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Guides to Shakepeare

Y is for YorickY is for Yorick
Jennifer Adams
A witty A to Z of Shakespearean characters in a beuatiful, slickly bound book that is the perfect gift for any lover of the Bard. Hardcover, 127 pp. $16.99.


Shakespeare: The Essential Guide to the Life and Works of the BardShakespeare: The Essential Guide to the Life and Works of the Bard

Theodore Pappas
In Shakespeare, Encyclopaedia Britannica presents a concise and balanced overview of the Bard's life, work, and legacy. From his upbringing in Stratford to his early theater career in London, from his poetry and plays to the controversy surrounding his authorship, from his contemporaries and collaborators to his critics past and present, this comprehensive guide provides the necessary background to appreciate Shakespeare's unique place in world literature. Softcover, 294 pp. $17.99.

So You Think You Know Shakespeare?So You Think You Know Shakespeare?
The Definitive Shakespeare Quiz Book!

John Saunders & Claire Saunders
The quizzes in this book cover Shakespeare's use of language as well as characters, events and recurrent motifs. Once you've tackled the lot, you'll have been introduced to every play that Shakespeare wrote, as well as several of his poems, and you'll know why Shakespeare is considered supreme as both poet and dramatist. The first quizzes range from courting to cursing; they include the tender, the witty, the sublime; they cover everything from eating to dying. Still others feature Dreams, Villains, and Resurrections, showing how Shakespeare developed his ideas and preocupations. The final three quizzes focus on particular plays - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet and The Tempest - and they'll really test your knowledge! Softcover, 115 pp. $13.95.

Reduced ShakespeareReduced Shakespeare: The Complete Guide for the Attention Impaired

Reed Martin & Austin Tichener
From the Reduced Shakespeare Company - the troupe who brought you The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) - comes this hysterical, yet surprisingly informative guide to everything you wanted to know about Shakespeare, but couldn't be bothered to ask. Hardcover, 246 pp. $23.95.

Oxford Dictionary of ShakespeareOxford Dictionary of Shakespeare
Stanley Wells
Compiled by the general editor of The Oxford Shakespeare, this dictionary includes hundreds of wide-ranging entries covering famous actors, writers, and directors connected with Shakespeare, as well as historical figures and places of particular interest. Ideal reference for the student, actor, or director, and fascinating browsing for the general reader. Softcover, 234 pp. $21.95.

The Shakespeare CompanionThe Shakespeare Companion
Emma Jones & Rhiannon Guy
From comedy to tragedy, Ellsinore to Cawdor, the Globe theatre to outer space, The Shakespeare Companion celebrates, investigates and puzzles over Shakespeare's strange turns, dramatic scenes, mysterious settings, gripping interludes and curious characters.

Essential Shakespeare HandbookEssential Shakespeare Handbook
Leslie Dunton-Downer & Alan Riding
Still as popular and relevant today as when his plays were first performed over 400 years ago, William Shakespeare remains the dramatist by which all others are judged. This definitive handbook provides all the essential information for appreciating and enjoying the work of the great Bard. Softcover, 480 pp. $35.00.

Shakespeare's CharactersA Theatergoer's Guide to Shakespeare's Characters: An Invaluable Companion to the Enduring People of His Plays
Robert Thomas Fallon
In A Theatergoer's Guide to Shakespeare's Characters, Fallon explores some sixty characters created by the Bard. Intended for the general reader, this volume is written in a "plain but not inelegant English" and avoids the specialized language for the theatre and the academy. Hardcover, 301 pp. $38.50.

Shakespeare's WordsShakespeare's Words:
A Glossary & Language Companion

David Crystal & Ron Crystal
Shakespeare's Words is for people who love Shakespeare, or who love language, or both. This immensely practical and enlightening guide to understanding Shakespeare's language for readers, audiences, students, directors and actors is a collection of over 14,000 words that can cause difficulty or be ambiguous to the modern reader. With special sections on archaisms, greetings, farewells and swear words, as well as dialects, Greek mythology, weapons and money, this book will enrich every reader's understanding and appreciation of the plays. Softcover, 650 pp. $27.00.

Shakespeare's TheaterShakespeare's Theater: A Sourcebook
Tanya Pollard
As the popularity of the theater exploded in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, so debates about its effects on audiences grew more and more heated. Shakespeare's Theater: A Sourcebook brings together in one volume the most significant Elizabethan and Jacobean texts on the theater. Many of these texts are made widely available here for the first time. Softcover, 352 pp. $44.95.

The Shakespeare Name DictionaryThe Shakespeare Name Dictionary
J. Davis & A. Daniel Frankforter
This Dictionary is a guide to the historical, mythological, fictional, and geographic references that appear in Shakespeare's complete plays and poems, covering every name, proper adjective, official title, literary and mystical title, and place name. With engaging and informative articles, The Shakespeare Name Dictionary is packed with information and is recommended for all levels. Softcover, 533 pp. $37.00.

Shakespearean AfterlivesShakespearean Afterlives: Ten Characters With a Life All Their Own
John O'Connor
Shakespearean Afterlives
is a cultural biography of Shakespeare's most famous characters. From Shylock to the Shrew, Richard the Third to Romeo, it charts the many and various existences that these characters have led outside the pages of the First Folio. Featuring interviews with experienced actors and directors, this book will delight any enthusiast of the Bard's plays. Hardcover, 356 pp. $40.00.

Exit, Pursued by a BearExit, Pursued by a Bear: Shakespeare's Characters, Plays, Poems, History and Stagecraft
Louise McConnell
This is a one-of-a-kind guide to the plays, the poems and the world of Shakespeare, which explains all the terms used in Shakespearean study in a simple A-to-Z format. Detailed and authoritative, it is also an invaluable reference for theatregoers, or anyone involved in staging Shakespeare productions. Hardcover, 406 pp. $39.95.

Actors on Shakespeare: Henry IV Part IIActors on Shakespeare: Henry IV Part II
Simon Callow
These wonderful guides provide incomparable insight into the plays of Shakespeare, from an actor's point-of-view. Other titles in the series include: Othello by James Earl Jones, Henry VI Part I by David Oyelowo, and Much Ado About Nothing by Saskia Reeves. Softcover, 110 pp. $15.00.

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Studying Shakespeare: A Guide to the PlaysStudying Shakespeare: A Guide to the Plays
Laurie E. Maguire
This beginner's guide to Shakespeare will help readers grasp the connection between the issues addressed in the plays and those of our time. Drawing on all of the Bards plays, Laurie E. Maguire shows how they illustrate some of life's most familiar stories -- love and obsession, parents and children, sex and politics, suffering and revenge. Softcover 242 pp. $24.95.

A Routledge Literary Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's King LearA Routledge Literary Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's King Lear
Grace Ioppolo
This broad-ranging analysis examines King Lear within its literary and cultural contexts. The wealth of material collected, coupled with the quality of the textual analysis, makes this the ideal guide for any student of King Lear. Softcover, 192 pp. $23.95.


Shakespeare: An Oxford GuideShakespeare: An Oxford Guide
Stanley Wells and Lena Cowen Orlin
Divided into four sections -- Shakespeare's Life & Times, Shakespearian Genres, Shakespeare Criticism, and Shakespeare's Afterlife -- Shakespeare: An Oxford Guide provides a practical and stimulating introduction to all aspects of Shakespeare studies. Softcover, 713 pp. $57.00.

Shakespeare LexiconShakespeare Lexicon
Volumes I and II
Alexander Schmidt
This is not a new title by any means but it is an essential tool for any serious study of the language of Shakespeare whether as a performer or as a scholar. No matter how detailed your edition of Shakespeare, the benefits of the Shakespeare Lexicon enrich your comprehension and appreciation. Every word defined and located, more than 50,000 quotations identified. $31.95 each.

A Theatregoer's Guide To Shakespeare's ThemesA Theatregoer's Guide To Shakespeare's Themes
Robert Thomas Fallon
In his companion piece to A Theatregoer's Guide to Shakespeare, Robert Fallon focuses on some of the most frequently encountered themes in the Bard's plays. Highly informative and thoroughly readable, this book is essential to anyone who wishes to enhance their enjoyment of Shakespeare's work. Hardcover, 268 pp. $41.50.

 The Everything Shakespeare Book
The Everything Shakespeare Book

Peter Rubie
A thorough and comprehensive guide that covers everything from All's Well that Ends Well to The Winter's Tale - and every work in between. Each play is carefully detailed to include a full synopsis, along with reader's notes and character analysis. An informative introduction to the Bard. Softcover, $32.95.

Shakespeare's SonnetsShakespeare's Sonnets
William Shakespeare
Softcover, 201 pp. $22.95.


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