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Teaching Drama

For more resources on Drama in Education and Dance, please explore the links in the right sidebar.

The Novel Experience1.The  Novel Experience
Larry Swartz
This flipchart provides a wealth of practical tips and suggestions for using the power of novels to explore the fascinating world of language. The simple and handy book will help students develop confidence in choosing novels that suit their tasts, interests, and abilities. Innovative ways students can share their response and make connections to their own lives are a major focus of The Novel Experience. Softcover, $12.95.

Into The Story2. Into The Story: Language in Action Through Drama
Carole Miller & Juliana Saxton
Into the Story
is a highly practical resource for language arts and literacy development based on "story drama structures" that have been piloted in elementary and middle school classrooms. Miller and Saxton have created an inviting, nonintimidating, and enticingly available resource in which teachers and students can discover how, by entering the story, drama becomes a compelling medium for learning Softcover. $30.95.

What do I do about the kid who...?3. What do I do about the kid who...?
50 Ways to Turn Teaching into Learning
Kathleen Gould Lundy
This practical book shows teachers how to create grade 4 to 12 classrooms where learning is more joyful, exciting, and involving for all students. Based on a wealth of teaching experience, it presents simple and effective activities that teachers can adapt to make learning happen in contextualized, inclusive, respectful, and creative ways. Softcover. $21.95.

The New Dramathemes4. The New Dramathemes
Larry Swartz
In this new edition you will find a variety of sources for storytelling, improvisation, interpretation, and movement; guides for planning drama; novel response activities; reproducible blackline masters of sources, assessment profiles, and activities; drama conventions with descriptions; and rubrics for evaluation.
This revised third edition has been written to provide you with an updated version of games, activities, and resources on the ten themes that framed the original two books. They are based on popular thematic explorations in literature for young people: Humour, Mystery, Fantasy, Animals, Relationships, Folklore, Community, The Pastr, The Future, Diversity and Equity. $18.95.

Asking Better Questions5. Asking Better Questions
Norah Morgan & Juliana Saxton
Provides teachers with all the background they need to function more effectively in their classroom, including: practical tips for modelling questions; innovative activities that encourage questions; lesson plans that emphasize questioning strategies and fully engage students in learning, and suggestions for using questions to acquire information, build common knowledge and generate reflection. The authors examples and activities work across the curriculum. A unique resource. $24.95.

Drama Games and Improvs6. Drama Games and Improvs: Games for the Classroom and Beyond

Justine Jones & Mary Ann Kelley
This handy book provides a semester-long curriculum of drama games and improvs, classroom-tested and proven to be intellectually stimulating and creatively successful. You'll find it useful for a variety of creative situations--the drama classroom, rehearsals, or as creative prompts for original student plays. Softcover. $24.95.

112 Acting Games7. 112 Acting Games
Gavin Levy
This is a comprehensive collection of performance-tested theatre games for learning and acting skills. The games are designed to help develop a variety of performance skills, including: body awareness, memorization, improvisation, motor skills, trust, nonverbal communication and observation. This is a perfect resource for use in the classroom. Softcover. $17.95.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick8. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
Chris Van Allsburg
A collection of fourteen drawings, with captions, that are like clues to a larger mystery. Burdick's drawings have been, and may be, used as a springboard for a storytelling or drama class. Allsburg's reproductions of the drawings exhibit the mystery and magic of each unfinished tale. $21.95. Portfolio Edition $33.95.

The Picture Book Experience9. The Picture Book Experience
Larry Swartz
This handy flip book describes how experiencing and responding to picture books can lead you to new understandings, new learnings, and new wonderings. It guides you toward a deeper way of looking at picture books as tools for learning. Softcover, $12.95.

Stages10. Stages: Creative Ideas For Teaching Drama
Talia Pura
Stages is packed with drama exercises and ideas that work, tested on the harshest of critics - high school teachers. The exercises are explained in a clear, concise manner, and arranged according to purpose. Softcover, $19.95.

Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World11. Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World
Kathleen Gould Lundy
This is a ground-breaking book which suggests effective ways teachers can re-define an inclusive curriculum by questioning what is taught, how it is taught, to whom and under what conditions. This powerful book includes a handy summary of 50 strategies,along with re-producible pages for classroom use.
This is an ideal resource that encourages teachers to evaluate their core teaching beliefs, acknowledge the realities of students’ lives, and create respectful, inclusive learning environments where students actively engage in interpreting challenging texts from the “inside out.”  Softcover. $24.95

At Play: Teaching Teenagers Theatre12. At Play: Teaching Teenagers Theatre
Elizabeth Swados
Drawing on her own experiences teaching inner-city children in the groundbreaking musical Runaways and teaching the techniques of improv theatre in schools around the U.S., as well as on her own background in experimental theatre, Swados provides a step-by-step guide to bringing out the natural creativity and enthusiasm key for young people to create -- and enjoy -- improvisational theatre. Softcover. $17.50.

Exploring Character13. Exploring Character

R.E. Myers
Exploring Character gives you real-life scenarios that will get students talking about integrity, kindness, trustworthiness, courage, goodwill, openness, industriousness, cooperation, and friendship. The activities and discussion points will help to develop values, choices and behavior; spark open-ended discussion and individual reflection; and involve your students in thinking seriously about the elements that make up the character of a responsible person. Softcover. $19.95.

101 Improv Games for Children & Adults14. 101 Improv Games for Children & Adults
Bob Bedore
For ages 5 and up, this book explains how to use improv to encourage imagination, spontaneity, and creative expression. The 101 Improv Games range from easy warm-ups to basic scenes, character games, games involving teamwork and more. Softcover, 176 pp. $19.50.

Impro for Storytellers15. Impro for Storytellers
Keith Johnstone
This book builds on the seminal work of Johnstone's Impro. His techniques specialize in releasing an individual's potential within the context of group work. The book includes detailed sections on Theatresports, as well as various aspects of Impro from Audience Suggestions to the exploration of Spontaneity. The bulk of the book deals with the subject of storytelling, which takes the techniques of Impro beyond the endless repetition of games; this section is filled with helpful theoretical hints as well as games and activities. Softcover. $22.00.

Introduction to Theatre Arts 2: Teacher's Guide 16. Introduction to Theatre Arts 2: Teacher's Guide

Suzi Zimmerman
This updated guide makes teaching theatre arts easy and fun for all. It includes extra sammple scripts and scoring rubrics. It also contains chapters entitled The Valuable Theatre Program, Theatre for Unique Learners, Theatre for Students Who Are Learning a New Language, and Guides and Helpers. Softcover. $39.95.

Poetry Goes to School17. Poetry Goes to School
Bob Barton & David Booth
Poetry is a terrific teaching tool, and a gateway activity for dynamic learning. This book examines more than forty forms of poetry, and features the work of eight popular poets. Case studies provide teachers with helpful examples that illustrate the powerful role that poetry can play in student learning. Softcover. $18.95.

Games for Everyone18. Games for Everyone
David Booth
More than 100 games old favourites, as well as new , are described around general areas of learning: Joining In, Cooperating, Building Groups, Imagination, Problem Solving, Movement, Communication, Drama and Sense Exploration. Each game, suitable for Primary/Junior. includes important learning goals and a clear, concise description of how to play the game, as well as extensions to help create new opportunities for learning. Softcover, $12.95.

Theatre Games for Young Performers19. Theatre Games for the Classroom
Viola Spolin
This book is a step-by-step guide to the use of theatre-games in the classroom. Special attention is given to focus, sidecoaching and evaluation. Each game's stated focus is a problem that is essential to the playing that can be solved by the players. Sidecoaching is the calling out of just that word, that phrase, or that sentence that keeps the players on focus. Finally, the evaluation questions listed in the games deal with the problems the focus poses and ask whether or not the problems have been solved. The games themselves are organized under headings such as Warm-ups, Transformation games, Sensory games, Puppetry, Storytelling and many more. Large-format Softcover. $30.00.

Reading and Writing in the Middle Years20. Reading and Writing in the Middle Years
David Booth
This comprehensive book is a no-nonsense exploration of the latest and most successful approaches to teaching reading and writing to students in grades four to eight. Inside you will find novel ways to make connections to print texts and students' lives, practical suggestions for expanding and monitoring comprehension, and tips on how to model and demonstrate reading and writing strategies in the classroom. Softcover, 176 pp. $18.95.

The Poetry Experience21. The Poetry Experience
Larry Swartz
This playful flip book explores all aspects of poetry - from guidelines and an overview of poetic forms to Top Ten lists of various poetry favorites. Poetry is a powerful, personal medium and this guide offers strategies for defining poetry so that students can reflect and determine what poetry means to them. Softcover, $12.95.

Creating the Dynamic Classroom22. Creating the Dynamic Classroom
Mindy Pollishuke & Susan Schwartz
Creating the Dynamic Classroom: A Handbook for Teachers, is a valuable resource for both new and experienced teachers. By highlighting their own understandings, the authors help teachers make the necessary links between philosophy and practical application. Softcover, $45.95.

Building Connections23. Learning with Readers Theatre: Building Connections
Neill Dixon, Anne Davies & Colleen Politano
The book includes effective ways to plan and organize for Readers Theatre; successful classroom strategies for making assessment and evaluation an integral part of the learning and teaching process; ideas for building scripts and staging performances, and sample scripts that can be used as is or as jumping off points for original scripts. $28.00.

Shakespeare Set Free24. Shakespeare Set Free
Volume 1: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream
Volume 2: Hamlet, Henry IV Part 1
Volume 3: Twelfth Night, Othello

This is a popular new series from the Teaching Shakespeare Institute of The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington.The three volumes all contain practical, clear and provocative ways to teach the plays through performance. The essays and activities explore the language and magical worlds of the plays while engaging students of every grade and ability level.Day-by-day teaching startegies created, taught, written and edited by classroom teachers provide a user-friendly format. The feedback on this series has been very positive. Large-format softcovers: Vol. 1 $26.50; Vol. 2 $23.00; Vol.3 $25.00.

Shakespeare Can Be Fun25. Shakespeare Can Be Fun! A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lois Burdett
The author has rewritten Shakespeare's play in rhyming couplets, which are suitable for reading aloud in the Junior/Elementary classroom. The book also includes illustrations by children in Burdett's own workshops with the play, and examples of the written work that they produced. At the very back of the book are a number of suggested activities to bring the play to life. $9.95.
Also available in this series: Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest.

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