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Canadian Media Literacy Studies

Un/covering the North:
News, Media and Aboriginal People

by Valerie Alia
Provides a comprehensive survey of northern communications, focusing on the Canadian Arctic and sub-Arctic but also looking at the circumpolar region. Alia engages such unexplored topics as the history of northern media, the ethics of journalism about the North, comparative perceptions of the North in northern and southern newspapers, and the representation of Aboriginal people in film, television, radio and print. Softcover. $29.95.

Class Warfare: The Assault on Canada's Schools
by Maude Barlow & Heather-Jane Robertson
The authors take a hard look at the present condition of public education. They find that most of the charges levelled at Canadian schools are unfounded: our literacy rates are among the highest in the world, we are turning out scientists faster than the economy can absorb them, and our curriculum reflect the kind of society Canadians want. The book argues that the attack on schools has been mounted by interests that have something to gain by making changes. (1994). Softcover. $21.95.

Chips & Pop: Decoding the Nexus Generation
by Robert Barnard, Dave Cosgrove & Jennifer Welsh
The authors examine features of Nexus (Canadians born between the early 1960s and the late 1970s) common to young people of any generation, as well as the formative experiences that are unique to it: the invention of the computer chip and the instant global media that has transformed pop culture. This generation offers a window onto our future marketplace, workplace, and society. Hardcover. $28.95.

Split Screen: Home Entertainment and the New Technologies
by David Ellis
Organised into seven chapters. The first three are primarily descriptive, intended to provide the reader with a context for a discussion about television technologies. The latter chapters are more editorial in their approach, and are particularly concerned with how business and policy issues are affecting Canadian viewers. Softcover. $29.50.

The Missing News: Filters and Blind Spots in Canada's Press
by Robert A. Hackett & Richard Gruneau
Do newspapers in Canada really report an adequate range of views and issues? The authors are that as significant as what is reported are the stories that are not reported or "buried". Their book offers different perspectives on these blind spots, and discuss what Canadians can do about them. Softcover. $21.95.

Better Living: In Pursuit of Happiness from Plato to Prozac
by Mark Kingwell
An exploration of the idea of happiness, the ways in which that idea has changed over the course of history, and how it influences not only individual lives but also economic and political thinking, psychological investigation, medical practice etc. (1998). Hardcover. $32.00 Softcover $18.99.

Trivia Pursuit: How Showbiz Values are Corrupting the News
by Knowlton Nash
Nash has had a fifty-year love affair with the business of journalism. It's a "beautiful business," he says, but one headed for trouble as the various media giants struggle to keep their market share by sensationalizing the news. He looks to the future to detect the direction news reporting will take in the new century and in the new medium of the Internet. Will it simply amuse or shock us, or will it tell us what we need to know? (1998). Softcover. $21.99.

You're On the Air
by Sallie Phillips
A freelance broadcaster and pioneering career woman in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Sallie broadcast over the CBC and most of Vancouver's other radio stations. This volume is a selection of her radio scripts, each of which offers a privileged glimpse at a time and place that is strikingly different from -- and occasionally surprisingly similar to -- our own. (2000). Softcover. $21.95.

Popular Culture
Edited by Chris Worsnop
"This book is about our Canadian popular culture. The selections are intended to make you think about popular culture and to get you started on some work that will help make yourselves into smart popular culture consumers" -from preface by Worsnop. A collection of short articles, stories and poems. (1994). Softcover. 18.95.

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