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Mongrel Media DVDs and Videos

Selected titles

All are available as DVD or VHS Video.

I, Claudia
Meet Kristen Thomson

Saturday December, 11 from 2 to 3 pm.
autographing copies of her new DVD I, Claudia
The perfect gift now on DVD!

I, Claudia
A film by Chris Abraham & Kristen Thomson
I, Claudia is an adaptation of the hit one-woman play starring Kristen Thomson. Claudia is an “official” pre-teen, still reeling from her parents' divorce. Her father is getting re-married, she has a science fair project coming due, and she is in the physical and emotional throes of puberty. Claudia speaks to us from inside the boiler room of her school where she stores all the things that are secret and dear to her. Incensed and incredulous at the adult world around her, she is irrepressibly funny about it at the same time. More...

Films by Michael Ondaatje
Films by Michael Ondaatje

For the first time ever, Michael Ondaatjeäs films are being released on dvd. This special collectoräs disc contains three seminal pieces of work created and shot in the 70äs by Canadaäs award-winning and internationally recognized author. The Clinton Special: A Film About The Farm Show (1974) chronicles a group of actors who in 1972 went into an Ontario farming community to build a play of what they saw and learned. In Sons of Captain Poetry (1970) Ondaatje captures the work and spirit of bpNichol. Carry on Crime and Punishment (1970), Ondaatjeäs whimsical slapstick 'docu-drama' follows a couple of crooked Canadian Poets who try to kidnap a dog.

Bollywood Hollywood
Bollywood Hollywood
Deepa Mehta
The Story: Rahul is a dashing young millionaire who believes he is "western" enough to rebel against his mother and grandmother . They are not too keen about his Caucasian girlfriend Kimberly who, to make matters worse, is a pop star. Before you can say "karmic intervention," Kimberly dies in a freak accident and Rahul is devastated. Instead of allowing him to mourn in peace, Rahul's mother sees the opportunity she's been waiting for. She threatens to call off his sister's wedding unless he finds himself a "nice Indian girl." Starring Rahul Khanna, Lisa Ray, Moushumi Chatterjee, Dina Pathak, Kulbushan Kharbanda, Ranjit Chowdhry and Jessica Paré. More...

Past Perfect
Past Perfect

Daniel MacIvor
Past Perfect takes place over two days, two years apart. On an overnight flight from Halifax to Vancouver, Charlotte finds herself sitting next to the nervous and seemingly stuffy Cecil. Despite an unpleasant start to their relationship as seatmates, over the course of the flight Charlotte and Cecil find themselves falling into one another's lives and in love. Intercut with their meeting is a Saturday two years later. Starring Rebecca Jenkins, Daniel MacIvor, Marie Brassard, Kathryn MacLellan and Maury Chaykin. More..

Estela Bravo
Fidel Castro is one of the most influential and controversial figures of our time. Rarely are Americans given a chance to see inside the world of this socialist leader. This new documentary film by Estela Bravo offers a unique opportunity to view the man through exclusive interviews with Castro himself, historians, public figures and close friends, with footage from the Cuban State archives. More...

Burnt Money (Plata quemada)
Burnt Money (Plata quemada)
Marcelo Pineyro
Burnt Money is the steamy Argentinean hit film about an infamous heist gone horribly wrong. Set in Argentina in 1965, Burnt Money is based on the true story about the ruthless bank-robbing duo, Nene and Angel . Everyone calls them 'Los Mellizos' (the twins), but they are actually lovers: lethal, thieving lovers. It's the story of a doomed relationship, confined to four rooms where intense passion and violence push the extremes. They flee from Argentina across the border to Uruguay after a large-scale hold-up that turns bloody. With the cops closing in, the two lovers must confront their demons to survive. Starring Leonardo Sbaraglia and Eduardo Noriega. More...

Winter Sleepers (Winterschl¤fer)
Winter Sleepers (Winterschläfer)
Tom Tykwer
Laura, Marco, Rebecca and Rene are four young people from the city spending the winter in a remote alpine town. One afternoon, Rene seizes the opportunity to take a spin through the mountains. But the visibility of the winter roads is deceptive. Without ever realizing what he has done, Rene causes a car to crash, leaving the farmer's young daughter seriously injured. Soon after this strange accident, mysterious, almost hallucinatory events begin to unfold. As these events engulf the characters, intertwining their lives in unexpected ways, the shimmering expanses of snow provide the perfect backdrop for their increasingly unpredictable emotions. More...

After Life
After Life
Kore-eda Hirokazu
If you had to choose your single happiest memory, what would it be? In After Life, the recently deceased are asked this question. Aided by guides who help them sift through their past, they are given three days to come up with an answer. Once a decision is reached, the guides recreate this happiest of memories and capture it on film, giving the deceased a very personal heaven they will enter for eternity. With exquisite beauty, After Life shows us that while the memories people choose may seem simple, be it a first kiss or a last cigarette, their meaning lies in the sense they give of living in the moment and feeling truly and fully alive. And while these memories may seem simple, deciding upon them is no easy task. More...

Nico and Dani
Nico and Dani
Cesc Gay
In the tradition of Beautiful Thing and Wild Reeds, Nico and Dani is a portrait of adolescent experience set against the blazing sun and azure sea of a small seaside town near Barcelona. During ten days of freedom, the two best friends discover love, sex, jealousy and disenchantment and thus cross that vague border separating adolescence from manhood. Nico and Dani successfully captures that moment between the stifling safety of childhood and the invigorating terror of adulthood. Deftly directed by Cesc Gay, Nico and Dani is arguably the finest and the most honest coming-of-age drama in recent memory. More...

Signs and Wonders
Signs and Wonders
Jonathan Nossiter
Signs and Wonders by Jonathan Nossiter brings to the screen a digital visual extravaganza starring Charlotte Rampling, Stellan Starsgård and Deborah Kara Unger. Alec , an American by adoption and his wife, Marjorie, an American of Greek origin, live with their two children in Athens. Both Alec's business life and his tender relationship with his daughter are guided by a playful but deeply felt need to interpret the smallest details of the world as significant.Under the influence of powerful signs and premonitions, Alec allows himself to veer in and out of a love affair with a colleague, Katherine, eventually leaving his family and returning to America with his lover. Once there, however, the same belief system urges him back home for one final attempt to win back his family. But his new quest is endangered by the presence of a political activist, Andreas, in his family's life. Andreas becomes the victim of a series of incidents, each one more threatening than the last. More...

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