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Shakespeare Life and Times

The Arden Shakespeare MiscellanyThe Arden Shakespeare Miscellany
Jane Armstrong
History, trivia, facts, language, and much, much more. The Arden Shakespeare Miscellany illuminates the bard with info on the man himself, his plays, and the world in which he lived. Softcover, 210 pp. $18.00.

Shakespeare's FreedomShakespeare's Freedom

Stephen Greenblatt
Stephen Greenblatt, author of the best selling Will in the World, here paints are remarkably refreshing picture of William Shakespeare in the context of the culture and society in which he lived. He portrays Shakespeare as one who fought agains the aboslutes of his age and defied authority to create the most well known masterpieces in the world. Hardcover, 144 pp. $28.95.

Shakespeare: An Ungentle LifeShakespeare: An Ungentle Life

Katherine Duncan-Jones
Not much is actually known about the man called William Shakespeare. As a result, scholars have endlessly speculated about his sexuality, identity, education, and even emotions at his son's funeral. Katherine Duncan-Jones, however, in her lively and vigorous study, avoids abstract conjecture while still enriching the evidence available. She brings Shakespeare the man down from his pedestal on which scholars have tended to place him, and shows him as a man amongst men and a writer amongst writers. Softcover, 376 pp. $20.00.

Dear Mr. Shakespeare: Letters to a Jobbing PlaywrightDear Mr. Shakespeare: Letters to a Jobbing Playwright

Simon Reade
Written as a series of fictional letters to the emerging Elizabethan author, Dear Mr Shakespeare charts his career from young actor, poet and fledgling playwright through to national icon and old man of the theatre. Simon Reade has drawn on his time as Literary Manager at the Royal Shakespeare Company to produce a sharp and novel guide to England's greatest writer, full of witty and often surprising insights into the man and his contemporaries. A unique introduction to Shakespeare's life and times, to be enjoyed by aficionados, actors, academics and audiences alike. Softcover, 237 pp. $25.50.

Shakespeare's Lost Kingdom: The True History of Shakespeare and ElizabethShakespeare's Lost Kingdom: The True History of Shakespeare and Elizabeth

Charles Beauclerk
This fascinating book delves deep into the conflicts and personalities of Elizabethan England as well as into the plays themselves to tell the true story of the "Soul of the Age." From the queen whose sexual escapades threatened to tear the curtain from the royal stage, to the poet whose identity crisis fueled a body of incomparable works, and the controversy that survived both of them, springing up again and again throughout the centuries, this is a compelling, convincing history. You'll never look at Shakespeare the same way again. Hardcover, 430 pp. $31.95.

The Shakespeare AlmanacThe Shakespeare Almanac

Gregory Doran
From carnivals and cock-throwing to royal visits and race riots, The Shakespeare Almanac is a cornucopia of intriguing and wonderful details about the life and times of England's greatest playwright, complete with integrated illustrations. This day-by-day calendar of the year according to Shakespeare is the perfect addition to any Shakespeare lover's library. Hardcover, 400 pp. $54.95.

Shakespeare's London On 5 Groats a DayShakespeare's London On 5 Groats a Day

Richard Tames
Welcome to the city of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. This intriguingly addictive guide, based on the words of Tudor authors and contemporary pamphlets, letters, maps, wills, and legal records, provides an insider's view of Elizabethan London. Softcover, 151 pp. $24.00.

Soul of the AgeSoul of the Age: A Biography of the Mind of William Shakespeare

Jonathan Bate
In this illuminating, innovative biography, Jonathan Bate, one of today's most accomplished Shakespearean scholars, has found a fascinating new way to tell the story of the great dramatist. Using the Bard's own immortal list of man's seven ages in As You Like It, Bate deduces the crucial events of Shakespeare's life and connects them to his world and work as never before. Equal parts masterly detective story, brilliant literary analysis, and insightful world history, Soul of the Age is more than a superb new recounting of Shakespeare's experiences; it is a bold and entertaining work of scholarship and speculation. Hardcover, 471 pp. $40.00.

Shakespeare Revealed: A Biography Shakespeare Revealed: A Biography

Rene Weis
Intimacies with Marlowe, entanglements with the dark lady, the probable fathering of an illegitimate son - Shakespeare's personal life has proven tantalisingly obscure. These startling new findings are consolidated by scrupulous archival research which builds a colourful picture of Shakespeare's daily life: the bustling market town of Stratford with its family affairs and neighbourly disputes, and the pell-mell of London's theatres peopled with shady spies, informers and torturers. Softcover, 443 pp. $19.95.

Shakespeare's Globe : A Theatrical ExperimentShakespeare's Globe : A Theatrical Experiment

Christie Carson & Farah Karim-Cooper
In 1997, a team of artists and theatre specialists renewed Shakespeare's Globe to its former glory, bringing to an end its 400-year absence from the world's stage. In this remarkable publication, actors, designers, musicians, and Globe Education staff engage with international scholars in a lively debate about the impact of this extraordinary building. Softcover, 268 pp. $27.95.

Shakespeare's WifeShakespeare's Wife

Germaine Greer
Shakespeare's Wife is a compelling, insightful book that goes a long way toward righting the wrongs done to Ann Shakespeare. Germaine Greer steps off the well-trodden paths of orthodoxy, asks new questions and opens new fields of investigation into this fascinating subject. Softcover, 406 pp. $36.99.

The Lodger ShakespeareThe Lodger Shakespeare

Charles Nicholl
Charles Nicholl applies a powerful biographical magnifying glass to a fascinating but little-known episode of Shakespeare's life. Marshaling evidence from a wide variety of sources, he conjures up a detailed and compelling description of the circumstances in which Shakespeare lived and worked, and in which he wrote such plays as Othello, Measure for Measure, and King Lear. Nicholl also throws new light on the puzzling story of Shakespeare's collaboration with the hack writer and brothel keeper George Wilkins. Softcover, 377 pp. $18.50.

Will's Will: The Last Wishes of William ShakespeareWill's Will: The Last Wishes of William Shakespeare
Simon Trussler
Shakespeare's original will and testament - a prized possession of The National Archives - offers a fascinating window on to his eventful yet mysterious life. Presented here in full, it reveals tantalizing details about the great man - the places he knew, his family and friends, his growing wealth, his concerns and the fellow actors who helped make his name. From sleepy Stratford to volatile London, Will's Will brings to life a story with few facts and room for intriguing conjecture. Hardcover, 112 pp. $15.95.

William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare

Peter Holland
From William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill the Very Interesting People series provides authoritative bite-sized biographies of Britain's most fascinating historical figures--people whose influence and importance have stood the test of time. Softcover, 147 pp. $12.95.

"Shakespeare" by Another Name"Shakespeare" by Another Name

Mark Anderson
In the centuries since William Shakespeare's death, more and more questions has arisen about the true identity of the author of the immortal omnibus which includes everything from the soaring soliloquies of Hamlet to the sensual imagery of the "Eighteenth Sonnet". In this groundbreaking work, Mark Anderson focuses his attention on the Elizabethan court playwright Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, of whom filmmaker and acclaimed Shakespearean dramatist Orson Welles once said, "I think Oxford wrote Shakespeare. If you don't, there are some awful funny coincidences to explain away." A prominent courtier and quintessential Renaissance man, a scholar, spendthrift, scoundrel, cosmopolitan traveler, military adventurer, artistic patron, and prolific ghostwriter, Edward de Vere is brought to vivid life in this provocative biography. Softcover, 598 pp. $23.00.

Shakespeare and Co.Shakespeare and Co.
Stanley Wells
In Shakespeare and Co., one of the greatest living Shakespeare scholars breaks new ground in an engaging and illuminating study of the lives and careers of Shakespeare's contemporaries, a vital part of the time in which he wrote. Stanley Wells explores the Elizabethan theatrical scene, looks at the great actors Shakespeare worked with and examines the lives and works of the writers of his day and his later successors such as John Webster. He argues that it is only through remembering and celebrating the sheer richness and variety of Elizabethan and Jacobean drama that we can come to a closer understanding of the shadowy figure of Shakespeare himself. Hardcover, 285 pp. $45.00.

Shakespeare: The Biography Shakespeare: The Biography
Peter Ackroyd
The biography is neither an academic description nor a didactic analysis. Composed with intuition and imagination unique to Peter Ackroyd, brilliant yet straightforward, it simply presents the listener with the circumstances of the Bard's life. It is a living attempt to reach into the world and heart of William Shakespeare. Read by Simon Callow. Audio CD, $143.80.

A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare 1599A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare 1599
James Shapiro
How did Shakespeare go from being a talented poet and playwright to become one of the greatest writers who ever lived? In this one exhilarating year we follow what he reads and writes, what he sees, and who he works with as he invests in the new Globe Theatre and creates four of his most famous plays -- Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and, most remarkably, Hamlet. Read by the author. Audio CD. $39.95.

Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare
Bertram Fields
Is it really possible that a single individual -- a grade school-educated man from Stratford-upon-Avon -- possessed the depth and scope of knowledge reflected in the collected works of Shakespeare? Or, as Bertram Fields suggests, was this not one man, but a magnificent collaboration between two very different men. Blending biography and historical investigation with vibrant scholarship and storytelling, Players revolutionizes our understanding of the greatest writer -- or writers -- in our history. Hardcover, 308 pp. $37.95.

Boydell's Shakespeare PrintsBoydell's Shakespeare Prints: 90 Engravings
Josh Boydell & Josiah Boydell
John Boydell and his nephew Josiah, leaders in the English school of engraving in the late 1700s, invested their personal fortunes to produce this impressive collection. A momumental effort begun in 1787, the engravings of scenes from the dramatic works of William Shakespeare speak as passionately to the viewer today as they did more than 200 years ago Softcover, 90 pp. $16.50.

Will in the WorldWill in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
Stephen Greenblatt
How did Shakespeare become Shakespeare? Stephen Greenblatt enables us to see, hear, and feel how an acutely sensitive and talented boy, surrounded by the rich tapestry of Elizabethan life -- full of drama and pageantry, and also cruelty and danger -- became the world's greatest playwright. With every anecdote, speculation, and historical fact, Greenblatt brings a flash of illumination to the work, enabling us to experience these great plays again, as if for the first time, and with greater understanding and appreciation of their extraordinary depth and humanity. Will in the World is a gripping and essential book for every reader of Shakespeare. Hardcover, 430 pp. $39.00.

The Age of ShakespeareThe Age of Shakespeare
Frank Kermode
In The Age of Shakespeare, Frank Kermode uses the history and culture of the Elizabethan era to enlighten us about William Shakespeare and his poetry and plays. Hardcover, 214 pp. $32.95.

Michael Wood
Stocked with fresh insights and discoveries, this compelling work of investigative journalism reinstates the image of William Shakespeare as a thinking artist, and a man who held up a mirror to his age. Students of Shakespeare and Elizabethan England will be enthralled by this absorbing and intelligent re-assessment of the Bard. Hardcover, 352 pp. $45.95.

Imagining ShakespeareImagining Shakespeare
Stephen Orgel
In this beautifully illustrated book, one of the foremost Shakespeareans of our time explores the ways in which Shakespeare has been imagined from his age to ours. Drawing on performance history, textual history, and the visual arts, Imagining Shakespeare displays throughout the cultural versatility, elegance, lucidity and wit which have become the hallmarks of Stephen Orgel's style. Hardcover, 172 pp. $39.95.

Who Was William Shakespeare?Who Was William Shakespeare?The Mystery of the World's Greatest Playwright
Rupert Christiansen
This book is an exciting detective story which goes back over 400 years to the dramatic events of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and explores the way that a brilliant and ambitious young playwright was caught up in a violent world of murder, revenge and treason. Softcover, 80 pp. $9.99.

Shakespeare For All TimeShakespeare For All Time
Stanley Wells
From the entry of Shakespeare's birth in the Stratford church register to a Norwegian production of Macbeth in which the hero is represented by a tomato, this entralling and splendidly illustrated book tells the story of Shakespeare's life, his writings, and his afterlife. Rich in anecdote and insight, authoritative and informative in equal measure, this magnificent book is certain to please both the neophyte as well as the most seasoned Shakespeare scholar. Hardcover, 442 pp. $77.00.

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Henslowe's DiaryHenslowe's Diary
R.A. Foakes
The diary of Philip Henslowe, owner of the Rose Theatre in London during the 1590's, remains the most valuable source of information about the workings of the Elizabethan public theatres. For this new edition one of the original editors, R.A. Foakes, has added a new preface and reading list. Softcover, 368 pp. $44.95.

David Bevington
What makes Shakespeare great? Why do we still read and perform his works? In this deft, witty, and unpretentious book, David Bevington argues that Shakespeare continues to live among us because his representations of the human condition are as relevant today as they were in the Elizabethan era. This highly readable text is a wonderful account of Shakespeare's incomparable canon. Softcover, 250 pp. $32.95.

Shakespeare's FaceShakespeare's Face
Stephanie Nolen
In May 2001, Stephanie Nolen reported the discovery of a painting that may be the only portrait of William Shakespeare painted during his lifetime - a stunning announcement that ignited furious debate around the world. In this book she tells the story: how the portrait came to reside under the bed of a Montreal grandmother and how her grandson painstakingly authenticated the work despite all setbacks. Includes essays by dozens of noted Shakespeare experts, including Alexander Leggatt. Hardcover, $39.95.

Shakespeare: A LifeShakespeare: A Life
Park Honan
The most complete, accurate, and up to date narrative of Shakespeare's life. Fresh information dramatically alters our perceptions of the actor, poet and playwright. $28.95.



Shakespeare's TribeShakespeare's Tribe:
Church, Nation, and Theater in Renaissance England

Jeffrey Knappy
Knapp makes a provocative case for Shakespeare as a godly playwright in the face of conventional wisdom about the Bard's enduring secularism. Hardcover, $59.95.

Shakespeare's Kings

John Julius Norwich
A brilliant narrative survey of a nation's history as portrayed by the nation's greatest writer. Shakespeare's Kings tells the story of what really happened in the 150 years between 1337 and 1484 by examining the history plays, from the recently authenticated Edward III through to Richard III . Hardcover, $45.00; Paperback, $22.99

Shakespeare's English Kings
Peter Saccio
Anyone who appreciates the dramatic action of Shakespeare's history plays but is confused by much of the historical detail will welcome the guide to the Richards, Henrys, Warwicks and Norfolks who ruled and fought across Shakespeare's page and stage. Theatergoers, students, and filmgoers who want to enrich their understanding will find this revised edition to be an indispensable reference. $22.50.

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