the United States

by James Ledbetter
A history of public broadcasting, from its initial idealist attempt to reshape the vast wasteland of television, to its current lamentable state -- safe, consistently mediocre, and as dependent on corporate financing as its commercial counterparts. (1997). Softcover. $21.00.

Rich Media, Poor Democracy:
Communication Politics in Dubious Times

by Robert W. McChesney
Argues that the media, far from providing a bedrock for freedom and democracy, have become a significant antidemocratic force in the U.S. and, to varying degrees, worldwide. McChesney addresses the corporate media explosion and the corresponding implosion of public life that characterizes our times. He exposes several myths about the media -- in particular, that the market compels media firms to "give the people what they want" -- that limit the ability of citizens to grasp the real nature and logic of the media system. (1999). Hardcover. $59.95.

Compassion Fatigue:
How the Media See Disease, Famine, War and Death

by Susan D. Moeller
Warns that the American media threaten our ability to understand the world around us. Why do the media cover the world in the way that they do? Are they simply following the marketplace demand for tabloid-style international news? Or are they creating an audience that has seen too much -- or too little -- to care? (1999). Hardcover. $43.99 Softcover. $26.95.

Buy This Book: Studies in Advertising and Consumption

Edited by Mica Nava, Andrew Blake, Iain MacRury & Barry Richards
Contributors consider the history, industry practices, textual strategies and public consumption of advertising, and changes in consumer imagery and identity. Eschewing a uniformity of approach and perspective, the book confirms the interdisciplinarity of this expanding area of study. It also shows how a focus on consumption interrogates assumptions within disciplines. (1997). Softcover. $37.99.

Holding the Media Accountable: Citizens, Ethics and the Law
Edited by David Pritchard
Presents real-world examples of clashes between media actions and public accountability. Pritchard and his colleagues examine a case of routine deception by a TV station's news staff; how a typical newspaper handles complaints about news content; media self-regulation; standards and controversial programming, and the impact of lawyers and legal proceedings in the media. (2000). Softcover. $27.95.

Worlds in Common? Television discourse in a Changing Europe
by Kay Richardson & Ulrike H. Meinhof
Extends current debates about the future of a new multichannel media environment which is no longer confined within national boundaries, and how this affects the cultural loves of viewers. Case studies include: the importance of television's mediations of time and space, the prevalence of "trash" or "quality" in TV's future developments, and the impact of US talk shows within a European context. (1999). Softcover. $38.99.

Media Virus! Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture
by Douglas Rushkoff
Examines the intricate ways in which popular media both manipulate and are manipulated by those who know how to tap into their power. Rushkoff argues that, where there's a wavelength, there's a way to "infect" those on it -- from the subversive signals broadcast by shows like The Simpsons, to the O.J. media frenzy. Includes a new preface and afterword chronicling the latest and most outrageous outbreaks of virus strains. (1996). Softcover. $19.95.

Playing the Future: What We Can Learn from Digital Kids
by Douglas Rushkoff
"Contends that kids today, who were weaned on Macintosh and MTV, have developed adaptive strategies to live in a mediasphere in which CNN seems less real than Pulp Fiction . . . It's hard to argue with his contention that a hearty dose of the Net would give us a fighting chance of learning about the future that our children already know" -- San Francisco Chronicle. Softcover. (1996). $20.00.

Nobrow: The Culture of Marketing and the Marketing of Culture
by John Seabrook
Prepare the enter the outrageous new world of Nobrow, where the old cultural distinctions -- highbrow (Wagner's Ring), middlebrow (Masterpiece Theatre), and lowbrow (the latest MTV video) cease to exist. Seabrook shows how Nobrow increasingly defines the great American audience. (2000) Hardcover, $35.00; Paperback, $18.00.

Toxic Sludge is Good For You!
Lies and the Public Relations Industry

by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton
Blows the lid off today's multi-billion dollar propaganda industry. This names names and reveals how public relations wizards concoct and spin the news, organize phony "grassroots" front groups, spy on citizens, and conspire with lobbyists and politicians to thwart democracy. Your worst cynicism pales before reality in this blistering and often hilarious exposé. (1995). Softcover. $26.95.

Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet
by Sherry Turkle
A study of the psychology of online life, Turkle explores not only what the computer does for us but what it does to us -- from the way it changes children's ideas about what is alive to the way it provokes new ways of thinking about politics, community, sexual identity, and our most basic concepts of self. (1995). Softcover. $19.00.

Twenty Ads That Shook The World
by James B. Twitchell
These are not necessarily the ads and the ad campaigns that have been most effective in selling their products, but rather those that entered the popular lexicon and had a profound effect on us all. Each ad and its overall campaign is deconstructed; we see firsthand how and why they are created, which needs they address, and what boundaries they break. (2000). Softcover. $21.00.

Understanding Journalism: A Guide to Issues
by John Wilson
Never have the media been so critically regarded as at the present time. Documenting many areas of debate and dispute between journalists, the media, public organizations and politicians, the author identifies why conflicts will continue. The book covers topics from government bias to censorship, official secrets to freedom of information, and animal rights to obscenity. (1996). Softcover. $29.95.

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