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Movie Posters

The Art of Hammer: Posters From the Archive of Hammer FilmsThe Art of Hammer: Posters From the Archive of Hammer Films
Marcus Hearn
The ultimate visual history of Britain's most famous film studio. Includes over 300 posters from all of Hammer's trademark genres including sci-fi, horror, action/adventure, and comedy. Hardcover, 192 pp. $37.00.

Starstruck: Vintage Movie Posters from Classic HollywoodStarstruck: Vintage Movie Posters from Classic Hollywood

Ira M. Resnick
For more than four decades, film historian Ira M. Resnick has been amassing a world-class, never-before-published collection of 2,000 movie posters and 1,500 stills. This ravishing book features the very best of Resnick's collection, with vivid reproductions of 258 colour posters and 28 black & white stills from 1912 to 1962. Featuring a foreward by Martin Scorsese. Hardcover, 272 pp. $65.00.

Bollywood PostersBollywood Posters

Jerry Pinto & Sheena Sippy
The film posters of Bollywood have a long history, and it is brilliantly celebrated here. The posters span the entire history of Hindi movies, from the early twentieth century to present day. Softcover, 210 pp. $39.00.

Exploitation Poster ArtExploitation Poster Art
Tony Nourmand & Graham Marsh
Sex, drugs, delinquency, black power, alternative culture and, of course, rock 'n roll: these are just some of the themes that have attracted cinema's bottom-feeders over the past eighty years. A few of the resulting films have become cult classics, but most were simply tacky. The posters used to promote them, on the other hand, are wonderful period pieces that vividly evoke the social fears, temptations and taboos of bygone eras. Softcover, 191 pp. $39.95.

Elvis Presley: Silver Screen Icon Elvis Presley: Silver Screen Icon
Steve Templeton
Steve Templeton has spent years collecting Elvis memorabilia. This book features a collection of movie posters which spans Elvis's film career in brilliant colour. Complete with a background and rare information about each movie, this book is a must for Elvis collectors and fans alike. Specific information about each poster style and a special pricing section finish off this beautiful collection of movie posters that is the first of its kind. Hardcover, 200 pp. $67.95.

The Art of Italian Film PosterThe Art of Italian Film Posters
Mel Bagshaw
Featuring over 250 posters from the early years of the twentieth century up to the late 1970s, The Art of the Italian Film Posters presents a comprehensive collection of posters for films by classic directors such as Fellini, Pasolini, Antonioni, Rossellini, and De Sica, alongside cult hits such as the horror film Suspiria and the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone. Softcover, 213 pp. $39.95.

The Star Wars Poster BookThe Star Wars Poster Book
Stephen J. Sansweet & Peter Vilmer
Collected here in one stunning volume are 350 of the most amazing Star Wars movie posters -- some famously identifiable, some extremely rare, many completely hand-painted. Considered to be some of the greatest of all time, these domestic and foreign posters range from surreal to photorealistic, and from campy to darkly serious. This comprehensive volume include behind-the-scenes stories, insightful quotes from the poster artists and designers, and a complete rating scale of more than 2,000 Star Wars posters along with a bootleg identification guide. Hardcover, 320 pp. $67.50.

The Independent Movie Poster BookThe Independent Movie Poster Book
Spencer Drate, Judith Salavetz & Dave Kehr
Independent films often introduce unique scenarios that inspire graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers. This visually stunning volume -- the first movie poster book devoted exclusively to independent films -- showcases some of the most provocative and original movie posters ever created. From David Lynch's cult classic Eraserhead to Sophia Coppola's recent sensation Lost in Translation, this colorful and richly illustrated book displays the incredible range of creativity exhibited in hundreds of independent film posters from the 1980s to the present. Softcover, 176 pp. $43.95.

Bad Girls: Film Fatales, Sirens, and MollsBad Girls: Film Fatales, Sirens, and Molls
Tony Turtu
Sensational and unapologetic, B movie bad girls of the big screen starred in sexy suspense thrillers during film's golden age. Blinded by desire, crazed with jealousy, and ripe with sin, the luscious, lascivious ladies of B movie fame broke the innocent female stereotype. A celebration of the wicked, the wayward, and the wanton, Bad Girls -- a collection of movie posters, lobby cards, and photographs -- pays tribute to the actresses who made careers out of being bad. Hardcover, 176 pp. $55.95.

The Queer Movie Poster BookThe Queer Movie Poster Book
Jenni Olson
From the underground to the Oscar-winning, the titillating to the tasteful, the campy to the heartfelt, The Queer Movie Poster Book is a captivating visual history of the best of queer film culture. Softcover, 132 pp. $27.95.

The Movie Posters of Drew StruzanThe Movie Posters of Drew Struzan
Drew Struzan
Drew Struzan's talent for capturing what is both human and heroic in the face of a movie character has made him the top Hollywood film campaign artist for the past thirty years. His skill and artistry are often imitated but remain unmatched. This ravishing collection of Struzan's finest work, is a veritable catalogue of some of the most indelible images in film history. Softcover, 120 pp. $42.50.

Silver Screen SamuraiSilver Screen Samurai: The Best of Japan's Samurai Movie Posters
Hiroshi Yokoi
For over half a century, samurai movies haved wowed audiences around the world with their gory sword fights and tear-jerking tales of honour and sacrifice. This first-ever collection of original samurai movie art pays glorious tribute to a cinematic genre that is truly Japanese. Silver Screen Samurai is a must-have for samurai fans, movie-buffs and lovers of poster art. Softcover, 111 pp. $29.95.

Italian Film PostersItalian Film Posters
Dave Kehr
With a rich history in the visual arts and an innate predisposition towards the grand and passionate, Italy has produced some of the finest film posters in the world. These bold, vivid, and evocative images have the power to arouse expectations of romance, mystery, action, or escape. This stunning collection is the first of its kind to be published in English. Hardcover, 152 pp. $59.95.

Picture ShowPicture Show: Classic Movie Posters from the TCM Archives
Dianna Edwards
Vintage movie posters have a style all their own. They are so utterly beguiling that it is no surprise that audiences flocked to see the films that they were advertising. Looking through this visual feast of rare, vintage posters, you'll be stunned to see that time has not lessened the allure of these images one bit. A classic collection. Softcover, 168 pp. $29.95.

A Century of Movie PostersA Century of Movie Posters: From Silent to Arthouse
Emily King
An in-depth look at the fascinating history of the movie poster from the perspective of graphic design specialist Emily King. From Hollywood blockbusters to obscure foreign films, this book charts the development of posters that have adorned cinema walls for the last 100 years. Beautifully illustrated in colour and black & white. Hardcover, 224 pp. $57.95.

Retro Stud: Muscle Movie Posters from Around the WorldRetro Stud: Muscle Movie Posters from Around the World
David Chapman
The momentous debut of Hercules in 1959 ushered in a new genre of gladiator-style, sword and sandal epics. David Chapman's Retro Stud is the first book devoted exclusively to the international psoters featuring the studs and damsels of this bygone genre. Dramatic, alluring, sexy, and erotic, these posters have been lovingly reproduced in this one-of-a-kind volume. Hardcover, 127 pp. $26.95.

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Film Posters of the 40sFilm Posters of the 40s
Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh
From The Maltese Falcon and Citizen Kane, to The Grapes of Wrath and Casablanca, this beautifully illustrated book brings together the finest posters from the best posters of the 1940s. Softcover, 127 pp. $37.95.

The New Penguin Opera GuideThe Disney Poster Book
Jody Revenson
A gallery of large format, beautifully coloured posters traces in graphic form the evolution of Disney's wonderful history. The more than 100 stunning reproductions covers everthing form Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Lion King. This book is cetain to delight. Hardcover, 96 pp., $47.00.

The Art of NoirThe Art of Noir
Eddie Muller
As much as it was about crime, film noir was about style, mood and atmosphere. In this remarkable visual catalogue, the ultra-stylish posters and graphics from the classic era of film noir are beautifully reproduced in full-colour. With their tantalizing mix of sex and violence, and expressive graphic quality, these posters still pulse with the dynamism and allure of the mesmerizing films they were created to promote. Hardcover, 271 pp. $75.00.

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