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Media Studies Backlist

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Mass Media in a Mass Society: Myth and RealityMass Media in a Mass Society: Myth and Reality
Richard Hoggart
Richard Hoggart, famous for his writings on literature, education, and the means of communication, has written a new work in which he looks at the ways in which mass communication in the 21st century both encourages and hinders a greater understanding of the modern world. Hardcover, 214 pp. $29.95.

Beyond the Image Machine: A History of Visual TechnologiesBeyond the Image Machine: A History of Visual Technologies
David Tomas
Through a series of illustrated studies that range from sixteenth-century painting to late-twentieth century head-mounted displays, David Tomas gives a fascinating and original account of the relationship between visual technology, human sensory perception and identity. This stimulating argument for an alternative history of scientific and technological imaging systems will serve as a rich source of ideas and inspiration for further research into the history of visual technologies. Softcover, 231 pp. $36.50.

Televising War: From Vietnam to IraqTelevising War: From Vietnam to Iraq
Andrew Hoskins
Andrew Hoskins provides a thought-provoking critical account of the unique relationship between the media and conflict. He reveals the influence the media has on the public's perception of the war, from the televisual 'losing' of the Vietnam War, to the satellite-driven footage of from the Gulf in 1991, and finally to the 24-hour coverage by journalists of the recent Iraq War. Softcover, 148 pp. $33.95.

The Cambridge Companion to PostmodernismSteven ConnorThe Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism
Steven Connor
Although frequently used, "postmodernism" is one of the most elusive and oft-debated terms in cultural theory. This anthology of essays offers a survey of the various intellectuals arenas in which postmodernism has come to exist, and situates its relevence in this, the 21st century. Accessible and comprehensive, this Cambridge Companion is essential reading for students and teachers, from a range of disciplines, who are interested in postmoderism in all of its incarnations. Softcover, 237 pp. $35.95.

In Praise of SlowIn Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed
Carol Honore
In Praise of Slow traces the history of our increasingly breathless relationship with time, and tackles the consequences and conundrum of living in this accelerated culture of our own creation. Realizing the price we pay for unrelenting speed, people all over the world are reclaiming their time, slowing down the pace, and living happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Hardcover, 310 pp. $36.00.

Why Arnold MattersWhy Arnold Matters: The Rise of a Cultural Icon
Michael Blitz & Louise Krasniewicz
Not only does he head the largest state economy in the United States, but after thirty years in the public eye and reaping billions in box office sales, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cultural icon without parallel. This thought-provoking and imaginative new book examines American life at the beginning of the 21st century through the veil of Arnold's all-pervasive presence. Hardcover, 302 pp. $28.95.

Teen TV; Genre, Consumption and IdentityTeen TV; Genre, Consumption and Identity
Glyn Davis & Kay Dickenson
This is the first anthology dedicated to a broad range of television programmes produced for and watched by teenagers. With extensive coverage of shows such as Dawson's Creek, Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Australia's Heartbreak High, the book examines how these dramas construct and reaffirm distinct versions of 'youth'. Teen TV is a fascinating survey of the different forms teen television takes and the multitude of ways in which it is produced and used. Softcover, 197 pp. $37.95.

Loving Big BrotherLoving Big Brother: Performance, Privacy, and Surveillance Space
John E. McGrath
Constant scrutiny by surveillance cameras is usually seen as, at best, a necessary invasion of privacy and, at worst, an infringement of human rights. But in this radical new account of the uses of surveillance in art, performance and popular culture, John E. McGrath sets out a surprising alternative: a world where we have much to gain from the experience of being watched. Softcover, 246 pp. $44.95.

Forever YoungForever Young: The 'Teen-Aging' of Modern Culture
Marcel Danesi
Marcel Danesi, author of Cool, takes on the 'forever young syndrome' to show how ideas of childhood, adolescence, and juvenilization are at risk of changing Western and moral social behaviour, marring the bounderies between youthfulness and adulthood, and creating a 'Dorian Gray' generation -- born of a vacuous and devalued consumer society. Softcover, 139 pp. $24.95.

Appropriating BlacknessAppropriating Blackness
Performance and the Politics of Authenticity
E. Patrick Johnson
Performance artist and scholar E. Patrick Johnson's provocative study examines how blackness is appropriated and performed -- towards widely diverging ends -- both within and outside African American culture. A scholarly and lucidly argued text, Appropriating Blackness offers compelling insight into the complex theories of race, sexuality, and culture. Softcover, 365 pp. $34.95.

Matters of GravityMatters of Gravity: Special Effects and Supermen in the 20th Century
Scott Bukatman
The headlong rush, the rapid montage, the soaring superhero, the plunging roller coaster -- Matters of Gravity focuses on the experience of technological spectacle in American popular culture over the past century. Particular attenion is paid to theme parks, cyberspace, cinematic special effects, superhero comics, and Hollywood musicals. Softcover, 279 pp. $34.95.

Cold War, Cool MediumCold War, Cool Medium: Television, McCarthyism, and American
Thomas Doherty
Conventional wisdom holds that television was a coconspirator in the repressions of Cold War America, that it was a facilitator to the blacklist and handmaiden to McCarthyism. On the contrary, Thomas Doherty argues, in his provocative new book Cold War, Cool Medium, that through the influence of television, America actually became a more open and tolerant place. Hardcover, 305 pp. $41.95.

It's Not the MediaIt's Not the Media: The Truth About Pop Culture's Influence on Children

Karen Sternheimer
Are school shootings the result of violent video games? Do sex-laden movies lead to promiscuity? Can Goth music create alienation? Repeatedly we are told the answer to these and similar questions is a resounding yes; but is this the right answer? This book presents a compelling argument that fear of social change, and what it means to be a kid in today's media-saturated climate, lies at the heart of our media-bashing culture. Hardcover, 272 pp. $40.00.


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Hidden AgendasHidden Agendas: How Journalists Influence the News
Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper
Hidden Agendas
is a no-holds-barred expose of how reporters' opinions shape the information that we consider news. Using data gathered from interviews with over 800 Canadians and some 270 journalists, this book makes the controversial argument that journalists, more so than media owners, are the architects of news, engineering not only its drama but also its ideological thrust. Softcover, 212 pp. $24.95.

Recycled Culture in Contemporary Art and FilmRecycled Culture in Contemporary Art and Film
Vera Dika
The reuse of images, plots, and genres from film history has become prominent in contemporary culture. In this study, Vera Dika explores this phenomenon from a broad range of critical perspectives, examining works of art and film that resists the pull of the past. Films discussed include: Badlands, Apocalypse Now, The Shootist, American Grafitti, The Conformist, and others. Softcover, 241 pp. $35.95.

Obsession: Celebrities and their StalkersObsession: Celebrities and their Stalkers

David Harvey
Because celebrities are constantly in the media spotlight, they are particularly susceptible to stalker attacks. This informative book uncovers some of the most shocking stalking cases of recent times, including those involving Jodie Foster, Brad Pitt, John Lennon, Steven Spielberg, and Madonna. Softcover, 258 pp. $19.95.

How Canadians CommunicateHow Canadians Communicate
David Taras, Fritz Pannekoek and Maria Bakardjieva
Within a uniquely Canadian context, this book considers new media communications in Aboriginal communities, the changing role of the state in cultural institutions, the conglomeratization of the media, and the vulnerability of Canadian identity in the face of American and global communications. How Canadians Communicate presents the most current perspectives on communication in a rapidly changing world of technology and communication. Softcover, 332 pp. $34.95.

Digital Expressions
Media Literacy and English Language ArtsDigital Expressions: Media Literacy and English Language Arts
Roberta F. Hammett/Barrie R. C. Barrell
Digital Expressions brings together the views of a number of teachers, teacher educators, and scholars, all with an interest in exploring how digital media, among others, can be incorporated into the classroom in interesting, exciting and educationally meaningful ways. Softcover 228 pp. $28.95.

James Dean Died Here
James Dean Died Here
The Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks
Chris Epting
This book takes you on an anecdotal journey across North America to the exact locations where the most significant events in American pop culture took place. Featuring hundreds of photographs, this encyclopedic look at famous and infamous pop culture landmarks, is an amazing portrait of the bizarre, shocking weird and wonderful moments that have come to define America. Softcover 310 pp. $25.95.

Searching for Michael Jackson's Nose and other Preoccupations of Our Celebrity-Mad CultureSearching for Michael Jackson's Nose and other Preoccupations of Our Celebrity-Mad Culture
Scott Feschuk
Among the many scandalous revelations about the twisted seductions of television, Searching for Michael Jackson's Nose provides shocking evidence that reality television is tame compared to the reality of television. Scott Feschuk's send-up of our obsession with celebrities is a witty and irreverent assault on audio/visual mass media. Softcover, 228 pp. $24.99.

Killing MonstersKilling Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence
Gerald Jones
Children choose their heroes more carefully than we think. From Pokemon to Eminem, pop culture icons are not simply commercial pied pipers who practice mass hypnosis on our youth. Indeed, even the most violent games and TV shows can help children conquer fears and develop a bold sense of self, argues Gerald Jones, author of this lively and persuasive paean to the power of pop culture. Softcover 261 pp. $23.00.

Prime Time Animation
Television Animation and American CulturePrime Time Animation: Television Animation and American Culture
Carol A. Stabile/Mark Harrison
In this collection of wide-ranging essays pertaining to prime time animation, the contributors explore a series of key issues and questions. The first half of the book is devoted to historical perspectives, while the second half focuses on specific case studies of shows such as, The Simpsons, South Park, The Powerpuff Girls. Softcover 254 pp. $34.95.

Shooting PeopleShooting People: Adventures in Reality TV
Sam Brenton/Reuben Cohen
Shooting People examines the emergence of "reality TV", its relation to documentary and its place within a globalised TV industry. A timely and elucidating account of one of contemporary television's most ubiquitous genres. Hardcover 184 pp. $31.00.

Scanning TelevisionScanning Television
Neil Anderson, Kathleen Tyner and John J. Pungente
Scanning Television
is a thought-provoking collection of 51 short videos produced for the teaching of media literacy studies. A stimulating classroom resource, this set also includes 4 copies of a teacher's guide to aid in the integration of Scanning Television into any curriculum. Cassette tapes. $440.95.

Media UnlimitedMedia Unlimited
Todd Gitlin
From video games to elevator music, from action movies to reality shows, we live in a world of relentless sensation, instant transition, and nonstop stimulus. Media Unlimited takes a remarkable and original look at our media-glutted, speed-addicted world, and reveal the unending stream of manufactured images images and sounds as a perverse culmination of western hopes for freedom. Softcover, 260 pp. $18.95.

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New Media: Theories and Practices of DigitextualityNew Media: Theories and Practices of Digitextuality
Anna Everett and John T. Caldwell
As new media technologies continue to expand, traditional notions of "mass media" are being challenged. Writing from a range of disciplines and perspectives, the contributors to New Media propose ideas and conceptual frameworks which engage and closely consider the numerous facets of emergent digital technology. Softcover, 274 pp. $34.95.

The Tenacity of the Cockroach: 
Conversations with Entertainment's Most Enduring OutsidersThe Tenacity of the Cockroach:
Conversations with Entertainment's Most Enduring Outsiders

Stephen Thompson
This collection of interviews, culled from the archives of The Onion A.V. Club, offers an engaging cross-section of the world of contemporary popular culture. Included are conversations with Henry Rollins, George Carlin, John Waters, Aimee Mann, Conan O'Brian, Ron Jeremy, Mr. T, Pam Grier, and many others. Compelling, hilarious, and strange. Softcover, 407 pp. $25.00.

Love in a Dark TimeLove in a Dark Time
Colin Toibin
In this elucidating book, author Colm Toibin examines the life and work of some of the most influencial writers and artists of the past two centuries. These are figures whose homosexuality infused their creative lives but remained hidden from their public lives. Among the nine artists profiled are: Oscar Wilde, Thomas Mann, Francis Bacon, Elizabeth Bishop, Pedro Almodovar, and James Baldwin. Softcover, 263 pp. $24.99.

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