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Canadian Plays

Welcome to the Canadian Plays section where you will find plays published in English from across Canada and plays in translation from French Canada. Plays are listed by playwright, by last name.

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Canadian Anthologies

If you are unsure of the author's name, please to to our search engine and enter the title of the work you are interested in.

Plays by Canadian playwrights are now appearing on stages around the world both in their original language and in translation. Many are award winners both in Canada and abroad. The creative imagination of the Canadian playwright knows no bounds and the publishers, equally creative, strive to produce beautiful editions for the reader. Our annotations are brief but we strive for acuracy in the description.

We stock and sell plays from Dramatists Play Service, Dramatic Publishing Co. and Samuel French Ltd. If you require cast breakdowns or any other information, please feel free to call us at (416) 922.7175 (toll-free 1.800.361.3414) or email us at

New & Featured Canadian Plays

Kim's Convenience Kim's Convenience
Ins Choi
The smash-hit Soulpepper production and winner of Best New Play at Toronto's Fringe Festival, Kim's Convenience is the critically acclaimed and wildly popular debut by celebrated actor and playwright Ins Choi. Wholly original, hysterically funny, and deeply moving, the play tells the story of one Korean family struggling to face the future amidst the bitter memories of their past. Softcover, 94 pp. $14.95.

It is Solved by WalkingIt is Solved by Walking
Catherine Banks
When Margaret leanrs of the death of her former husband, she recalls their earnest days together as Ph.D. candidates, beginning a journey through her past. Told through the sensations of Wallace Stevens's poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird." Softcover, 76 pp. $16.95.

The Dream of the Burning Boy The Dream of the Burning Boy

David Read West
Since the sudden death of his favourite students, high-school teacher Larry Morrow has been falling asleep at his desk and dreaming. The school's guidance counselor is hanging inspirational posters designed to help everyone "process their emotions." Searing yet surprisingly funny, The Dream of the Burning Boy is about finding the strength to move on... and the courage to live without regret. Softcover, 52 pp. $11.99.

If We Were Bird
If We Were Birds
Erin Shields
If We Were Birdsis a shocking, uncompromising examination of the horrors of war, giving voice to a woman long ago forced into silence and placing a spotlight on countless female victims who have been silenced through violence. This adaptation of Ovid's poetic masterpiece features a chorus of ravaged women, each a survivor of 20th C conflict. 2011 Governor General's Award Winner Dram.a 7 F; 2 M. $16.95.

Rick: The Rick Hansen Story Rick: The Rick Hansen Story
Dennis Foon
The story of Rick Hansen, who at 15 suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. His accident forced him to adapt his positivity to deal with his new life. Refusing to be disadvantaged, Rick conquers the challenges presented to him with a smale and changes the definition of what it means to be disabled. 3M 1F. Softcover, 66 pp. $16.95.

Lost: A Memoir Lost: A Memoir
Cathy Ostlere & Dennis Garnhum
An unforgettable show based on an inspiring true story. Cathy leaves her home in Calgary to search for her lost brother. As she tries to unravel the mystery of his life, she discovers some surprising things about her own life's journey. 1F. Softcover, 62 pp. $14.95.

Down From HeavenDown From Heaven

Colleen Wagner
A stunning new play which examines the tenuous balance between civility and savagery, morality and survival, class struggle, art, and love when a pandemic and good crisis challenges dearly held beliefs. 2M 2F. Softcover, 80 pp. $16.95.

Bannock RepublicBannock Republic

Kenneth Williams
Thunderstick. This time a beautiful and vengeful third-party manager will wreak havoc with their lives. This is another knockout comedy from one of Canada's finest playwrights. 2M 2F. Softcover, 92 pp. $14.95.

The Catering QueenThe Catering Queen

Alison Lawrence
Christmas cheer, sex, romance, death, laughter, appetizers, and a whole lot of vodka all come together in this hilarious comedy that looks at what happens behind the scenes at the annual corporate Christams cocktail party. 3M 3F. Softcover, 82 pp. $14.95.

Jason Maghanoy
Two plays about the war in Iraq by one of Canada's hottest up-and-coming playwrights. Gas tracks two stories of soldiers dealing with the trauma of their actions during war, and Dust, set in Abu Ghraib prison, deals with the ever intertwining themes of love and torture. Softcover, 102 pp. $14.95.

Herr Beckmann's People Herr Beckmann's People
Sally Stubbs
Art, war, and the politics of culture collide in this moving account of a family's legacy of beauty and brutality. 2M 3F. Softcover, 94 pp. $14.95.


A Killing SnowA Killing Snow
Paul Ciufo
Huron County, Ontario. A blizzard is raging. Four travelers take refuge in the secluded farmhouse of a retired Latin teacher. As tempers flare it becomes clear that someone has murder on their mind, as ominous phrases appear on the walls. 2M 3F. Softcover, 88 pp. $14.95.

Gas Girls Gas Girls
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
"Love for gas, gas for cash, cash for living, living for love." Two women in Zimbabwe do what it takes to survive, and inspire each other to find joy on the edges of survival in this dark, ponderous, and stirring play. 2M 2F. Softcover, 70 pp. $16.95.

The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven BlatzThe Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz
Armin Wiebe
A comic folk-play with a classical music base. A farm wife, a carpenter, a midwife, and a musician all struggle to find fulfillment in their seemingly impossible wantings. 2M 2F. Softcover, 103 pp. $14.95.


Allen Cole
A riveting drama with music first produced by legendary Nova Scotian company Two Planks and a Passion, this is an epic tale of an orphan who returns home and stands in opposition to his righteous, despotic relatives. 7M 4F. Softcover, 110 pp. $14.95.

Two RoomsTwo Rooms
Mansel Robinson
A white Canadian cop is married to a young Muslim doctor, who happens to be a suspect in a terrorism investigation. She has a lot to confess. So does he. Murder, betrayal, politics.... a love story. 1M 1F. Softcover, 50 pp. $14.95.

Crossing and Other PlaysCrossing and Other Plays

C.E. Gatchalian
Contains the plays Crossing, Diamond, and Ticks. Softcover, 106 pp. $17.95.



In Piazza San DomenicoIn Piazza San Domenico
Steve Gallucio
A farcical comedy of errors set in 1952 Naples in which one couple's broken engagement ripples through friends and family, affecting all of their respective lives in different ways. 4M 4F. Softcover, 126 pp. $17.95.

House of Many TonguesHouse of Many Tongues

Jonathan Garfinkel
Two families, one Israeli, one Palestinian, lay claim to the same house and are forced to live together in this absurdist, surreal take on mid-east politics. 4M 3F. Softcover, 91 pp. $16.95.


Inspiration PointInspiration Point
John Garfield Barlow
Paul, Joseph, and Peter are stranded at Inspiration Point. WIth no one to call and nothing else to do but get high, the boys argue about life on the res and the growing struggle of a community threatened by internal and external assimilationist forces. 4M. Softcover, 130 pp. $16.95.

Lenin's EmbalmersLenin's Embalmers
Vern Thiessen
Based on the true story of two sceintists in !920s Russia assigned with the impossible task of making Vladimir Lenin live forever, this is a darkly hilarious and fiercely original play. 7M 1F. Softcover, 120 pp. $16.95.


Ryan Griffith
After a tremendous upset at the Olympics a figure skater decides it's time to go home to his family in the backwoods of New Brunswick. He soon discovers that his old home delivers more pain than healing, and he finds himself struggling to separate memory from reality. 4M 2F. Softcover, 120 pp. $16.95.

The Mystery of Maddy HeislerThe Mystery of Maddy Heisler
Daniel R. Lilliford
Contemplating his next mystery novel, Nova Scotian author Jacob Meisner is forced to revisit his past. Ghostly figures start to flit into sight and long-buried memoreis surface. 4M 3F. Softcover, 82 pp. $16.95.

Witness to a Conga and Other PlaysWitness to a Conga and Other Plays
Stewart Lemoine
Three brilliant, moving plays from Canada's master of comic theatre. Also includes The Oculist's Holiday and Happy Toes. Softcover, 210 pp. $19.95.

Yichud (Seclusion)Yichud (Seclusion)
Julie Tepperman
It's Chaim and Rachel'ss wedding, and the audience is their guests. Yichud (Seculsion) directly confronts the tensions that exist in the Orthodox Jewish world between tradition and modernity, powerfully dramatizing issues of love, marriage, respect, sex, honour and duty. 2F 4M. Softcover, 139 pp. $16.95.

The Forbidden PhoenixThe Forbidden Phoenix

Marty Chan
The Forebidden Phoenix'slyricism brings us to a world where Chinese parables are woven with the painful history of the immigrant men who suffered to build Canada's railroad in the 1800s. Playwright Marty Chan and composer Robert Walsh create a musical rife with stylized characters, lending itself to a performance brimming with exciting acrobats, slapstick, and martial arts. Softcover, 70 pp. $16.95.

And So it Goes
George F. Walker
Gwen and Ned are unable to maintain the facade of their former middle-class lifestyle. They are newly unemployed and their daughter has been recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the midst of their darkest hours, they seek solace in the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut. m2, f2. Softcover, 127 pp. $17.95.


Morris Panych
Gordon was always an odd little child, given his penchant for setting the neighbours’ sheds on fire with their pets locked inside, and his fascination with the funeral rituals at the church across the way. As the steel mill shuts down and everyone in town moves away, Gordon’s father urges him to attend an institution of higher learning. Gordon’s vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds, as do his natural gifts for sociopathic rhetoric, fatuous rationalization and reductive logic. Upon graduation, Gordon sets out to build an innovative business with his former cellmate Carl. This ambition is not without its bloody-handed transactions and awkward issues about where to file the evidence. Softcover, 128 pages.$17.95.

The Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture StoryThe Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story

Marie Clements & Rita Leistner
The Edward Curtis Project began when Presentation House Theatre commissioned Marie Clements to write a play that would stage the issues raised by Curtis's monumental project to document "the vanishing race of the North American Indian." To parallel the play, Clements asked photojournalist Rita Leistner to create a photographic investigation of Curtis's endeavour. Their collaboration is presented here in a fascinating single volume. Softcover, 159 pp. $24.95.

Age of ArousalAge of Arousal

Linda Griffiths
ItÂ’s 1885 in Age of Arousal, and in London there are half a million more women than men. Mary, an ex-suffragette, has opened a secretarial school for women to teach liberation through typing. When three sisters sign up, unexpected passions and secret desires are unleashed as they each learn what being a New Woman can truly mean. 5 F; 1 M. Softcover, $17.95.

Reading Carol BoltReading Carol Bolt

Carol Bolt
One of the first "stars" of the Canadian theatre scene, Carol Bolt was a pioneer in the art of dramatic writing and created timeless, powerfull, and beautifully poetic works. This long overdue collection brings together some of her finest works including Cyclone Jack, Red Emma, Companeras, Icetime, and others. Softcover, 368 pp. $45.00.

Bone CageBone Cage
Catherine Banks
Bone Cage is a poetic and darkly humorous portrayal of life in Nova Scotia, where stripping the enviroment means stripping your soul. This play examines how young people in rural communities, employed in the destruction of the enviroment they cherish, treat the people they love at the end of their shift and the difficulties in growing and hanging onto dreams in a world where they are seen as impractical or weak. Softcover, 103 pp. $18.95.

Such CreaturesSuch Creatures
Judith Thompson
Two deeply-linked monologues show us the astonishing courage and resilience of young human beings during earth-shattering moments. Each piece introduces us to a fifteen-year-old girl: the first speaks to us from contemporary Toronto, and the second from Auschwitz, 1945. Thanks to their shared love of Shakespeare, each girl believes in miracles when there is almost no hope, and in humour when there is nothing but fear. Softcover, 49 pp. $16.95.

Florence Gibson MacDonald
Evelyn MacMillam, wife and mother of three, has vanished without a trace. When Detective Carol Seaforth is brought in to investigate, the MacMillan's rural, Southern Ontario town is turned upside down to uncover the truth behind Evelyn's disappearance. As Carol grows closer to Evelyn's husband and withdraws from her own marriage, long-hidden secrets bubble to the surface, eventually bringing the investigation to a diner on the outskirts of London, Ontario. Softcover, 94 pp. $16.95.

The Satchmo SuiteThe Satchmo Suite
Hans Boggild
A concert cellist unwittingly invokes the spirit of Louis Armstrong, who helps him discover things about his own identity as a musician as well as truths about the art and nature of music. Softcover, 79 pp. $17.95.

Living Curiosities or What You Will Living Curiosities or What You Will
Mary Vingoe
This play is inspired by the story of Anna Swan, the nineteenth-century Nova Scotia giantess who was sent to exhibit at P.T. Barnum's famed American Museum in NYC at the height of the American Civil War. 5m, 6f. Softcover, 81 pp. $16.95.

Sally Stubbs
A mysterious train wreck. A red suitcase. A ghost that sings Puccini. Nothing is quite what it seems in this surprising, highly original "gangster" play by award winning playwright Sally Stubbs. Wreckage is wild genre-crossing train ride through a dickensian vision of Vancouver's underbelly. Softcover, $14.95.

Abraham Lincoln Goes to the TheatreAbraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre
Larry Tremblay
Was John Wilkes Booth the first reality star? What would Abraham Lincoln google if he had the chance? What would a re-enactment of Lincoln's assasination look like in the hand of Laurel & Hardy? These questions and more are explored, probed and laughed at in this madcap and, at times, haunting new play from Larry Tremblay. Softcover, 95 pp. $16.95.

Kenneth T. Williams
Two estranged cousins, one a freelance writer, one a photojournalist, are teamed up to write a story on parliament hill. They get thrown into jail one one of them vomits on Jean Chretien. Their brief stint in jail sets of a chain of events that sees them journeying deep into the backwoods in search of adventure, escape, and a fantastic story. Thunderstick is a hilarious tale of two Cree men trying to reconcile their deeply painful pasts with their dreams of the future. Softcover, 72 pp. $14.95.

With Bated Breath With Bated Breath

Bryden MacDonald
This is the provocative tale of Willy, a troubled but charismatic gay kid who flees Cape Breton Island for Montreal with hopes of forgetting a newly broken heart by starting a new life in the big city. There, hopelessly awkward and naive, caught up in the cynical and brutalizing cash-economy of the city's red light district, he retreats ever further into a world of fantasy and anonymity, and soon goes missing without a trace. Softcover, 127 pp. $17.95.

The ShunningThe Shunning

Patrick Friesen
Peter is trying to live a good life, a faithful life. When he begins to question the doctrine of his Mennonite church and his faith in general, he is ostracized from the community. A decree by the church forces his wife to abandon him, if not in person, then in spirit. The strain of domestic and community pressures forces Peter deeper into isolation, but he still refuses to stop questioning. 3m, 1f. Softcover, 69 pp. $14.95.

Beating the BushesBeating the Bushes

Steven Bush
Steven Bush's one-man standup comedy, rant, political protest and call for the war-crimes trials of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush is a brash theatrical tour de force that dares his audience to accompany him on personal quest for evidence of honesty, decency in a world of damning facts and murky conspiracy theories. Softcover, 157 pp. $18.95.

The Refugee HotelThe Refugee Hotel

Carmen Aguirre
Set in a run-down hotel in 1974, only months after the start of the infamous Pinochet regime, eight Chilean refugees struggle, at times haplessly, at times profouondly, to decide if fleeing their homeland means they have abandoned their friends and responsibilities or not. Softcover, 126 pp. $17.95.

Michael Healey
Brian and his partner Martin seek a civil ceremony, but are stopped when Tom, the city official, won't perform a homosexual marriage. While Tom fights for what he believes, his lover finds the battle a little too much to bear. Todd and Tammy do get married, but their life together quickly begins to unravel. From a chance meeting at City Hall, three couples are forever altered. m5, f2. Softcover, $103 pp. $16.95.


Damien Atkins
A world-renowned and much-respected anthropologist, Vivian is most comfortable in her world of quiet solitude, balking at even the smallest of interactions with the outside world. Her life is abruptly changed, however, when her ex-husband shows up and asks Vivian to reassume custody of their thirteen-year-old autistic daughter, Lucy, while he settles in with his new wife. Overwhelmed by the particulars of Lucy's care and unable at first to connect with her daughter, Vivian soon realizes that she and Lucy are more alike than she ever could have expected -- a revelation that has powerful and disturbing consequences. m2, f3. Softcover, 84 pp. $16.95.

The Madonna PainterThe Madonna Painter
Michel Marc Bouchard
At the end of the First World War, to protect his village from the Spanish flu epidemic brought home by returning soldiers, a young priest recently arrived in the Parish of Lac St-Jean commissions a wandering Italian painter to decorate the walls of the local church with a fresco dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The presence of the foreign artist, his choice of a local virgin to serve as a model, and the frighteningly strange nature of his work will upset this lives and change the fate of the entire community. m3, f4. Softcover, 94 pp. $16.95.

Jocasta ReginaJocasta Regina
Nancy Huston
As Oedipus, Creon and Tiresias continue to fight it out in public, as the plague continues to wreak havoc in the city, we slip into the bedrooms, kitchen and infirmary of the palace of Thebes ... and learn at last, some two and a half millenia after Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, what went on in the indomitable heart heart and mind of Queen Jocasta. Softcover, 115 pp. $18.95.

Iskooniguni Iskweewuk Iskooniguni Iskweewuk
Tomson Highway
The Rez Sisters in its original version: Cree. Softcover, 127 pp. $16.95.

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Harvest and Other PlaysHarvest and Other Plays
Ken Cameron
The past infiltrates the present and real life exists alongside the world of the imagination in this collection of three plays by Calgary-based writer Ken Cameron. In Harvest, Cameron turns a real-life incident involving his parents into a comedy about a rural couple who unwittingly rent out their farm to a marijuana grow-op. Softcover, 211 pp. $23.95.

Lady in the Red DressLady in the Red Dress
David Yee
Max, a lawyer for the Canadian Department of Justice, is losing his mind. In one nightmarish week he has been shot, punched, stabbed, had a heart attack, and is having conversations with dead men. A modern-day noir noir, Lady in the Red Dress is a darkly comic story about the skeletons in our closets and the consequences of our inactions told by one of Canada's most unorthodox young playwrights. 4m, 1f (both with doubling). Softcover, 94 pp. $16.95.

Shakespeare's DogShakespeare's Dog
Rick Chafe
With his sights on London and his family in Stratford, young Will is torn between the two loves of his life: the theatre and his wife. Set in a wild world full of unpredictable creatures -- beasts, beggars, witch hunters, and actors -- it's an Elizabethan-era collision of lust, love, and lives. Softcover, 121 pp. $16.95.


Robert Chafe
Lise Lacoeur was used to being shunned. Her gift of seeing flashes of the future has left her as an outcast in her town. But Lise's life of solitude comes to an end when burn victim Winston Evans is admitted to the hospital where she works. Years later, two of their children, outcasts themselves, struggle to find their own place within the community. But Leo, their middle child, has other worries much closer to home. While familial tensions mount and buried secrets are revealed, the Evans family comes to see the monumental effect that even the smallest spark can create. 4m, 4f . 83 pp. $16.95.

The Eyes of HeavenThe Eyes of Heaven

Beverley Cooper
Fifteen-year old Eloise and her mother Glen are struggling mightily to deal with the recent death of the man who was both father and husband. Problems escalate when Eloise returns home from a gravel-pit party with a wild story about a big glowing light that chased her through a field. When the story hits the local newspaper, the whole community gets involved ... and life for Eloise and Glen changes forever. m-1, f-3. Softcover, 85 pp. $14.95.

Home ComingHome Coming
Leeann Minogue
When Jerry Wilson's broken leg spurs him and his wife Marlene to retire a little earlier than expected, their son Greg comes back from the city to take over the family farm. But everyone soon discovers that retirement isn't quite as idyllic as it looks in the commercials. m-2, f-3. Softcover, 108 pp. $14.95.

The TrespassersThe Trespassers
Morris Panych
Fifteen-year-old Lowell is no average teenager, and his grandfather, Hardy, is no conventional role model. Whether urging the boy to pilfer peaches from an orchard, arranging for his sexual initiation, or teaching him the importance of gambling, Hardy is the despair of Lowell's born-again mother, Cash. Buth how far into forbidden territory has Lowell actually ventured. m3, f2. Softcover, 95 pp. $16.99.


Cat Delaney
Unsatisfied with her meagre government pension, 80-year-old Esmerelda Quipp resorts to a desperate (and hilarious) plan to get her sent to a place where she can be guaranteed food, shelter, and good company -- jail. However all does not go as planned when the perfectly lucid senior citizen finds her public defendor trying to get her off with an insanity plea. 1m, 7f. Softcover, 84 pp. $11.99.

String QuartetString Quartet

Ronnie Burkett
4 plays by Ronnie Burkett: Tinka's New Dress, Street of Blood, Happy, and Provenance. Softcover, 266 pp. $29.95.

One Voice: House & Here Lies HenryOne Voice: House & Here Lies Henry
Daniel MacIvor
Angry, hilarious, personal and wildly entertaining, House and Here Lies Henry are two of the most celebrated solo works by award winning playwright Daniel MacIvor. Softcover, 89 pp. $16.95.

Toronto the Good Toronto the Good
Andrew Moodie
Accusations of racial profiling are leveled against a Toronto police officer after she arrests a black man for illegal firearm possession. When top crown attorney Thomas Matthews is assigned to prosecute the accused against a left-leaning white attorney, tensions mount and personal politics bubble to the surface. From an ostensibly routine traffic stop, each character must come to terms with the racial politics and how they have shaped their own beliefs and prejustices. 6 actors, multiple roles. Softcover, 120 pp. $17.95.

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
When fifteen-year-old Anna is told that her mother is dying of cancer, she responds in the only way that she knows how: by ignoring the issue. Friends and family try to help, but Anna becomes increasingly frustrated by their attempts. And, if that weren't enough, the situation is made even worse by a raging case of head lice. Told by Anna with assistance from her best friend, father, aunt, and her dying mother, Scratch is a fresh, funny, and realistic play about the urgency of life an the heartache of loss. 2m, 4f. Softcover, 81 pp. $16.95.


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