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Audition to Get the Part

  • Be well prepared.
  • Select at least two contrasting (comedic/dramatic; physical/static) monologues from plays.
  • Read the complete play for better understanding of the character.
  • Communicate your personality.
  • Arrive early

Check out our Monologues page for more.

Recommended Books for a Great Audition

New & Featured

Actor's Guide to Auditions & Interviews
Actor's Guide to Auditions & Interviews
Third Edition
Margo Annett
Now in its third edition, this useful guide outlines the techniques needed to achieve success in the challenging process of getting work. It covers all aspects of casting, including gaining acceptance into a drama course, landing a part in film, TV, commercials or theatre, and becoming a radio or TV presenter. Updated and revised throughout, this book is a vital resource for actors. Softcover, 126 pp. $24.95.

An Actor's Guide to Getting Work
An Actor's Guide to Getting Work
Fourth Edition
Simon Dunmore
Now in its fourth edition, this practical, comprehensive guide contains invaluable information and advice to enable actors to make the most of everything from drama schools and finding an agent to voice overs. Dunmore has drawn on his own experience and that of numerous other professionals to produce An Actor's Guide to Getting Work, which has become the standard work of reference for actors of all ages. Softcover, 218 pp. $29.95.

How NOT to Audition
How NOT to Audition: Avoiding the Common Mistakes that Most Actors Make
Ellie Kanner & Denny Martin Flynn
Sure there are dozens of books that tell you what you must do on an audition, however this book is different. How NOT to Audition aims to make sure that you don't make the most common mistakes -- mistakes that can cost you the job! Written with an edge and sense of humour, the book will steer the reader through general interviews, open-calls, pre-reads, callbacks, studio and network tests. Softcover, 151 pp. $29.95.

Leading Women: Plays for Actresses II
Leading Women: Plays for Actresses II

Eric Lane and Nina Shengold
This anthology brings together the best in full-length plays, one-act plays and monologues with a focus on female casts. Included are works by authors such as Alan Ball, Migdalia Cruz, Sherry Kramer, Eric Lane, and Mary Louise Wilson. Softcover, 628 pp., $26.00.

Advice To A Player:
Advice To A Player:
A Collection of Monologues from Shakespeare with Explanatory Notes

Donald MacKechnie
While some of the 32 speeches included here are well known and favorites for audition purposes, most are less familiar and so provide challenging opportunities for an actor to grow. The author carefully examines each monologue as a whole and the various sentences and phrases within it. He goes on to explain point by point everything the actor needs to know about that moment in the play when the monologue is delivered. Softcover, $27.99.


Michael Shurtleff
This is the all-time bestseller on the subject. It is filled with practical suggestions for preparation and execution of the "winning audition." Mass market, $10.99; softcover, $25.95

How to Get the Part without Falling Apart

How to Get the Part without Falling Apart
Margie Haber
The successful LA acting coach has developed a unique "phrase technique" to get actors through readings without stumbling over the script. She also offers a ten step method for breaking down a scene or monologue. Softcover, $28.95.

Auditioning: An Actor Friendly Guide
Auditioning: An Actor Friendly Guide
Joanna Merlin
This book provides everything the actor needs to achieve self-confidence and artistic honesty in an audition. Included ae several tips from outstanding "names" in the business. " Merlin's compassion and understanding toward actors is matched by her sensitivity and generosity in teaching this unusual craft." Kevin Kline Softcover, $18.00.

The Audition Book
The Audition Book, Third Edition
Ed Hooks
The seasoned veteran of acting,directing and teaching shares his experience with the reader who is enabled to deal with auditons of every type. He goes beyond to discuss business aspects of the acting career. He also delves into the burgeoning field of cybercasting and digital video.
Softcover, $29.50.

How to Audition
How to Audition for TV, Movies,
Commercials, Plays and Musicals

Gordon Hunt
This book features casting tips from luminaries including Richard Dreyfuss, Hal Prince, Stephen Sondheim, and others.
Softcover, $24.50.

Auditioning for the Musical Theatre
Auditioning for the Musical Theatre
Fred Silver
Known in New York as the "Audition Doctor," Mr. Silver draws on his 25 years training thousands of actors to help actors prepare fro the musical audition from choosing the right vocal coach, choosing the right music, acting a song, singing as a dancer and handling stage fright.
Softcover, $19.99.


Callback: How To Prepare For The Callback to Succeed in Getting the Part

Ginger Howard Friedman
The techniques used in the author's exercises can be used to prepare for virtually any role - stage, screen, television, commercials. " ...one of the most innovative and important teachers of our time." Jerry Orbach (Law & Order). $16.95.

Also by Ginger Howard Friedman: Casting Directors' Secrets: Inside Tips for Successful Auditions $26.50, and The Perfect Monologue,$24.95.

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A Selection of Monologue Books

The Theatre Audition Book
The Theatre Audition Book:
144 Monologues from Contemporary, Modern, Period, Shakespeare and Classical Plays

Gerald Ratliff
Also contains chapters on audition preparation and playing the various "styles' demanded by the monologues offered. For both male and female actors. Softcover, $25.95.

The Contemporary Monologue Men/Women
The Contemporary Monologue Men/
The Contemporary Monologue Women

Michael Earley & Phillipa Keil
Available in volumes for men or women, you will find material of all types. The editor provides introductions and commentaries which put the monologue in context of the play and provide support for the actor preparing the audition. Material taken from plays of the 80's and early 90's. Men, $23.99; Women, $20.99

Soliloquy! The Shakespeare Monologues
Soliloquy! The Shakespeare Monologues
(The Women/The Men)

Michael Earley & Phillipa Keil
Two volumes of Shakespeare's greatest soliloquies, monologues and set speeches are divided and classified for easy use. Included are notes setting the scene, highlighting dificult words and passages and supportive commentaries. An extra bonus is an essay on acting Shakespeare with easily applied techniques. $12.00.

Audition Speeches for Women
Audition Speeches for Women/
Audition Speeches for Men
Jean Marlow
The editor has chosen "fresh" material from the contemporary theatre which she supports with brief essays on audition preparation, extra skills and voice overs. Both softcover volumes, $22.95.

Monolgues for Actors of Color
Monologues for Actors of Color
Roberta Uno
Available in separate volumes for MEN and WOMEN. A volume of monologues from over 50 plays which does not intend to confine an actor in terms of race, gender, ethnicity or national identity, but rather presents powerful writing which expands possibilities in performance. Afro-American, First Nations, Latino, Asian-American and Native American writing is all presented, along with viewpoints from different sexual and political identities. $20.99.

Solo: The Best Monologues of the 80's
Solo: The Best Monologues of the 80's
Michael Earley and Philliopa Keil
Available in separate volumes for MEN and WOMEN, this is a volume of 75 well selected monologues drawn primarily from American plays. Minimal support material is provided. $9.95.

The Perfect Piece: Monologues from Canadian Plays
Tony Hamill
Combining material for both men and women this is an excellent collection from the 70's, early 80's reflecting the best Canadian plays. $16.95

Also available: Another Perfect Piece: More Monologues from Canadian Plays $21.99.

A Final Note

As an actor, the main tool you will use in your work, apart from your body and all contained within, will be the words you have to speak - the language of your characters. The best way to practice and enhance your imagination/creative power is to READ plays! Use your public library or better still, develop your own library, but read as many plays as possible. You'll find yourself ready for any audition.

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