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Acting for Theatre

Acting in Musical TheatreActing in Musical Theatre
Joe Deer & Joe Rocco
Acting in Musical Theatre is the only complete course in approaching a role in a musical. It is the first to combine acting, singing, and dancing into a comprehensive guide, combining what have previously treated as three separate disciplines. This book contains fundamental skills for novice actors, practical insights for professionals, and even tips to help veteran musical performers refine theri craft. Softcover, 448 pp. $33.00.

Different Every Night: Freeing the ActorDifferent Every Night: Freeing the Actor

Mike Alfreds
This book is a culmination of a lifetime's work in the theatre. In it, Mike Alfreds dares to do what very few directors other than Stanislavsky have done: he takes us into the rehearsal room and describes an immensely detailed methodology for the actor to bring the text to life, and, crucially, to keep it alive right up to the final performance. Indeed, he demonstrates that by investing in the truth of every moment, the actor can ensure that a performance will be 'different every night.' Softcover, 362 pp. $32.95.

The Wooster Group Work BookThe Wooster Group Work Book

This is an extraordinary book which chronicles the working practices of one of the world's leading performance companies. Rehearsal methods, source materials, as well as the creative thinking and reflections of director Elizabeth LeCompte and her main artistic collaborators are included as the book focuses on five performance pieces which are considered classics of the contemporary stage. Combining journal extracts, actors' notes, stage designs, stage managers' logs with stunning photos, this is an indispensable resource for students and anyone interested in contemporary performance. Large format, softcover. $39.50.

Tools and Techniques for Character InterpretationActing: Working in the Theatre

Robert Emmet Long
For the first time in the thirty-year history of the Working in the Theatre seminars, this volume gathers the insights of more than 100 great performers. Here is a book for students, actors, and others in the profession, as well as anyone with a passion for the theatre. The humor, art, grace, and dedication conveyed by these artists transform lives every night. Now, they speak directly to us about what it is really like to be working in the theatre. Softcover, 174 pp. $18.95.

Gorilla TheatreGorilla Theatre
Christopher Carter Sanderson
Christopher Carter Sanderson, founder of the startlingly innovative Gorilla Rep, explains how theatre can be made to work in any free space. Stripping the theatrical experience down to its barest essentials, this remarkable book demonstrates that real theatre isn't about buildings and curtains, but about what happens between actors and audiences. Softcover, 188 pp. $37.50.

The Art of PantomimeThe Art of Pantomime
Charles Aubert
This informative survey text presents a well-illustrated analysis of pantomime's extensive variety of emotional expressions, attainable through attitude and gesture. A vital resource to the classic art, this volume affords students, amateurs, and professional actors abundant material for cultivating and refining their craft. Softcover, 210 pp. $16.50.

The Actor and the TargetThe Actor and the Target
Declan Donnellan
The exciting young Irish director provides a fresh and radical approach to acting. It is a scalpel to the persistent fears of " I don't know what I'm doing." " I don't know who I am."" I don't know what I'm playing." "... cuts open every generalisation about acting and draws out gleamingly fresh specifics." Peter Brook. Softcover, 276 pp. $27.95.

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