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Spotlight On...

Half LIfeJohn Mighton on Half Life
There is an elegance to John Mighton's theatrical writing that betrays his daily profession: mathematics. In fact, John Mighton is a playwright, mathematician, and educator. Accomplished and innovative within these forms, Mighton is an adjunct professor at U of T, founder of the math tutoring program JUMP, as well as a two-time GG winner for drama, three Doras, one Chalmers, and the 2005 Siminovitch Award for playwrighting. His latest play Half Life is currently being remounted at CanStage...

Bigger than JesusDaniel Brooks and Rick Miller - Bigger Than Jesus
Bigger Than Jesus, the new creation by Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks, produced by Necessary Angel Theatre Company, is billed as being a "Multimedia Mass for the modern age.""Bigger Than Jesus is a search for meaning not only in those words of the Catholic Mass, but also why people celebrate Mass to begin with." "And it’s also to atone for the sins of Christianity as well," concludes Brooks jokingly....

AlphonseLynda Hill on Alphonse
Lynda Hill is co-directing Theatre Direct's latest production, Alphonse, in a new English-language translation. TheatreBooks sat down with Lynda to talk about the play, frontier theatre, and staying away from plays that smell like health-class. (October 2002.)

Marion Bridge Monster The Soldier Dreams In On It
Daniel MacIvor by Leonard McHardy
At only 39 years of age, Daniel MacIvor has created a body of work as playwright, actor and director in both theatre and film that distinguishes him as one of Canada's true "creative geniuses". His commitment to, and his belief in, the pure act of creation is evident throughout his work. It is that belief that prompted Daniel along with his producer Sherrie Johnson to form their company da da kamera in 1986. More...

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John Mighton on Half Life with Naomi Skwarna January 2007

Daniel Brooks and Rick Miller with Naomi Skwarna, November 2004

Lynda Hill with Rachel Bokhout

Daniel MacIvor by Leonard McHardy

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