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TheatreBooks carries a complete range of the plays of William Shakespeare, as well as other titles about his life, work and times.

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Shakespeare's Texts

Double FalsehoodDouble Falsehood
William Shakespeare
In December 1727, an intriguing play called Double Falshood: Or, The Distrest Lovers was performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -- intriguing because of the claim that it was a lost play "Written Originally by W. Shakespeare". In addition to the play itself, this edition explores the play's puzzling textual and performance histories. Softcover, 443 pp. $34.00.

Richard III Richard III
William Shakespeare
The dramatic concluding months of the wars of the Roses provide the setting for Shakespeare's incomparable saga of power and intrigue. Under the editorial supervision of Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen, two of today's most accomplished Shakesperean scholars, this Modern Library series incorporates definitive texts and authoritative notes from William Shakespeare: Complete Works. Softcover, 244 pp. $6.99.

The Essential Shakespeare LiveThe Essential Shakespeare Live

Royal Shakespeare Company
Scenes and speeches in live RSC productions from 1959 to the present day, chosen by Gregory Doran, Associate Director of the RSC. All tracks published for the first time. 2 discs, 136 minutes. $42.95.


William Shakespeare
In addition to the complete text (freshly edited, based on the 1623 First Folio), this special edition also includes a DVD of an actual performance of the play, full explanatory notes, illustrations from the Folger Shakespeare's Library, an introductory essay, and much more. Softcover, 223 pp. $21.00.

King Richard IIIKing Richard III

William Shakespeare
The long-awaited Arden Third Series edition of Shakespeare's King Richard III. Softcover, 503 pp. $21.00.

Barbisms: Shakespeare for All Occasions Barbisms: Shakespeare for All Occasions
Barry Edelstein
William Shakespeare's plays and poetry make up a vast repository of wit and wisdom, of insight and passion. For momentous occasions -- the ones that call for some memorable remarks or a great toast -- chances are there's a Shakespeare quote that's fitting. The challenge, of course, is finding the right one. And that is where Bardisms comes in. Collecting the best of Shakespeare's wisdom, this book will help you pick the perfect words, pronounce them with style, and craft an elegant speech, talk, or missive around it. Hardcover, 274 pp. $25.99.

William Shakespeare on The Art Of LoveWilliam Shakespeare on The Art Of Love

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare was one of the most powerfully gifted writers of all time, and his talent shines brightest in his portrayal of the theme of love. Here is the illustrated edition of the most beautiful love passages in Shakespeare's plays and poetry. Hardcover, 272 pp. $26.95.

A Choice of Shakespeare's VerseA Choice of Shakespeare's Verse

Ted Hughes
For this new edition, first published in 1971, Ted Hughes augmented his original selection of Shakespeare's poems and dramatic speeches and completely rewrote his accompanying essay, intending to restore to the common reader much of what, in Shakespeare, was instinctively available to the audience of his day, and to show how Shakespeare's language unites in its sinews and substance the full range of Elizabethan preoccupations: philosophical and social. Softcover, 216 pp. $18.00.

Manga Shakespeare: HamletManga Shakespeare: Hamlet
Emma Vieceli
"To be or not to be?" That is the question asked by Hamlet in one of the most famous plays of all time, now a new manga. After Hamlet's father's death, Hamlet is frozen by his grief. But what if the new king - his uncle - is responsible for his father's murder? Shouldn't Hamlet do something? Softcover, 195 pp. $11.95.

Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and JulietManga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
Sonia Leong
The world's greatest love story meets the world of manga. Caught in a bitter feud between their mafia families, Romeo and Juliet must hide their love--or try to reconcile their parents' deep-seated hatred. Violence, passion, betrayal, and tragedy react in the streets and on the pages of this adaptation of the classic play. Softcover, 195 pp. $11.95.

The Norton ShakespeareThe Norton Shakespeare
Edited by Stephen Greenblatt,Stanley Wells and Gary Taylor et al
This vibrant Complete Shakespeare brings readers closer than ever before to the plays as they were first acted. Based on the Oxford Edition, the Norton includes Greenblatt's General Introduction which provides a richly textured portrait of Shakespeare's work and world. The introductions, notes and annotations that accompany each text greatly aid understanding of the plays and poems.This edition is presented in an elegant single column page and includes 150 Elizabethan and Jacobean illustrations as well as timelines, genealogies and a selection of archival documents. Slipcase, Hardcover  $85.00.

Shakespeare's Great SoliloquiesShakespeare's Great Soliloquies

Bob Blaisdell
Encompassing some of the finest monologues ever uttered by actors on the stage, this book is an invaluable source of audition or recital material for acting students as well as seasoned professionals -- both male and female. Softcover, 111 pp. $8.95.

Julius CaesarJulius Caesar - Annotated Shakespeare

William Shakespeare & Burton Raffel
The first tragedy to be played in the new Globe Theatre, Julius Caesar centres on a crucial turning point in Roman history, as the Republican gives way to the Imperial. Safely removed in time and place from Shakespeare's world, Rome makes the perfect laboratory for the playwright's free-ranging political analysis.
Eminent linguist and translator Burton Raffel offers generous help with vocabulary, pronunciation and prosody and provides alternative readings of phrases and lines. His on-page annotations give readers all the tools they need to comprehend the play and begin to explore its many possible interpretations. Raffel provides an introductory essay, and in a concluding essay Harold Bloom considers the character Julius Caesar, a far subtler creation than often acknowledged. Softcover, 190 pp. $9.95.

Twelfth Night Twelfth Night
William Shakespeare
Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's funniest plays and also one of his most romantic. Eminent linguist and translator Burton Raffel offers generous help with vocabulary, pronunciation, and prosody and provides alternative readings of phrases and lines. Raffel also provides and introductory essay, and in a concluding essay Harold Bloom argues that instability of identity is the essence of Twelfth Night. Softcover, 161 pp. $9.95.

Romeo & JulietRomeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare
One of the greatest love stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet is filled with some of Shakespeare's most exquisite language. The intensely romantic and popular play is a favourite from high school gymnasiums to professional stages and silver screens across the world. In this special package, the Signet Classics edition is packaged with a DVD of the acclaimed BBC production of the play. Softcover with DVD, 224 pp. $26.50.

The TempestThe Tempest
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's valedictory play is also one of his most poetic and magical. The story involves the spirit Ariel, the savage Caliban, and Prospero, the banished Duke of Milan, now a wizard living on a remote island who uses his magic to shipwreck a party of ex-compatriots. This extensively annotated version of The Tempest makes the play completely accessible to readers in the twenty-first century. Softcover, 157 pp. $9.95.

Antony and CleopatraAntony and Cleopatra
William Shakespeare
Mark Antony, one of the rulers of Rome following the death of Caesar, finds himself in the thrall of Cleopatra, Queen of Eygpt. When affairs of state call him to Rome, he finds her attractions impossible to resist. From one of classical histories great love stories, Shakespeare builds a magnificent tragedy of the clash between love and duty.
Cleopatra is played by Estelle Kohler, Mark Antony by Ciaran Hinds. Ian Hughes is Octavius Caesar and David Burke is Domitus Enobarbus. Audio CD. $33.95.

A Comedy of Errors
William Shakespeare
Antipholus of Syracuse is traveling the world in search of his twin brother, lost at birth. With him is Dromio, his servant, who also lost his twin brother at the same time. The pair arrive in Ephesus where, unknown to them, both their twins are living. Chaos and confusion abound in this fast-paced comedy of mistaken identity.
Antipholus of Syracuse is played by David Tennant, Antipholus of Ephesus by Brendan Coyle. Alan Cox and Jason O'Mara are the two Dromios, while Niamh and Sorcha Cusack play Adriana and Luciana. Audio CD. $26.95.

The Two Gentlemen of VeronaThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
William Shakespeare
Valentine loves Silvia in Milan, while Proteus loves Julia in Verona. When Proteus meets Silvia, however, he falls for her too. Heartbroken Julia sets out in pursuit of her errant love, leading to scenes of lyrical poetry, disguise, outlaws, clowning, and a terribly unreliable dog.
Proteus is played by Michael Maloney, Valentine by Damian Lewis. Silvia is Saskia Wickham, Lucy Robinson plays Julia. Audio CD. $26.95.

The Winter's TaleThe Winter's Tale
William Shakepeare
King Leontes, seized by terrible jealousy, accuses his wife Hermione of aldutery. Believing the baby girl Hermione gives birth to be his friend Polixenes', Leontes orders her left in the wilds to die. Though the child escapes her fate, Leontes cruelty has terrible consequences. Loss paves the way for reunion, and life and hope are born out of desolation and despair.
With Sinead Cusack as Hermione and Ciaran Hinds as Leontes. Eileen Atikins plays Paulina and Paul Jesson is Polixenes. Time the Chorus is played by Sir John Gielgud. Audio CD, $33.95.

Henry the Fourth, Part 1Henry the Fourth, Part 1
William Shakespeare
While England is threatened by the Earl of Northumberland, a young Prince Hal cavorts in London's taverns, accompanied by the dissolute, entertaining Falstaff and his band of rogues. Much of this play's tension involves Prince Hal and Falstaff, as the prince tries to live up to his duties and responsibilities. This extensively annotated version of Herny the Fourth, Part One makes the play completely accessible to readers in the twenty-first century. Softcover, Yale University Press, 196 pp. $9.99.

Titus AndronicusTitus Andronicus
Folger Shakespeare Library
William Shakespeare
Part tragic horror, part political commentary and sometimes a grotesque comedy, Titus Andronicus has always defied easy definition. This Folger's edition includes in it's text an introduction to reading Shakespeare's language, scene-by-scene plot summaries, full explanatory notes as well as an essay by leading Shakespearean scholar, Alexander Leggatt, providing a modern perspective on the play. Softcover, 267 pp. $10.50.

Shakespeare's Henry IV, parts I & IIShakespeare's Henry IV, parts I & II
Harold Bloom
This authoritative edition of Shakespeare's play is introduced with a detailed essay by Harold Bloom. Softcover, 292 pp. $14.50.

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
Harold Bloom
This definitive version of the play is prefaced by a generous introduction by renowned Shakespeare scholar, Harold Bloom. Softcover, 117 pp. $14.50.

MacbethMacbeth: Shakespeare in Production
William Shakespeare
In this volume edited by John Wilders, Shakespeare's classic play is accompanied by a detailed account of the theatre history of Macbeth productions from 1607 to the present day. An informed commentary alongside the New Cambridge Shakespeare text of the play describes how specific episodes and passages have been interpreted in the theatre. Softcover, 229 pp. $38.95.

A Midsummer Night's DreamA Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare
Edward Hall and Roger Warren have edited this performing edition of A Midsummer Night's Dream for Propeller's all-male production at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury. The character of Philostrate, Theseus' Master of Revels, has been omitted entirely and his speeches reallocated. There are a few cuts to the text in scenes Five and Nine. The speeches of the Fairy in Scene Three have been divied up between other cast members, and the Court's comments redistributed. This publication has very dark print and is easily read while "on-your-feet". Softcover, 87 pp. $25.95.

A Midsummer Night's DreamA Midsummer Night's Dream: The Annotated Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
From the hilarious mischief of Puck to the rough humor of the self-centred Bottom and his fellow players, from the palace of Theseus in Athens to the magic wood where fairies play, A Midsummer Night's Dream is a play of enchantment and an insightful portrait of the predicaments of love. Now the most extensively annotated edition of the play to date makes it completely accessible to readers in the twenty-first century and a rich resource for students, teachers, and the general reader. Softcover, 173 pp. $9.95.

The Oxford Shakespeare
This relatively newer series has been gathering momentum with the favour of students. I would say that Oxford is out to give Arden a run for the money. The editions are very similiar, right down to the actual size of the book. Oxford offers an almost identical list, as the Arden, of supporting material accompanying each text. Oxford has combed the world for scholars to edit these texts -- many are Canadian! These books mirror the Arden series with good binding and clearly printed text on white paper. Now, here's the rub: these texts are priced low, (for the time-being), from $7.95 to $13.95 -- that is a tremendous value for the material offered -- the publisher is trying to capture some of the market from Arden.

Timon of AthensTimon of Athens: The Oxford Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
This text, edited by John Jowett, provides a new, modern-spelling text, and the first full edition to identify the play as a collaboration between Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton. Along with the on-page commentary and notes we have come to expect from Oxford World's Classics, there is a detailed introduction which provides a full account of the play's performance history and explores issues of gender, wealth and ecology. 30+M, 4W (flexible casting). Softcover, 370 pp. $12.95.

PericlesPericles: The Oxford Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Oxford University Press. Softcover, 306 pp. $12.95.




Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's Sonnets

Folger Shakespeare Library
Edited by Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine
With detailed notes from the world's leading centre for Shakespeare studies.

HamletHamlet Annotated
William Shakespeare
Yale University Press. Softcover, 249 pp. $10.95.

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Signet Classics
The Signet series give an overview of Shakespeare's life, world and theatre by the series editor Sylvan Barnet. Special introductions and sources are included with each text. Dramatic criticism and commentary reflect both historical and contemporary thinking. Where applicable, a comprehensive stage and screen history of notable actors, directors and productions is included. Notes and commentaries are contained on the page. The books are smaller in size, with dark print on off white "newsprint" paper. But the price at $4.99 (approx.) is good, particularly for the younger reader starting out with the Bard.

Henry VIHenry VI: Parts One, Two, and Three
William Shakespeare
The Signet editions of Shakespeare offer a general discussion of Shakespeare's life, world and theatre by the general editor of the Signet Classic Shakespeare series, criticism from noted Shakespeare scholars of past & present, and detailed footnotes. The Henry VI text also includes a comprehensive stage history. Softcover, $9.99.

Titus Andronicus & Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus & Timon of Athens

Signet Classics
William Shakespeare
Including an extensive overview of Shakespeare's life, world and theatre, sources from which Shakespeare derived his work, dramatic criticisms (past and present) as well as the plays themselves, this newly revised Signet Classic provides the complete texts of both Titus Andronicus and Timon of Athens in clear, readable type. Softcover, 404 pp. $8.99.

The Nick Hern Books Shakespeare Folios series
This excellent new softcover series offers two texts: the original Folio text, in modern type, with original spelling and its idiosyncratic layout, and, on the facing page, an edited version of the text that tries to solve some of the layout problems of the Folio.

Currently available in this series (in softcover, $20.95 each.): Hamlet; Henry V; Measure for Measure; Othello; Richard III; Twelfth Night.

Simply Shakespeare: MacbethThe Barron's Simply Shakespeare series
Like the Oxford School Shakespeare, this series offers two texts: an edited Shakespearean text, and a modern-English text on the facing page. The series also includes an excellent introduction aimed at junior high and high-school students (or those new to Shakespeare) and ends each scene with a section designed to help comprehension.

Currently available in this series (Softcover, $12.50 each.): Hamlet; Julius Caesar; Macbeth; Romeo & Juliet; The Tempest; Twelfth Night.

Interfact Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet
Interfact Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet

Interfact Shakespeare takes the original texts of Shakespeare's most famous plays and adds imaginative, interactive multimedia. Together they will help you to understand the world's greatest playwright and have fun at the same time. Included in this package is the entire text of Romeo and Juliet, plus a modern retelling of the story and a multimedia disk with interactive activities and games. Large-format softcover with CD-ROM, $31.95.
Interfact Shakespeare MacBeth
Interfact Shakespeare takes the original texts of Shakespeare's most famous plays and adds imaginative, interactive multimedia. Together they will help you understand the world's greatest playwright and have fun at the same time. Included in this package is the entire text of Macbeth, plus a modern retelling of the story and a multimedia disk with interactive activities and games. Large-format softcover with CD-ROM, $31.95.

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The Arden Shakespeare
This edition touts itself as the "finest critical edition" of Shakespeare. It's popularity with students, professors and teachers would seem to support that claim. This bookseller has always been ready to point out the features of the edition which guide the reader to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work. Each volume is priced individually but the price lands in the high teens -- from $17.95 to $18.95. They are well produced and bound, with very clear text on white paper. Some of the features usually contained in each volume are:

  • Clear, authoritative text supported by contemporary scholarship
  • Extensive notes and commentary (often half the page) on same page as text
  • Fully illustrated introduction giving the play's historical, cultural and performance contexts
  • Survey of critical approaches to the play
  • Notation of editorial history throughout the text
  • Index to introduction and notes.

The Arden Shakespeare Complete WorksThe Arden Shakespeare: Complete Works
The Complete Arden Shakespeare
, available for the first time in paperback, contains the text of all of Shakespeare's plays, and is edited by a team of leading Shakespeare scholars. This revised edition includes eight newly revised playtexts. An invaluable resource for fans and students of theatre. Softcover, 1347 pp. $44.95.

Applause First Folio Editions
Prepared and edited by Neil Freeman, Senior Acting Professor, and Head of Graduate Directing at the University of British Columbia, these texts have been acclaimed by professional actors and directors on both "sides of the pond." These editions compare the differences with the first printings and the best modern texts of Shakespeare's works, with special emphasis on issues relevant to each particular play.This is an edition which supports clearer understanding of the text in performance. They are priced at $17.95.

  • Printed in modern type
  • Footnotes discuss many Quarto and modern text variations
  • Easy coding system guides readers directly to single topics swiftly and efficiently
  • Visual clues allow users to explore First Folio line structures as well as modern text alterations
  • Blank pages opposite each page of text for notes and comments.

Cambridge School Shakespeare
This is the best attempt we have seen to bring the power and beauty of the plays of Shakespeare to younger readers.Whether being used in a school setting or not, the supporting material with the play brings life to the text. At the heart of the series is the attempt to turn the script into drama. Students will find a running synopsis of the action, an explanation of unfamiliar words and a wide range of classroom activities breathing life into the text. Fully illustrated with drawings and photos, the texts are larger format with excellent binding and crisp black ink on bright white paper. Priced individually from $15.95 to $21.95.

The Riverside ShakespeareThe Riverside Shakespeare
The current favourite "complete" edition is the Riverside Shakespeare in the 2nd Edition. This is a sturdy bound, no dust jacket, hardcover edition with excellent introductions to all the plays. The notes are copious and enlightening and the text is clear. This is a volume for those who love the plays of Shakespeare or who plan to do a lot of study of them. $116.95.

The Complete Oxford Shakespeare
This edition lacks all the attributes of the single editions of The Oxford Shakespeare, outlind above, save the scholarship which makes the texts accurate. The edition is available in both soft and hardcover. SC $34.95, HC $62.95.

First Folio -- Norton Facsimile
This is the famous edition which replicates the first printed edition of the complete works, in original page size with original spellings. Large format, slipcased, bound in linen-like material with gold stamping on the cover. $225.00.

Applause First Folio -- Edited by Neil Freeman
This exceptional hardcover volume brings together all the Freeman-prepared first folio editions into a cohesive whole. Set in modern type. $110.00.

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