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Criticism, Theory & History

Multiple authors

See also: On Individual Films and Media > Film Criticism

Dekalog 3: On Film FestivalsDekalog 3: On Film Festivals
Edited by Richard Porton
The Dekalog series is a new list of bi-annual publications dedicated to presenting insightful criticism on a wide range of subjects across the full spectrum of contemporary global cinema. Edited by Richard Porton and featuring contributions from an array of international scholars, this edition focuses on Film Festivals. Softcover, 188 pp. $25.00.

Gangster Film ReaderGangster Film Reader
Alain Silver & James Ursini
In Gangster Film Reader, co-editors Alain Silver and James Ursini present a comprehensive overview of this still vital genre via reprints of seminal articles, new essays written especially for this collection, and more than 200 original photographs. It begins with Robert Warshow's celebrated examination of the gangster as a tragic hero. It explores the evolution of the gangster film from D.W. Griffith's 1912 short The Musketeers of Pig Alley to Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather saga. Parts 2 and 3 offer more recent perspectives, with case studies and thematic analyses of such influential films as Raoul Walsh's White Heat, Brian De Palma's 1983 remake of Scarface, John Huston's Prizzi's Honor, and Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. Softcover, 410 pp. $26.00.

Film Histories: An Introduction and ReaderFilm Histories: An Introduction and Reader
Paul Grainge, Mark Jancovich & Sharon Monteith
This anthology covers the history of film from 1895 to the present day. The book is arranged chronologically, and each chapter contains an introduction by the the editors on the key developments within the period, followed by a classic piece of historical research about that period. Various types of film history are undertaken in the articles, so that students can become familiar with different types of film historical research. Concentrating on the plurality of the 'historical turn' in film studies, this book demonstrates that film history is, and should be, about more than simply key films, directors and movements. Softcover, 612 pp. $39.95.

The Cambridge Companion to The ActressThe Cambridge Companion to The Actress

Maggie B. Gale & John Stokes
This is a collection of original essays on the cultural role of performing women on stage and on screen, throughout history and across continents - from Nell Gwyn to Lily Langtry, from Bernhardt to Peggy Ashcroft, from Joyce Grenfell to Vanessa Redgrave, from Ellen Terry to Halle Berry. Topics covered include cross-dressing, solo performance, racial constraints, recent Shakespeare, and the actress in early photography and on film. Softcover, 348 pp. $34.95.

The Cinema of CanadaThe Cinema of Canada

Jerry White, editor
The Canadian film industry, while often overlooked and overshadowed by its North American cousin, has nevertheless produced some fascinaating films and directors, including Atom Egoyan, Robert Lepage, Denys Arcand, Michael Snow and David Cronenberg. The Cinema of Canada contains 24 essays, each on a different key film and divides itself into three distinct categories: English-Canadian cinema, Quebecois cinema and Aboriginal cinema. In so doing, it provides a fascinating historical account of the development of film and documentary traditions across the diverse national and regional communities in Canada. Softcover, 268 pp. $32.95.

Global Hollywood 2Global Hollywood 2
Various authors
Overwhelming almost every other national cinema, and virtually extinguishing foreign cinema in the multicultural US, Hollywood seems everywhere all powerful. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, much has changed that has affected Hollywood, notably the recession and September 11, while other changes have emerged subsequently -- notably shifts in the exchange rate, transformations in US foreign policy, and significant developments in trade agreements, consumer technology, and ownership regimes. Despite these changes, Hollywood has continued to expand. This significantly revised second edition re-theorizes the continued success of the Hollywood cinema factory. Softcover, 442 pp. $40.95.

The Trouble With Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood CinemaThe Trouble With Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema

Various editors
Divided into four sections -- Stars, Class & Race, Fathers, and Bodies -- this is a timely new collection of essays focusing on masculinity and film, particularly the representation of European masculinity. Actor-specific studies focus on Michael Caine, Gene Kelly, and Alain Delon; film-specific studies include Aprille, Seul contre tous, Notting Hill, The Beach, and Gladiator. Softcover, 253 pp. $30.95.

Scenario: The Craft of ScreenwritingThe Wallpaper Press Short Cuts series
The Short Cuts series offers a succinct introduction to areas of film study which don't yet have adequate literature. A great starting point for student research

Available in this series:

Animation: Genre & Authorship by Paul Wells
The Horror Genre: From Beelzebub to Blair Witch by Paul Wells
The Star System: Hollywood's Production of Popular Identities by Paul MacDonald
Science Fiction Cinema: From Outerspace to Cyberspace by Geoff King & Tanya Krzywinska
Early Soviet Theatre: Innovation, Ideology and Propaganda by David Gillespie
Reading Hollywood: Spaces and Meanings in American Film by Deborah Thomas
Disaster Movies: The Cinema of Catastrophe by Stephen Keane
The Western Genre: From Lordsburg to Big Whiskey by John Saunders
Psychoanalysis and Cinema: The Play of Shadows by Vicky Lebeau
Costume and Cinema: Dress Codes in Popular Film by Sarah Street
Mise-En-Scène: Film Style and Interpretation by John Gibbs
New Chinese Cinema: Challenging Representations by Sheila Cornelius with Ian Hadyn Smith
Scenario: The Craft of Screenwriting by Tudor Gates

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