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Theory and Practice Backlist

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Staging Youth TheatreStaging Youth Theatre: A Practical Guide
Rex Doyle
Staging Youth Theatre
is a practical and accessible guide to starting or running a theatre for young people. Taking you from the initial idea to form a company, through the tense days of rehearsal, to the final performance of the first production, the book covers all aspects of youth theatre management, production and direction. Softcover, 160 pp. $34.95.

Starting with ScriptsStarting with Scripts: Dramatic Literature for KS3 & KS4
Andy Kempe and Lioner Warner
Particularly appropriate for teachers of English who are not Drama specialists, Starting with Scripts covers all elements of the theatrical process, from language to lighting, from plot to performance spaces. As well, special emphasis is placed on the ways in which dramatic literature differs from other forms of literature. Softcover, 188 pp. $19.95.

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Drama of ColourDrama of Color
Johnny Saldana
Johnny Saldana's Drama of Color is a unique resource for using drama to enhance children's ethnic literacy by provoking personal insights into the multiethnic world in which they live. Multiethnic folklore becomes a springboard for examining different ethnic perspectives and world views and dispelling stereotypes along the way. Softcover, 169 pp. $29.95.

Grammar Wars II
Grammar Wars II: How To Integrate Improvisation & Language Arts
By Tom Ready
134 new games that will help students of all ages learn a wide range of language arts through improvisation. Softcover, $22.95.


StagesStages: Creative Ideas For Teaching Drama
Talia Pura
Stages is packed with drama exercises and ideas that work, tested on the harshest of critics - high school teachers. The exercises are explained in a clear, concise manner, and arranged according to purpose. Softcover, $19.95.

The New DramathemesThe New Dramathemes
Larry Swartz
In this new edition you will find a variety of sources for storytelling, improvisation, interpretation, and movement; guides for planning drama; novel response activities; reproducible blackline masters of sources, assessment profiles, and activities; drama conventions with descriptions; and rubrics for evaluation.
This newly revised third edition has been written to provide you with an updated version of games, activities, and resources on the ten themes that framed the original two books. They are based on popular thematic explorations in literature for young people: Humour, Mystery, Fantasy, Animals, Relationships, Folklore, Community, The Pastr, The Fsuture, Diversity and Equity. 160 pages $18.95.

Play Directing In The SchoolPlay Directing In The School: A Drama Director's Survival Guide
by David Grote
Directing high school or elementary theatre has its own unique challenges and rewards, and this book meets them head on. Written especially for the novice director, Play Directing In The School takes you from the process of choosing a script to the finicky task of casting to rehearsal process. Chapters include "Acting & Student Actors," "Recurrent Problems," and "Building A Theatre Program. " Softcover, $19.95. 

Interpretation: Working With Scripts
David Booth & Charles Lundy
Designed as a student textbook, this book provides several opportunities for students to take on the roles of playwright, performer, director and audience. Section one calls on the student to be the playwright's voice; strategies are presented that will assist in examining a variety of scripts, and in rehearsing and sharing various interpretations. Section two explores various dramatic techniques for creating scripts from such unconventional material as poems, articles, and cartoon. The final section encourages the student to explore scripts from the past, present, and future. Each section, divided into several chapters, has its own introduction, and each script selection comes with a further explanatory note. At the end of most chapters is a Workshop that provides activities related to the overall theme of the chapter. Coil-bound, large-format softcover, $72.95.

Literacy Techniques for Building Successful Readers and WritersLiteracy Techniques for Building Successful Readers and Writers
Edited by David Booth
A comprehensive handbook for teaching reading and writing which collates proven techniques and strategies -- from literature circles and phonics instruction to invented spelling and reader response. This overview of 100 major approaches to encouraging literacy will help teachers reflect on their own teaching styles as they explore innovative approaches to learning. Each strategy includes a brief discussion of the issues and then focuses on ready-to-use ideas for implementing in any classroom. Topics addressed include: Alphabet Books, Buddy Learning, Journals, Literature Circles, Phonics, Thematic Units, Shared Reading, Wall Charts, etc. Large-format softcover, $24.95.

Also by David Booth: Guiding the Reading Process: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Instruction in K-8 Classrooms, $18.95.

Story DramaStory Drama: Reading, Writing and Roleplaying Across the Curriculum
David Booth
Part memoir, part guide -- this book describes Booth's first experiments with story drama, and how he developed his current philosophy and method of incorporating it into all aspects of classroom learning. Booth argues that roleplay is a natural way in which young people can explore the world around them and suggests classroom models and simple frameworks for creating a safe, interactive, enriching environment. He also details what role the teacher should take in creating a classroom sense of community, encouraging roleplay, connecting story and drama, and enhancing language growth, literacy and writing. $23.95.

The Theatre and You!The Theatre and You! An Introductory Text on All Aspects of Theatre
Marsh Cassady
Fifteen chapters present a complete overview of acting, directing, playwriting, scenery, lighting, costumes, and the history of theatre. Photos and illustrations are used to explain each of the key concepts. Included are several plays and scenes to allow students to work on character development, and gain perspective on various types of dramatic work. Each chapter provides exercises to help teachers plan their lessons. $24.95.

Drama & Theatre Studies
Simon Cooper & Sally Mackey
The first two parts of this book engage with the study of texts, while the third part suggests methods of addressing contemporary productions and the fourth part gives a comprehensive account of four theatrical practitioners. It is intended that teachers lead students through the relevant parts of the book, using it as a textbook. The margin notes will provide a useful revision guide for students. Some activities have been suggested, with room for drama teachers to develop further practical modes of instruction. $49.95.

All Together Now: 200 of Sonja Dunn's Best Chants
Sonja Dunn
This comprehensive anthology brings together virtually all of Ms. Dunn's most popular classroom chants with tips for learning with playful rhymes, poems, raps and songs. Designed for easy classroom use, the chants are organized around popular themes and provide unique opportunities for dynamic, active learning. Individual chants are ideal as mini lessons that revolve around important topics for kids -- from amusing events in the lives of family and friends, to food, fantastic monsters, computers and even outer space. $18.95.

Also by Sonja Dunn:

  • Crackers & Crumbs - $12.95.
  • Primary Rhymerry - $4.95

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Drama for LearningDrama for Learning: Dorothy Heathcote's Mantle of the Expert Approach to Education
Dorothy Heathcote & Gavin Bolton
The book begins, in the introduction, with Bolton's attempt to use Heathcote's method, and Dorothy's subsequent criticisms. It continues in Chapter one with a dialogue between the two about the essence of the Mantle of the Expert approach. This is followed by a brief attempt to lay down the educational rationale of the work. The remaining chapters give a variety of examples of planning for and using a Mantle of the Expert approach, examples drawn from Dorothy's past teaching mainly in kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools in North America. The book shows how drama can be used a s an impetus for productive learning across the curriculum. $31.95.

The Handbook of Dramatherapy
Sue Jennings, Ann Cattanach, Steve Mitchell, Anna Chesner & Brenda Meldrum
Dramatherapy is being increasingly practised in a range of therapeutic settings and is of growing interest to theatre practitioners and teachers. This book brings together five authors who have considerable experience working in the clinical, artistic, and educational fields to provide an introduction to the major models of dramatherapy. The authors explain the differences between dramatherapy and psychodrama, discuss its relationship with theatre art, look at assessment and evaluation techniques, and argue the need for more appropriate methods of research. $45.50.

Also by this author:

  • Dramatherapy 2: Theory & Practice - $52.99
  • Dramatherapy 3: Theory & Practice - $49.99
  • Dramatherapy With Children & Adolescents - $52.99
  • Theatre, Ritual & Transformation -$35.99

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Devising: A Handbook for Drama and Theatre Students
Gill Lamden
A detailed look at "devised" theatre, in which a group of people working and rehearsing over a period of time create a performance text. Chapters one to three of this student's text lay the groundwork, offering a history of physical theatre, especially as it practiced in contemporary England. Chapters four and five engage the student in practice, and focuses on building a successful devising team. The final three chapters of the book offer practical frameworks for rehearsals and models for developing stories. $15.95.

Drama Techniques
by Alan Maley & Alan Duff
Offers a large selection of techniques for use at all levels which focus learners' attention on communicative tasks or activities. These involve the whole personality of the learner and provide real reasons for expressing feelings and opinions. The new edition of this book includes new sections on Introductory exercises, creation and invention, word-play, problem-solving, and the use of literary texts. In addition, the authors' have provided an outline of a typical Day's Work to give a coherent idea of the kind of program that might be devised using the material in this book. $31.95.

Asking Better QuestionsAsking Better Questions
by Norah Morgan & Juliana Saxton
Provides teachers with all the background they need to function more effectively in their classroom, including: practical tips for modelling questions; innovative activities that encourage questions; lesson plans that emphasize questioning strategies and fully engage students in learning, and suggestions for using questions to acquire information, build common knowledge and generate reflection. The authors examples and activities work across the curriculum. A unique resource. $24.95.

Beginning Drama 11 - 14Beginning Drama 11 - 14
by Jonothan Neelands
An introduction to the foundation of knowledge, skills and experiences which constitute the specialist study and practice of drama. The books assumes that the specialist will provide three dimensions of drama in the school: as curriculum subject; as extra-curricular activity and as community performance. Examples from the classroom and a series of graduated lesson plans emphasize long-term planning of curriculum objectives, progression and continuity. The book also includes a detailed discussion about the various roles that a drama teacher will take on, and suggests exercises for developing particular skills and relationships in the classroom. $37.95.

Structuring Drama WorkStructuring Drama Work: A Handbook of Available Forms in Theatre and Drama
by Jonothan Neelands
Offers a whole range of theatrical "conventions" to help initiate, focus and develop dramatic activity -- whether in a workshop situation or as part of an active exploration of texts. Each convention focuses on the ability of form to open up varied and imaginative approaches to dramatic activity, and to provide fresh opportunities for drama across the curriculum. A description of each convention is supported by references to its cultural connections, its learning opportunities and some examples for its use. $25.95.

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Drama StructuresDrama Structures: A Practical Handbook for Teachers
Cecily O'Neill & Alan Lambert
The aim of the book is to help teachers develop flexible frameworks which will support their work in the drama lesson. The authors are responding to a lack of suggestions for the kinds of structures that will help teachers extend ideas. The first part of the book offers a simple theoretical basis for the work which is to follow, while part two describes four structures for drama in detail. The third section of the book provides checklists which are designed to help teachers in planning, operating and evaluating their own drama lessons, and the final section of the book includes a series of lessons for use. $49.95.

Drama WorldsDrama Worlds: A Framework for Process Drama
Cecily O'Neill
Examines the complex improvised event called process drama and identifies it as an essential part of today's theatre. The author considers process drama's sources and its connection with more familiar kinds of improvisation: the texts it generates, the kinds of roles available, its relation to its audience and dramatic time, and the leader's function in the event. She provides examples of several process dramas and identifies dramatic strategies and characteristics. The book is specifically aimed at drama teachers, but makes close connections with a range of curricular material. $36.50.

Kids Take the Stage
Lenka Peterson & Dan O'Connor
Provides a systematic approach to staging shows with children: the book explains the practical methods author Peterson and O'Connor have developed over thirty years of teaching and directing plays with children. The begin with basic lessons on the art of acting. Going step-by-step, providing sample scenes, relaxation techniques, trust-building exercises, improvisations, games, and more, they proceed through the rehearsal process to the final staging of a show. $24.95.

The Stage and the SchoolThe Stage and the School,
9th Edition
Harry H. Schanker & Katherine Anne Ommanney
A student textbook designed for a detailed exploration of drama. The first part of the book explores such topics as improvisation, pantomime and mime, voice and diction, as well as the basic principles of acting. Part two provides a wealth of scenes and monologues for students to explore, from Romeo and Juliet and the Glass Menagerie to Brighton Beach Memoirs and A Few Good Men. The third part of the book introduces the basic elements of the drama, from the various genres to the history of theatre. Finally, part four looks at how to produce a play, with sections on sets, lighting, costumes and make-up. $91.00.

Classroom Events through PoetryClassroom Events Through Poetry
Larry Swartz
Includes forty classroom-tested events, which engage students in appreciating and writing poetry, range from sharing a poem of the day and creating colourful batiks through a drama exploration of a poem and a focus study of one poet's work. The book features valuable information on students' responses to poetry, the role of the teacher in poetry exploration, the value of questioning in the classroom, strategies for choral reading, and presentation tips. A easy-to-administer questionnaire helps the teacher to determine students' exposure to poetry, so that a program may be tailored to their interests. $12.95.

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Creative Communication: Projects in Acting, Speaking, Oral Reading, Fifth Edition
Fran Averett Tanner
A student textbook which introduces the concepts of interaction through various types of drama. Unit one stresses Creative Acting and focuses primarily on physical and nonverbal communication. Units two and three stress Speech and Oral Interpretation, primarily focusing on intellectual and verbal communication. Individual chapters contain in-class and out-of-class activities for students, in which various communications skills are linked to a wide range of acting techniques. The book is written in such a way as to allow students to follow the lesson plan on their own. $34.95.

Role Drama
Carole Tarlington & Patrick Verriour
Designed to explore the human dimensions of drama, this book, will help teachers empower students to take responsibility for their decisions, consider the consequences of their actions, and appreciate the moral dilemmas common to us all. Role drama, as a method, encourages teachers to set up imagined situations which students and teachers enter together to explore events, issues, and relationships. What distinguishes role drama from other kinds of drama is the teacher is also an active participant. The book includes descriptions of role dramas that actually occurred in classrooms. $14.95.

Beginning DramaBeginning Drama 4 - 11
by Joe Winston & Miles Tandy
Provides an introduction for early years and primary school teachers new to drama. It offers step-by-step guidance to help teachers and children grow in confidence in their use of drama and provides a range of strategies to help with planning, guiding and controlling a drama lesson. The book begins by exploring the interaction between drama and games, and moves on to an example of drama and story. From here, the authors give a theoretical framework for beginning drama, suggest a variety of activities, and discuss methods of evaluation and assessment. $37.95.

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