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Framed InkFramed Ink
Marcos Mateu-Mestre
This educational book explores fundamental concepts of composition, layout, and the elements of successful visual storytelling by using 230 unique illustrations and easy-to-understand diagrams as examples. This is an invaluable resource for directors and storyboard artists. Softcover, 127 pp. $27.95.

From Word to ImageFrom Word to Image

Second Edition
Marcie Begleiter
From Word to Image will help you master the steps of translating a written story into a sequence of moving images. This is a guidebook to creating your visual script. This new edition now includes a chapter on the use of colour in visual storytelling as well as new interviews about the use of previsualization techniques for animation, new media, and visual effects. Softcover, $33.95.

Storyboard Design CourseStoryboard Design Course

Giuseppe Cristiano
This book is the ultimate storyboard manual, packed with fully finished art and work-in-progress examples from students and industry professionals. As well as being an essential guide for aspiring storyboard artists, this comprehensive book will enable anyone working in media production to get the most out of both the storyboard artist and the storyboard process. Softcover, 192 pp. $29.99.

The Art of BondThe Art of Bond

Laurent Bouzereau
Drawing on the spectrum of all 21 Bond films, The Art of Bond features a series of interviews with the key creative talents who have made cinematic history through the Bond franchise. The work, extensively illustrated with film stills, storyboards, posters, publicity shots, etc. also contains reflections by film-makers, screenwriters and novelists on how the Bond genre has influenced their own work. A visually stunning tribute to the creative talents of the Bond world. Hardcover, 235 pp. $48.00.

Storyboards: Motion in Art Storyboards: Motion in Art

3rd Edition
Mark Simon
Learn every aspect of storyboarding with this detailed "how-to" book. Crammed with practical industry information and examples, this new full-colour edition contains 20 new chapters on gaming, perspective, sketching, estimating, and more. It also includes new exercises for beginners and classroom use, new interviews with top storyboard artists, and hundreds of new storyboard images. Softcover, 434 pp.

The Art of Storyboard
The Art of Storyboard
Don Bluth
The Art of the Storyboard is a one-of-a-kind textbook that describes in detail the technical and artistic processes involved in crafting animation storyboards. Loaded with technical tips and insights into the tapping of the creative imagination, this book is a fascinating peek behind the curtain of film's most creative storytelling medium. Softcover, 112 pp. $20.95.

The Art of the StoryboardThe Art of the Storyboard:
Storyboarding for Film, TV, and Animation
John Hart
Using sketches of shots from classic films, from silents to the present, The Art of the Storyboard covers the history and evolution of this craft and discusses the essentials of translating one's vision onto paper, from the rough sketch to the finished storyboard. Over 100 illustrations from the author's and other storyboard artists' work illuminate the text throughout. Exercises at the end of each chapter help students to develop essential drawing and visualizing skills.

The Art of the Storyboard teaches basic drawing techniques and illustrates the use of perspective, light and shade, and depth of field needed in order to render the human figure in motion. In this book students are introduced to essential components of storyboarding, such as framing, placement of figures, and use of camera angles. $57.95.

Storyboarding 101:
A crash course in professional storyboarding
James O. Fraioli
This book is designed especially for those interested in breaking into storyboarding as a career but don't know where to start. Artist James O. Fraioli ("Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls") takes the mystery out of the art of storyboarding, with clear and concise information on both the mechanics of the art and how the business works. Topics covered include what storyboards are and why they are necessary, fundamentals of thinking visually, time-saving tricks of the trade and, most importantly, how to land that first job and advance your career. $29.95.

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