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Movies: From the Silent Classics of the Silver Screen to the Digital and 3-D EraMovies: From the Silent Classics of the Silver Screen to the Digital and 3-D Era
Phillip Kemp
Assembled by a team of international movie reviewers, this is an accessible and thorough guide to the history of films. Hardcover, 580 pp. $37.50.

Cinema ItalianoCinema Italiano

Howard Hughes
Appraising over 400 movies, this essential book unearths the best of Italian cinema through many eras, and even more genres. Softcover, 312 pp. $18.00.

Film ...Isms: Understanding CinemaFilm ...Isms: Understanding Cinema

Ronald Bergan
This engaging guide sorts the great classic films and directors according to the significant "isms" that have shaped the development of cinema. Softcover, 160 pp. $18.95.


Monsters in the MoviesMonsters in the Movies

John Landis
A lushly illustrated guide to all the best mummies, vampires, werewolves, zombies, mad scientists, ghosts and more from throughout the world history of film. An unparalleled guide to all things nasty in the cinema. Hardcover, 340 pp. $45.00.

Hollywood MusicalsHollywood Musicals: The 101 Greatest Song-and-Dance Movies of All Time

Ken Bloom
A full colour, in depth and entertaining ride through the 101 greatest son-and-dance movies of all time. Hardcover, 287 pp. $49.95.

500 Essential Cult Movies500 Essential Cult Movies
Jennifer Eiss
Whether it's today's box office winners that keep us on the edge of our seats or all-time favorites that no one ever gets tired of seeing, this is the definitive guide to some of the best cult classics ever filmed. It brings together famous as well as lesser-known flicks, all of which boast passionate followings. Every genre you could imagine is covered, including dramas, thrillers, science fiction, comedies, horror, romance, Westerns, documentaries, and more. Each entry features a photo from the movie, a plot synopsis, a review, and suggestions for further viewing. Softcover, 383 pp. $23.50.

101 Action Movies You Must See Before You Die101 Action Movies You Must See Before You Die

Steven Jay Schneider
From the string of stylish, iconic James Bond adventures to the fast-paced, dark works of Tsui Hark, John Woo, and Christopher Nolan, 101 Action Movies You Must See Before You Die looks at the action film in all its forms. With insight from critics, film historians, and academics, this book explores what draws an audience to the thrills of these tense roller-coaster rides on the big screen. Softcover, 416 pp. $17.99.

101 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Di 101 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Die
Steven Jay Schneider
If you like nothing better than to spend your days (and nights) holed up watching off-beat fare such as Blue Velvet, Wings of Desire, Performance, This is Spinal Tap, and The City of Lost Children, then you might just be a cult film fanatic. If so, then you won't want to be without this informative guide to the most eccentric films available on DVD. Softcover, 416 pp. $17.99.

Spaghetti WesternsSpaghetti Westerns

Howard Hughes
This concise introduction to the genre examines not only its most famous examples -- Leone's Dollars Trilogy -- but the offbeat fare as well, such as Cemetery Without Crosses and Django Kill. This book is illustrated with rare colour posters and stills, and it includes a multi-media reference section, listing essential books, websites, DVD releases and soundtracks. Softcover, 160 pp. $19.95.

Hooked: Drug War Films in Britain, Canada, and the United StatesHooked: Drug War Films in Britain, Canada, and the United States

Susan C. Boyd
In Hooked, Susan C. Boyd explores over a century of American, British, and Canadian films containing fictional representations of drug use, the drug trade, and the war on drugs. She examines not only popular, mainstream films but also counter-culture, alternative, and 'stoner' movies, including Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. Softcover, 250 pp. $27.95.

50 Years of Queer Cinema50 Years of Queer Cinema

Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince
From the tawdry to the beautiful, "the love that dared not speak its name" is now firmly entrenched as a voice in independent film. 50 Years of Queer Cinema is loaded with insightful, opinionated reviews. These coupled with dozens of uber-dishy special features, disrobe for the first time some eternal truths about queer icons which in years past were only whispered about. Softcover, 522 pp. $29.95.

Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie GuideLeonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide

Leonard Maltin
From the editor of the bestselling annual Movie Guide comes this updated edition of the ultimate guide for fans of classic films both familiar and obscure. Covering the period from the silent era up until 1965, this comprehensive guide now has expanded star and director indexes, more foreign films, and capsule reviews of little-known and forgotten films. This is the perfect companion for anyone who loves the thrill of discovering vintage movies on DVD, cable, or online. Softcover, 810 pp. $28.50.

Story of the Scene: The Inside Scoop on Famous Moments in FilmStory of the Scene: The Inside Scoop on Famous Moments in Film

Roger Clarke
Did Arnold Schwarzenegger really improvise "I'll be back" in The Terminator? Were the cast and crew of The Exorcist truly victims of a demonic curse? Was Stanley Kubrick actually obsessed with the rape scene from Deliverence? Story of the Scene opens up the true stories behind the myths and legends of 80 iconic cinematic moments. Softcover, 160 pp. $29.95.

101 War Movies: You Must See Before You Die

Steven Jay Schneider
With insight from critics, film historians, and academics, this book offers a breadth of knowledge and passion for a celluloid century of tanks and trenches, guns and grenades, heartrending deaths, and heroic leadership. Whether you know every line from The Great Escape or could watch The Bridge on the River Kwai again and again, this is the book for you. Softcover, 415 pp. $17.99.

101 Gangster Movies you must see before you die101 Gangster Movies you must see before you die

Steven Jay Schneider
Sharp suits, fast cars, foul language, and grisly violence define the genre that has given us some of cinema's most memorable moments depicting society's underbelly in action. With insight from critics, film historians, and academics, 101 Gangster Movies You Must See Before You Die explores the rise of the gangster movie, from its humble beginnings to the popular phenomenon it is today. Softcover, 416 pp. $17.99.

10,000 Ways to Die10,000 Ways to Die
Alex Cox
Based upon a manuscript written when he was still a graduate student, 10,000 Ways to Die has been completely revised to reflect author Alex Cox's insights as a filmmaker in his own right. The result is a highly unique book about the Spaghetti Western, from a director's POV. When focused under Cox's keen intelligence, we see that not only have these films stood the test of time, but some of them have reached the level of high art. Softcover, 336 pp. $32.95.

Movie ListsMovie Lists

Paul Simpson
These film-obsessive lists, arranged by genre, director or actor, answer that most difficult of questions: what DVD should you rent? Fancy a screwball comedy? Here, you will find all of the classics. Not seen all of Herzog's oeuvre? Here's the guide to his best. Desperate to see another James Cagney movie? No problem. In all, this is an entertaining an addictive movie encyclopedia. Softcover, 416 pp. $17.95.

Stagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great WesternsStagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Westerns

Howard Hughes
The American West on film is dust and drama, shootouts and saloons in a land created by the directors who themselves were captivated by the romance of it all. Stagecoach to Tombstone tells the true story of the American West on film. With fresh insight, Howard Hughes explores 27 key films and draws on production notes, cast and crew biographies, and the films' box-office success, to reveal their place in western history. Softcover, 274 pp. $21.95.

101 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die101 Sci-Fi Movies You Must See Before You Die

Steven Jay Schneider
From the low-budget Flash Gordon tales to the the slick CGI-realized world of The Matrix, science-fiction films have long pushed at the boundaries of the visually and dramatically fantastic. In this book, you will be guided through the history of this famous genre, with 101 profiles of the best films that this cinematic mode has to offer. Softcover, 416 pp. $17.99.

101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die
Steven Jay Schneider
Fascinating and disturbing, horror films expose our most primal fears: our nightmares, our terrors, our vulnerability and revulsion, our terror of the unknown, and our fear of sex, death, or loss of identity. With insight from critics, historians, and academics, this book explores and illuminates the enduring popularity of this genre. Softcover, 415 pp. $17.99.

Movies: The Ultimate Insider's GuideMovies: The Ultimate Insider's Guide

Robert Kahn
Always in pursuit of the best and most obscure movies, filmmakers, artists, and writers are ideal guides to film. With over 250 films to choose from, discover great but little-known films in this unique guide from the creators of the City Secrets travel series. Softcover, 306 pp. $22.95.

The Greatest Movies EverThe Greatest Movies Ever

Jim Piazza & Gail Kinn
From a century of great comedies, dramas, musicals, romances, and more, Kinn and Piazza have selected and ranked the top 101 films worldwide -- and provided insightful commentary, facts and figures, behind-the-scenes info, and lush photographs that bring each film to life on the page. The Greatest Movies Ever is a must-have for film buffs of every age and taste. Softcover, 324 pp. $26.95.

"Have You Seen...?""Have You Seen...?"

David Thomson
This new book is a generous history of film and an enticing critical appraisal written with as much humor and passion as historical knowledge. Not content to choose his own top films (though they are here), Thomson has created a list that will surprise and delight you. He also probes the question: after one hundred years of film, which ones are the best, and why? Hardcover, 1007 pages. $45.00.

Ten Bad Dates with DeNiro10 Bad Dates with DeNiro: A Book of Alternative Movie Lists

Edited by Richard T. Kelly
Born of the cinephile's love of lists, penchant for argument, and obsession with the minutiae, Ten Bad Dates with DeNiro is a symposium and celebration of viewing pleasures, private passions, and cinematic lost causes. Contributions to this smart and provocative collection of out-of-the-box Top Tens include a fine cast of leading critics, filmmakers, and writers. Hardcover, 458 pp. $33.00.

Movie LondonMovie London

Tony Reeves
From James Bond to Harry Potter, from Sense and Sensibility to The Bourne Ultimatum, Movie London is the film buff's travel guide to London. It contains detailed coverage of over 500 films, illustrated with hundreds of exclusive location photographs. This unique guide also contains maps for movie-themed walks and various full colour features. Softcover, 184 pp. $16.95.

100_shksp_filmsbfi100 Shakespeare Films

BFI Screen Guides
Daniel Rosenthal
Shakespeare's plays have inspired spaghetti Westerns and British Oscar-winners, Bollywood thrillers and Soviet epics. Covering twenty plays, Daniel Rosenthal's selection of 100 Shakespeare films spans a century of cinema, from a silent Tempest (1907) to Kenneth Branagh's As You Like It (2006). Rosenthal traces the history of screen Shakespeare and analyses the pros and cons of adaptation. Presented alphabetically by Shakespeare play, each chapter begins with a synopsis.The film essays explore cinematography, design, dialogue, music and performance. Softcover, 298 pp. $26.99.

Movie Mistakes Take FiveMovie Mistakes Take Five

Jon Sandys
Ever spotted a digital watch in a historic film? Or seen an extra walk slap bang into a door frame? There's nothing we love more than pointing out other people's mistakes, and this updated edition of the best-selling Movie Mistakes is packed with over a thousand cinematic slip-ups from some of our best-loved films. Softcover, 317 pp. $9.99.

Your Movie SucksYour Movie Sucks

Roger Ebert
In the same vein as his best-seller I Hated, Hated, Hated, This Movie, Roger Ebert's new book collects his most scathing recent reviews of not only movies that were at the bottom of the barrel, but also movies that he found underneath the barrel. Softcover, 338 pp. $20.95.

You Gotta See This You Gotta See This: More Than 100 of Hollywood's Best Reveal and Discuss Their Favourite Films
Cindy Pearlman
Everyone has a favorite movie--even the people who make them. In You Gotta See This, veteran entertainment reporter Cindy Pearlman gets the scoop on the top film picks of Hollywood's entertainment elite. Through more than one hundred interviews with actors, writers, and directors, Pearlman discovers the eclectic - and frequently surprising - tastes of the people responsible for the motion pictures we love. Softcover, 256 pp. $18.50.

DVD DeliriumDVD Delirium
Volume 3
Nathaniel Thompson
The all new DVD Delirium Volume 3 perfectly compliments the previous two volumes, covering a brand new selection of the world's greatest cult movies on DVD. Featuring in-depth reviews of horror, exploitation, arthouse, erotic, foreign language, thriller, action, and just plain weird movies, this edition of the ultimate guide to DVD stands alone as an essential book for all film fanatics, and also features a comprehensive index covering 1, 2, and 3, thus enabling readers to have instant access to almost 2000 DVD reviews. Softcover, 639 pp. $32.95.

Movie LustMovie Lust

Maitland McDonagh
Packed with more than 1,300 film recommendations ranging from art house classics to camp-filled trash, Movie Lust is the perfect guide to finding your new favourite flicks. Here are 100 eclectic and entertaining movie lists from respected film reviewer Maitland McDonagh, including: "Anime for Dummies,""Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups,""Not Your Father's Musicals,""Silents are Golden,""Superior Sequels," and "The Zombie Stomp."

100 Great Film Performances You Should Remember100 Great Film Performances You Should Remember... But Probably Don't

John Dileo
In this enlightening book, John Dileo ventures beyond the obvious to pay tribute to a collection of acting feats that have made priceless but often underappreciated contributions to the art of screen acting. He gets to the heart of what made the performances so original and memorable, whetting your appetite to see all one hundred of these superb, eye-opening performances again -- or, for the first time. Softcover, 415 pp. $27.50.

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Reel Views 2Reel Views 2
James Berardinelli
Reel Views 2 is the expanded, thoroughly updated successor to Reel Views, based on the hugely popular film web-site reelviews.net. Included are over 150 new reviews and an all-new chapter on Director's Cuts, Special Edition DVDs, and Easter Eggs. Softcover, 612 pp. $28.99.

Movie Game Book	Movie Game Book
Pierre Murat & Michel Grisolia
Exploring all aspects of cinema, from 1895 to the present, this book tests your knowledge of genres, filmmakers, myths, movements, themes, legends, and more. Beautifully illustrated with more than 300 photographs, this original and interactive history of film offers an opportunity to better understand the most popular of art forms. Softcover, 396 pp. $40.00.

Halliwell's Top 1000Halliwell's Top 1000
John Walker
A canon has been established. In this mighty tome, long-time Halliwell's editor, John Walker, lists out Halliwell's 1000 favourite films. The merits of each movie are given a full evaluation, including information such as the cast and crew on the film, any awards the movie won, DVD and soundtrack availability plus other interesting facts such as original film titles and gossip from behind-the-scenes. Richly illustrated, with film stills and posters, this is a book every cinema-goer will want to own. Softcover, 572 pp. $39.95.

The New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever MadeThe New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made
Peter M. Nichols
This handy reference book covers the entire spectrum of cinema, from the first talkies of the 1930's to blockbusters like The Wizard of Oz and Chicago; from timeless classics like Casablanca and Notorious to modern award winners like Shakespeare in Love and Boys Don't Cry. Beloved foreign films by directors such as Truffaut, Kurosawa, Fellini, and Almodovar appear with milestone achievements by renowned American directors like Kubrick, Huston, Spielberg, and Welles. The reviews -- by Vincent Canby, Janet Maslin, and others -- are eloquent, honest, incisive, and intuitive, making this book not only an invaluable resource for any film lover but also a fascinating, often surprising insight into Hollywood history. Softcover, 1174 pp. $36.95.

The Official Razzie Movie GuideThe Official Razzie Movie Guide: Enjoying the Best of Hollywood's Worst

John Wilson
The people love them and the industry loathes them, but since 1981, the Golden Raspberry Awards, hosted by creator John Wilson, have bestowed Razzies on the movies so bad they're in a wildly entertaining class by themselves. The Official Razzie Movie Guide lets the discerning 'bad movie lover' in on the culprits of the screen crimes, snippets of some of the best brain-numbing dialogue of our time and scenes to watch out for. Softcover, 380 pp. $21.95.

Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie GuideLeonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide

Leonard Maltin
Along with the stupendous growth of Leonard Maltin's annual Movie Guide came the unfortunate necessity of removing older reviews in order to make room for new additions. These "lost" reviews, as well as hundreds of others, have been collected in this one-of-a-kind guide to classic movies. Furthermore, this comprehensive volume offers a star and director index, and Leonard Maltin's personal list of top classic DVDs. The result is an authoritative, dynamic guide to the classics that no film aficionado should be without. Softcover, 686 pp. $29.00.

Motion Picture PurgatoryMotion Picture Purgatory
Volume 1
Rick Trembles
From the pages of free weekly The Montreal Mirror comes the best of Rick Trembles distinctive hybrid film-review/column/comic strip Motion Picture Purgatory. Frequently resembling storyboards and plotline trajectories, this novel new form of film criticism is sure to bring you much enjoyment as you re-experience some of your favourite cult films. Softcover, 191 pp. $23.95.

The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide
Scarecrow Video
Seattle's Scarecrow Video is the biggest little video store in America, and a mecca for serious cinephiles: Roger Ebert, Bernardo Bertolucci, Quentin Taratino, and John Woo have all made pilgrimidges. Now the staff and friends of Scarecrow video have assembled their first video guide, and it is as opinionated as it is eclectic. With nearly 4,000 films reviewed, this is Scarecrow's list of laughable, important, fluffy, gory, illuminating, so-bad-it's-good videos for anyone interested in the art -- both high and low -- of cinema. Softcover, 808 pp. $34.95.

DVD Delirium 2DVD Delirium 2: The International Guide to Weird and Wonderful Films on DVD

Nathaniel Thompson
Hundreds of fascinating films are reviewed in the all new second edition instalment of the A-to-Z DVD guide specially designed for collectors of cult, horror, exploitation, arthouse, erotic, foreign language, thriller, action and just plain weird movies! DVD Delirium 2 is a minefield for the serious collector with DVD's from all over the world reviewed and analysed by Thompson along with renowned cult film critics including Kim Newman and Tim Greaves. Softcover, 639 pp. $38.99.

DVD DeliriumDVD Delirium: Volume 1 Redux

Nathaniel Thompson
DVD Delirium is the world's only A-to-Z DVD guide specially designed for collectors of cult, horror, exploitation, arthouse, erotic, foreign language, thriller, action, and just plain weird movies! Almost 1000 fascinating films reviewed in depth by Nathaniel Thompson - one of the world's leading DVD experts - along with renowned cult film critics Tim Greaves and Stephen Thrower. Softcover, 767 pp. $19.95.

The 100 Best Movies You've Never SeenThe 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen
Richard Crouse
Richard Crouse, film critic and host of Rogers Television's award-winning Reel to Real, takes you on a journey through 70 years of cinema history, choosing his favorite "guilty pleasures". From the sublime to the ridiculous, this handy movie-goer's companion offers a wide-range of suggestions for those with a taste for the obscure, the over-looked, and the off-beat. Softcover, 254 pp. $19.95.

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The Rough Guide to FilmThe Rough Guide to Film
Rough Guides
The Rough Guide to Film is a bold new guide to cinema. Arranged by director, it covers the top moguls, mavericks and studio stalwarts of every era, genre and region, in additiong to lots of lesser-known names. Softcover, 649 pp. $36.99.

100 British Documentaries: BFI Screen Guides100 British Documentaries: BFI Screen Guides

Patrick Russell
100 British Documentaries provides an accessible and occasionally provocative introduction to a rich and surprisingly varied tradition, by considering 100 examples from a century's worth of cinema. Patrick Russell's insightful essays on the 100 films place them in context, discuss the ways in which they represent their subject matter, and consider how they portray Britain during a century of great social and political change. Softcover, 270 pp. $26.95.

The Rough Guide to Film MusicalsThe Rough Guide to Film Musicals
David Parkinson
From the magic of Astaire and the pathos of Garland to the flair of Fosse, The Rough Guide to Film Musicals is the perfect companion to cinema's most spectacular genre, revealing how an escapist entertainment became Hollywood's most ingenious art form. Softcover, 326 pp. $19.99.

The Rough Guide to Film NoirThe Rough Guide to Film Noir
Alexander Ballinger & Danny Graydon
From dimly lit streets to glamorous apartments, world-weary detectives to irresistable femmes fatales, The Rough Guide to Film Noir shines a searchlight into cinema's darkest and most dangerous corner. Softcover, 302 pp. $19.99.

The Rough Guide to British Cult ComedyThe Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy
Julian Hall
Focusing on the last three decades, this book covers the gamut of UK comedy talent, showcasing the cultiest comedians and the most side-splitting shows. It chronicles the rise of alternative comedy to surrealist sketches and the triumph of reality comedies such as The Office; 50 stars of live and TV comedy, from 1980s legend Harry Enfield to current headliner Ross Noble; 50 sitcoms, sketch shows and mockumentaries that broke the mould, among them The Royle Family and The Fast Show; American influences on British comedy, from Richard Pryor to Bill Hicks; best comedy venues, recommended DVDs and CDs, tips of the trade (how to deal with hecklers) and much, much more. Softcover, 277 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide to WesternsThe Rough Guide to Westerns
Paul Simpson
From the saloon to the cattle trail, gunslinging outlaws to ferocious Indians, The Rough Guide to Westerns is the ultimate companion to the genre that has, since the birth of cinema, fed our fascination with the Wild West. Softcover, 293 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide to American Independent FilmThe Rough Guide to American Independent Film

Jessica Winter
Unconventional, controversial and often downright disturbing, indie films have given us some of cinema's most innovative and influential moments. The Rough Guide to American Independent Film gives you the lowdown on maverick filmmaking, from sleazy exploitation flicks and satirical documentaries to chilling horror movies and quirky suburban dramas. Softcover, 277 pp. $21.99.

Rough Guide to Chick FlicksRough Guide to Chick Flicks
Samantha Cook
The Rough Guide to Chick Flicks is a lively guide to the movies women love, from melodramas to biopics, thrillers to rom-coms. Sassy, informed and occassionally unexpected, it celebrates women's films of every kind. Softcover, 283 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide To Sci-Fi MoviesThe Rough Guide To Sci-Fi Movies
John Scalzi
The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies is a comprehensive companion to the "final frontier" of film. It explores cinema's fascination with space exploration, time travel and fantastical worlds, and tells the stories behind the movies that have been expanding our universe since film began. Features include origins, the canon, the locations, the icons of the sci-fi genre. Softcover, 325 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide to Comedy MoviesThe Rough Guide to Comedy Movies
Bob McCabe
Cracking open a whole barrel-load of movie mirth, The Rough Guide to Comedy Movies gives you the ultimate lowdown on laughter in the cinema, from Airplane! to Withnail and I, and from John Belushi to Billy Wilder. Sections include: the comedy story, the comedy canon, comedy movie icons, comedy teamwork, and international comedy. Softcover, 303 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide to Comedy MoviesThe Rough Guide to Gangster Movies
Lloyd Hughes
From The Godfather to Get Carter, tales of organized crime have produced many of the big screen's greatest films and most memorable moments. The Rough Guide to Gangster Movies gives you the low-down on all aspects of the genre. It's all here, from James Cagney and his fellow 1930s mobsters right up to the hitmen of Quentin Tarantino and John Woo -- not forgetting all the Goodfellas, Untouchables and Kings of New York in between. Softcover, 322 pp. $21.99.

The Rough Guide To Horror Movies
Alan Jones
The Rough Guide to Horror Movies
is a comprehensive guide to the world's scariest films. Conjuring up vampires, monsters, ghosts and zombies, it tells the stories behind the movies that have frightened us from the birth of cinema to the present day. Softcover, 277 pp. $21.99.

Hey! It's That Guy!Hey! It's That Guy! The Fametracker.com Guide to Character Actors
Tara Ariano & Adam Sternbergh
Who is that guy? You know the one: the actor who always shows up in movies as the rumpled police detective, or the stern but ineffectual high school principal, or the wiseguy mobster. What is that guy's name? And where have you seen that woman before. You'll find them all in this exhaustive and entertaining guide to character actors whose faces you recognize but whose names you can never quite recall. Softcover, 255 pp. $19.95.

The Rough Guide to Cult Movies The Rough Guide to Cult Movies
Various authors
This second edition of the Rough Guide to Cult Movies offers a new and improved blend of essential trivia and informed opinion as it takes you on a tour of the most compellingly weird -- and weirdly compelling -- films in the celluloid universe. Softcover, 475 pp. $18.99.

The Rough Guide to Kids' Movies The Rough Guide to Kids' Movies
Paul Simpson
This compact movie guide contains over 400 reviews for the best kids films on video and DVD. From recent hits such as Finding Nemo and Elf to classics like The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars, this book will provide the reader with countless suggestions that will keep children entertained for hours on end. Softcover, 303 pp. $17.99.

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