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New and Featured

A Little Solitaire: John Frankenheimer and American FilmA Little Solitaire: John Frankenheimer and American Film
Murray Pomerance
Offers the only multidisciplinary critical account of Frankenheimer's oeuvre. Word-renowned film scholars emphasize his deep and passionate engagement with national politics and people's irrepresible need to assert their rights against those who would reduce them to silence and anonymity. Softcover, 312 pp. $34.95.

Every Night the Trees DisappearEvery Night the Trees Disappear
Alan Greenberg
By hypnotizing his actors before shooting each scene, Herzog led his crew into a veritable cinematic netherworld, resulting in one of the most haunting movies ever made. Rather than a conventional, journalistic account of how a director makes a movie, Every Night the Trees Disappear instead presents a unique vision with the feel fo a novel - intimate, penetrating, and filled with mystery. Hardcover, 208 pp. $27.95.

John Huston: Courage and ArtJohn Huston: Courage and Art

Jeffrey Meyers
From the acclaimed biographer of Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, and Errol Flynn comes the first complete biography of the legendary John Huston, the extrodinary director, writer, actor and bon vivant who made such legendary films as The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Asphalt Jungle and The African Queen -- and lived one of the most vibrant, eventful lives in Hollywood history. Hardcover, 475 pp. $34.00.

Kazan RevisitedKazan Revisited

Lisa Dombrowski
A reconsideration of the cinematic legacy of Elia Kazan by some of the leading film critics and scholars, including Jeanine Basinger, Kent Jones, Brian Neve, and Sam Wasson. This volume boldly questions all the cliches and received truths about one of the most legendary filmmakers of all time. Hardcover, 218 pp. $35.00.

Roger Corman InterviewsRoger Corman: Interviews
Constantine Nasr
One of the first true independent American filmmakers, and one of the most influential, Roger Corman was a true maverick and purveyor of all things strange and entertaining. Directors and actors under his tutelage included the likes of Jack Nicholson, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese, James Cameron, and more. Softcover, 220 pp. $31.25.

John Waters InterviewsJohn Waters: Interviews

James Egan
A collection of interviews, from 1965 to 2010, with one of the most subversive and intelligent filmmakers of all time. Waters' willingness to offend anyone and everyone to get a laugh has made him one of the most cherished cult film directors in America. Softcover, 250 pp. $31.25.

Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary DirectorRaoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary Director

Marilyn Ann Moss
Raoul Walsh is the first full-length biography of a filmmaker with one of the most celebrated and prolific careers in American cinema. This is a long-overdue assessment of a true Hollywood original. Hardcover, 484 pp. $49.95.

Arthur Penn: American DirectorArthur Penn: American Director

Nat Segaloff
A winning portrait of the astoundingly prolific and gifted director of The Miracle Worker, Golden Boy, Bonnie and Clyde, Little Big Man, and countless other masterpieces of film, theatre and television. Hardcover, 310 pp. $49.95.


The Film That Changed My LifeThe Film That Changed My Life
Robert K. Elder
Thirty masters of filmmaking discuss the films that most inspired them. Includes Danny Boyle on Apocalypse Now, Atom Egoyan on Persona, Kevin Smith on Slacker, and John Waters on The Wizard of Oz. Softcover, 296 pp. $18.95.

Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director
Patrick McGilligan
An eye opening biography of the mastermind behind Rebel Without A Cause. Hardcover, 542 pp. $32.99.

Conversations With Scorsese Conversations With Scorsese

Richard Schickel
From his childhood, through each of his many films, legendary film critic Richard Schickel and iconic film direct Martin Scorcese walk us through the extraordinary life and career of one of the most successful film directors of all time. From Mean Streets to The Departed, this is essential reading for any film studies student, career director, or passionate film fan. Hardcover, 422 pp. $34.00.

Danny Boyle: In His Own Words Danny Boyle: In His Own Words

Amy Raphael
Within these pages, visionary filmmaker Danny Boyle proves himself to be not only inspirational and passionate, but also frank and funny. He talks about dressing up as David Bowie and his love of The Clash, reflects on nearly becoming a priest, and how making films is his life. Softcover, 355 pp. $29.00.

Steven Spielberg: A Biography
Second Edition
Joseph McBride
This long-awaited second edition of Joseph McBride's acclaimed 1997 biography of Steven Spielberg, the world's most popular and influential filmmaker, adds four new chapters chronicling the richly creative activities of Spielberg's recent years. The original edition was praised by the New York Times Book Review as "an exemplary portrait" written with "impressive detail and sensitivity"; Time called it "easily the finest and fairest of the unauthorized biographies of the director." Softcover, 640 pp. $37.50.

Guy Maddin: InterviewsGuy Maddin: Interviews
D.K. Holm
Possessing a deep knowledge of silent cinema, modernist artists, and novelists, Maddin's seemingly amateurish visual style and unusual subjects obscure the surprisingly literate sources of his films. In these conversations, he comes across as charming, erudite, and candid as he discusses his own perceived drawbacks, his good fortune, and the often high art culture that motivates his cinematic explorations. Softcove, 209 pp. $27.95.

Richard Roud
Richard Roud's Godard, first published in 1967 as 'Number One' in the seminal Cinema One series, was the first monograph on the great filmmaker to be published in English, and one that reveals a unique intimacy between the author and his subject. Roud's provocative and far-reaching analysis shows an intuitive understanding of the aesthetic, intellectual and political context in which Godard worked. Softcover, 190 pp. $23.00.

Von SternbergVon Sternberg

John Baxter
Commanding and temperamental, there was something magnificent about Josef von Sternberg. Escaping poverty and an strict father in Vienna, he would eventually make his way to Hollywood. This biography unveils the rise of the elusive artist whose revolutionary representations of sexuality and trademark visual style made him one of the most distinctive directors in the golden age of cinema. Hardcover, 310 pp. $49.95.

Empire of Dreams: The Epic Life of Cecil B. DeMille	Empire of Dreams: The Epic Life of Cecil B. DeMille
Scott Eyman
A Scott Eyman brilliantly demonstrates in this superbly researched biography, which draws on a massive cache of DeMille family papers not available to previous biographers, DeMille was much more than his cliched image. A gifted director who worked in many genres; a devoted family man and loyal friend with a highly unconventional personal life; a pioneering filmmaker: DeMille comes alive in these pages, a legend whose spectacular career defined an era. Hardcover, 579 pp. $40.00.

Franco Zeffirelli: Complete Works - Theatre, Opera, Film Franco Zeffirelli: Complete Works - Theatre, Opera, Film
Edited by Caterina Napoleone
Produced in full cooperation with Zeffirelli and his family, it explores every aspect of his astonishing achievement in the performing arts. The performance shots of classic stage productions are particularly revealing, each a lasting testament to Zeffirelli’s visual expertise. Even more suggestive are Zeffirelli’s costume sketches, set designs, and technical drawings, which reveal the artist’s mind through the artist’s hand. Both a monument to an artistic genius and a magnificent piece of bookmaking, Franco Zeffirelli: Complete Works is a must-have book for anyone who has beem moved by the works of the master. Hardcover with slipcover, 512 pp. $180.00.

Michelangelo Antonioni: Interviews
Bert Cardullo
This book collects a broad range of interviews with this iconoclastic filmmaker, including one, never before in print, with the editor of this volume. In conversations ranging from 1960 to 1983, Antonioni discusses his neuroses, his cinematic concerns, his roots in Italian neo-realism, and the reasons he ultimately broke free of the style's constraints. He insists that the struggle to understand the inner lives of characters is the crucial issue that cinema must tackle. Softcover, 178 pp. $27.95.

Sam Peckinpah: Interviews	Sam Peckinpah: Interviews
Kevin J. Hayes
Sam Peckinpah: Interviews features the combustible director discussing his best-known films, including the gory western The Wild Bunch, the unsettling and controversial Straw Dogs, and the crime thriller The Getaway. In these conversations, Peckinpah's candor -- about himself, filmmaking, studios, male/female relations, violence, and contemporary politics -- provides a thoughtful portrait of a polarizing filmmaker. Softcover, 179 pp. $27.95.

Hal Ashby: Interviews	Hal Ashby: Interviews
Nick Dawson
A true actors' director, Hal Ashby not only attracted A-list stars to his projects, but he often elicited the best performances of their careers. This collection of conversations brings together the best interviews conducted over the course of Ashby's career. Herein, he discusses his filmmaking philosophy, memories of working his way up the Hollywood ladder in the 1950s, and his troubled productions in the 1980s. Softcover, 138 pp. $27.95.

Atom Egoyan: Interviews	Atom Egoyan: Interviews

T.J. Morris
These interviews, collected from the last two decades reveal Egoyan's unique themes and his individual, independent approach to filmmaking. He discusses his development as a director, his interest in opera and museum installations, and the expectations he has for his audience. He engages in open, forthright discussions of his work and those who have worked with him. Softcover, 209 pp. $27.95.

In Danger: A Pasolini Reader	In Danger: A Pasolini Reader
Jack Hirschman
This is the first anthology in English devoted to Pasolini's political and literary essays, including a generous selection of his poetry, as well as his final interview, amazingly conducted just hours before he was murdered in 1975. In writings that span three decades, Pasolini offers commentaries on Italian politics, as well as European and American literary figures. For those interested in his films, this book offers much insight into his unique brand of cinema. Softcover, 242 pp. $20.50.

Jonathan DemmeJonathan Demme: Interviews

Robert E. Kapsis
With conversations from the 1970s to the present, Jonathan Demme: Interviews focuses on Demme's artistry, on his filmmaking philosophy, and especially on his progressive social and political concerns and how these have influenced the subject matter he has chosen to film. Softcover, 183 pp. $27.95.

David Lean : Interviews	David Lean : Interviews
Steven Organ
This collection of interviews offers the reader the most thorough and complete compendium of illuminating conversations with the director, several of which are exclusive to this edition. Lean speaks openly about his process and his passion for film, revealing a complicated and talented artist who at times shows great bravado, while at other times exposes deep insecurities. The volume chronicles the career of one of cinema's most popular and groundbreaking filmmakers. softcover, 149 pp. $27.95.

Ousmane Sembene: Interviews Ousmane Sembene: Interviews
Annett Busch & Max Annas
Known for urban themes and complex female protagonists, Ousmane Sembene's work, both in French and in his native language Wolof, are considered pioneering masterworks of African cinema. This book collects conversations from the mid-60s to 2005 and spans the breadth of his filmmaking career while also touching on his literary work and his role as a public intellectual. Softcover, 225 pp. $27.95.

Arthur Penn Interviews	Arthur Penn Interviews
Michael Chaiken & Paul Cronin
This is the first collection to explore every stage of Arthur Penn's career. These conversations span forty-four years, from his first in-depth discussion with Cahiers du Cinema in 1963 to a new interview from 2007, and reveal Penn's ever-changing ideas on the nature of film and filmmaking. This volume also presents newly translated interviews from European film periodicals, published in English for the first time. Softcover, 219 pp. $27.95.

Baz LuhrmannBaz Luhrmann
Pam Cook
This is the first major book-length study of the work of Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. Author Pam Cook, who was given unprecedented access to the Luhmann private archives, explores the genesis of the Red Curtain aesthetic (typified by Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!), from Luhrmann's early experience in theatre and opera to his collaborative working methods and unique production set-up. Softcover, 208 pp. $31.00.

Dario ArgentoDario Argento

James Gracey
Long regarded as one of horror cinema's greatest innovators, Dario Argento continues to create inimitable and feverishly violent films with a level of artistry rarely seen in the horror genre, influencing the likes of Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter, and Brian De Palma. This book examines his entire output, up until Giallo from 2009. Softcover, 223 pp. $19.95.

Role ModelsRole Models

John Waters
John Waters' highly original self-portrait is told through intimate profiles of favourite personalities -- some famous, some unknown, some criminal, some surprisingly middle-of-the-road. This paen to the power of subversive inspiration is sure to delight, amuse, enrich -- and happily horrify readers everywhere. Hardcover, 304 pp. $28.95.

Robert Bresson: A Passion for FilmRobert Bresson: A Passion for Film

Tony Pipolo
This is the first comprehensive study to give equal attention to Robert Bresson's films, their literary sources, and the psycho-biographical aspects of the work. Concentrating on the films' cinematographic, imagistic, narrative, and thematic structures, Tony Pipolo provides a nuanced analysis of each film -- including nearly 100 illustrations -- elucidating Bresson's unique style as it evolved throughout the course of his career. Softcover, 407 pp. $32.95.

Clint: A RetrospectiveClint: A Retrospective

Richard Schickel
Clint Eastwood has achieved an iconic status unmatched in the history of cinema. For more than six decades, he has been making outstanding films, first as a leading actor and subsequently as an intelligent and questioning director. Complete with a comprehensive filmography, this beautifully illustrated book is a fitting tribute to a movie icon whose achievements have enriched our culture and illuminated the times in which we have lived. Hardcover, 288 pp. $44.95.

The Film Paintings of David LynchThe Film Paintings of David Lynch
Allister MacTaggart
Aimed at both Lynch fans and film studies specialists, this book addresses Lynch's films from the perspective of the relationship between commercial film, avant-garde art, and cultural theory. Individual Lynch works are discussed in relation to other films and directors, illustrating that the solitary, or seemingly isolated, experience of film is itself socially, culturally, and politically important. Softcover, 203 pp. $29.99.

Cinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit RayCinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit Ray

Keya Ganguly
Although revered as one of the world's great filmmakers, the Indian director Satyajit Ray is often described in narrowly nationalistic terms and rarely as an influential modernist whose contributions to world cinema remain unsurpassed. In this benchmark study, Keya Ganguly situates Ray's work within the internationalist spirit of the twentieth century, arguing that his film experiments intimate the sense of a radical future and document the capacity of the image to conceptualize a different world glimpsed in the remnants of a disappearing past. Softcover, 258 pp. $29.95.

Into the Past: The Cinema of Guy MaddinInto the Past: The Cinema of Guy Maddin

William Beard
This close reading of Guy Maddin's narrative and aesthetic strategies, themes, influences, and underlying issues also examines the orgins and production history of each film. The author's fascinating interpretations reveal, among other things, the ways in which Maddin's art is founded in the past -- both in the cultural past, and in his personal memory. Softcover, 471 pp. $37.95.

Hammer! Making Movies out of Sex and LifeHammer! Making Movies out of Sex and Life
Barbara Hammer
This is the first book by the prolific and influential filmmaker Barbara Hammer. With text, photos, and film stills spanning the wild, non-monogamy days of the 70s, the development of a queer aesthetic in the 80s, the fight for visibility during the 90s culture wars, and her search for meaning as she contemplated morality in the past ten years -- Hammer! is a memoir as innovative and disarming as Barbara Hammer's work has always been. Softcover, 280 pp. $24.50.

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A Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life and Films of Vincente MinnelliA Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life and Films of Vincente Minnelli
Mark Griffin
He was the acclaimed director of such cinematic classics as Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, and Gigi, and equally well known for his tumultuous marriage to the legendary Judy Garland. But to say that Vincente Minnelli's conflicted personal life informed his films would be an understatement. As Mark Griffin persuasively demonstrates in this definitive biography of the Academy Award-winning director, Minnelli was not only building a remarkable Hollywood legacy, but also creating an intriguing autobiography in code. Softcover, 346 pp. $20.00.

All My Flashbacks: The Autobiography of Lewis GilbertAll My Flashbacks: The Autobiography of Lewis Gilbert
Lewis Gilbert
In All My Flashbacks, Lewis Gilbert recalls his tragic childhood as a music hall entertainer, his traumatic wartime service in the RAF and ultimately one of the most distinguished careers in British cinema. Along the way he describes working with such diverse personalities as Laurence Olivier, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Liza Minnelli. Hardcover, 399 pp. $44.95.

Marco Bellocchio: The Cinematic I in the Political SphereMarco Bellocchio: The Cinematic I in the Political Sphere
Clodagh J. Brook
Although heralded in Italy, the films of Marco Bellocchio are relatively unknown to North American audiences. In this, the first English-language study of Bellocchio, Clodagh J. Brook examines the filmmaker's entire oeuvre, situating his films in a historical, social, political, and theoretical context. Well researched and vigorously written, this book is a timely contribution to international film studies. Softcover, 226 pp. $29.95.

Sergei EisensteinSergei Eisenstein

Mike O'Mahony
A major influence on filmmakers of the calibre of Hitchcock, Godard, Fellini and Scorsese, Sergei Eisenstein left an enduring legacy, although it was one deeply informed by the political realities of early twentieth century Soviet Communism. In this book, Mike O'Mahony uses this historical framework to examine the richly diverse films, writings, artwork and private life of one of cinema's greatest innovators. Softcover, 219 pp. $20.95.

Akira Kurosawa: Master of Cinema Akira Kurosawa: Master of Cinema
Peter Cowie
Akira Kurosawa: Master of Cinema is a testament, in stunning images and illuminating text, to the lasting contribution Kurosawa made to world cinema. In it Peter Cowie explores Kurosawa's mastery of the Samurai genre, his literary underpinnings, and his exploration of our relationship to the modern world. Accompanying the the commentary are anecdotes drawn from a wide array of Kurosawa scholars and colleagues. Hardcover, 301 pp. $92.00.

Federico Fellini: The FilmsFederico Fellini: The Films
Tullio Kezich
This definitive and important contribution on Federico Fellini chronicles the body of work of one of the most influential and revered directors of all time. It features the great director's own drawings, skietches, storyboards, notes and commentary along with behind-the-scenes photographs and covers each film from the entire span of his career. Hardcover, 320 pp. $92.00.

Ingmar Bergman: The Life and Films of the Last Great European DirectorIngmar Bergman: The Life and Films of the Last Great European Director

Geoffrey Macnab
Tracing the life and career of arguably the last and greatest of the old-style European auteurs, Geoffrey MacNab's illuminating book is essential reading for anyone hungry to know more about this ever mysterious, ever influential artist. Hardcover, 240 pp. $35.50.


The Futurist: The Life and Films of James CameronThe Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron
Rebecca Keegan
From The Terminator through such films as Aliens, Titanic, and the groundbreaking Avatar, James Cameron has thrilled audiences by telling riveting stories while expanding the limits of cinematic technology. With the cooperartion of the director and his circle of fellow filmmakers and favourite actors, this book tells the fascinating story of the life and work of the man who pointed the way to the future of movies as a fully immersive mass-entertainment phenomenon. Hardcover, 273 pp. $29.95.

Derek Jarman's Angelic ConversationsDerek Jarman's Angelic Conversations
Tim Ellis
Best known as an iconoclastic, wildly inventive filmmaker, Derek Jarman was also an accomplished author, painter, and landscape artist. Author Jim Ellis looks at how Jarman's politics and aesthetics intertwined to comprehend his most radical aspects. Jarman is revealed as an artist who keenly understood the role of history and mythology in creating a personal and national identity: as an activist, he sought to challenge old histories while producing new ones to carve out a space for alternative communities in Britain late in the twentieth century. Softcover, 303 pp. $26.95.

Wild at Heart: The Films of Nettie Wild
Mark Harris & Claudia Medina
Nettie Wild, one of Canada's leading documentarians, came to film from a background in journalism and theatre. Since then, she has gone on to win awards and screen her films around the world. Featuring an essay and an interview, this monograph is the first book-length assessment of her body of work. Softcover, 111 pp. $15.00.

Tim BurtonTim Burton

Ron Magliozzi & Jenny He
Throughout his career, Tim Burton has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking, melding the fantastic, the horrific, and the comic. This is the first book to consider not only his career as a filmmaker, but his career as an artist as well. Reproducing an unprecedented collection of drawings, paintings, photographs, and maquettes, this book presents previously unseen works from Burton's personal archive and sheds new light on his singular aesthetic. Softcover, 64 pp. $24.00.

Alice Guy Blanche: Cinema Pioneer
Joan Simon
This book celebrates the achievements of Alice Guy Blanche (1873-1968), the first woman motion-picture director, producer, and studio owner. Despite her immensely productive and creative career, her indispensable contribution to film history has been overlooked. Written by cinema history experts and curators, this handsome volume brings to light a critical new mass of Guy Blanche's film oeuvre in an effort to recognize -- and celebrate -- her rightful place in film history. Hardcover, 148 pp. $53.95.

Ingmar Bergman Revisited: Performance, Cinema, and the ArtsIngmar Bergman Revisited: Performance, Cinema, and the Arts
Maaret Kostinen
Rather than resorting to simple auteurist readings of his films, this collection of essays emphasizes how Ingmar Bergman's eclectic range of artistic influences should be considered vis-a-vis his cinematic output. Several essays result from research in Bergman's own personal archive, and amongst the subjects discussed are Bergman's stage adaptations of Shakespeare, his fascination with still photography and issues of identity, and the influence of philosophy and psychology on his work. Softcover, 242 pp. $35.00.

After Kieslowski

Steven Woodward
This distinguished book brings together an international group of scholars and critics to consider Kieslowski's wide influence on contemporary world cinema. Each essay makes a distinctive contribution to this investigation, whether considering Kieslowski's legacy in the context of national cinema, his effect on other directors, and his global legacy. Softcover, 247 pp. $41.95.

Conversations with Woody AllenConversations with Woody Allen
Eric Lax
In discussions that begin in 1971 and continue into 2009, Woody Allen discusses every facet of moviemaking from the seeds of his ideas and the writing of his screenplays to casting and acting, shooting and directing, editing and scoring. This book is essential reading for everyone interested in the art of moviemaking and for everyone who has enjoyed the films of Woody Allen. Softcover, 393 pp. $29.95.

Ingmar Bergman, Cinematic PhilosopherIngmar Bergman, Cinematic Philosopher: Reflections on his Creativity

Irving Singer
Through analysis of both narrative and filmic elements, Irving Singer probes Bergman's mythmaking and his reliance upon the magic inherent in his cinematic techniques. Singer demonstrates that while Bergman's output was not philosophy on celluloid, it attains an expressive and purely aesthetic truthfulness that can be considered philosophical in a broader sense. In the process, Singer traces the evolution of Bergman's ideas about life and death. Softcover, 240 pp. $15.95.

Atom EgoyanAtom Egoyan

Emma Wilson
Offering a full-scale chronological overview of Atom Egoyan's work on films up to and including Where the Truth Lies, Emma Wilson shows the persistence and development of the key tropes and themes in the filmmaker's cinema. Egoyan's own comments on his films are thread throughout the book, and a recent interview with the director is included as well. Softcover, 161 pp. $31.95.


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