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Books for Kids & Youth

No Fear Shakespeare: A CompanionNo Fear Shakespeare: A Companion
This companion gives you the straight scoop on everything you really need to know about Shakespeare, including: what's so great about Shakespeare, how did he get so smart, five mysteries of his life and why they matter, Shakespeare's world, theatre, language, and the five greatest Shakespearean characters. Softcover, 290 pp. $10.95.

No Fear Shakespeare: Graphic NovelsHamlet: No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels

William Shakespeare & Neil Babra
With his father murdered and the murderer crowned king, Prince Hamlet struggles to deliver justice on his own terms even as the rest of the world writes him off as a madman. In this bold and inventive graphic novel, the artist Neil Babra recreates Shakespeare's classic play. Softcover, 207 pp. $10.95.

Macbeth: No Fear Shakespeare Graphic NovelsMacbeth: No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels
William Shakespeare & Ken Hoshine
The only Shakespeare play with a villain for its hero, Macbeth takes us deep inside the mind and conscience of a murderer. In this bold and inventive graphic novel, the artist Ken Hoshine recreates Shakespeare's classic play. Softcover, 193 pp. $10.95.

Romeo and Juliet: No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels Romeo and Juliet: No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels
William Shakespeare
Have you ever found yourself looking at a Shakespeare play, then down at the footnotes, then back at the play, and still not understanding? You know what the individual words mean, but they don't add up. SparkNotes' No Fear Shakespeare will help you break through all that. Put the pieces together with our easy-to-read translations. Soon you'll be reading Shakespeare's own words fearlessly--and actually enjoying it. Softcover, 287 pp. $10.95.

The Young Reader's Shakespeare: Julius CaesarThe Young Reader's Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Adam McKeown & Janet Hamlin
Rich in both political and personal conflict, Julius Caesar speaks its message as forcefully today as when William Shakespeare first wrote it more than four hundred years ago. Loved by the people, feared by his fellow politicians, Caesar stirs passionate feelings among all those he rules. And some of his subjects will stop at nothing to remove him from power. This compelling and beautifully illustrated drama is presented in a bold new retelling that includes frequently asked questions and a list of characters to help a child fully understand the plot of Shakespeare's great political drama. Hardcover, 80 pp. $15.95.

Poetry for Young People: William ShakespearePoetry for Young People: William Shakespeare
Edited by David Scott Kastan & Marina Kastan
William Shakespeare's verses -- illustrated in remarkable color illustrations -- encourage, fascinate, provoke laughter, and inspire deep feelings in readers. His classic lines move us as much today as when Shakespeare first wrote them, from "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" to "Double, double, toil, and trouble." Softcover, 46 pp. $7.50.

The Dress-up BookThe Dress-up Book
Jane Bull
Don't just get dressed -- get dressed up! With 50 amazing costume ideas, you can transform yourself into a giant, a robot, or dozens of other creative characters. Create sensational outfits for parties, trick-or-treating, or just for fun with these simple step-by-step instructions. Softcover, 48 pp. $16.99.


Christmas in New York: A Pop-Up Book Christmas in New York: A Pop-Up Book
Chuck Fischer
This interactive pop-up book makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the holiday traditions that originated in New York -- from the lighting 1111111of the tree in Rockefeller Center to watching the ball drop on New Year's eve in Times Square. Its unique construction combines original art by Chuck Fischer with photographs of famous New York City landmarks. Hardcover, 12 pp. $47.00.

Shakespeare's Globe: An Interactive Pop-Up Theatre Shakespeare's Globe: An Interactive Pop-Up Theatre
Toby Forward & Juan Wigngaard
Open this book to reveal an amazing pop-up model of the greatest theatre in the world -- the Globe, just as it appeared in Shakespeare's time. Richard Burbage, the leading actor of the King's Men, will be your guide as you admire the great columns, climb into the galleries, and peer backstage. And then with the play books and punch out characters, you can call Shakespeare's characters to the stage and perform scenes from some of his most celebrated plays. $27.99.

Othello: The Young Reader's Shakespeare Othello: The Young Reader's Shakespeare
Adam McKeown
Passion, deceit, and manipulation lie at the heart of Othello, a chilling tale of misplaced jealousy and wasted love. This adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play will delight and inspire young readers. Beautifully illustrated in colour. Hardcover, 96 pp. $21.95.

Oscar Wilde: Stories for Young Children Oscar Wilde: Stories for Young Children
Merlin Holland
Known for his sparkling wit and zest for life, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) turns his sharp humor towards stories for young readers with five unforgettable, modern-day fairy tales about selflessness, beauty, and the search for love. Filled with moving, memorable characters and Wilde's rich, colourful language, this enchanting collection, complete with charming illustrations, is sure to delight your family for generations to come. Hardcover, 80 pp. $21.95.

The Art of Maurice SendakThe Art of Maurice Sendak 1980 to the Present
Tony Kushner
Although he is most widely recognized for his Caldecott-winning book, Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak has a body of work far wider than the arena of children's books. This abundantly illustrated book, with text by Tony Kushner, pays tribute to Sendak's far-ranging efforts, and offers insight into his wonderful imagination. Hardcover, 223 pp. $95.00.

Decorate YourselfDecorate Yourself
Tom Andrich
It is easy to change your face with face paint, or to put a temporary tattoo on your body. This book cleary illustrates the basics of make-up artistry and includes instructions for creating dozens of designs. Go wild, glamorous, or funky with face and body painting! Softcover, 96 pp. $14.95.

Making MasksMaking Masks
Renee Schwarz
The 13 unique masks described inside are made from easy-to-find materials, are simple to make and are loads of fun to decorate. Whether it's for a Halloween party, a school play or just for dress-up, a little imagination is all that it takes to conceal your face and reveal someone new in your place! Hardcover, 40 pp. $14.95.

Dressed for ThrillsDressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes & Masquerade
Phyllis Galembo
In this delightful photo-essay, photographer Phyllis Galembo chronicles more than 100 years of American Halloween costumes and masquerade. Supplementing the photos are 3 intriging essays by Mark Alice Durant, Valerie Steele, and the photographer herself. Hardcover, 127 pp., $39.95.

Cinderlily: A Floral Fairy TaleCinderlily: A Floral Fairy Tale
David Ellwand and Christine Tagg
With singular vision and a wave of his digital wand, David Ellwand directs a delightfully expressive cast in this unique floral production of a classic fairy story. Cinderlily is sure to enchant lovers of fairy tales, flowers, fancy, and fun. Hardcover, $23.99.

Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Robert Sabuda
This is the latest in the amazing series of pop-up books by the master -- Robert Sabuda. Faithful to the original story this is an amazing creation which fascinates all who look at it and read it. Perfect for kids, their parents and grandparents. $39.50.

Imagine A Night Imagine A Night
This is another fascinating gift for young readers who love storytelling. It is a book of exquisite original drawings which inspire the imagination. "Imagine a night when you can ride your bike up the stairs to your bed. Imagine a night when a farmer plays a lullaby on his fiddle and his field of sunflowers begins to dip and sway to the rhythm." $25.00.

Cirque du Soleil: Parade of ColorsCirque du Soleil: Parade of Colors

Patrisha Robertson
Gathered here inside these pages are colors galore and rhymes for all ages. This spirited introduction to Cirque de Soleil will pique the imagination of readers of all ages. Hardcover 32 pp. $24.95.

Mikhail Baryshnikov's Stories From My ChildhoodMikhail Baryshnikov's Stories From My Childhood
Joan Borsten & Oleg Vidov
Simple lessons are embodied in each of the tales which are included in this rich volume. The young, and the young at heart, will be charmed by this beautifully illustrated, handsome collection. With an introduction by Mikhail Baryshnikov. Hardcover, 128 pp., $39.95.

A Guide to Canadian Children's BooksA Guide to Canadian Children's Books
Deidre Baker and Ken Setterington
This guide, unique in Canada, is an entertaining and informative selection of some or the best books produced by the country's writers and illustrators. Features include: over 500 recommended titles, critical assessments and advice, detailed indexes for authors, titles, subject matter, and settings, bibliographic details, and much more. Hardcover, 350 pp. $34.99.

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Dickens' ChristmasDickens' Christmas
Simon Callow
This beautifully illustrated anthology of the holiday that fascinated Dickens contains the entire text of A Christmas Carol. Also included are excerpts from Dickens' other writings, which vividly describe houses decorated with greenery and lighted candles, mistletoe in the hall and holly wreaths on the door, and lavish, waistcoat-popping dinners. In all, this is a wonderous volume that celebrates Victorian Christmas in all its warmth and charm. Hardcover, 155 pp. $39.95.

Beautiful AngiolaBeautiful Angiola
The Great Treasury of Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales

Jack Zipes
Beautiful Angiola is an instant classic. In one of the most startling literary discoveries of recent years, Jack Zipes has uncovered this neglected treasure trove of Sicilian folk and fairy tales. These universal tales of heroines and princes, sorcery and surprise, and the deeds of the brave and the treacherous, will delight readers, both young and old, for years to come. Hardcover, 364 pp. $45.00.

Manjusha Pawagi
Priya begs and begs for a piano. But when her parents grant her wish, she discovers that she can't make the wonderful sounds she hears in her head. A resourceful girl, she comes up with an ingenious solution that creates havoc at the fall recital. Hardcover 23 pp. $14.95.

Merry Christmas SongbookMerry Christmas Songbook
Reader's Digest
Make your Christmas even merrier with this giant collection of yuletide favourites! Here are more than 100 traditional songs and instrumentals -- plus a handy sing-along lyric book -- that will help make your holiday season truly memorable. Hardcover, $39.95.

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